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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourceWOSFulltext/Archive link
12023A novel method of estimating dynamic partial contributing area for integrating subsurface flow layer into GIUH modelHuang, Pin-Chun ; Lee, Kwan Tun JOURNAL OF HYDROLOGY0
22022An innovative partition method for predicting shallow landslides by combining the slope stability analysis with a dynamic neural network modelHuang, Pin-Chun CATENA0
32022An effective alternative for predicting coastal floodplain inundation by considering rainfall, storm surge, and downstream topographic characteristicsHuang, Pin-Chun J HYDROL0
42021Channel-flow response function considering the downstream tidal effect and hydraulic characteristicsPin-Chun Huang ; Lee, Kwan Tun JOURNAL OF HYDROLOGY0
52021Influence of topographic features and stream network structure on the spatial distribution of hydrological responsePin-Chun Huang ; Lee, Kwan Tun JOURNAL OF HYDROLOGY4
62021Improvement of Two-Dimensional Flow-Depth Prediction Based on Neural Network Models By Preprocessing Hydrological and Geomorphological DataPin-Chun Huang ; Hsu, Kuo-Lin; Lee, Kwan Tun WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT4
72020Channel hydrological response function considering inflow conditions and hydraulic characteristicsPin-Chun Huang ; Lee, Kwan Tun JOURNAL OF HYDROLOGY1
82020Analysis of Hydrograph Shape Affected by Flow-Direction Assumptions in Rainfall-Runoff ModelsPin-Chun Huang WATER2
92019Influence of Topographic Characteristics on the Adaptive Time Interval for Diffusion Wave SimulationPin-Chun Huang ; Lee, Kwan Tun ; Gartsman, Boris I.WATER-SUI1