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12023Information undergraduate and non-information undergraduate on an artificial intelligence learning platform: an artificial intelligence assessment model using PLS-SEM analysisZhong, Hua-Xu; Chang, Jui-Hung; Lai, Chin-Feng; Chen, Pei-Wen; Ku, Shang-Hsuan; Chen, Shih-Yeh Education and Information Technologies
22022To explore the impact of augmented reality digital picture books in environmental education courses on environmental attitudes and environmental behaviors of children from different culturesChen, Shih-Yeh Frontiers in psychology
32022Exploring the factors of students' intention to participate in AI software developmentChen, Shih-Yeh ; Su, Yu-Sheng ; Ku, Ya-Yuan; Lai, Chin-Feng; Hsiao, Kuo-LunLIBR HI TECH1
42022Immersive Virtual Reality Serious Games With DL-Assisted Learning in High-Rise Fire Evacuation on Fire Safety Training and ResearchChen, Shih-Yeh ; Chien, Wei-CheFrontiers in psychology
52022Children's Digital Art Ability Training System Based on AI-Assisted Learning: A Case Study of Drawing Color PerceptionChen, Shih-Yeh ; Lin, Pei-Hsuan; Chien, Wei-CheFrontiers in psychology
62021Study on enhancing AIoT computational thinking skills by plot image-based VRLai, Ying-Hsun; Chen, Shih-Yeh ; Lai, Chin-Feng; Chang, Yao-Chung; Su, Yu-Sheng INTERACTIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS30
72021Exploring Computational Thinking Skills Training Through Augmented Reality and AIoT LearningLin, Yu-Shan; Chen, Shih-Yeh ; Tsai, Chia-Wei; Lai, Ying-HsunFrontiers in psychology
82021Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Robot Exploration for Constructing Map of Unknown Environment陳世曄 ; He, Qi-Fong; Lai, Chin-FengInformation Systems Frontiers
92020Bibliometric study of social network analysis literatureSu, Yu-Sheng ; Lin, Chien-Linag; Chen, Shih-Yeh ; Lai, Chin-FengLIBR HI TECH42
102020Research on Head-Mounted Virtual Reality and Computational Thinking Experiments to Improve the Learning Effect of AIoT Maker Course: Case of Earthquake Relief ScenesChen, Shih-Yeh ; Lai, Ying-Hsun; Lin, Yu-ShanFrontiers in psychology
112020造蝴蝶生態教育新視野 ─ 擴增實境科技的運用陳世曄 ; 張耀中; 賴盈勳; 林育珊科學發展月刊
122020Design and Evaluation of a Deep Learning Recommendation Based Augmented Reality System for Teaching Programming and Computational ThinkingLin, Pei-Hsuan; Chen, Shih-Yeh IEEE Access
132019Effect of Project-based Learning on Development of Students’ Creative ThinkingShih-Yeh Chen ; Chin-Feng Lai; Ying-Hsun Lai; Yu-Sheng Su International Journal of Electrical Engineering & Education (SCI)
142019透過擴增實境(AR)的課程激發想像力和學習動機郭美女; 陳世曄 這堂什麼課-跨領域美感課程的想像與實踐(小學階段I)
152019A Hybrid Biological Data Analysis Approach for Students’ Learning Creative Characteristics RecognitionChen, Shih-Yeh ; Lai, Chin-Feng; Chang, Chi-ChengIEEE Access
162018A Resilient Power Fingerprinting Selection Mechanism of Device Load Recognition for Trusted Industrial Internet of ThingsLai, Chin-Feng; Chen, Shih-Yeh ; Hwang, Ren-HungIEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics
172018A Study on Integrating Augmented Reality Technology and Game-Based Learning Model to Improve Motivation and Effectiveness of Learning English VocabularyChen, Shih-Yeh ; Hung, Chao-Yueh; Chang, Yao-Chung; Lin, Yu-Shan; Lai, Ying-Hsun
182018A Tangle-Based High Performance Architecture for Large Scale IoT SolutionsChiang, Tsung Fu; Chen, Shih Yeh ; Lai, Chin Feng
192018Analysis of Students' Learning Satisfaction in a Social Community Supported Computer Principles and Practice CourseLin, Yu-Shan; Chen, Shih-Yeh ; Yu-Sheng Su ; Lai, Chin-FengEurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science & Technology Education (SSCI)4
202017Using Information Retrieval to Construct an Intelligent e-book with Keyword Concept MapLai, Chin-Feng; Chen, Shih-Yeh ; Tsai, Chun-Wei; Chang, Yao-Chung; Su, Yu-Sheng Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science & Technology Education (SSCI)1
212017Inference of Learning Creative Characteristics by Analysis of EEG SignalsShih-Yeh Chen ; Chin-Feng Lai; Ren-Hung Hwang; Chu-Sing Yang; Ming-Shi Wang
222017A Power-Scalable Three-Dimensional Streaming Playback Mechanism on Heterogeneous System ArchitecturesWang, Ming-Shi; Chen, Shih-Yeh ; Wang, Yu-JhihIEEE Systems Journal
232016An Intelligent Concept Map for e-book via Automatic Keyword ExtractionChin-Feng Lai; Chun-Wei Tsai; Shih-Yeh Chen ; Ren-Hung Hwang; Chu-Sing Yang
242015An Adaptive Sensor Data Segments Selection Method for Wearable Health Care ServicesChen, Shih-Yeh ; Lai, Chin-Feng; Hwang, Ren-Hung; Lai, Ying-Hsun; Wang, Ming-ShiJournal of medical systems
252015Influence of Integrating Creative Thinking Teaching into Project-based Learning Courses to Engineering College StudentsChin-Feng Lai; Ren-Hung Hwang; Shih-Yeh Chen ; Hueh-Ming Huang; Ting-Ting Wu
262014A M-Learning Content Recommendation Service by Exploiting Mobile Social InteractionsChao, Han-Chieh; Lai, Chin-Feng; Chen, Shih-Yeh ; Huang, Yueh-MinIEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies
272014A Multimedia Parallel Processing Approach on GPU Map Reduce FrameworkShih Yeh Chen ; Chin Feng Lai; Ren Hung Hwang; Han Chieh Chao; Yueh Min Huang
282014A Concept Maps Oriented E-Book Content Design System for Evaluating Learning PerformanceChang, De Wei; Lai, Chin Feng; Chen, Shih Yeh ; Huang, Yueh Min; Jeng, Yu Lin
292013Establishment and Application for a Mobile Learning Communities System over Cloud Network: A Case Study of Digital Archives Resource into Outdoor Environmental EducationChen, Shih-Yeh ; Huang, Yueh-MinJOURNAL OF INTERNET TECHNOLOGY
302013A Self-Adaptive QoE Streaming Service Integrated on Cloud Mobile NetworkChin-Feng Lai; Man Lin; Shih-Yeh Chen ; Han-Chieh Chao; Shin-Feng Lin
312013Intelligent home-appliance recognition over IoT cloud networkShih-Yeh Chen ; Chin-Feng Lai; Yueh-Min Huang; Yu- Lin Jeng
322012Establishment and Application for a Mobile Learning Communities System:A Case Study of Digital Archives Resource into Outdoor Environmental EducationShih-Yeh Chen ; Ying-Xun Lai; Yueh-Min Huang; Cheng-Feng Kao; Chin-Feng Lai
332011Adaptive reconstruction of human motion on wireless body sensor networksShih-Yeh Chen ; Wei-Tsong Lee; Han-Chieh Chao; Yueh-Min Huang; Chin-Feng Lai
342011A Smart Appliance Management System with Current Clustering Algorithm in Home NetworkShih-Yeh Chen ; Yu-Sheng Lu; Chin-Feng LaiGreen Communications and Networking