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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourceWOSFulltext/Archive link
11999Applications of dual MRM for determining the natural frequencies and natural modes of a rod using the singular value decomposition methodW. Yeih; J.R. Chang; C.M. Chang; Jeng-Tzong Chen Advances in Engineering Software 14
21994Dual boundary integral equations at a corner using contour approach around singularityJeng-Tzong Chen ; H.-K.HongAdvances in Engineering Software 0
31996Dual series representation and its applications to a string subjected to support motionsJeng-Tzong Chen ; Jeng, Y. S.Advances in Engineering Software 9
41997Hysteretic damping revisitedJeng-Tzong Chen ; You, D. W.Advances in Engineering Software 19
51999An integral–differential equation approach for the free vibration of a SDOF system with hysteretic dampingJeng-Tzong Chen ; You, D. W.Advances in Engineering Software 21
61998A study on the multiple reciprocity method and complex-valued formulation for the Helmholtz equationWei-Chung Yeih ; Jeng-Tzong Chen ; K.H.Chen; Wong, F. C.Advances in Engineering Software 41