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12023Diurnal sea surface temperature warming along the Kuroshio off Taiwan under easterly wind conditionsMing-Huei Chang; Yu-Hsin Cheng ; Yu-Yu Yeh; Je-Yuan Hsu; Sen Jan,; Yu-heng Tseng; Chung-Hsiung Sui; Yiing Jang Yang; Po-Hsiung LinGeophysical Research Letters
22022Internal hydraulic transition and turbulent mixing observed in the Kuroshio over the I-Lan Ridge off northeastern TaiwanMing-Huei Chang; Yu-Hsin Cheng ; Yu-Yu Yeh; Yiing Jang Yang; Sen Jan; Chih-Lun Liu; Takeshi Matsuno; Takahiro Endoh; Eisuke Tsutsumi; ia-Lin Chen; Xinyu GuoJournal of Physical Oceanography0
32021Vertical Nitrate Flux Induced by Kelvin-Helmholtz Billows Over a Seamount in the KuroshioCristy S. Acabado; Yu-Hsin Cheng ; Ming-Huei Chang; Chung-Chi ChenFRONT MAR SCI4
42021Mooring observed intraseasonal oscillations in the central South China Sea during summer monsoon seasonSen Jan; Ming-Huei Chang; Yiing Jang Yang; Chung-Hsiung Sui; Yu-Hsin Cheng ; Yu-Yu Yeh; Chung-Wei LeeScientific Reports0
52021Direct measurements reveal instabilities and turbulence within large amplitude internal solitary waves beneath the oceanMing-Huei Chang; Yu-Hsin Cheng ; Yiing Jang Yang; Sen Jan; Steven R. Ramp; D. Benjamin Reeder; Wan-Ting Hsieh; Dong S. Ko; Kristen A. Davis; Huan-Jie Shao; Ruo-Shan Tsengcommunications earth & environment11
62020Submesoscale Eddy and Frontal Instabilities in the Kuroshio Interacting With a Cape South of TaiwanYu-Hsin Cheng ; Ming-Huei Chang; Dong S. Ko; Sen Jan; Magdalena Andres; Anthony Kirincich; Yiing Jang Yang; Jen-Hua TaiJournal of Geophysical Research: Oceans6
72019Observations of Island Wakes at High Rossby Numbers: Evolution of Submesoscale Vortices and Free Shear LayersMing-Huei Chang; Sen Jan; Chih-Lun Liu; Yu-Hsin Cheng ; Vigan MensahJournal of Physical Oceanography14
82018Exceptionally cold water days in the southern Taiwan Strait: their predictability and relation to La NiñaYu-Hsin Cheng ; Ming-Huei ChangNatural Hazards and Earth System Sciences9
92018Zonal migration and transport variations of the Kuroshio east of Taiwan induced by eddy impingementsMing-Huei Chang; Sen Jan; Vigan Mensah; Magdalena Andres; Luc Rainville; Yiing Jang Yang; Yu-Hsin Cheng Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers26
102017Interannual variability of cold domes northeast of TaiwanYu-Hsin Cheng ; Jiayu Hu; Quanan Zheng; Feng-Chun SuInternational Journal of Remote Sensing5
112017Statistical features of eddies approaching the Kuroshio east of Taiwan Island and Luzon IslandCheng, Yu-Hsin ; Ho, Chung-Ru ; Zheng, Quanan; Qiu, Bo; Hu, Jianyu; Kuo, Nan-JungJ OCEANOGR26
122013King Tide floods in TuvaluChen-Chih Lin; Chung-Ru Ho ; Yu-Hsin Cheng Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences Discussions0
132013Characteristics of meso-scale eddies interacting with Kuroshio around the eastern Luzon StraitChung-Ru Ho ; Yu-Hsin Cheng ; N.-J. Kuo
142013EOF analysis of Kuroshio near the Luzon StraitYu-Hsin Cheng ; Chung-Ru Ho ; N.-J. Kuo
152012Characteristics of oceanic eddies in the North PacificChung-Ru Ho ; Yu-Hsin Cheng ; N.-J. Kuo; Y.-T Lo; C.-C. Tsao
162012A study of typhoon intensity change by data mining techniqueChung-Ru Ho ; Yu-Hsin Cheng ; C.-Y. Lin; N.-J. Kuo; N.-J. Kuo
172012Observations of mesoscale eddies in the North PacificYu-Hsin Cheng ; Chung-Ru Ho 
182012Sea level rise in TuvaluLin, C.-C.; Chung-Ru Ho ; Yu-Hsin Cheng 
192011Change of sea surface height in the East Asia seas from satellite altimeter dataChung-Ru Ho ; Yu-Hsin Cheng ; N.-J. Kuo; S.-J. Huang
202011Cold patched on the sea off northeastern TaiwanYu-Hsin Cheng ; Chung-Ru Ho 
212010Satellite observations of cold patch chatacteristics off northeast TaiwanChung-Ru Ho ; Yu-Hsin Cheng ; Z.-W. Zheng