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12024/1/1Wnt3a Facilitates SARS-CoV-2 Pseudovirus Entry into CellsMelano, Ivonne; Chen, Hui-Jye; Ngwira, Loveness; Hsu, Pang-Hung ; Kuo, Li-Lan; Noriega, Lloyd; Su, Wen-ChiINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES
22023Core clock gene BMAL1 and RNA-binding protein MEX3A collaboratively regulate Lgr5 expression in intestinal crypt cellsCheng, Li-Tzu; Tan, Grace Y. T.; Chang, Fang-Pei; Wang, Cheng-Kai; Chou, Yu-Chi; Hsu, Pang-Hung ; Hwang-Verslues, Wendy W.SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
32023Subcellular Distribution of BALF2 and the Role of Rab1 in the Formation of Epstein-Barr Virus Cytoplasmic Assembly Compartment and Virion ReleaseChao, Tsung-Yu; Cheng, Yi-Ying; Wang, Zi-Yun; Fang, Tien-Fang; Chang, Yu-Ruei; Fuh, Chi-Shane; Su, Mei-Tzu; Su, Yuan-Wei; Hsu, Pang-Hung ; Su, Yu-Chen; Chang, Yu-Ching; Lee, Ting-Yau; Chou, Wei-Han; Middeldorp, Jaap M.; Saraste, Jaakko; Chen, Mei-RuMICROBIOLOGY SPECTRUM1
42023Proteomics analysis reveals the mechanism of growth retardation under a specific nitrogen environment for Caulerpa lentilliferaHsu, Pang-Hung ; Kang, Lee-Kuo ; Lim, Wui-Ting; Hwang, Pai-An ALGAL RESEARCH-BIOMASS BIOFUELS AND BIOPRODUCTS0
52022Characterization and Potentiating Effects of the Ethanolic Extracts of the Red Seaweed Gracillaria sp. on the Activity of Carbenicillin against VibriosLu, Wen-Jung; Tsui, Ya-Chin; Chang, Chun-Ju ; Hsu, Pang-Hung ; Huang, Mei-Ying; Lai, Margaret; Lian, Yu-Wei; Chen, Chia-Lin; Lin, Hong-Ting Victor ACS OMEGA0
62022Skin proteomic profiling of irradiation-induced fibrosis and its modulation by low molecular weight fucoidan via tight junction pathwayHsu, Pang-Hung ; Chen, Yi-Hsuan; Huang, Pin-I.; Hwang, Pai-An BIOMEDICINE & PHARMACOTHERAPY1
72022Comparative Transcriptome Analysis of Organ-Specific Adaptive Responses to Hypoxia Provides Insights to Human DiseasesHung, Kuo-Sheng; Chen, Shiow-Yi ; Hsu, Pang-Hung ; Lin, Bo-An; Hu, Chin-Hua; Yang, Cing-Han; Pai, Tun-Wen; Tzou, Wen-Shyong ; Chung, Hsin-YuGENES-BASEL1
82022Phenolic Compound Ethyl 3,4-Dihydroxybenzoate Retards Drug Efflux and Potentiates Antibiotic ActivityLu, Wen-Jung; Huang, Yan-Jyun; Lin, Hsuan-Ju; Chang, Chun-Ju ; Hsu, Pang-Hung ; Ooi, Gui-Xia; Huang, Mei-Ying; Lin, Hong-Ting Victor ANTIBIOTICS-BASEL4
92022Carbohydrate Ligands for COVID-19 Spike ProteinsLee, Yung-Kuo; Chang, Wen-Chiu; Prakash, Ekambaranellore; Peng, Yu-Ju; Tu, Zhi-Jay; Lin, Chun-Hung; Hsu, Pang-Hung ; Chang, Chuan-FaVIRUSES-BASEL1
102021Capping Protein Regulator and Myosin 1 Linker 3 (CARMIL3) as a Molecular Signature of Ischemic Neurons in the DWI-T2 Mismatch Areas After StrokeYeh, Shin-Joe; Hsu, Pang-Hung ; Yeh, Ti-Yen; Yang, Wei-Kang; Chang, Ko-Ping; Chiang, Chien-Sung; Tang, Sung-Chun; Tsai, Li-Kai; Jeng, Jiann-Shing; Hsieh, Sung-TsangFRONTIERS IN MOLECULAR NEUROSCIENCE1
112021Identified Seaweed Compound Diphenylmethane Serves as an Efflux Pump Inhibitor in Drug-Resistant Escherichia coliLu, Wen-Jung; Hsu, Pang-Hung ; Chang, Chun-Ju ; Su, Cheng-Kuan; Huang, Yan-Jyun; Lin, Hsuan-Ju; Lai, Margaret; Ooi, Gui-Xia; Dai, Jing-Yi; Lin, Hong-Ting Victor ANTIBIOTICS-BASEL1
122021A Novel Cooperative Metallo-beta-Lactamase Fold Metallohydrolase from Pathogen Vibrio vulnificus Exhibits beta-Lactam Antibiotic-Degrading ActivitiesLu, Wen-Jung; Hsu, Pang-Hung ; Lin, Hong-Ting Victor ANTIMICROBIAL AGENTS AND CHEMOTHERAPY1
132021Conversion of a Thiol Precursor into Aroma Compound 4-mercapto-4-methyl-2-pentanone Using Microbial Cell ExtractsLi, Hao-Kai; Chang, Chi-Fon; Lin, Hsuan-Ju; Lin, Jung-Lee; Lee, Yu-Ting; Wu, Yu-Hsuan; Liu, Chiao-Yen; Lin, Tze-Chia; Hsu, Pang-Hung ; Lin, Hong-Ting Victor FERMENTATION-BASEL2
142021Hesperidin and Chlorogenic Acid Synergistically Inhibit the Growth of Breast Cancer Cells via Estrogen Receptor/Mitochondrial PathwayHsu, Pang-Hung ; Chen, Wei-Hsuan; Chen Juan-Lu; Hsieh, Shu-Chen; Lin, Shih-Chao ; Mai, Ru-Tsun; Chen, Shiow-Yi LIFE-BASEL11
152021Differential effects of SUMO1 and SUMO2 on circadian protein PER2 stability and functionChen, Ling-Chih; Hsieh, Yung-Lin; Tan, Grace Y. T.; Kuo, Tai-Yun; Chou, Yu-Chi; Hsu, Pang-Hung ; Hwang-Verslues, Wendy W.SCIENTIFIC REPORTS4
162021Toxic or Not Toxic, That Is the Carbon Quantum Dot's Question: A Comprehensive Evaluation with Zebrafish Embryo, Eleutheroembryo, and Adult ModelsChung, Chih-Yu; Chen, Yu-Ju; Kang, Chia-Hui; Lin, Hung-Yun; Huang, Chih-Ching ; Hsu, Pang-Hung ; Lin, Han-Jia POLYMERS14
172021ZNRF1 Mediates Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Ubiquitination to Control Receptor Lysosomal Trafficking and DegradationShen, Chia-Hsing; Chou, Chih-Chang; Lai, Ting-Yu; Hsu, Jer-En; Lin, You-Sheng; Liu, Huai-Yu; Chen, Yan-Kai; Ho, I-Lin; Hsu, Pang-Hung ; Chuang, Tsung-Hsien; Lee, Chih-Yuan; Hsu, Li-ChungFRONTIERS IN CELL AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY6
182021Characterization of initial key steps of IL-17 receptor B oncogenic signaling for targeted therapy of pancreatic cancerWu, Heng-Hsiung; Tsai, Lung-Hung; Huang, Chun-Kai; Hsu, Pang-Hung ; Chen, Mei-Yu; Chen, Yi-Ing; Hu, Chun-Mei; Shen, Chia-Ning; Lee, Chen-Chen; Chang, Ming-Chu; Chang, Yu-Ting; Tien, Yu-Wen; Jeng, Yung-Ming; Lee, Eva Y-H P.; Lee, Wen-HwaSCI TRANSL MED2
192021Redox sensor NPGPx restrains ZAP70 activity and modulates T cell homeostasiSu, Fang-Yi; Huang, Shih-Chia; Wei, Pei-Chi; Hsu, Pang-Hung ; Li, Ju-Pi; Su, Li-Wen; Hsieh, Yung-Lin; Hu, Chun-Mei; Hsu, Jye-Lin; Yang, Cheng-Yuan; Chung, Chen-Yen; Shew, Jin-Yuh; Lan, Joung-Liang; Sytwu, Huey-Kang; Lee, Eva Y-Hp; Lee, Wen-HwaFREE RADICAL BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE0
202021An aptamer interacting with heat shock protein 70 shows therapeutic effects and prognostic ability in serous ovarian cancerLin, Chang-Ni; Tsai, Yi-Cheng; Hsu, Ching-Cheng; Liang, Yu-Ling; Wu, Yi-Ying; Kang, Chieh-Yi; Lin, Chun-Hong; Hsu, Pang-Hung ; Lee, Gwo-Bin; Hsu, Keng-FuMOL THER-NUCL ACIDS5
212021The C-degron pathway eliminates mislocalized proteins and products of deubiquitinating enzymesYeh, Chi-Wei; Huang, Wei-Chieh; Hsu, Pang-Hung ; Yeh, Kun-Hai; Wang, Li-Chin; Hsu, Paul Wei-Che; Lin, Hsiu-Chuan; Chen, Yi-Ning; Chen, Shu-Chuan; Yeang, Chen-Hsiang; Yen, Hsueh-Chi S.EMBO JOURNAL9
222021Interplay between desmoglein2 and hypoxia controls metastasis in breast cancerChang, Po-Hao; Chen, Min-Che; Tsai, Ya-Ping; Tan, Grace Y. T.; Hsu, Pang-Hung ; Jeng, Yung-Ming; Tsai, Yi-Fang; Yang, Muh-Hwa; Hwang-Verslues, Wendy W.P NATL ACAD SCI USA21
232021Microsecond-Timescale Conformational Dynamics Reveals the Flexibility and Communication Pathway of the KIT Extracellular Domain in Complex with Stem Cell FactorWen-Shyong Tzou ; Chung-Hao Li; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Tun-Wen Pai; Chin-Hwa Hu Journal of Biotechnology and Bioengineering
242020Aptamer probed isolation of circulating tumor cells in cholangiocarcinoma patientsGopinathan, Priya; Chiang, Nai-Jung; Wang, Chih-Hung; Sinha, Anirban; Tsai, Yi-Cheng; Tu, Hsiu-Chi; Hung, Shang-Cheng; Hsu, Pang-Hung ; Shan, Yan-Shen; Lee, Gwo-BinSENSOR ACTUAT B-CHEM5
252020Determination of Drug Efflux Pump Efficiency in Drug-Resistant Bacteria Using MALDI-TOF MSLu, Wen-Jung; Lin, Hsuan-Ju; Hsu, Pang-Hung ; Lin, Hong-Ting Victor ANTIBIOTICS-BASEL7
262020Growth, pigment content, antioxidant activity, and phytoene desaturase gene expression in Caulerpa lentillifera grown under different combinations of blue and red light-emitting diodesLee-Kuo Kang ; Yan-Jie Huang; Wui-Ting Lim; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Pai-An Hwang Journal of Applied Phycology3
272019DNA engineered copper oxide-based nanocomposites with multiple enzyme-like activities for specific detection of mercury species in environmental and biological samplesLien, Chia-Wen; Yu, Po-Hsiung; Chang, Huan-Tsung; Hsu, Pang-Hung ; Wu, Tsunghsueh; Lin, Yang-Wei; Huang, Chih-Ching ; Lai, Jui-YangANAL CHIM ACTA14
282019Redox sensor NPGPx restrains ZAP70 recruitment to lipid rafts for modulating TCR responses and autoimmunitySu, F. -Y.; Huang, S. -C.; Wei, P. -C.; Hsu, P. -H. ; Li, J. -P.; Lan, J. -L.; Sytwu, H. -K.; Lee, W. -H.EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY
292019Chimeric 6-methylsalicylic acid synthase with domains of acyl carrier protein and methyltransferase from Pseudallescheria boydii shows novel biosynthetic activityLiao, J. L.; Sun, G. H.; Pai, T. W.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Lin, J. S.; Sun, K. H.; Hsieh, C. C.; Ka-Lai Pang ; Shye-Jye Tang Microbial Biotechnology
302019Glycoproteomic identification of novel plasma biomarkers for oral cancerChang, Shu-Chieh; Lin, Wei-Ling; Chang, Yin-Fan; Lee, Chih-Ting; Wu, Jin-Shang; Hsu, Pang-Hung ; Chang, Chuan-FaJ FOOD DRUG ANAL22
312019Brown and Red Seaweeds Serve as Potential Efflux Pump Inhibitors for Drug-Resistant Escherichia coliLu, W. J.; Lin, H. J.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Lai, M.; Chiu, J. Y.; Hong-Ting Lin Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine17
322018Microfluidic platforms for rapid screening of cancer affinity reagents by using tissue samplesHung, Lien-Yu; Fu, Chien-Yu; Wang, Chih-Hung; Chuang, Yuan-Jhe; Tsai, Yi-Cheng; Lo, Yi-Ling; Hsu, Pang-Hung ; Chang, Hwan-You; Shiesh, Shu-Chu; Hsu, Keng-Fu; Lee, Gwo-BinBIOMICROFLUIDICS13
332018LSD1 Ablation Stimulates Anti-tumor Immunity and Enables Checkpoint BlockadeSheng, Wanqiang; LaFleur, Martin W.; Nguyen, Thao H.; Chen, Sujun; Chakravarthy, Ankur; Conway, Jake Ryan; Li, Ying; Chen, Hao; Yang, Henry; Hsu, Pang-Hung ; Van Allen, Eliezer M.; Freeman, Gordon J.; De Carvalho, Daniel D.; He, Housheng Hansen; Sharpe, Arlene H.; Shi, YangCELL332
342018Graphene oxide membrane as an efficient extraction and ionization substrate for spray-mass spectrometric analysis of malachite green and its metabolite in fish samplesWei, Shih-Chun; Fan, Shen; Lien, Chia-Wen; Unnikrishnan, Binesh; Wang, Yi-Sheng; Chu, Han-Wei; Huang, Chih-Ching ; Hsu, Pang-Hung ; Chang, Huan-TsungANAL CHIM ACTA34
352017Pulse laser-induced fragmentation of carbon quantum dots: a structural analysisChu, H. W.; Mao, J. Y.; Lien, C. W.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Li, Y. J.; Lai, J. Y.; Chiu, T. C.; Chih-Ching Huang Nanoscale6
362017RNA m(6)A methylation regulates the ultraviolet-induced DNA damage response (vol 543, pg 573, 2017)Xiang, Y.; Laurent, B.; Hsu, C. H.; Nachtergaele, S.; Lu, Z. K.; Sheng, W. Q.; Xu, C. Y.; Chen, H.; Ouyang, J.; Wang, S. Q.; Ling, D.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Zou, L.; Jambhekar, A.; He, C.; Shi, Y.Nature
372017The Vibrio cholerae var regulon encodes a metallo-beta-lactamase and an antibiotic efflux pump, which are regulated by VarR, a LysRtype transcription factorMassam-Wu, T.; Lin, C. P.; Wang, Y. J. A.; Shen, Y. C.; Lu, W. J.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Chen, Y. H.; Borges-Walmsley, M. I.; Walmsley, A. R.; Hong-Ting Lin Plos One18
382017Yeast Cip1 is activated by environmental stress to inhibit Cdk1-G1 cyclins via Mcm1 and Msn2/4Chang, Ya-Lan; Tseng, Shun-Fu; Huang, Yu-Ching; Shen, Zih-Jie; Hsu, Pang-Hung ; Hsieh, Meng-Hsun; Yang, Chia-Wei; Tognetti, Silvia; Canal, Berta; Subirana, Laia; Wang, Chien-Wei; Chen, Hsiao-Tan; Lin, Chi-Ying; Posas, Francesc; Teng, Shu-ChunNAT COMMUN21
392017Pulse laser-induced generation of cluster codes from metal nanoparticles for immunoassay applicationsChang, C. Y.; Chu, H. W.; Unnikrishnan, B.; Peng, L. H.; Cang, J. S.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Chih-Ching Huang Apl Materials4
402017RNA m(6)A methylation regulates the ultraviolet-induced DNA damage responseXiang, Yang; Laurent, Benoit; Hsu, Chih-Hung; Nachtergaele, Sigrid; Lu, Zhike; Sheng, Wanqiang; Xu, Chuanyun; Hen, Hao C.; Jian, Ouyang; Wang, Siqing; Ling, Dominic; Hsu, Pang-Hung ; Zou, Lee; Jambhekar, Ashwini; IIe, Chuan; Shi, YangNATURE510
412016Ultrastrong trapping of VEGF by graphene oxide: Anti-angiogenesis applicationLai, Pei-Xin; Chen, Chung-Wein; Wei, Shih-Chun; Lin, Tzu-Yu; Jian, Hong-Jyuan; Lai, Irving Po-Jung; Mao, Ju-Yi; Hsu, Pang-Hung ; Lin, Han-Jia ; Tzou, Wen-Shyong ; Chen, Shiow-Yi ; Harroun, Scott G.; Lai, Jui-Yang; Huang, Chih-Ching BIOMATERIALS43
422016dBRWD3 Regulates Tissue Overgrowth and Ectopic Gene Expression Caused by Polycomb Group MutationsShih, Hsueh-Tzu; Chen, Wei-Yu; Liu, Kwei-Yan; Shih, Zong-Siou; Chen, Yi-Jyun; Hsieh, Paul-Chen; Kuo, Kuan-Lin; Huang, Kuo-How; Hsu, Pang-Hung ; Liu, Ya-Wen; Chan, Shih-Peng; Lee, Hsiu-Hsiang; Tsai, Yu-Chen; Wu, June-TaiPLOS GENET2
432016Identification of Microalgae by Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry Coupled with Multiple NanomatricesPeng, L. H.; Unnikrishnan, B.; Shih, C. Y.; Hsiung, T. M.; Jeng Chang ; Chiu, T. C.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Chih-Ching Huang Marine Biotechnology2
442016Effects of calcium supplements on the quality and acrylamide content of puffed shrimp chipsLuo, H. M.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Wen-Chieh Sung ; Tai-Yuan Chen Journal of Food and Drug Analysis19
452015NPGPx modulates CPEB2-controlled HIF-1 alpha RNA translation in response to oxidative stressChen, P. J.; Weng, J. Y.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Shew, J. Y.; Huang, Y. S.; Lee, W. H.Nucleic Acids Research
462015Global profiling of histone modifications in the polyomavirus BK virion minichromosomeFang, C. Y.; Shen, C. H.; Wang, M. L.; Chen, P. L.; Chan, M. W. Y.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Chang, D. C.Virology
472015Characterization of Cell Wall Proteins in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Clinical Isolates Elucidates Hsp150p in VirulencePang-Hung Hsu ; Chiang, P. C.; Liu, C. H.; Chang, Y. W.Plos One
482015PP2A and Aurora differentially modify Cdc13 to promote telomerase release from telomeres at G2/M phase (vol 5, 5312, 2014)Shen, Z. J.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Su, Y. T.; Yang, C. W.; Kao, L.; Tseng, S. F.; Tsai, M. D.; Teng, S. C.Nature Communications
492015Polyubiquitination of Transforming Growth Factor beta-activated Kinase 1 (TAK1) at Lysine 562 Residue Regulates TLR4-mediated JNK and p38 MAPK ActivationChen, I. T.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Hsu, W. C.; Chen, N. J.; Tseng, P. H.Scientific Reports
502015CRL2 aids elimination of truncated selenoproteins produced by failed UGA/Sec decodingLin, H. C.; Ho, S. C.; Chen, Y. Y.; Khoo, K. H.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Yen, H. C. S.Science
512015Extracellular Production of a Novel Endo-beta-Agarase AgaA from Pseudomonas vesicularis MA103 that Cleaves Agarose into Neoagarotetraose and NeoagarohexaosePang-Hung Hsu ; Wei, C. H.; Lu, W. J.; Shen, F.; Hong-Ting Lin ; Chorng-Liang Pan International Journal of Molecular Sciences
522014PP2A and Aurora differentially modify Cdc13 to promote telomerase release from telomeres at G2/M phaseShen, Z. J.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Su, Y. T.; Yang, C. W.; Kao, L.; Tseng, S. F.; Tsai, M. D.; Teng, S. C.Nature Communications
532014Signal Transduction Triggered by Iron to Induce the Nuclear Importation of a Myb3 Transcription Factor in the Parasitic Protozoan Trichomonas vaginalisHsu, H. M.; Lee, Y.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Liu, H. W.; Chu, C. H.; Chou, Y. W.; Chen, Y. R.; Chen, S. H.; Tai, J. H.Journal of Biological Chemistry
542014Phosphorylation of HPV-16 E2 at Serine 243 Enables Binding to Brd4 and Mitotic ChromosomesChang, S. W.; Liu, W. C.; Liao, K. Y.; Tsao, Y. P.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Chen, S. L.Plos One
552014Pyrrolysine-Inspired Protein CyclizationLee, M. M.; Fekner, T.; Lu, J.; Heater, B. S.; Behrman, E. J.; Zhang, L. W.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Chan, M. K.Chembiochem
562014Fha Interaction with Phosphothreonine of TssL Activates Type VI Secretion in Agrobacterium tumefaciensLin, J. S.; Wu, H. H.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Ma, L. S.; Pang, Y. Y.; Tsai, M. D.; Lai, E. M.Plos Pathogens
572014Membrane-Based Assay for Iodide Ions Based on Anti-Leaching of Gold NanoparticlesShen, Y. W.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Unnikrishnan, B.; Li, Y. J.; Chih-Ching Huang Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces27
582014Tight Regulation of a Timed Nuclear Import Wave of EKLF by PKC theta and FOE during Pro-E to Baso-E TransitionShyu, Y. C.; Lee, T. L.; Chen, X.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Wen, S. C.; Liaw, Y. W.; Lu, C. H.; Hsu, P. Y.; Lu, M. J.; Hwang, J.; Tsai, M. D.; Hwang, M. J.; Chen, J. R.; Shen, C. K. J.Developmental Cell
592014O-GlcNAcylation regulates EZH2 protein stability and functionChu, C. S.; Lo, P. W.; Yeh, Y. H.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Peng, S. H.; Teng, Y. C.; Kang, M. L.; Wong, C. H.; Juan, L. J.Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
602014Nitrite ion-induced fluorescence quenching of luminescent BSA-Au-25 nanoclusters: mechanism and applicationUnnikrishnan, B.; Wei, S. C.; Chiu, W. J.; Cang, J. S.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Chih-Ching Huang Analyst55
612013Interaction between Salt-inducible Kinase 2 (SIK2) and p97/Valosin-containing Protein (VCP) Regulates Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER)-associated Protein Degradation in Mammalian CellsYang, F. C.; Lin, Y. H.; Chen, W. H.; Huang, J. Y.; Chang, H. Y.; Su, S. H.; Wang, H. T.; Chiang, C. Y.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Tsai, M. D.; Tan, B. C. M.; Lee, S. C.Journal of Biological Chemistry
622013A type III ACC synthase, ACS7, is involved in root gravitropism in Arabidopsis thalianaHuang, S. J.; Chang, C. L.; Wang, P. H.; Tsai, M. C.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Chang, I. F.Journal of Experimental Botany
632013PP2A phosphatase and Aurora kinase differentially and additively promote Cdc13-mediated telomerase departure at M-phaseShen, Z. J.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Su, Y. T.; Kao, L.; Tseng, S. F.; Tsai, M. D.; Teng, S. C.Yeast
642013Progesterone Receptor A Stability Is Mediated by Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3 beta in the Brca1-deficient Mammary GlandWang, S. H.; Li, Y.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Lee, S. Y.; Kim, Y.; Lee, EyhpJournal of Biological Chemistry
652013A Click-and-Release Pyrrolysine AnalogueLee, M. M.; Fekner, T.; Tang, T. H.; Wang, L.; Chan, A. H. Y.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Au, S. W.; Chan, M. K.Chembiochem
662013Fibrinolysis and thrombosis of fibrinogen-modified gold nanoparticles for detection of fibrinolytic-related proteinsJian, J. W.; Chiu, W. C.; Chang, H. T.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Chih-Ching Huang Analytica Chimica Acta
672013Phosphorylation of mRNA Decapping Protein Dcp1a by the ERK Signaling Pathway during Early Differentiation of 3T3-L1 PreadipocytesChiang, P. Y.; Shen, Y. F.; Su, Y. L.; Kao, C. H.; Lin, N. Y.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Tsai, M. D.; Wang, S. C.; Chang, G. D.; Lee, S. C.; Chang, C. J.Plos One
682013Reversible Acetylation Regulates Salt-inducible Kinase (SIK2) and Its Function in AutophagyYang, F. C.; Tan, B. C. M.; Chen, W. H.; Lin, Y. H.; Huang, J. Y.; Chang, H. Y.; Sun, H. Y.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Liou, G. G.; Shen, J.; Chang, C. J.; Han, C. C.; Tsai, M. D.; Lee, S. C.Journal of Biological Chemistry
692013Ubc9 acetylation modulates distinct SUMO target modification and hypoxia responseHsieh, Y. L.; Kuo, H. Y.; Chang, C. C.; Naik, M. T.; Liao, P. H.; Ho, C. C.; Huang, T. C.; Jeng, J. C.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Tsai, M. D.; Huang, T. H.; Shih, H. M.Embo Journal
702013BCAS2 is essential for Drosophila viability and functions in pre-mRNA splicingChen, P. H.; Lee, C. I.; Weng, Y. T.; Tarn, W. Y.; Tsao, Y. P.; Kuo, P. C.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Huang, C. W.; Huang, C. S.; Lee, H. H.; Wu, J. T.; Chen, S. L.Rna
712012Loss of the Oxidative Stress Sensor NPGPx Compromises GRP78 Chaperone Activity and Induces Systemic DiseaseWei, P. C.; Hsieh, Y. H.; Su, M. I.; Jiang, X. Z.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Lo, W. T.; Weng, J. Y.; Jeng, Y. M.; Wang, J. M.; Chen, P. I.; Chang, Y. C.; Lee, K. F.; Tsai, M. D.; Shew, J. Y.; Lee, W. H.Molecular Cell
722012Intermolecular Binding between TIFA-FHA and TIFA-pT Mediates Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha Stimulation and NF-kappa B Activation (vol 32, pg 2664, 2012)Huang, C. C. F.; Weng, J. H.; Wei, T. Y. W.; Wu, P. Y. G.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Chen, Y. H.; Wang, S. C.; Qin, D. Y.; Hung, C. C.; Chen, S. T.; Wang, A. H. J.; Shyy, J. Y. J.; Tsai, M. D.Molecular and Cellular Biology
732012Intermolecular Binding between TIFA-FHA and TIFA-pT Mediates Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha Stimulation and NF-kappa B ActivationHuang, C. C. F.; Weng, J. H.; Wei, T. Y. W.; Wu, P. Y. G.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Chen, Y. H.; Wang, S. C.; Qin, D. Y.; Hung, C. C.; Chen, S. T.; Wang, A. H. J.; Shyy, J. Y. J.; Tsai, M. D.Molecular and Cellular Biology
742012SUMOylation of Blimp-1 is critical for plasma cell differentiationYing, H. Y.; Su, S. T.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Chang, C. C.; Lin, I. Y.; Tseng, Y. H.; Tsai, M. D.; Shih, H. M.; Lin, K. I.Embo Reports
752012Glucagon regulates ACC activity in adipocytes through the CAMKK beta/AMPK pathwayPeng, I. C.; Chen, Z.; Sun, W.; Li, Y. S.; Marin, T. L.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Su, M. I.; Cui, X. P.; Pan, S. Q.; Lytle, C. Y.; Johnson, D. A.; Blaeser, F.; Chatila, T.; Shyy, J. Y. J.American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism
762012Selective Detection of Iodide and Cyanide Anions Using Gold-Nanoparticle-Based fluorescent ProbesWei, S. C.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Lee, Y. F.; Lin, Y. W.; Chih-Ching Huang Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces
772012Comparative phosphoproteomic analysis of microsomal fractions of Arabidopsis thaliana and Oryza sativa subjected to high salinityChang, I. F.; Hsu, J. L.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Sheng, W. A.; Lai, S. J.; Lee, C.; Chen, C. W.; Hsu, J. C.; Wang, S. Y.; Wang, L. Y.; Chen, C. C.Plant Science
782011Phosphorylation of NuSAP by Cdk1 regulates its interaction with microtubules in mitosisChou, H. Y.; Wang, T. H.; Lee, S. C.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Tsai, M. D.; Chang, C. N.; Jeng, Y. M.Cell Cycle
792011Phosphorylation of Ser-80 of VP1 and Ser-254 of VP2 is essential for human BK virus propagation in tissue cultureChen, P. L.; Pang-Hung Hsu ; Fang, C. Y.; Chang, C. F.; Ou, W. C.; Wang, M. L.; Chang, D. C.Journal of General Virology
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