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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourceWOSFulltext/Archive link
12022Water shortage risk in Taiwan's Silicon ValleyHuang, Wen-Cheng ; Chang, Che-WeiJ CHIN INST ENG0
22020Data Synthesis Based on Empirical Mode DecompositionHuang, Wen-Cheng ; Chu, Tai-Yi; Jhang, Yi-Syuan; Lee, Jyun-LongJOURNAL OF HYDROLOGIC ENGINEERING2
32020Data Synthesis Based on Empirical Mode DecompositionWen-Cheng Huang ; Chu, T. Y.; Jhang, Y. S.; Lee, J. L.Journal of Hydrologic Engineering
42020Application of Empirical Mode Decomposition Method to Synthesize Flow Data: A Case Study of Hushan Reservoir in TaiwanChu, Tai-Yi; Huang, Wen-Cheng WATER-SUI8
52019Seismic performance of base-isolated AP1000 shield building with consideration of fluid-structure interactionWang, D. Y.; Zhang, Y. S.; Wu, C. Q.; Xue, G. F.; Wen-Cheng Huang Nuclear Engineering and Design
62019Vibration investigation on fluid-structure interaction of AP1000 shield building subjected to multi earthquake excitationsWang, D. Y.; Wu, C. Q.; Wen-Cheng Huang ; Zhang, Y. S.Annals of Nuclear Energy
72018Association of hypoxia-inducible factor-1 alpha gene polymorphism with renal cell carcinoma susceptibilityHuang, L.; Li, M. Q.; On, C.; Wen-Cheng Huang ; Liu, J. F.; Huang, H.Journal of Cancer Research and Therapeutics
82018Association of Five SNPs in Cytotoxic T-Lymphocyte Antigen 4 and Cancer Susceptibility: Evidence from 67 StudiesFang, M.; Wen-Cheng Huang ; Mo, D.; Zhao, W.; Huang, R. Y.Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry
92017High Sensitive Detection of A549 Cancer Cell by Bilayer Oval Disk Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance BiosensorChiao-Yun Chang ; Shih-Wei Huang; Hsiang-Ting Lin; Hsiang-Yu Chou; Yi-Chun Yang; Chien-Chung Peng; Hsiang-Ming Yu; Wen-Cheng Huang ; Mohammed Nadhim Abbas; Min-Hsiung Shih; Yi-Chung Tung; Yia-Chung Chang
102017Climate change impact assessment on Zhoshui River water supply in TaiwanLee, Jyun-Long; Huang, Wen-Cheng TERR ATMOS OCEAN SCI3
112016Impact Of Climate Change On Shihmen Reservoir Water SupplyChu, Tai-Yi; Lee, Jyun-Long; Huang, Wen-Cheng J MAR SCI TECH-TAIW5
122016Assessment On Long-term Fluctuations Of Runoff And Its Climate Driving FactorsZhang, Hong-Bo; Huang, Wen-Cheng ; Xi, Qiu-Yi; Wang, Bin; Lan, TianJ MAR SCI TECH-TAIW1
132016Strategic Planning for Land Use under Extreme Climate Changes: A Case Study in TaiwanWen-Cheng Huang ; Lee, Y. Y.Sustainability
142015Drought early warning in irrigation area by integrating surface water and groundwaterLiu, Z.; Wen-Cheng Huang Paddy and Water Environment
152015FUZZY ASSESSMENT ON RESERVOIR WATER QUALITYLin, R. T. ; Wen-Cheng Huang Journal of Marine Science and Technology-Taiwan2
162014Impact of Climate Change on the Irrigation Water Requirement in Northern TaiwanLee, J. L.; Wen-Cheng Huang Water
172012The Impact of Climate Change on Rainfall Frequency in TaiwanWen-Cheng Huang ; Chiang, Y.; Wu, R. Y.; Lee, J. L.; Lin, S. H.Terrestrial Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
182012Estimation of regional renewable water resources under the impact of climate changeTsai, A. Y.; Wen-Cheng Huang Paddy and Water Environment
192011Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources in TaiwanTsai, A. Y.; Wen-Cheng Huang Terrestrial Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
202011Management of water disputes using multireservoir operationsWen-Cheng Huang ; Hsieh, C. L.; Chou, C. C.; Lin, R. T.Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers1
212010Developing a yearly warning index to assess the climatic impact on the water resources of Taiwan, a complex-terrain islandLin, S. H.; Liu, C. M.; Wen-Cheng Huang ; Lin, S. S.; Yen, T. H.; Wang, H. R.; Kuo, J. T.; Lee, Y. C.Journal of Hydrology
222010Real-time reservoir flood operation during typhoon attacksWen-Cheng Huang ; Hsieh, C. L.Water Resources Research
232008Risk-based drought early warning system in reservoir operationWen-Cheng Huang ; Chou, C. C.Advances in Water Resources
242005Drought early warning system in reservoir operation: Theory and practiceWen-Cheng Huang ; Chou, C. C.Water Resources Research
252004Water supply need analysis for the lower Yellow RiverJiang, X. H.; Wen-Cheng Huang ; Liu, C. M.; Huang, Q.Water International
262004A drought early warning system on real-time multireservoir operationsWen-Cheng Huang ; Yuan, L. C.Water Resources Research
272002Linking genetic algorithms with stochastic dynamic programming to the long-term operation of a multireservoir systemWen-Cheng Huang ; Yuan, L. C.; Lee, C. M.Water Resources Research
281998Streamflow estimation using KrigingWen-Cheng Huang ; Yang, F. T.Water Resources Research