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12016A 0.5 nJ/Pixel 4 K H.265/HEVC Codec LSI for Multi-Format Smartphone ApplicationsJu, C. C.; Liu, T. M.; Lee, K. B.; Chang, Y. C.; Chou, H. L.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Wu, T. H.; Lin, H. M.; Huang, Y. H.; Cheng, C. Y.; Lin, T. A.; Chen, C. C.; Lin, Y. K.; Chiu, M. H.; Li, W. C.; Wang, S. J.; Lai, Y. C.; Chao, P.; Chien, C. D.; Hu, M. J.; Wang, P. H.; Huang, Y. C.; Chuang, S. H.; Chen, L. F.; Lin, H. Y.; Wu, M. L.; Chen, C. H.journal article21
220221,2,3,4,6-Penta-O-galloyl-d-glucose Interrupts the Early Adipocyte Lifecycle and Attenuates Adiposity and Hepatic Steatosis in Mice with Diet-Induced ObesitySathyanarayana, Ashish Rao; Lu, Chung-Kuang; Liaw, Chih-Chuang; Chang, Chia-Chuan; Han, Hsin-Ying; Green, Brian D.; Huang, Wei-Jan; Huang, Cheng ; He, Wen-Di; Lee, Lin-Chien; Liu, Hui-Kangjournal article2
320161,2-diphenylbenzimidazole-triarylamine hybrided bipolar host materials employing fluorene as bridge for RYB and white electrophosphorescent devicesEjabul Mondal; Wen-Yi Hung ; Ke-Ting Lin; Hsiao-Fan Chen; Ken-Tsung Wongjournal article3
420091,3,5-Triazine derivatives as new electron transport-type host materials for highly efficient green phosphorescent OLEDsChen, H. F.; Yang, S. J.; Tsai, Z. H.; Wen-Yi Hung ; Wang, T. C.; Wong, K. T.journal article160
520041,3-beta-Glucan quantification by a fluorescence microassay and analysis of its distribution in foodsYuan-Tih Ko ; Yu-Ling Linjournal article53
62016A 1.1V 12 mu W 86 dB DR Sigma-Delta Modulator for Health Monitoring SystemZhao, L.; Deng, C. X.; Wang, G.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Cheng, Y. H.journal article
72017105學年度扎根高中職資訊科學教育計畫期末報告丁培毅 ; 林川傑 report
82018106學年度扎根高中職資訊科學教育計畫期末報告丁培毅 ; 馬尚彬 report
92012An 11 GHz low-phase-noise voltage-controlled oscillatorMei-Ling Yeh ; Lin, Y. C.; Chang, W. C.journal article
10201011th International Marine and Freshwater Mycology Symposium, Taichung, Taiwan ROC, November 2009Jones, E. B. G.; Ka-Lai Pang journal article
11201312.5-Gb/s HIGHLY FLEXIBLE 180 degrees POLYMER WAVEGUIDE ON OPTICAL AND ELECTRONIC PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDTsou, C. Y.; Hsu, S. H.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Tseng, S. C.journal article0
12201915GHz 15GHz高階模態帶通 高階模態帶通 濾波器設計實現與分析尤冠詠; 江純蓮; 吳宗達 ; 程光蛟 ; 李建志conference paper
132020The 15th International Marine and Freshwater Mycology Symposium (IMFMS)Pang, Ka-Lai ; Luo, Zhu-Hua; Burgaud, Gaetanother0
1420191626西班牙佔領以前漢人移居基隆和平島的歷史進程與性質黃麗生 journal article
15199717 alpha,20 beta,21-trihydroxy-4-pregnen-3-one and 17 alpha,20 beta-dihydroxy-4-pregnen-3-one stimulated spermiation in protandrous black porgy, Acanthopagrus schlegeliYueh, W. S.; Ching-Fong Chang journal article
16199917 beta-Estradiol, but not testosterone stimulates gonadotropin II concentrations in the protandrous black porgy, Acanthopagrus schlegeli BleekerLee, Y. H.; Du, J. L.; Yueh, W. S.; Lee, F. Y.; Tanaka, H.; Ching-Fong Chang journal article
17201217,20 beta,21-Trihydroxy-4-pregnen-3-one biosynthesis and 20 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase expression during final oocyte maturation in the protandrous yellowfin porgy, Acanthopagrus latusJeng, S. R.; Yueh, W. S.; Lee, Y. H.; Yen, H. F.; Ching-Fong Chang journal article
18200318F-FDG small joint imaging with microPETLiu, R. S.; Deng-Fwu Hwang ; Chen, J. H.; Yang, B. H.; Chou, K. L.; Wang, C. H.; Chen, J. C.; Yeh, S. H.journal article
1920121920 年代前期長江航行安全問題與中外爭執應俊豪 book chapter
2020091920年代上半期長江上游美國海軍護航行動爭議應俊豪 journal article