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12023運用長短期記憶循環神經網路分析及偵測 GNSS 多路徑效應異常林有容; 王和盛 
22022利用深度學習演算法進行GNSS 異常偵測崔珈瑄; 王和盛 ; 賴俊宇
32021Relativistic Effect Analysis of GNSS and Its Application in Spoofing Detection張睿恩; 王和盛 ; 林欣宜; 呂仁超; 王嗣愷
42021Quantum Algorithm for Solving Systems of Linear Equations魏妙勳; 王和盛 
52019Wide-lane Ambiguity Resolution for GNSS Precise Point Positioning with Multipath MitigationY.-S, Chou; He-Sheng Wang ; L. S. Wang
62018Multipath Mitigation for GNSS Precise Point Positioning周育嫻; 王和盛 
72018On the Relativistic Effect of GPS鄒政諠; 王和盛 
82018On the geometric structures of the H-infinity controllers for descriptor systemsPo-Feng Wu; Chee-Fai Yung ; He-Sheng Wang Automatica2
92017A New Integer Ambiguity Estimation Algorithm for Single Frequency Precise Point Positioning蘇柏宇; 曾子容; 王和盛 
102017S 變換在單頻 PPP 定位演算法之應用楊上威; 周育嫻; 陳義方; 王和盛 
112017結合位置偏差濾除器之GNSS單頻精密單點定位演算法張永盛; 曾子容; 王和盛 
122016Position Bias Filter for Single-Frequency Precise Point Positioning張永聖; 楊上威; 王和盛 
132016獨立成份分析結合聯合特徵值分解應用於PRN碼訊號還原孫若婷; 王和盛 
142016Single-Frequency PPP using S-Transformation王和盛 ; 楊上威
152015Combining Higher-Order Cumulant Method and Fourier Transform for GNSS Signal AcquisitionHao-Yu Wang; He-Sheng Wang ; Yung-Sheng Chung
162015Ionospheric Gradient Model and Its Applications in Single-Frequency Precise Point Positioning劉書豪; 張永聖; 王和盛 
172015結合高階累積量與希爾伯特-黃轉換進行對流層模型分析與其在精密單點定位之應用楊上威; 孫若婷; 王和盛 
182015改良最小魏卡森範數模擬市場價格之變化應用在外匯操作之研究羅存賢; 王和盛 
192014Observer-Based Synchronization for Perturbed GPS Satellite OrbitsHe-Sheng Wang ; Hao-Yu Wang
202014A Chaos-Based Digital Communication Systems Design via a Control- Theoretic ApproachShun-Bo Jhaung; Yung-Nien Wang; He-Sheng Wang 
212014應用高階累積法於精度稀釋因子估算之研究張淨涵; 王和盛 ; 王澔宇
222014運用Frame Theory分析希爾伯特-黃轉換盧琬臻; 王澔宇; 王和盛 
232013A new coarse-time GPS positioning algorithm using combined Doppler and code-phase measurementsH.-W. Chen; 王和盛 ; Y.-T. Chiang; F.-R. Chang
242013DOA Estimation Using Dual Frequency GNSS ReceiversJing-Fen Chen; He-Sheng Wang 
252013Design of a Novel Chaotic Synchronization SystemYung-Nien Wang; He-Sheng Wang 
262013一種新穎的粗略時間GPS定位方法設計盧其竑; 王和盛 
272013Sequential Quadratic Method for GPS NLOS Positioning in Urban Canyon Environments王和盛 
282012A Chaotic-Based Pseudo-Random Bit Generator for Navigation ApplicationsYi-Te Chiang; He-Sheng Wang ; Yung-Nien Wang
292012A Chaotic-Based Pseudo-Random Bit Generator for Navigation ApplicationsYung-Nien Wang; He-Sheng Wang ; Yi-Te Chiang
302012NLOS Positioning Method for GPS in Urban Canyon EnvironmentsHe-Sheng Wang ; Chen-Ying Kao; Jing-Fen Chen
312012Barrier Method for GPS Multipath Estimation王和盛 
322012GPS Ephemeris Extension Using Method of Averaging王和盛 
332012Exact Input-Decoupling Filter Design for GPS NavigationJing-Fen Chen; He-Sheng Wang 
342012利用逐步二次規畫法消除GPS定位的多路徑效應李廣凱; 王和盛 
352012平均方法在長效型衛星星曆之應用陳見明; 王和盛 
362012GPS之無追蹤迴路設計王永年; 王和盛 ; 吳景恭
372011NUMERICAL SOLUTIONS OF DIFFERENTIAL-ALGEBRAIC EQUATIONS AND ITS APPLICATIONS IN SOLVING TPPC PROBLEMSHe-Sheng Wang ; Wei-Lun Jhu; Chee-Fai Yung ; Ping-Feng WangJournal of Marine Science and Technology-Taiwan
382010GNSS Satellite Orbit Modeling via a Behavioral ApproachHe-Sheng Wang ; F. R. Chang
392009A Behavioral Framework for Wide-Area Differential GNSS王和盛 
402009A Novel Wireless Network-Based Carrier-Aided DGPS Algorithm Design and ImplementationH. W. Chen; Y. T. Chiang; F. R. Chang; He-Sheng Wang 
412009A Novel Attitude and Motion Determination Algorithm Based on Dual Quaternion王和盛 
422008A Behavioral Approach to GNSS Positioning and DOP Determination王和盛 
432008Discrete-Time H∞ Control Problems for Nonlinear Descriptor Systems王和盛 ; 容志輝
442006H-infinity Control for Nonlinear Descriptor SystemsHe-Sheng Wang ; Chee-Fai Yung ; Fan-Ren Chang
452006GBAS Testbed Development in Taiwan with a Prototype GPS/GBAS Receiver王和盛 ; 楊文傑
462006Precise GPS Orbit Determination and Pre-diction Using H∞ Neural Network王和盛 
472005GPS Receiver Tracking Loop Optimization via an H∞ Approach王和盛 
482002H-infinity Control for Nonlinear Descriptor Systems王和盛 
492001H-infinity Controller Reduction for Nonlinear Systems容志輝 ; 王和盛 
502001GBAS Testbed Development in Taiwan with A Prototype GPS/GBAS Software Receiver王和盛 
512001The positive real control problem and the generalized algebraic Riccati equation for descriptor systemsHe-Sheng Wang ; Chee-Fai Yung ; Chang, Fan-RenJournal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers6
522001Positive Real Control Problem and The Generalized Algebraic Riccati Equation for Descriptor Systems王和盛 
531997Bounded real lemma and H∞ control for descriptor systemsHe-Sheng Wang ; Chee-Fai Yung ; Chang, F. R.