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12023Causality of Risk Assessment Attributes under Uncertainty in Taiwan's Offshore Wind Farms DevelopmentTsai, Feng-Ming ; Kao, Sheng-Long ; Sujanto, Raditia Yudistira; Tseng, Ming-Lang; Hsu, Tai-Wen ; Chou, Chien-ChangJOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING0
22022Developments of Dynamic Shoreline Planform of Crenulate-Shaped Bay by a Novel Evolution FormulationTao, Hung-Cheng; Hsu, Tai-Wen ; Fan, Chia-Ming WATER1
32022Viscous Flow Fields Induced by the Run-Up of Periodic Waves on Vertical and Sloping SeawallsLin, Chun-Yuan; Huang, Ching-Jer; Hsu, Tai-Wen JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING0
42022Step approximation on oblique water wave scattering and breaking by variable porous breakwaters over uneven bottomsTsai, Chia-Cheng ; Chang, Yu-Hsuan; Hsu, Tai-Wen OCEAN ENGINEERING2
52022Using Modified Harmonic Analysis to Estimate the Trend of Sea-Level Rise around TaiwanHsieh, Chih-Min; Chou, Dean; Hsu, Tai-Wen SUSTAINABILITY-BASEL0
62022Crystalline characteristics of a dual-phase precipitation hardening stainless steel in quenched solid solution and aging treatmentsYu, Ping-Jui; Huang, Cheng-Yao; Lin, Yi-Ting; Su, Yu-Cheng; Yen, Hung-Wei; Hsu, Cheng-An; Wang, Shing-Hoa ; Yeh, Jien-Wei; Hou, Wen-Hsing; Lin, Tzy-Rong ; Hsu, Tai-Wen MATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS1
72021A Weighted-Least-Squares Meshless Model for Non-Hydrostatic Shallow Water WavesNan-Jing Wu ; Su, Yin-Ming; Hsiao, Shih-Chun; Liang, Shin-Jye ; Hsu, Tai-Wen WATER0
82021Surface Current Variations and Oceanic Fronts in the Southern East China Sea: Drifter Experiments, Coastal Radar Applications, and Satellite ObservationsHsu, Po-Chun; Centurioni, Luca; Shao, Huan-Jie; Zheng, Quanan; Lu, Ching-Yuan; Hsu, Tai-Wen ; Tseng, Ruo-ShanJ GEOPHYS RES-OCEANS5
92021Numerical modeling of low-frequency waves on a reef island in the South China Sea during typhoon eventsShih-Feng Su ; Ma, Gangfeng; Hsu, Tai-Wen COAST ENG2
102021Planning and Management of Coastal Buffer Zones in TaiwanYuan-Jyh Lan ; Hsu, Tai-Wen WATER-SUI0
112021Development of high-precision wind, wave and current forecast system for offshore wind energy industry in Taiwan: a two-stage method of numerical simulation and AI correctionHung, Sheng-Chu; Chang, Wen-Yi; Tsai, Whey-Fone; Kuo, Chih-Yu; Liau, Jian-Ming; Lin, Chuan-Yiao; Hsu, Tai-Wen ; Tu, Chia-Ying; Wu, Chien-Heng; Chung, Yu-Feng; Huang, Jheng-NanJ CHIN INST ENG0
122021A 2D SWE meshless model with fictitious water level at dry nodesTai-Wen Hsu ; Shin-Jye Liang ; Nan-Jing Wu JOURNAL OF HYDRAULIC RESEARCH2
1320213D Numerical Simulation of Kuroshio-induced Wake Near Green Island, TaiwanHou, Tien-Hung; Chang, Jen-Yi; Tsai, Chia-Cheng ; Hsu, Tai-Wen JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-TAIWAN0
142020The Role of Non-Hydrostatic Effects in Nonlinear Dispersive Wave ModelingYoung, Chih-Chieh ; Wu, Chin H.; Hsu, Tai-Wen WATER2
152020Three-dimensional simulations of wind effects on Green Island wakeHou, Tien-Hung; Chang, Jen-Yi; Tsai,Chia-Cheng ; Hsu, Tai-Wen Water1
162020Scour around a monopile induced by directionally spread irregular waves in combination with oblique currentsSchendel, Alexander; Welzel, Mario; Schlurmann, Torsten; Hsu, Tai-Wen COAST ENG9
172020Simulation of Ocean Circulation of Dongsha Water Using Non-Hydrostatic Shallow-Water ModelShin-Jye Liang; Chih-Chieh Young ; Chi Dai; Nan-Jing Wu ; Tai-Wen Hsu Water5
182020Diurnal to Seasonal Variations in Ocean Chlorophyll and Ocean Currents in the North of Taiwan Observed by Geostationary Ocean Color Imager and Coastal RadarHsu, P. C.; Lu, C. Y.; Tai-Wen Hsu ; Chun-Ru Ho Remote Sensing
192020A Marine GIS Based Alert System to Prevent Vessels Collision with Offshore PlatformsSheng-Long Kao ; Ki-Yin Chang ; Tai-Wen Hsu Journal of Marine Science and Technology0
202020Long-Lead-Time Prediction of Storm Surge Using Artificial Neural Networks and Effective Typhoon Parameters: Revisit and Deeper InsightChao, Wei-Ting; Young, Chih-Chieh ; Hsu, Tai-Wen ; Liu, Wen-Cheng; Liu, Chian-YiWATER-SUI9
212020Two-Dimensional Free-Surface Flow Modeling for Wave-Structure Interactions and Induced Motions of Floating BodiesLo, D. C.; Wang, K. H.; Tai-Wen Hsu Water
222020Using multiple-resolution data in an adaptive simulation for typhoon induced waves in northwest Pacific OceanShih-Chun Hsiao; Tien-Hung Hou; Tai-Wen Hsu ; Chia-Cheng Tsai Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part M: Journal of Engineering for the Maritime Environment1
232019Role and Impact of Hydrograph Shape on Tidal Current-Induced Scour in Physical-Modelling EnvironmentsSchendel, A.; Welzel, M.; Hildebrandt, A.; Schlurmann, T.; Tai-Wen Hsu Water
252019Application of meshless SWE model to moving wet/dry front problemsTai-Wen Hsu ; Nan-Jing Wu ; Shin-Jye Liang Engineering with Computers6
262019Numerical Simulation of Pile Scouring of Taiwan Offshore wind farm.Tai-Wen Hsu 
272019Recent developement of offshore wind farm in Taiwan.Tai-Wen Hsu ; W.-H. LuA paper submitted to Renewable Energy.
282019Offshore Wind Power in Taiwan.Tai-Wen Hsu 
292019A Study of Intelligent Navigation Aids for Vessel Collision Alert on Marine PlatformsS.-L. Kao; K.-Y. Chang; Tai-Wen Hsu Journal of Engineering for the Maritime Environment
302019Coast erosion and measures at Ketzeliau Coast, Taiwan.Tai-Wen Hsu ; L.-C. Hsu; S.-H. Ou; Shin-Jye Liang 
312019A study of air blower wave power generation deviceTai-Wen Hsu ; D.-C. Lo; M.-H. LinOcean Engineering
322019Planning and design of harbor dock and industrial part of offshore wind farm, Taiwan.Hsu, T.-W ; T.-K. LinA paper submittedto Renewable Energy.
332018Extended wind wave model (WWM) incorporating the effect of submerged porous media with high permeabilityTai-Wen Hsu ; Yuan-Jyh Lan ; Lin, Yi-ShiangCoastal Engineering2
342018Step approximation of water wave scattering caused by tension-leg structures over uneven bottomsTsai, C. C.; Tai, W.; Tai-Wen Hsu ; Hsiao, S. C.Ocean Engineering10
352018Artificial Neural Network for Forecasting Wave Heights along a Ship's Route during HurricanesChia-Cheng Tsai ; Chih-Chiang Wei ; Tien-Hung Hou; Tai-Wen Hsu Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Engineering16
362018Typhoon Effect on Kuroshio and Green Island Wakes: A Modelling StudyTai-Wen Hsu ; Chou, M. H.; Chao, W. T.; Shin-Jye Liang Atmosphere
372018Wind wave model applied to wave propagation over porous sea bottom.Tai-Wen Hsu ; Y.-J. Lan; Y.-H. LinCoastal Engineering
382018Recent developemant of offshore wind farm in Taiwan.Tai-Wen Hsu ; W.-H. LuA paper submitted to Renewable Energy.
392018Oceanic Education in National Taiwan Ocean UniversityTai-Wen Hsu 
402018A meshless method for the two-dimensional extended Boussinesq equationsW.-R. Chou; C.-C. Tsai; Tai-Wen Hsu ; S.-C. Hsiao
412017A Study on Coastal Flooding and Risk Assessment under Climate Change in the Mid-Western Coast of TaiwanHsu, Tai-Wen ; Dong-Sin Shih; Chi-Yu Li ; Yuan-Jyh Lan ; Yu-Chen LinWATER-SUI25
432017Simulation of Ocean Circulation of Dongsha Atoll using High-Order Shallow-Water ModelC. Dai; C.-C. Kuo; Tai-Wen Hsu ; S.-J. Liang
442017Applied Extended Wind Wave Model for the Effect of Porous Bottoms and ReefsY.-J. Lan; Tai-Wen Hsu ; Y.-S. Lin
452017Three-dimensional numerical study on Green Island wakeT.-H. Hou; S.-C. Hsiao; C.-C. Tsai ; Tai-Wen Hsu 
462016曾文溪流域綜論林朝成; 楊宏裕; 高凱俊; 王筱雯; 許泰文 ; 黃世暉; 鍾振坤; 莊孟憲
472016Application of Social Vulnerability Indicators to Climate Change for the Southwest Coastal Areas of TaiwanWu, Chin-Cheng; Jhan, Hao-Tang; Ting, Kuo-Huan; Tsai, Heng-Chieh; Lee, Meng-Tsung; Hsu, Tai-Wen ; Liu, Wen-HongSUSTAINABILITY-BASEL15
482016The Possible Influence On The Impacts And Vulnerability Of Climate Change: An EditorialHsu, Tai-Wen ; Lee, Ming-An J MAR SCI TECH-TAIW0
492016國防科技與國防自主-水下載具應用技術先期研發專案許泰文 海洋及水下科技季刊
502016Applications for Fuzzy theory in AIS for vessel Traffic safetySheng-Long Kao ; Tai-Wen Hsu ; Ki-Yin Chang 
512016Mathematical study of wave interaction with a mound type of composite poroelastic submerged breakwaterYuan-Jyh Lan ; Tai-Wen Hsu ; Fang-Xuan Gan; Chi-Yu Li Ocean Engineering6
522016A coupled-mode study on weakly viscous Bragg scattering of surface gravity wavesChia-Cheng Tsai ; Yueh-Ting Lin; Jen-Yi Chang; Tai-Wen Hsu Ocean Engineering7
532016Propagating of obliquely incident, weakly viscous waves over variable bathymetryChia-Cheng Tsai ; Yueh-Ting Lin; Tai-Wen Hsu Journal of Coastal Research5
542016Wave Transformation in a Multi-Bar Surf Zone: Case Study of Lubiatowo (Poland)Yuan-Jyh Lan ; Tai-Wen Hsu ; Yuan-Jyh Lan; Yuan-Jyh Lan0
552016The effect of submerged porous structures on wind wave modelYuan-Jyh Lan; Tai-Wen Hsu ; Yi-Shiang LinProceedings of the International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference
562016Green Island Vortex Simulations Using Flow Fluxes Based Shallow-Water ModelLiang, S.-J.; Tai-Wen Hsu ; C. Dai; C.-C. Kuo
572016Coastal erosion and measures at Ketzeliau Coast, TaiwanTai-Wen Hsu ; L.-C. Hsu; S.-H. Ou; Y.-S. Chang; S.-J. Liang
582016Extended wind wave model for effect of submerged porous mediaLan, Y.-J.; Tai-Wen Hsu ; Y.-S. Lin
592015THE CHINESE-GERMAN JOINT SYMPOSIUM ON HYDRAULIC, COASTAL AND OCEAN ENGINEERINGTai-Wen Hsu ; Schlurmann, T.; Zheng, J. H.; Jiahn-Horng Chen Journal of Marine Science and Technology-Taiwan
602015Assessment of Kuroshio current power test site of Green Island, TaiwanTai-Wen Hsu ; Liau, J. M.; Doong, D. J.; Shiaw-Yih Tzang ; Shin-Jye Liang Renewable Energy
612015Numerical Study of Monsoon Effect on Green Island WakeTai-Wen Hsu ; Doong, D. J.; Hsieh, K. J.; Shin-Jye Liang Journal of Coastal Research
622015Coulpling VOF/PLIC and embedding method for simulating wave breaking on sloping beach.Tai-Wen Hsu ; Hsieh, C. M.; Tsai, C. Y.; Ou, S. H.Journal of Marine Science and Technology-Taiwan2
632015Destructive Flooding Induced by Broken Embankments along Linbian Creek, Taiwan, during Typhoon MorakotTai-Wen Hsu ; Shih, D. S.; Chen, W. J.Journal of Hydrologic Engineering
642015Using a local radial basis function collocation method to approximate radiation boundary conditionsChia-Cheng Tsai ; Zhong-Han Lin; Tai-Wen Hsu Ocean Engineering12
652015Boussinesq modeling of spatial variability of infragravity waves on fringing reefsShih-Feng Su ; Ma, G. F.; Tai-Wen Hsu Ocean Engineering32
662015Numerical Simulation for Wave Breaking on Bar/Step-Type Beach ProfileTai-Wen Hsu ; Hsieh, C. M.; Tsai, C. Y.; Ou, S. H.Journal of Coastal Research
672015The Chinese-German Join Symposium on Hydraulic, Coastal and Ocean EngineeringTai-Wen Hsu ; J.-H. Chen; T. Schlurmann; J.-H. ZhengJournal of Marine Science and Technology-Taiwan 
682015The Effect of Porous Bottom Media on Wind Wave ModelLan, Y.-J.; Tai-Wen Hsu ; H.-H. Lien
692015利用特徵函數匹配法應用於波浪及透水結構物之交互作用張育瑄; 蔡加正; 許泰文 
702015台灣氣候變遷科學報告許泰文 ; 林宗儀; 江文山; 錢樺; 藍元志
712015Analysis of Wave Interaction with a Mound-Type of Composite Poro-Elastic Submerged BreakwaterYuan-Jyh Lan ; Tai-Wen Hsu ; F.-X. Gan
722015Adaptive Modeling for Typhoon Wave Predictions around TaiwanTien-Hung Hou; Tai-Wen Hsu ; Chia-Cheng Tsai
732014Extended Mild-Slope and Wave Action Equations for WWM with Porous SeabedTai-Wen Hsu ; Y.-J. Lan; H.-H. Lien
742014Mathematical study on wave interaction with a composite poroelastic submerged breakwaterLan, Y. J ; Hsu, T. W. ; Liu, Y. R.Wave Motion2
752014Wave reflection and vortex evolution in Bragg scattering in real fluidsTai-Wen Hsu ; Lin, J. F.; Hsiao, S. C.; Ou, S. H.; Babanin, A. V.; Wu, Y. T.Ocean Engineering
762014On step approximation of water-wave scattering over steep or undulated slopeChia-Cheng Tsai ; Yueh-Ting Lin; Tai-Wen Hsu International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering9
772014Numerical study of wind effect on Green Island wake.Liang, S.-J.; N.-J. Kuo; D.-J. Doong; Tai-Wen Hsu 
782014Numerical Analysis of Green Island Wake Due to Passing of KuroshioTai-Wen Hsu ; Kai-Jiun Hsieh; Shin-Jye LiangInternational Journal of Oceans and Oceanography
792014Effects of typhoon on kuroshio current fieldLu, Y.-C.; J.-M. Liau; S.-H. Ou; J.-W. Lai; M.-H. Chou; Tai-Wen Hsu 
802014Assessment of karoshio current power test site in green island, TaiwanTai-Wen Hsu ; S.-J. Liang; J.-M. Liau; S.-Y. Tzang
812014Numerical Study of Wind Induced Flows: Model VerificationTai-Wen Hsu ; M.-H. Chou; T.-H. Hou; S.-J. Liang
822014A Study of Extreme Value Analysis on Typhoon WaveTai-Wen Hsu ; Muhajir Usman; Y.-J. Lan; Y.-P. Lee
832014颱風對黑潮流場影響之研究廖建明; 呂宜潔; 賴堅戊; 許泰文 ; 周孟賢
842014Numerical assessment on wave energy resources in coastal waters of northeastern TaiwanTzang, S.-Y.; Y.-L. Chen; Tai-Wen Hsu ; D.-W. Chen; C.-C. Wang; C.-C. LinOffshore and Arctic Engineering
852014Analytical solution for wave interaction with a stack-type double-layer composite poroelastic submerged structureYuan-Jyh Lan ; Tai-Wen Hsu 0
862013Ninth east china sea conference 2013: international conference on the marine biodiversity and environmental fisheries science of the east china sea in Keelung, Taiwan.Tai-Wen Hsu ; I-Shiung Chen ; Ching-Fong Chang Journal of Marine Science and Technology-Taiwan0
872013Numerical Study of Vortex Characteristics near Green Island, TaiwanLin, C. Y.; Tai-Wen Hsu ; Chang, M. H.; Chun-Ru Ho ; Shin-Jye Liang Journal of Coastal Research
882013Multiquadric and Chebyshev approximation to three-dimensional thermoelasticity with arbitrary body forcesChia-Cheng Tsai ; Tai-Wen Hsu Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements4
892013應用平面波近似法模擬黏性波傳遞於幾何地形之研究林岳霆 ; 蔡加正 ; 許泰文 Journal of Coastal and Ocean Engineering0
902013Using fictitious time integration method to study wave propagation over arbitrary bathymetry.Chang, J. Y.; Tsai, C. C.; Tai-Wen Hsu Journal of Mechanics2
912013On waves propagating over two submerged closely spaced poroelastic breakwatersYuan-Jyh Lan ; Yu-Shu Kuo; Tai-Wen Hsu ; Ching-Yu ChenProceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part M-Journal of Engineering for the Maritime Environment5
922013Analysis of Wave Interaction with an Adjoining-Type of Composite Poro-Elastic Submerged BreakwaterLan, Y.-J.; Tai-Wen Hsu ; Y.-R. Liu
932013Buoyancy Effect on Turbulent Round Jet under Regular WavesLin, J. F.; Hsiao, S. C.; Tai-Wen Hsu ; Chang, K. A.Journal of Waterway Port Coastal and Ocean Engineering
942013波浪與複合式透水彈性潛堤互制分析藍元志 ; 劉燕蓉(Yan-Rong Liu); 許泰文 Journal of Coastal and Ocean Engineering0
952013An Adaptation Due to Climate Change in Southwest Coast of TaiwanLan, Y. J.; Tai-Wen Hsu ; Lin, Y. C.; Huang, C. J.Coastal Management
962013Experimental study on waves propagation over a coarse-grained sloping beachTai-Wen Hsu ; J.-W. Lai
972013延伸緩坡方程式模擬波浪溯升藍元志; 許泰文 ; 侯展鈞; 張育瑄
982013On the weak viscous effect of the reflection and transmission over an arbitrary topographyChia-Cheng Tsai ; Yueh-Ting Lin; Tai-Wen Hsu Physics of Fluids8
992013Analysis of wave interaction with a composite poro-elastic submerged breakwaterYuan-Jyh Lan ; Yan-Rong Liu; Tai-Wen Hsu Journal of Coastal and Ocean Engineering0
1002012應用間接特徵匹配法模擬波浪之布拉格共振蔡加正 ; 林岳霆 ; 許泰文 Journal of Coastal and Ocean Engineering0
1012012Implementing Coastal Inundation Data with an Integrated Wind Wave Model and Hydrological Watershed SimulationsShih, D. S.; Tai-Wen Hsu ; Chang, K. C.; Juan, H. L.Terrestrial Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
1022012Design and implementation of an simulation of water wave transformation using higher order mild-slope equationLan, Y. J.; Tai-Wen Hsu ; Lin, T. Y.; Shin-Jye Liang Journal of Marine Science and Technology-Taiwan0
1032012西子灣圍堤造地對高雄一港口進港航道影響之分析陳文忠(Wen-Jung Chen); 許泰文 ; 李兆芳(Jaw-Fang Lee)Journal of Coastal and Ocean Engineering0
1042012Dependence of drag coefficient on the directional spreading of ocean wavesTing, C. H.; Babanin, A. V.; Chalikov, D.; Tai-Wen Hsu Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans
1052012Spatial and Temporal Features of Regional Variations in Mean Sea Level around Taiwan.Li-Chung Wu; Chia Chuen Kao; Tai-Wen Hsu ; Yi-Fung Wang; Jong-Hao WangOpen Journal of Marine Science0
1062012台灣重要商港海域海流模擬廖建明; 莊文傑; 許泰文 港灣報導0
1072012Numerical simulation of wave transformation across the surf zone over a steep bottomYuan-Jyh Lan ; Yu-Shu Kuo; Tai-Wen Hsu ; Ta-Yuan LinOcean Engineering2
1082012Extended time-dependent mild-slope and wave-action equations for wave-bottom and wave-current interactionsToledo, Y.; Tai-Wen Hsu ; Roland, A.Proceedings of the Royal Society a-Mathematical Physical and Engineering Sciences
1092012Nonlinear run-ups of regular waves on sloping structuresTai-Wen Hsu ; Young, B. D.; Ou, S. H.; Shin-Jye Liang Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences
1102012A study of adaptation capacity of coastal disasters due to climate change in order to strengthen southwest area of Taiwan.Chang, K.-C.; Tai-Wen Hsu ; Y.-J. Lan; Y.-C. Lin; C.-J. Huang
1112012Numerical simulations of the hydrodynamics in the coastal waters of the Nan-Wan Bay of Southern Taiwan.Liau, J.-M.; Tai-Wen Hsu ; L.-W. Wang; W.-J. Juang; S.-Y. Chen
1122012Applying PIV measurements on flow field of waves propagating over a single submerged porous elastic breakwater.Tai-Wen Hsu ; Y.-J. Lan; J.-W. Lai; Y.-H. Cheng
1132012PIV measurements on flow field of waves propagating over a submerged poro-elastic breakwaterTai-Wen Hsu ; Y.-J. Lan; J.-W. Lai; Y.-H. Cheng
1142012Analysis of wave interaction with closely adjacent poro-elastic submerged breakwaters.33. Lan, Y.-J.; Tai-Wen Hsu ; C.-Y. Chen
1152012Analysis of wave interaction with submerged adjacent poro-elastic breakwaters.Lan, Y.-J.; Tai-Wen Hsu ; C.-Y. Chen
1162012Application of PIV and BIV techniques in the wave-structure interaction and turbulent flows in a stepped-type slope porous structure.Bhirawa, T.; Tai-Wen Hsu 
1172012台灣四周近岸海域洋流對潮流流場之影響評估莊文傑; 廖建明; 許泰文 
1182012紊流射流於波浪場下與密度之效應研究林建鋒; 從文碩; 蕭士俊; 許泰文 
1192012應用平面波近似法模擬黏性波傳遞於幾何地形之研究林岳霆; 蔡加正; 許泰文 
1202012An extended analytic solution of combined refraction and diffraction of long waves propagating over circular islandKuo, Yu-Shu; Hsu, Tai-Wen ; Tsai, Chia-Cheng; Huang, Yu-HsuanJournal of Applied Mathematics3
1212012An extended analytic solution of combined refraction and diffraction of long waves propagating over circular island.Chia-Cheng Tsai; Tai-Wen Hsu ; Yu-Hsuan Huang
1222012波浪與複合式透水彈性潛堤互制分析藍元志; 劉燕蓉; 許泰文 ; 侯展鈞
1232011Fractional step-method of characteristics for solving shallow-water type equations蔡加正(Chia-Cheng Tsai); 莫漢默德(M. Enamul Quadir); 許泰文 Journal of coastal and ocean engineering0
1242011Investigation of multiply composite artificial bars for bragg scattering of water wavesTsai, L. H.; Kuo, Y. S.; Lan, Y. J.; Tai-Wen Hsu ; Chen, W. J.Coastal Engineering Journal18
1252011Particular Solution of Polyharmonic Spline Associated with Reissner Plate ProblemsChia-Cheng Tsai; Enamul Quadir; H. H. Hwung; Tai-Wen Hsu Journal of Mechanics3
1262011Equilibrium scour depths around piles in noncohesive sediments under currents and wavesZanke, U. C. E.; Tai-Wen Hsu ; Roland, A.; Link, O.; Diab, R.Coastal Engineering
1272011Ensemble empirical mode decomposition on storm surge separation from sea level dataWu, L. C.; Kao, C. C.; Tai-Wen Hsu ; Jao, K. C.; Wang, Y. F.Coastal Engineering Journal8
1292011Mean and Turbulence Properties of a Neutrally Buoyant Round Jet in a Wave EnvironmentHsiao, S. C.; Tai-Wen Hsu ; Lin, J. F.; Chang, K. A.Journal of Waterway Port Coastal and Ocean Engineering-Asce
1302011Wave refraction-diffraction effect in the wind wave model WWMLiau, J. M.; Roland, A.; Tai-Wen Hsu ; Ou, S. H.; Li, Y. T.Coastal Engineering
1312011A meshless numerical method for solving slow mixed convections in containers with discontinuous boundary dataChia-Cheng Tsai ; Tai-Wen Hsu International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids9
1322011On step approximation for Roseau's analytical solution of water waves.Chia-Cheng Tsai ; Tai-Wen Hsu ; Yueh-Ting Lin Mathematical Problems in Engineering
1332011Sequential assimilation in the wind wave model for simulations of typhoon events around Taiwan IslandTai-Wen Hsu ; Liau, J. M.; Jaw-Guei Lin ; Zheng, J. H.; Ou, S. H.Ocean Engineering8
1342011Bragg scattering of waves propagating over a series of poro-elastic submerged breakwatersLan, Y. J.; Tai-Wen Hsu ; Lai, J. W.; Chang, C. C.; Ting, C. H.Wave Motion
1352011Spectral wave modelling of Typhoon KrosaBabanin, A. V.; Tai-Wen Hsu ; Roland, A.; Ou, S. H.; Doong, D. J.; Kao, C. C.Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences
1362011A Note on the Derivation of Wave Action Balance Equation in Frequency SpaceTai-Wen Hsu ; Liau, J. M.; Ou, S. H.; Li, Y. T.; Shin-Jye Liang China Ocean Engineering
1372011方向不規則波浪變形之研究-總計畫許泰文 工程科技通訊
1382011Experimental Study of a Negatively Buoyant Horizontal Jet in Wave Environment.Lin, J.-F.; S.-C. Hsiao.; Tai-Wen Hsu ; K.-A.
1392011Application of artificial neural network to estimate the long term sea-level in 2020.Lee, T.-L.; C.-C. Wen; C.-J. Huang; Tai-Wen Hsu 
1402011Laboratory study of wave-structure interaction and turbulent flows in a stepped-type slope porous structure.Bhirawa, T.; Tai-Wen Hsu 
1412011Using WWMII to simulate spectral dissipation evolution of wind waves.Tai-Wen Hsu ; A. Roland; A.V. Babanin; B.-L. Young
1422011Bragg reflection of water waves over triply composite of rectangular bars.Tsai, L.-H.; Tai-Wen Hsu 
1432011The reflection for viscous waves propagating over a plane slope.Lin, Y.-T.; C.-C. Tsai; Tai-Wen Hsu 
1442011On step approximation of water-wave scattering by a steep slope.Tsai, C.-C.; Tai-Wen Hsu 
1452011臺灣海域綜合潮流與洋流效應之海流數值模擬廖建明; 莊文傑; 許泰文 ; 楊文昌; 陳聖詒
1462011Investigation of density effect on turbulent Round Jet.Lin, J.-F.; S.-C. Hsiao; Tai-Wen Hsu 
1472011規則波在斜坡海灘之溯升探討許泰文 ; 梁興杰; 楊炳達
1482011台灣海岸緩衝區研究藍元志; 許泰文 ; 李怡婷; 吳柏辰
1492011A study of air blower wave power generation device.Tai-Wen Hsu ; D.-C. Lo; M.-H. LinA paper submitted to Renewable Energy.
1502010Numerical wave flume with improved smoothed particle hydrodynamics.Zheng, J. H.; Soe, M. M.; Zhang, C.; Tai-Wen Hsu Journal of Hydrodynamics13
1512010Modulational Instabilities and Breaking Strength for Deep-Water Wave GroupsGalchenko, Alina; Babanin, Alexander V.; Chalikov, Dmitry; Young, I. R; Tai-Wen Hsu Journal of Physical Oceanography17
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4601986正向波浪作用下海灘斷面變化特性之研究許泰文 ; 李永坤; 歐善惠港灣技術
4611986Two-dimensional empirical eigenfunction model for the analysis and prediction of beach profile changesTai-Wen Hsu ; S.-R. Liaw; S.-K. Wang; S.-H. Ou
4621986濁水溪下游河槽斷面變化分析之初步研究許泰文 ; 蔡長泰; 歐善惠
4631986屏東縣塭豐海岸離岸堤規劃與試驗研究歐善惠; 許泰文 
4641985傾斜海灘上之海岸動床模型相似律歐善惠; 許泰文 港灣技術
4651985二維海灘地形變化分析與預測歐善惠; 王順寬; 許泰文 ; 廖學瑞
4661984濁水溪下游河槽斷面變化預測之初步研究許泰文 ; 蔡長泰; 歐善惠