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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourceWOSFulltext/Archive link
12022Applying data envelopment analysis to allocate incentive bonuses for container terminal operatorsChao, Shih-Liang ; Yu, Ming-Miin TRANSPORT POLICY0
22021A new value-based method for decomposing profit efficiencyYu, Ming-Miin ; Chao, Shih-Liang IMA JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT MATHEMATICS0
32021Minimizing overstowage in master bay plans of large container shipsChao, Shih-Liang ; Lin, Pi-HungMARITIME ECONOMICS & LOGISTICS3
42019Mediating effects of service recovery on liner shipping usersShih-Liang Chao ; Lin, R. Y.; Sun, Y. H.Transport Policy
52019Comparing the efficiency of alliance members and independent liner carriers: a metafrontier analysisShih-Liang Chao ; Lai, C. W.Maritime Economics & Logistics
62018Evaluating the efficiency of major container shipping companies: A framework of dynamic network DEA with shared inputsShih-Liang Chao ; Hsieh, W. F.; Ming-Miin Yu Transportation Research Part a-Policy and Practice33
72017Assessment of differences in efficiency across strategic groups in the container shipping context: a data envelopment analysisHuang, W. H.; Chih-Ching Chang ; Shih-Liang Chao International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics
82017Integrating multi-stage data envelopment analysis and a fuzzy analytical hierarchical process to evaluate the efficiency of major global liner shipping companiesShih-Liang Chao Maritime Policy & Management
92015應用共同邊界生產力指標評估臺灣宅配業營業所之經營績效─以公司A為例趙時樑 ; 游明敏 ; 蔡宛容
102015應用共同邊界生產力指標評估臺灣宅配業營業所之經營績效--以公司A為例趙時樑 ; 游明敏 ; 蔡宛容
112013以結構方程模式驗證轉換障礙對顧客忠誠度影響之研究--以海運承攬運送業為例趙時樑 ; 呂錦隆; 張承先; 陳伯全
122013貨櫃定期航商珠江三角洲空櫃調度模式之研究--以某國籍航商之個案為例趙時樑 ; 涂智凱
132011Evaluating advanced quay cranes in container terminalsShih-Liang Chao ; Lin, Y. J.Transportation Research Part E-Logistics and Transportation Review25
142011應用資料包絡分析法評估兩岸三地國際貨櫃港經營績效之研究趙時樑 ; 張貞德
152011即時通訊軟體使用意願影響因素之研究--以海運承攬業為例林秀芬 ; 趙時樑 ; 王誠煦Electronic Commerce Studies
162010貨櫃碼頭岸肩與儲區間運輸模式選擇之研究趙時樑 ; 趙文邦
172009Critical factors affecting the adoption of container security service: The shippers' perspectiveShih-Liang Chao ; Lin, P. S.International Journal of Production Economics16
182009A neighborhood search heuristic for pre-marshalling export containersLee, Y.; Shih-Liang Chao European Journal of Operational Research80
192009影響貨櫃儲區作業模式選擇因素之研究趙時樑 ; 林美利
202004A Time-Space Network Model for Allocating Yard Storage Space for Export Containers陳春益; 趙時樑 
212004貨櫃碼頭出口儲區門型起重機小車取櫃問題之研究陳春益; 趙時樑 
232003港區貨櫃場多部軌道式門型起重機移動路徑之研究趙時樑 ; 陳春益
24-The Moderating Role of Service Recovery on Customer Loyalty in the Context of Cruise PassengersChiou, M. R.; Shih-Liang Chao ; Hsieh, H. Y.Maritime Policy & Management