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12023/12/1Research on the Collision Risk of Ships off Keelung Based on AIS DataChen, Shih-Tzung ; Yang, Ming-Feng ; Kao, Sheng-Long ; Tu, Mengru; Kuo, Jun -Yuan; Chao, Yen-Ting; Hsu, Huang-KaiJOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
22021The optimal layout design for minimizing operating costs in a picker-to-part warehousing systemYang, Ming-Feng ; Shih, Po-Hsun; Pan, Jason Chao-Hsien; Li, Mei-ChunINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY1
32021An Assessment Of The Electron Beam And Discharge Technologies For High Pressure Gas Laser Pumping In Terms Of Kinetics And Electrical DesignMeng-Ru Tu ; Ming-Feng Yang ; Sheng-Long Kao ; Lin, Feng-Cheng; Wu, Ming-Hung; Lin, Cheng-KuanEnterprise Information Systems1
42020Using a heuristic multi-objective genetic algorithm to solve the storage assignment problem for CPS-based pick-and-pass systemSheng-Long Kao ; Lin, F. C.; Wu, M. H.; Lin, C. K.; Meng-Ru Tu ; Ming-Feng Yang Enterprise Information Systems
52019A Novel Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm to Improve Warehouse Picking EfficiencyMeng-Ru Tu ; Ming-Feng Yang ; Sheng-Long Kao ; Min-Der Ko ; Cheng-Kuan Lin
62019Fuzzy Closed- Loop Supply Chain considered Container Return TimeSheng-Long Kao ; Chien-Min Su ; Ming-Feng Yang ; Lu-An ChenLecture Notes in Engineering and Computer Science
72018Time-temperature abuse in the food cold chain: Review of issues, challenges, and recommendationsNdraha, Nodali; Hsiao, Hsin-, I ; Vlajic, Jelena; Yang, Ming-Feng ; Lin, Hong-Ting Victor FOOD CONTROL147
82017Deteriorating inventory model for ready-to-eat food under fuzzy environmentMeng-Ru Tu ; Tseng, W. C.; Ming-Feng Yang ; Hsin-I Hsiao International Journal of Logistics-Research and Applications4