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12023Quantitative microbiological risk assessments for Salmonella spp. contaminated taiwanese salty chicken in the taiwanese populationLien, Keng-Wen; Yang, Meng-Xuan; Ling, Min-Pei ; Tsai, Guo-Jane HELIYON
22022Assessment of potential human health risks in aquatic products based on the heavy metal hazard decision treeKu, Hao-Hsiang ; Lin, Pinpin; Ling, Min-Pei BMC BIOINFORMATICS1
32021Design of an IOTA Tangle-Based Intelligent Food Safety Service Platform for Bubble TeaKu, Hao-Hsiang; Chi, Ching-Ho; Ling, Min-Pei PROCESSES0
42021Dietary Exposure of the Taiwan Population to Mercury Content in Various Seafood Assessed by a Total Diet StudyLin, Pinpin; Nan, Fan-Hua ; Ling, Min-Pei INT J ENV RES PUB HE2
52021Levels of heavy metal cadmium in rice (Oryza sativa L.) produced in Taiwan and probabilistic risk assessment for the Taiwanese populationLien, Keng-Wen; Pan, Min-Hsiung; Ling, Min-Pei ENVIRON SCI POLLUT R14
62020Risk Assessment of the Dietary Phosphate Exposure in Taiwan Population Using a Total Diet StudyLing, Min-Pei ; Huang, Jun-Da; Hsiao, Huai-An; Chang, Yu-Wei ; Kao, Yi-TingFOODS4
72020Probabilistic risk assessment of patulin in imported apple juice and apple-containing beverages in TaiwanLien, K. W.; Min-Pei Ling ; Pan, M. H.Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture2
82020Assessing Japan Imported Food Products Radiation Doses and Exposure Risk Following the Fukushima Nuclear AccidentLien, Keng-Wen; Ling, Min-Pei ; Pan, Min-HsiungEXPOS HEALTH1
92020Microbial Risk Assessment of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in Beef Imported from the United States of America to TaiwanLien, Keng-Wen; Yang, Meng-Xuan; Ling, Min-Pei MICROORGANISMS4
102020Assessing dietary exposure risk to neonicotinoid residues among preschool children in regions of TaiwanLing, Min-Pei ; Hsiao, Huai-An; Chen, Szu-Chieh; Chen, Wei-Yu; Chou, Wei-Chun; Lin, Yi-Jun; You, Shu-Han ; Yang, Ying-Fei; Lin, Hsing-Chieh; Chen, Chi-Yun; Lu, Tien-Hsuan; Liao, Chung-MinENVIRON SCI POLLUT R3
112019Association Between Ambient Air Pollution and Elevated Risk of Tuberculosis DevelopmentLin, Yi-Jun; Lin, Hsing-Chieh; Yang, Ying-Fei; Chen, Chi-Yun; Ling, Min-Pei ; Chen, Szu-Chieh; Chen, Wei-Yu; You, Shu-Han ; Lu, Tien-Hsuan; Liao, Chung-MinINFECT DRUG RESIST16
122019Design of an intelligent ketogenic diet service platform using the ontology case-based reasoning strategyHao-Hsiang Ku ; Min-Pei Ling ; Wang, W-C.BASIC CLIN PHARMACOL0
132019Using disease-burden method to evaluate the strategies for reduction of aflatoxin exposure in peanutsWang, Xin; You, Shu-Han ; Lien, Keng-Wen; Ling, Min-Pei TOXICOL LETT2
142019Inspections of imported foods to Taiwan: an overviewLien, K. W.; Chen, S. Y.; Pan, M. H.; Min-Pei Ling Journal of Consumer Protection and Food Safety1
152019Assessing Aflatoxin Exposure Risk from Peanuts and Peanut Products Imported to TaiwanLien, Keng-Wen; Wang, Xin; Pan, Min-Hsiung; Ling, Min-Pei TOXINS17
162018Probabilistic health risk assessment for dietary exposure to aflatoxin in peanut and peanut products in TaiwanWang, Xin; Lien, Keng-Wen; Ling, Min-Pei FOOD CONTROL20
172017Mixture risk assessment due to ingestion of arsenic, copper, and zinc from milkfish farmed in contaminated coastal areasLin, Yi-Jun; Ling, Min-Pei ; Chen, Szu-Chieh; Chen, Wei-Yu; Hsieh, Nan-Hung; Cheng, Yi-Hsien; You, Shu-Han ; Chou, Wei-Chun; Lin, Ming-Chao; Liao, Chung-MinENVIRON SCI POLLUT R4
182016Assessing Risk-Based Upper Limits of Melamine Migration from Food ContainersLing, Min-Pei ; Lien, Keng-Wen; Hsieh, Dennis P. H.RISK ANAL2
192012Chinese Cooking with Ionic Seasonings May Enhance Migration of Perfluorooctanic acid from Food Contact ArticlesChiang, C. F.; Hsieh, D. P. H.; Hsu, H. C.; Chang, C. C.; Min-Pei Ling ; Huang, L. L.; Chen, P. W.; Chiang, K. H.Journal of Food and Drug Analysis2
202012Total Dietary Studies and Food Safety Assessment in Taiwan-Food Preservatives as an IllustrationHsieh, D. P. H.; Huang, H. Y.; Min-Pei Ling ; Chen, Y. S.; Huang, L. L.; Wu, C. H.; Ni, S. P.; Hung, H. C.; Chiang, C. F.Journal of Food and Drug Analysis10
212012Use of Seasonal Influenza Virus Titer and Respiratory Symptom Score to Estimate Effective Human Contact RatesChen, S. C.; Shu-Han You ; Chio, C. P.; Liao, C. M.; Min-Pei Ling Journal of Epidemiology6