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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourceWOSFulltext/Archive link
12023/12/1Risk Assessment and Traffic Behaviour Evaluation of ShipsHuang, Juan-Chen ; Ung, Shuen-Tai JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING
22021Navigation Risk estimation using a modified Bayesian Network modeling-a case study in TaiwanUng, S. T. RELIAB ENG SYST SAFE18
32019Evaluation of human error contribution to oil tanker collision using fault tree analysis and modified fuzzy Bayesian Network based CREAMUng, Shuen-Tai OCEAN ENG69
42018Human error assessment of oil tanker groundingShuen-Tai Ung SAFETY SCI39
52018Development of a weighted probabilistic risk assessment method for offshore engineering systems using fuzzy rule-based Bayesian reasoning approachUng, Shuen-Tai OCEAN ENG9
62015A weighted CREAM model for maritime human reliability analysisShuen-Tai Ung Safety Science
72014A novel maritime risk assessment model incorporating a fuzzy rule-based approachShuen-Tai Ung Expert Systems
82013A RIGOROUS REVIEW AND THOROUGH PLANNING FOR THE SHIP INSPECTION SYSTEM IN TAIWANShuen-Tai Ung ; Tsai, C. C.; Chih-Li Chen Journal of Marine Science and Technology-Taiwan
92011A Novel Human Error Probability Assessment Using Fuzzy ModelingShuen-Tai Ung ; Shen, W. M.Risk Analysis
102010A practical application of 'Six Sigma' to port operationsShuen-Tai Ung ; Chen, Y. T.Journal of Marine Engineering and Technology
112010海岸巡防署海岸巡防總局職前訓練之研究周和平; 翁順泰 ; 林泰誠 ; 張天財航海技術季刊
122009The Risk Assessment and Management of Port Security Using Fuzzy ModelingShuen-Tai Ung ; Williams, V.; Bonsall, S.; Wang, J.Marine Technology and Sname News