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12022Supplemental C Addressed the pH Conundrum in Sustainable Marine Aquaponic Food Production SystemsChu, Yu-Ting ; Bao, Yiwen; Huang, Jen-Yi; Kim, Hye-Ji; Brown, Paul BFoods (Basel, Switzerland)
22022Effects of dietary Lactobacillus reuteri and Pediococcus acidilactici on the cultured water qualities, the growth and non-specific immune responses of Penaeus vannameiWu, Yu-Sheng; Chu, Yu-Ting ; Chen, Yin-Yu; Chang, Chao-Sheng; Lee, Bao-Hong; Nan, Fan-Hua FISH SHELLFISH IMMUN3
32022Optimal Dietary Crude Protein in Commercial Feeds for Shrimp and Halophytes in Marine Aquaponic Biofloc SystemsChu, Yu-Ting ; Brown, Paul B.Frontiers in Marine Science
42021Evaluation of Pacific Whiteleg Shrimp and Three Halophytic Plants in Marine Aquaponic Systems under Three SalinitiesChu, Yu-Ting ; Brown, Paul B.Sustainability
52021Sustainable Marine Aquaponics: Effects of Shrimp to Plant Ratios and C/N RatiosChu, Yu-Ting ; Brown, Paul B.Frontiers in Marine Science