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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourceWOSFulltext/Archive link
12022A Hybrid Framework for Real-Time Dispatching of Airline Unit Load Devices under Demand VariationsTang, Ching-Hui ; Hsieh, Ping-HsuanJOURNAL OF ADVANCED TRANSPORTATION0
22021Airline unit load device dispatch and scale in short-term operations involving skypooling-A new sharing economy in airline industryTang, Ching-Hui ; Chu, Pao-YingTRANSPORT RES C-EMER1
32021Transportation outsourcing problems considering feasible probabilities under stochastic demandsTang, Ching-Hui ; Wang, Yi-WenCOMPUT OPER RES3
42020Strategic airline network design problem in a duopolistic marketYang, T. H.; Ching-Hui Tang ; Hsiao, H. C.Transportation Planning and Technology0
52020Planned gate and runway assignments considering carbon emissions and costsChao, Ching-Cheng; Tang, Ching-Hui ; Hsiao, Ya-HsinINT J SUSTAIN TRANSP3
62020Optimization for transportation outsourcing problemsTang, Ching-Hui COMPUT IND ENG5
82019Airline unit load device dispatching considering service level and violation daysChing-Hui Tang ; Yen, C. Y.Journal of Air Transport Management2
92019Manpower supply planning for aircraft line maintenance under stochastic incidentsChing-Hui Tang ; Hsu, I. S.Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers1
102019宅配業轉運中心運輸外包趟次決策與可行性之分析湯慶輝 ; 王亦文
112018Two-stage stochastic modeling of transportation outsourcing plans for transshipment centersTang, Ching-Hui 4OR-Q J OPER RES4
122016Airline flight scheduling for oligopolistic competition with direct flights and a point to point networkChing-Hui Tang ; Hsu, Y. L.Journal of Advanced Transportation0
132016Integrating fleet replacement and pilot training schedules for airborne service helicoptersTang, Ching-Hui ; Huang, Hsin-TaJ CHIN INST ENG0
142016隨機性人力需求下停機線修護人力供給模式湯慶輝 ; 徐翊珊
152014Fleet size determination for a truckload distribution centerHuang, S. H.; Yang, T. H.; Ching-Hui Tang Journal of Advanced Transportation2
162014Common-use check-in counter reassignments with a variable number of service lines and variable length of time windowYan, S. Y.; Ching-Hui Tang ; Chen, J. H.Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers0
172014救災直升機汰換與駕駛員換裝訓練時程之研究湯慶輝 ; 黃新達
182014考量競爭行為下航空公司班表規劃之研究湯慶輝 ; 管炳學
192013A replacement schedule model for airborne service helicoptersChing-Hui Tang Computers & Industrial Engineering3
202012考量到離場航班銜接下桃園國際機場機門指派之研究湯慶輝 ; 王渭仲
212005隨機需求下多目標長途客運排程模式之研究顏上堯; 齊志仁; 湯慶輝 
222004含凹形節線成本最小成本轉運問題鄰近搜尋法之研究顏上堯; 陳建榮; 湯慶輝