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12020Twelve-week intradialytic cycling exercise improves physical functional performance with gain in muscle strength and endurance: a randomized controlled trialMei-Ling Yeh ; Wang, M. H.; Hsu, C. C.; Liu, Y. M.Clinical Rehabilitation1
22020Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation on Acupuncture Points Improves Myofascial Pain, Moods, and Sleep QualityChiou, Y. F.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Wang, Y. J.Rehabilitation Nursing3
32020A Hierarchical Model of Occupational Burnout in Nurses Associated With Job-Induced Stress, Self-Concept, and Work EnvironmentLiao, R. W.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Lin, K. C.; Wang, K. Y.Journal of Nursing Research3
42019Mind-body interactive qigong improves physical and mental aspects of quality of life in inpatients with stroke: A randomized control studyChen, C. H.; Hung, K. S.; Chung, Y. C.; Mei-Ling Yeh European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing13
52019Two-month breathing-based walking improves anxiety, depression, dyspnoea and quality of life in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: A randomised controlled studyLin, F. L.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Lai, Y. H.; Lin, K. C.; Yu, C. J.; Chang, J. S.Journal of Clinical Nursing
62019Respiratory training interventions improve health status of heart failure patients: A systematic review and network meta-analysis of randomized controlled trialsWang, M. H.; Mei-Ling Yeh World Journal of Clinical Cases4
72019Combining Education With Auricular Acupressure to Facilitate Smoking Cessation in Young AdultsWang, Y. Z.; Wang, Y. J.; Mei-Ling Yeh Holistic Nursing Practice0
82019A Robust Early Warning System for Preventing Flash Floods in Mountainous Area in VietnamHoang, T. V.; Chou, T. Y.; Nguyen, N. T.; Fang, Y. M.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Nguyen, Q. H.; Nguyen, X. L.Isprs International Journal of Geo-Information2
92019Using Traditional Chinese Medicine to Relieve Asthma Symptoms: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisWang, M. H.; Chen, C.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Lin, J. G.American Journal of Chinese Medicine5
102019Lifestyle changes for treating psoriasisKo, S. H.; Chi, C. C.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Wang, S. H.; Tsai, Y. S.; Hsu, M. Y.Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews17
112018Walking with controlled breathing improves exercise tolerance, anxiety, and quality of life in heart failure patients: A randomized controlled trialTeng, H. C.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Wang, M. H.European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing8
122018Effect of Transcutaneous Acupoint Electrical Stimulation on Post-Hemorrhoidectomy-Associated Pain, Anxiety, and Heart Rate Variability: A Randomized-Controlled StudyMei-Ling Yeh ; Chung, Y. C.; Hsu, L. C.; Hung, S. H.Clinical Nursing Research6
132018Exercises improve body composition, cardiovascular risk factors and bone mineral density for menopausal women: A systematic review and meta analysis of randomized controlled trialsMei-Ling Yeh ; Liao, R. W.; Hsu, C. C.; Chung, Y. C.; Lin, J. G.Applied Nursing Research11
142018Effects of Auricular Acupressure on Sleep Quality, Anxiety, and Depressed Mood in RN-BSN Students With Sleep DisturbanceChueh, K. H.; Chang, C. C.; Mei-Ling Yeh Journal of Nursing Research11
152017Acupuncture-Related Techniques for Psoriasis: A Systematic Review with Pairwise and Network Meta-Analyses of Randomized Controlled TrialsMei-Ling Yeh ; Ko, S. H.; Wang, M. H.; Chi, C. C.; Chung, Y. C.Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine18
162017Effects of an 8-Week Aerobic Dance Program on Health-Related Fitness in Patients With SchizophreniaCheng, S. L.; Sun, H. F.; Mei-Ling Yeh Journal of Nursing Research14
172017An Investigation of the Use of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Stroke PatientsMei-Ling Yeh ; Chiu, W. L.; Wang, Y. J.; Lo, C.Holistic Nursing Practice16
182017Effects of intradialytic exercise on the physical function, depression and quality of life for haemodialysis patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trialsChung, Y. C.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Liu, Y. M.Journal of Clinical Nursing54
192017Porous Silicon NDR-Based High Power RF Oscillator DiodeLin, J. C.; Wan, L. F.; Liu, K. W.; Lo, K. C.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Wang, S. J.Ieee Electron Device Letters1
202017A nurse facilitated mind-body interactive exercise (Chan-Chuang qigong) improves the health status of non-Hodgkin lymphoma patients receiving chemotherapy: Randomised controlled trialChuang, T. Y.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Chung, Y. C.International Journal of Nursing Studies22
212017Translation and Psychometric Testing of the Chinese Version of the Multidimensional Assessment of Interoceptive AwarenessLin, F. L.; Hsu, C. C.; Mehling, W.; Mei-Ling Yeh Journal of Nursing Research15
222017The use of information technology to enhance patient safety and nursing efficiencyLee, T. Y.; Sun, G. T.; Kou, L. T.; Mei-Ling Yeh Technology and Health Care3
232016EDITOR'S REMARKMei-Ling Yeh Journal of Nursing Research
242016Acupoint stimulation, massage therapy and expressive writing for breast cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trialsLee, P. L. T.; Tam, K. W.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Wu, W. W.Complementary Therapies in Medicine18
252016A randomized controlled trial of qigong on fatigue and sleep quality for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma patients undergoing chemotherapyMei-Ling Yeh ; Chung, Y. C.European Journal of Oncology Nursing20
262016A Prospective Comparison Study of Heart Rate Variability During Menses in Young Women With DysmenorrheaWang, Y. J.; Wang, Y. Z.; Mei-Ling Yeh Biological Research for Nursing3
272016The Efficacy of Acupuncture in Post-Operative Pain Management: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisWu, M. S.; Chen, K. H.; Chen, I. F.; Huang, S. K.; Tzeng, P. C.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Lee, F. P.; Lin, J. G.; Chen, C.Plos One88
282016Translation and validation of the Nurses Self-Concept Instrument for college-level nursing students in TaiwanChang, Y. C.; Mei-Ling Yeh Nurse Education Today11
292016Validation of the Clinical COPD Questionnaire in TaiwanLin, W. C.; Huang, T. Y.; Liu, C. Y.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Yu, C. H.; Hwang, S. L.Copd-Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease5
302015Acupoint Stimulation on Weight Reduction for Obesity: A Randomized Sham-Controlled StudyMei-Ling Yeh ; Chu, N. F.; Hsu, M. Y. F.; Hsu, C. C.; Chung, Y. C.Western Journal of Nursing Research14
312015Breathing exercise combined with cognitive behavioural intervention improves sleep quality and heart rate variability in major depressionChien, H. C.; Chung, Y. C.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Lee, J. F.Journal of Clinical Nursing18
322015Acupressure improves the postoperative comfort of gastric cancer patients: A randomised controlled trialHsiung, W. T.; Chang, Y. C.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Chang, Y. H.Complementary Therapies in Medicine
332015A randomized controlled trial of auricular acupressure in heart rate variability and quality of life for hypertensionMei-Ling Yeh ; Chang, Y. C.; Huang, Y. Y.; Lee, T. Y.Complementary Therapies in Medicine
342015Use of Traditional Medicine and Complementary and Alternative Medicine in TaiwanMei-Ling Yeh ; Lin, K. C.; Chen, H. H.; Wang, Y. J.; Huang, Y. C.Holistic Nursing Practice
352015Effects of Aerobic Exercise During Hemodialysis on Physical Functional Performance and DepressionLiu, Y. M.; Chung, Y. C.; Chang, J. S.; Mei-Ling Yeh Biological Research for Nursing
362014Acupoint Stimulation to Improve Analgesia Quality for Lumbar Spine Surgical PatientsChung, Y. C.; Chien, H. C.; Chen, H. H.; Mei-Ling Yeh Pain Management Nursing
372014Achieving Knowledge Translation in Nursing Care: The Need for Greater Rigor in Applying Evidence to PracticeMei-Ling Yeh Journal of Nursing Research
382014Psychometric Validation of the Chinese Version of the Control Attitudes Scale-Revised in Taiwanese Heart Failure PatientsHuang, T. Y.; Tsai, M. F.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Jiang, R. S.; Moser, D. K.Journal of Cardiac Failure
392014Symptom Clusters and the Prediction of Hospitalization and Mortality in Patients with Heart FailureHuang, T. Y.; Tsai, M. F.; Jiang, R. S.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Moser, D. K.Journal of Cardiac Failure
402014Integrative acupoint stimulation to alleviate postoperative pain and morphine-related side effects: A sham-controlled studyChung, Y. C.; Tsou, M. Y.; Chen, H. H.; Lin, J. G.; Mei-Ling Yeh International Journal of Nursing Studies15
412014The Smoking Behaviors of Indigenous Taiwanese: Individual and Family/Community Factors of InfluenceChen, H. W.; Chu, N. F.; Chen, H. H.; Mei-Ling Yeh Journal of Nursing Research
422014Monolithic Low-EMI CMOS DC-DC Boost Converter for Portable ApplicationsLiou, W. R.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Chen, P. S.; Tseng, C. C.; Huang, T. Y.; Lin, S. C.; Lin, C. Y.; Sun, C. H.Ieee Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (Vlsi) Systems
432014Quantifying Psychological Distress among Cancer Patients in Interventions and Scales: A Systematic ReviewMei-Ling Yeh ; Chung, Y. C.; Hsu, M. Y. F.; Hsu, C. C.Current Pain and Headache Reports
442014A Digitally Controlled Low-EMI SPWM Generation Method for Inverter ApplicationsLiou, W. R.; Villaruza, H. M.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Roblin, P.Ieee Transactions on Industrial Informatics
452014The Effects and Measures of Auricular Acupressure and Interactive Multimedia for Smoking Cessation in College StudentsMei-Ling Yeh ; Wang, P. L.; Lin, J. G.; Chung, M. L.Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine
462014Phototherapy for treating pressure ulcersChen, C. F.; Hou, W. H.; Chan, E. S. Y.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Lo, H. L. D.Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
472013A Programmable Controller IC for DC/DC Converter and Power Factor Correction ApplicationsLiou, W. R.; Lacorte, W. B.; Caberos, A. B.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Lin, J. C.; Lin, S. C.; Sun, C. S.Ieee Transactions on Industrial Informatics
482013Measuring reliability and validity of a newly developed stress instrument: Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Stress ScaleLee, T. Y.; Chen, H. H.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Li, H. L.; Chou, K. R.Journal of Clinical Nursing
492013A LOW-PHASE-NOISE CMOS VCO FOR K-BAND APPLICATIONMei-Ling Yeh ; Yao-Chian Lin; Chung-Cheng Chang Journal of Circuits Systems and Computers
502013Auricular Acupressure for Pain Relief in Adolescents with Dysmenorrhea: A Placebo-Controlled StudyMei-Ling Yeh ; Hung, Y. L.; Chen, H. H.; Wang, Y. J.Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine
512013A HIGH FIGURE-OF-MERIT LOW PHASE NOISE 15-GHz CMOS VCOLin, Y. C.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Chung-Cheng Chang Journal of Marine Science and Technology-Taiwan
522013Auricular Acupressure to Improve Menstrual Pain and Menstrual Distress and Heart Rate Variability for Primary Dysmenorrhea in Youth with StressWang, Y. J.; Hsu, C. C.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Lin, J. G.Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine
532013Auricular Acupressure Combined with an Internet-Based Intervention or Alone for Primary Dysmenorrhea: A Control StudyMei-Ling Yeh ; Hung, Y. L.; Chen, H. H.; Lin, J. G.; Wang, Y. J.Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine
542012One year study on the integrative intervention of acupressure and interactive multimedia for visual health in school childrenMei-Ling Yeh ; Chen, H. H.; Chung, Y. C.Complementary Therapies in Medicine
552012Acupoint stimulation intervention for people with primary dysmenorrhea: Systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized trialsChung, Y. C.; Chen, H. H.; Mei-Ling Yeh Complementary Therapies in Medicine
562012Heart Rate Variability Trend Predict 12-Month Cardiac Event-Free Survival and Health Related Quality of Life in Patients With Heart FailureHuang, T. Y.; Yu, H. C.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Tsai, M. F.; Hwang, S. L.Journal of Cardiac Failure
572012Multiple interacting factors corresponding to repetitive use of complementary and alternative medicineWu, S. I.; Chou, P.; Chen, M. L.; Chen, J. H.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Lin, K. C.Complementary Therapies in Medicine
582012Ethnicity, Functional Cass, Depression, Anxiety, and Perceived Control are Predictors of Health-Related Quality of Life in Patients With Heart FailureYu, H. C.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Tsai, M. F.; Hwang, S. L.; Lennie, T. A.; Moser, D. K.; Huang, T. Y.Journal of Cardiac Failure
592012Superior Perceived Control Comes With Improved Health Related Quality of Life in Younger Heart Failure PatientsHuang, T. Y.; Yu, H. C.; Tsai, M. F.; Hwang, S. L.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Lennie, T. A.; Moser, D. K.Journal of Cardiac Failure
602012Body Mass Index Predict Heart Failure Patients' Long-Term Survival in TaiwanHuang, T. Y.; Tsai, M. F.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Yu, H. C.; Hwang, S. L.; Lennie, T. A.Journal of Cardiac Failure
612012A low-phase noise and wide-tuning range CMOS voltage controlled oscillatorLin, Y. C.; Mei-Ling Yeh Microwave and Optical Technology Letters
622012Vinegar for Decreasing Catheter-Associated Bacteriuria in Long-Term Catheterized Patients: A Randomized Controlled TrialChung, Y. C.; Chen, H. H.; Mei-Ling Yeh Biological Research for Nursing
632012Case studies combined with or without concept maps improve critical thinking in hospital-based nurses: A randomized-controlled trialHuang, Y. C.; Chen, H. H.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Chung, Y. C.International Journal of Nursing Studies
642012The effectiveness of hypnotherapy in improving the quality of sleep of institutionalised elderly residentsChen, M. L.; Chen, M. Y.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Wu, S. F.International Journal of Nursing Practice
652012Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Acupoint Stimulation on Smoking CessationCheng, H. M.; Chung, Y. C.; Chen, H. H.; Chang, Y. H.; Mei-Ling Yeh American Journal of Chinese Medicine
662012An 11 GHz low-phase-noise voltage-controlled oscillatorMei-Ling Yeh ; Lin, Y. C.; Chang, W. C.Microelectronics International
672011HIGH-PERFORMANCE LOW-POWER 27-GHz CMOS VOLTAGE-CONTROLLED OSCILLATOR FOR Ka-BAND APPLICATIONSMei-Ling Yeh ; Lin, Y. C.; Chung-Cheng Chang Microwave and Optical Technology Letters
682011Pain reduction of acupoint electrical stimulation for patients with spinal surgery: A placebo-controlled studyMei-Ling Yeh ; Chung, Y. C.; Chen, K. M.; Chen, H. H.International Journal of Nursing Studies
692010A LOW-PHASE-NOISE CMOS QUADRATURE VCO WITH PMOS BACK-GATE COUPLINGMei-Ling Yeh ; Lin, Y. C.; Liou, W. R.; Kuo, S. H.; Roblin, P.; Chung-Cheng Chang Microwave and Optical Technology Letters
712010Auricular acupressure combined with multimedia instruction or alone for quitting smoking in young adults: A quasi-experimental studyWang, Y. Z.; Chen, H. H.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Lin, S. D.International Journal of Nursing Studies
722010A Low-Voltage High-Gain Quadrature Up-Conversion 5 GHz CMOS RF MixerLiou, W. R.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Kuo, S. H.; Lin, Y. C.Ieice Transactions on Electronics
732010An Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Reduced High-Efficiency Switching Power AmplifierMei-Ling Yeh ; Liou, W. R.; Hsieh, H. P.; Lin, Y. J.Ieee Transactions on Power Electronics
742010Effects of Ear Acupressure in Improving Visual Health in ChildrenChen, C. H.; Chen, H. H.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Tsay, S. L.American Journal of Chinese Medicine
752009A Comparison of Diabetes Learning With and Without Interactive Multimedia to Improve Knowledge, Control, and Self-Care Among People With Diabetes in TaiwanHuang, J. P.; Chen, H. H.; Mei-Ling Yeh Public Health Nursing
762009Effects of a preceptorship programme on turnover rate, cost, quality and professional developmentLee, T. Y.; Tzeng, W. C.; Lin, C. H.; Mei-Ling Yeh Journal of Clinical Nursing
772009A Six-Week Acupoint Stimulation Intervention for Quitting SmokingMei-Ling Yeh ; Chang, C. Y.; Chu, N. F.; Chen, H. H.American Journal of Chinese Medicine
782008Qigong Improving Physical Status in Middle-Aged WomenTsai, Y. K.; Chen, H. H.; Lin, I. H.; Mei-Ling Yeh Western Journal of Nursing Research
792008A high efficiency dual-mode buck converter IC for portable applicationsLiou, W. R.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Kuo, Y. L.Ieee Transactions on Power Electronics
802008An intervention of acupressure and interactive multimedia to improve visual health among Taiwanese schoolchildrenMei-Ling Yeh ; Chen, C. H.; Chen, H. H.; Lin, K. C.Public Health Nursing
812007Using a patient-controlled analgesia multimedia intervention for improving analgesia qualityMei-Ling Yeh ; Yang, H. J.; Chen, H. H.; Tsou, M. Y.Journal of Clinical Nursing
822006Developing and evaluating a smoking cessation program combined with an Internet-assisted instruction program for adolescents with smokingChen, H. H.; Mei-Ling Yeh Patient Education and Counseling
832006Comparing effects of auricular acupressure with and without an Internet-assisted program on smoking cessation and self-efficacy of adolescentsChen, H. H.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Chao, Y. H.Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine
842006The influences of Chan-Chuang qi-gong therapy on complete blood cell counts in breast cancer patients treated with chemotherapyMei-Ling Yeh ; Lee, T. I.; Chen, H. H.; Chao, T. Y.Cancer Nursing
852006Effects of Chan-Chuang Qigong on improving symptom and psychological distress in chemotherapy patientsLee, T. I.; Chen, H. H.; Mei-Ling Yeh American Journal of Chinese Medicine
862006The effects of Baduanjin qigong in the prevention of bone loss for middle-aged womenChen, H. H.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Lee, F. Y.American Journal of Chinese Medicine
872006Mobile P2P automatic content sharing by ontology-based and contextualized integrative negotiationYuan, S. T.; Mei-Ling Yeh Data Engineering Issues in E-Commerce and Services, Proceedings
882005A new multimedia-based instruction for hip arthroplasty in clinical practiceChen, H. H.; Mei-Ling Yeh Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine
892005The skill mix practice model for nursing: measuring outcomeLee, T. Y.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Chen, H. H.; Lien, G. H.Journal of Advanced Nursing
902005Testing the impact of a multimedia video CD of patient-controlled analgesia on pain knowledge and pain relief in patients receiving surgeryChen, H. H.; Mei-Ling Yeh ; Yang, H. J.International Journal of Medical Informatics
912005Effects of multimedia with printed nursing guide in education on self-efficacy and functional activity and hospitalization in patients with hip replacementMei-Ling Yeh ; Chen, H. H.; Liu, P. H.Patient Education and Counseling
922005Effects of an educational program with interactive videodisc systems in improving critical thinking dispositions for RN-BSN students in TaiwanMei-Ling Yeh ; Chen, H. H.International Journal of Nursing Studies
932004Testing the functional status model in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseMei-Ling Yeh ; Chen, H. H.; Liao, Y. C.; Liao, W. Y.Journal of Advanced Nursing