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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourceWOSFulltext/Archive link
12023WFID: Driver Identity Recognition Based on Wi-Fi SignalsYang, You-Jie; Chih-Min Chao ; Chun-Chao Yeh ; Chih-Yu Lin 
22022Anti-jamming channel hopping protocol design based on channel occupancy probability for Cognitive Radio NetworksChen, Kuan-Wei; Chao, Chih-Min ; Lin, Chih-Yu ; Yeh, Chun-Chao COMPUTER NETWORKS1
32022Transmission range determination and antenna deployment to recognise fitness actions using Wi-Fi signalsWei-Che Liang; Chih-Min Chao ; Chih-Yu Lin ; Chun-Chao Yeh International Journal of Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing0
42021動物園定位導覽系統設計--以台北木柵動物園為例顏志文; 邱珮綺; 羅宇廷; 葉春超 
52021在樹林環境中Lora 感測資料傳送的通訊品質量測吳俊翰; 羅宇廷; 吳俊廷; 葉春超 
62021多容錯路徑設計-使用Mininet 模擬器做效能分析潘德佳; 劉昱佑; 葉春超 
72021電表抄寫輔助系統設計與開發林彥廷; 關軍亦; 林浩洋; 葉春超 
82020An intelligent indoor positioning system based on pedestrian directional signage object detection: a case study of Taipei Main StationYeh, Chun-Chao ; Jhang, Ke-Jia; Chang, Chin-Chun MATH BIOSCI ENG4
92020Fat-Tree 網路架構下可容錯多路徑設計連偉盛; 吳俊翰; 葉春超 
102020Twin Fat-Tree 資料中心網路效能分析連偉盛; 林彥亭; 葉春超 
112019SEAL2: An SDN-enabled all-Layer2 packet forwarding network architecture for multitenant datacenter networksYeh, Chun-Chao ; Qiu, Jun-Wei; Chang, Shi-JiaINT J COMMUN SYST1
122019設計與開發一個以影像識別為基礎的室內定位系統--以台北捷運車站為例張克嘉; 張欽圳 ; 葉春超 
132019Kubernetes 服務在 SEAL2資料中心網路系統上的效能分析李旻蒼; 潘德佳; 葉春超 
142018運用於物聯網的兩層式無線網狀網路設計與實作楊尚文; 連偉盛; 葉春超 
152018An Empirical Evaluation of Flow Tagging Mechanisms and Service Function Platform Choices for NFV/SFCChun-Chao Yeh ; Shi-Chia Chang; Min-Cang Lee; Shang-Wen Yang
162017雲端數據中心網路系統虛擬化架構設計與效能評估邱俊瑋; 張仕佳; 李旻蒼; 楊尚文; 葉春超 
172017多租戶資料中心網路系統設計與實作邱俊瑋; 張仕佳; 李旻蒼; 楊尚文; 葉春超 
182017運用 OpenFlow 於 NAT 服務之設計與實作謝昇翰; 丘俊瑋; 梁達輝; 葉春超 
192017Construction of a Metadata Schema for Medical Data in Networking ApplicationsChi-Jane Chen; Tun-Wen Pai; Jhen-Li Huang; Ying-Tsang Lo; Shih-Syun Lin ; Chun-Chao Yeh 0
202016Application of PrefixSpan Algorithms for Disease Pattern AnalysisChi-Jane Chen; Tun-Wen Pai; Shih-Syun Lin ; Chun-Chao Yeh ; Min-Hui Liu; Chao-Hung Wang0
212016SDN運用於叢集伺服器負載平衡與容錯問題探討李柏樟; 張仕佳; 葉春超 
222016HDFS雲端影像檔案系統實作與效能分析廖彥凱; 奧蘭多; 葉春超 
232016Strategic Design of Public Bicycle Distribution Systems with Routing ConsiderationsJenn-Rong Lin ; Chun-Chao Yeh 
242016Design and Implementation of a Smartphone-based Positioning SystemChun-Chao Yeh ; Yu-Ching Lo; Chin-Chun Chang 
252016Two-Stage Iterated Local Search for Solving Capacitated Vehicle Routing ProblemsChun-Chao Yeh ; Da-Yuan Liu; Yan-Kai Liao
262015Mint: A Cost-effective Network-address Translation Architecture with Multiple Inexpensive NAT ServersChun-Chao Yeh ; Chun-Wei Chiu
272015物流配送車輛路徑問題local-search 策略效能評估劉大園; 葉春超 
282014雲端計算中兩層式負載平衡系統架構設計與實做江正男; 鄭耿宇; 葉春超 
292014雲端手機影像定位系統之設計與實作羅郁晴; 簡維煜; 葉春超 
302014雲端計算中支援異質性雙網路的網路閘道設計江正男; 謝昇翰; 葉春超 
322014A PSO-like Algorithm for Constrained Minimum Spanning Tree ProblemsChun-Chao Yeh ; Ying-Che Chien
332014垃圾郵件群組分析蔡仁豪; 羅郁晴; 葉春超 
342014多通道網路封包排程策略比較黃俊維; 江正男; 葉春超 
352014An Empirical Study on Faithfulness of Spam Forwarding PathChun-Chao Yeh ; Szu-Hsien Wu; Yu-Shan Hsieh
362014A Data Visualization Tool for Assisting in Finding Suspicious Network Flow EventsChun-Chao Yeh ; Chin-Hong Chen
372014A New NAT Traversal Mechanism Design and ImplementationChun-Chao Yeh ; Chung-Wei Huang; Ting-Hsiang Lin
382012Evolutionary Algorithms for Constrained Minimum Spanning Tree ProblemsChun-Chao Yeh ; Ying-Che Chien; Szu-Hsien Wu
392012An Empirical Study on Social Network UsersChun-Chao Yeh ; Yan-Shao Lin; Ren-Hao Tsai
402012Demographics of Social Network Users- A Case Study on PlurkChun-Chao Yeh ; Yan-Shao Lin; Ting-Hsiang Lin
412011Observation and Analysis on Spam Sending BehaviorChun-Chao Yeh ; Tsung-Yu Wang; Hsiang-Yuan Fu
422010一個輔助網路事件分析的資料視覺化工具設計陳熾宏; 簡英哲; 葉春超 
432010基於ZigBee無線網路之數位導覽系統薛文賢; 吳泓毅; 葉春超 
442010Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation and Scheduling for OVSF-WCDMA SystemsChun-Chao Yeh ; Pai-Ling Wang
452010BTSS: Design and Implementation of a P2P-Assisted Multimedia Streaming System based on BitTorrent FrameworkChun-Chao Yeh ; Jhe-Sian Lin; Yi-Ming Shen
462009Metaheuristic Algorithms for Task Assignment in Distributed Computing Systems: A Comparative and Integrative ApproachPeng-Yeng Yin; Benjamin B.M. Shao; Yung-Pin Cheng; Chun-Chao Yeh 
472008Secure and Verifiable P2P Card GamesChun-Chao Yeh 
482008Revisit Bayesian approaches for Spam DetectionChun-Chao Yeh ; Soun-Jan Chiang
492006Power-aware allocation of chain-like real-time tasks on DVS processorsChun-Chao Yeh Ieice Transactions on Information and Systems
502006ActiveBT: 一種支援主動式檔案存取與匿名發佈江慶祥; 葉春超 
512006Near-Duplicate Mail Detection Based on URL Information for SPAM DetectionChun-Chao Yeh ; Chia-Hui Lin
522005On the frame forwarding in peer-to-peer multimedia streamingChun-Chao Yeh ; Lin Siong Pui
532005Octet Histogram-Based Near Duplicated Mail Detection for Spam FilteringChun-Chao Yeh ; Nai-Wei Yeh
542005On the Power-Aware Resource Allocation for Linear-Pipelined Real-Time TasksChun-Chao Yeh 
552005Phase synchronization and seamless peer-reconnection on peer-to-peer streaming systemsChun-Chao Yeh Information Networking: Convergence in Broadband and Mobile Networking
562004Path Selection on VC-Networks within a Distributed Media Server for Concurrent Stream RetrievalChun-Chao Yeh ; JIE-YONG JUANG
572002Module Filtering Preprocessing for Module Assignment Problems in Pipelined ComputingChun-Chao Yeh ; Chun-Hsin Wu
582002An Efficient Algorithm for Finding Maximal Mean SubsequenceChun-Chao Yeh ; Chun-HsinWu
592001Multi-Path Channel Allocation for Multimedia Stream Services with Multi-Rate SupportsChun-Chao Yeh ; Jie-Yong Juang
602001Optimal Resource Allocation in Distributed Multimedia Servers for Video-Audio Streams AccessChun-Chao Yeh ; Jie-Yong Juang