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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourceWOSFulltext/Archive link
12019Novel Antrodia cinnamomea Extract Reduced Cancer Stem-Like Phenotype Changes and Resensitized KRAS-Mutant Colorectal Cancer via a MicroRNA-27a PathwayLin, T. J.; Lai, K. C.; Lee, A. S.; Chang, C. H.; Chiung-Lin Liu ; Chung, C. H.Cancers2
22018Supply chain resilience, firm performance, and management policies in the liner shipping industryKuo-Chung Shang ; Lai, K. H.; Lun, Y. H. V.; Taih-Cherng Lirn ; Chiung-Lin Liu Transportation Research Part a-Policy and Practice30
32018Integration, supply chain resilience, and service performance in third-party logistics providersChiung-Lin Liu ; Lee, M. Y.International Journal of Logistics Management23
42017Endoscopic endonasal nasopharyngectomy: tensor veli palatine muscle as a landmark for the parapharyngeal internal carotid arteryChiung-Lin Liu ; Hsu, N. I.; Shen, P. H.International Forum of Allergy & Rhinology7
52017Using a video game to teach supply chain and logistics managementChiung-Lin Liu Interactive Learning Environments1
62016What are passenger perspectives regarding airlines' environmental protection? An empirical investigation in TaiwanNiu, S. Y.; Kung-Don Ye ; Chih-Ching Chang ; Chiung-Lin Liu ; Niu, Shih-Yuan; Liu, Chiung-Lin ; Chang, Chih-Ching ; Ye, Kung-Don Journal of Air Transport Management; J AIR TRANSP MANAG18
72016Impact of external integration capabilities of third-party logistics providers on their financial performanceChiung-Lin Liu ; Pei-Yu LaiThe International Journal of Logistics Management28
82015Green Shipping Capability and Performance of Liner Shipping Firms in Taiwan劉穹林 ; 林泰誠 航運季刊
92011An analysis of third-party logistics performance and service provisionChiung-Lin Liu ; Lyons, A. C.Transportation Research Part E-Logistics and Transportation Review64
10-Fear index and freight rates in dry-bulk shipping marketsWu, C. Y.; Heng-Chih Chou ; Chiung-Lin Liu Applied Economics