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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourceWOSFulltext/Archive link
22022Experimental and numerical investigations on undulatory motion of a soft-fin-based underwater robotLin, Yu-Chih ; Zhang, Dai-NongJOURNAL OF MECHANICS0
32022Theoretical analysis by Mindlin theory and experimental measurements of the piezoceramic circular bimorphs in resonanceHuang, Yu-Hsi; Lin, Yu-Chih ; Huang, Chi-Hung; Li, Cheng-Chi; Ma, Chien-ChingINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL SCIENCES2
42021Experimental and theoretical investigations on sensing and dynamic characteristics of PVDF thin filmLin, Yu-Chih ; Huang, Yu-Hsi; Ma, Chien-Ching; Chang, Chun-KaiJOURNAL OF MECHANICS4
52021Investigation of resonant and energy harvesting characteristics of piezoelectric fiber composite bimorphsLin, Yu-Chih ; Tseng, Kuo-Shun; Ma, Chien-ChingMATERIALS & DESIGN7
62020Theoretical and numerical investigations on resonant characteristics of two piezoelectric plates coupled with a finite fluid fieldHuang, Y. H.; Yu-Chih Lin ; Liao, C. Y.; Jhuang, K. L.Archive of Applied Mechanics
72019Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Resonance Characteristics of Novel Pumping Element Driven by Two Piezoelectric BimorphsLin, Yu-Chih ; Huang, Yu-Hsi; Chu, Kwen-WeiAPPL SCI-BASEL5