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12019鷹群掠食演算法於全域最佳化設計之應用郭信川; 吳俊仁 ; 陳慶忠中國造船暨輪機工程學刊
22013A Creative Differential Evolution Algorithm for Global Optimization ProblemsHsin-Chuan Kuo; Ching-Hai Lin; Jeun-Len Wu Journal of Marine Science and Technology-Taiwan0
32013A Modified PSO Algorithm for Numerical Optimization ProblemsHsin-Chuan Kuo; Jeun-Len Wu ; Ching-Hai LinApplied Mathematics & Information Sciences0
42012A New Algorithm for Determining the Optimal Parameters of the Spring of a Slider Cell-PhoneChao Tsung Lee; Hsin Chuan Kuo; Jeun Len Wu Article
52009A New Approach with Orthogonal Array for Global Optimization in Design of ExperimentsHsin-Chuan Kuo; Jeun-Len Wu Journal of Global Optimization9
62009艙口圍緣之鍵槽端肘板構件最佳化之研究郭信川; 吳俊仁 ; 陳慶忠中國造船暨輪機工程學刊  
72008直接搜尋法與粒子群演算法之最佳化探討郭信川; 吳俊仁 ; 陳慶忠系統工程暨造船學系
82008四季循環演算法於全域最佳化問題之應用郭信川; 吳俊仁 ; 陳韋帆; 陳慶忠中國造船暨輪機工程學刊 
92000Effect of Asymmetric Hydrodynamic Impact on the Dynamic Response of a Plate Structure華建波; 吳俊仁 ; 王偉輝 airiti Inc
102000The alternating color image anemometry and its applicationSheng-Yuh Jaw; Jeun-Len Wu Article
111998Numerical Analysis of Secondary Instabilities of the Incompressible Boundary Layer Flow with SuctionJeun-Len Wu ; Shaw-Ching Sheen; Shenq-Yuh Jaw,
121997The Solution of Pressure Correction Equation by Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient MethodShaw-Ching Sheen; Jeun-Len Wu Numerical Heat Transfer
131995Numerical Study of the Transition of the Foils Confined by Walls吳俊仁 中國機械工程學刊
141995Nonparallel Instabilities of a Supersonic Mixing LayerJeun‐Len Wu Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers0
151993不穩定波對翼形轉移點之數值研究吳俊仁 力學
161993四階有限差分求解可壓縮流場穩定性問題探討,吳俊仁 Journal of Mechanics
171992Fourth-Order Compact Finite Difference in Solving the Nonsimilar Compressible Boundary Layer EquationsJeun-Len Wu Journal of Mechanics
181989Linear instabilities in two dimensional compressible mixing layerSaad A. Ragab; J. L. Wu Physics of Fluids
191989Linear instability waves in supersonic turbulent shear layerSaad A. Ragab; J. L. Wu