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English NameFull NameDepartmentResearch Field
An-Yi Tsai蔡安益Institute of Marine Environment and Ecology; National Taiwan Ocean University,NTOU; College of Ocean Science and ResourceEcological model research; Marine ecology; Environmental biology
Bao-Shi Shiau蕭葆羲College of Engineering; National Taiwan Ocean University,NTOU; Department of Harbor and River EngineeringWind tunnel experiment
Bo-Kai Liao廖柏凱National Taiwan Ocean University,NTOU; Department of Aquaculture; College of Life SciencesEmbryology; Molecular Cell Biology; Biophysics; Systems Biology
Bonnie-Sun Pan孫寶年College of Life Sciences; Department of Food Science; National Taiwan Ocean University,NTOU
Bor-Jiunn Wen溫博浚National Taiwan Ocean University,NTOU; Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering; College of EngineeringSensor Measure application
Chang-Jer Wu吳彰哲Bachelor Degree Program in Marine Biotechnology; College of Life Sciences; National Taiwan Ocean University,NTOU; Department of Food Science; Doctoral Degree Program in Marine Biotechnology; Institute of Food Safety and Risk Management; Center of Excellence for the OceansImmunology; Molecular Biology; virology
Chang-Pin Lin林正平Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering; College of Engineering; National Taiwan Ocean University,NTOUMechanical Design; Computer Integrated Manufacturing; Manufacturing Process Modeling and Optimization; Mechanics Manufacturing
Chang-Wen Huang黃章文Department of Aquaculture; National Taiwan Ocean University,NTOU; College of Life Sciences; Doctoral Degree Program in Marine BiotechnologyAquatic Genetics; Aquatic Selection and Breeding; Aquatic Molecular Biotechnology
Chao-Hsien Liaw廖朝軒Department of Harbor and River Engineering; Ecology and Environment Construction; College of Engineering; National Taiwan Ocean University,NTOU; The Center of Excellence for Ocean Engineering; River and Coastal Disaster PreventionUrban Stormwater Management
Chao-Hsiung Cheng鄭肇雄College of Ocean Science and Resource; Department of Environmental Biology and Fisheries Science; National Taiwan Ocean University,NTOUSchooling Behavior of Fish
Chao-Hui Lin林昭輝National Taiwan Ocean University,NTOU; College of Maritime Science and Management; Department of Shipping and Transportation ManagementOrdinary differential; Dynamical systems
Chao-Kuang Hsueh薛朝光National Taiwan Ocean University,NTOU; College of Maritime Science and Management; Department of Merchant MarineBoatmanship and Ship Maneuvering Simulation; Geographic Information 3D Numerical Modeling and Analysis Information System; earth engineering; Geographic Information System
Chau-Chang Chou周昭昌College of Engineering; Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering; National Taiwan Ocean University,NTOUFilm Engineering
Chee-Fai Yung容志輝College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Department of Electrical Engineering; National Taiwan Ocean University,NTOURobust control
Chein-Shan Liu劉進賢Center of Excellence for the Oceans; The Center of Excellence for Ocean Engineering; National Taiwan Ocean University,NTOU; Basic Researchapplied mathematics; inverse problems; plasticity theory; Algorithms: linear system, nonlinear system, differential equation; computational mechanics; novel meshless method; ill-posed problem and regularization
Chen-Chieh Chang張正傑Teacher Education Center; Institute of Education; National Taiwan Ocean University,NTOU; College of Humanities and Social SciencesCello; Chamber Music; Art Education
Chen-Chou Lin林鎮洲Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering; College of Engineering; National Taiwan Ocean University,NTOUMarine energy
Chen-Hsiu Laih賴禎秀College of Maritime Science and Management; National Taiwan Ocean University,NTOU; Department of Merchant MarineEconomics; Pricing Theory and Decision Behavior; shipping economics; Transport Economics; shipping market
Cheng-Chi Chung鍾政棋National Taiwan Ocean University,NTOU; Bachelor Degree Program in Ocean Tourism Management; College of Maritime Science and Management; Department of Shipping and Transportation ManagementManagement
Cheng-Chieh Chang張正杰College of Humanities and Social Sciences; Teacher Education Center; National Taiwan Ocean University,NTOU; Institute of Education; Taiwan Marine Education CenterE-learning; Marine Science Education; Environmental Education