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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourceWOSFulltext/Archive link
12022Economic analysis of ship operation using a new antifouling strategyWu, Y.; Hua, J. ; Wu, D. L.OCEAN ENGINEERING1
22022Investigating a Retrofit Thermal Power Plant from a Sustainable Environment Perspective-A Fuel Lifecycle Assessment Case StudyWu, Yihsuan; Hua, Jian SUSTAINABILITY-BASEL2
32019Total life cycle emissions of post-Panamax containerships powered by conventional fuel or natural gasHua, Jian ; Cheng, Chih-Wen; Hwang, Daw-Shang J AIR WASTE MANAGE8
42018Sustainable development of renewable energy on Wangan Island, TaiwanHua, Jian ; Shiu, Hong-GwoUTIL POLICY6
52018Nitrogen oxide emission calculation for post-Panamax container ships by using engine operation power probability as weighting factor: A slow-steaming caseCheng, Chih-Wen; Hua, Jian ; Hwang, Daw-Shang J AIR WASTE MANAGE2
62018En-route operated hydroblasting system for counteracting biofouling on ship hullHua, Jian ; Chiu, Yin-Sen; Tsai, Chin-YangOCEAN ENG17
72017NOx emission calculations for bulk carriers by using engine power probabilities as weighting factorsCheng, Chih-Wen; Hua, Jian ; Hwang, Daw-Shang J AIR WASTE MANAGE6
82017Alternative fuel for sustainable shipping across the Taiwan StraitHua, Jian ; Wu, Yihusan; Chen, HsinLingTRANSPORT RES D-TR E21
92016Make-Take Structure and Market Quality: Evidence from the US Options MarketsAnand, A.; Jian Hua ; McCormick, T.Management Science
102014Periodic, reducible, powerful ray pattern matricesZhang, L.; Li, Z. S.; Huang, T. Z.; Zhu, Q. F.; Jian Hua ; Zhang, L. H.Linear Algebra and Its Applications
112013Corrosion of high tensile steel onboard bulk carrier loaded with coal of different originsJian Hua ; Cheng, C. W.Ocean Engineering
122012Effects of voyage routing on the survival of microbes in ballast waterJian Hua ; Hwang, W. H.Ocean Engineering
132011The fitness evaluation strategy in particle swarm optimizationJian Hua ; Wang, Z. Q.; Qiao, S. J.; Gan, J. C.Applied Mathematics and Computation
142011Implications of energy use for fishing fleet-Taiwan exampleJian Hua ; Wu, Y. H.Energy Policy
152008Ballasting outside port to prevent spread of butyltin from merchant shipsJian Hua ; Liu, S. M.Ocean Engineering
162007Butyltin in ballast water of merchant shipsJian Hua ; Liu, S. M.Ocean Engineering
172000Seasonal variability of sea surface height in the South China Sea observed with TOPEX/POSEIDON altimeter dataChung-Ru Ho ; Quanan Zheng; Yin S. Soong; Nan‐Jung Kuo; Jian Hua JGR: Oceans109