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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourceWOSFulltext/Archive link
12022MSCE-Net: Multi-scale Spatial and Channel Enhancing Net based on Attention for Cloud Image ClassificationChih-Wei Lin ; Lingjie Jin0
22022Video-based bird posture recognition using dual feature-rates deep fusion convolutional neural networkLin, Chih-Wei ; Chen, Zhongsheng; Lin, MengxiangEcological Indicators
32022Multiperiod Dynamic Programming Algorithm for Optimizing a Nature ReserveLin, Chih-Wei ; Hong, Yu; Tu, Weihao; Liu, JinfuSustainability
42022SF-CNN: Signal Filtering Convolutional Neural Network for Precipitation Intensity EstimationLin, Chih-Wei ; Huang, Xiuping; Lin, Mengxiang; Hong, SidiSensors0
52022Bird posture recognition based on target keypoints estimation in dual-task convolutional neural networksLin, Chih-Wei ; Hong, Sidi; Lin, Mengxiang; Huang, Xiuping; Liu, JinfuEcological Indicators
62021Aerial and Optical Images-Based Plant Species Segmentation Using Enhancing Nested Downsampling FeaturesLin, Chih-Wei ; Lin, Mengxiang; Hong, YuForests
72021Object–Part Registration–Fusion Net for Fine-Grained Image ClassificationLin, Chih-Wei ; Lin, Mengxiang; Liu, JinfuSymmetry
82021Geospatial-Temporal Convolutional Neural Network for Video-Based Precipitation Intensity RecognitionChih-Wei Lin ; Suhui Yang
92021Aggregation-and-Attention Network for brain tumor segmentationLin, Chih-Wei ; Hong, Yu; Liu, JinfuBMC medical imaging4
102021High-order histogram-based local clustering patterns in polar coordinate for facial recognition and retrievalLin, Chih-Wei ; Hong, SidiThe Visual Computer
112020SOPNet Method for the Fine-Grained Measurement and Prediction of Precipitation Intensity Using Outdoor Surveillance CamerasLin, Chih-Wei ; Lin, Mengxiang; Yang, SuhuiIEEE Access
122019Dual-Flow Structure to Design a Continuous and Compact Nature ReserveLin, Chih-Wei ; Tu, Wei-Hao; Liu, Jin-FuIEEE Access
132019Fourier Dense Network to Conduct Plant Classification Using UAV-Based Optical ImagesLin, Chih-Wei ; Ding, Qilu; Tu, Wei-Hao; Huang, Jia-Hang; Liu, Jin-FuIEEE Access
142018Neuropsychiatric Disorders Identification Using Convolutional Neural NetworkLin, Chih-Wei ; Ding, Qilu0
152018Moving cast shadow detection using scale-relation multi-layer pooling featuresLin, Chih-Wei Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation
162016Scale-Relation Feature for Moving Cast Shadow DetectionChih-Wei Lin 
172015Local Clustering Patterns in Polar Coordinate for Face RecognitionChih-Wei Lin ; Kuan-Yin Lu
182014Large-Area, Multilayered, and High-Resolution Visual Monitoring Using a Dual-Camera SystemLin, Chih-Wei ; Chen, Kuan-Wen; Chen, Shen-Chi; Chen, Cheng-Wu; Hung, Yi-PingACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications
192014A spatiotemporal background extractor using a single-layer codebook modelLin, Chih-Wei ; Liao, Wei-Jie; Chen, Chu-Song; Hung, Yi-Ping
202013Target-driven video summarization in a camera networkChen, Shen-Chi; Lin, Kevin; Lin, Shih-Yao; Chen, Kuan-Wen; Lin, Chih-Wei ; Chen, Chu-Song; Hung, Yi-Ping
212013Real-time camera tampering detection using two-stage scene matchingShih, Chao-Ching; Chen, Shen-Chi; Hung, Cheng-Feng; Chen, Kuan-Wen; Lin, Shih-Yao; Lin, Chih-Wei ; Hung, Yi-Ping
222012Construction of a Wide-Angle High-Resolution VIsual Monitoring System Using a Multi-Resolution Dual-Camera SystemChih-Wei Lin ; Chung-Yi Lee; Shen-Chi Chen; Yi-Ping Hung
232012FORTS: Fast Object Retrieval and Tracking System for SurveillanceShen-Chi Chen; Shih-Yao Lin; Chih-Wei Lin ; Kevin Lin; Ling-Erh Lan; Yi- Ping Hung
242011Multi-Resolution Design for Large-Scale and High-Resolution MonitoringChen, Kuan-Wen; Lin, Chih-Wei ; Chiu, Tzu-Hsuan; Chen, Mike Yen-Yang; Hung, Yi-PingIEEE Transactions on Multimedia
252010A Novel Character Segmentation Method for Text Images Captured by CamerasLue, Hsin-Te; Wen, Ming-Gang; Cheng, Hsu-Yung; Fan, Kuo-Chin; Lin, Chih-Wei ; Yu, Chih-ChangETRI JOURNAL
262010e-Fovea: a multi-resolution approach with steerable focus to large-scale and high-resolution monitoringChen, Kuan-Wen; Lin, Chih-Wei ; Chen, Mike Y.; Hung, Yi-Ping