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12023Microbiome variability in invasive coral (<i>Tubastraea aurea</i>) in response to diverse environmental stressorsGirija, Gowri Krishna; Tseng, Li-Chun ; Chen, Yu-Ling; Meng, Pei-Jie; Hwang, Jiang-Shiou ; Ho, Ying-Ning FRONTIERS IN MARINE SCIENCE
22023Microbiome variability in invasive coral (Tubastraea aurea) in response to diverse environmental stressors.Gowri Krishna Girija; Li-Chun Tseng ; Yu-Ling Chen; Pei-Jie Meng; Jiang-Shiou Hwang ; Ying-Ning Ho 
32022Rhizospheric plant-microbe synergistic interactions achieve efficient arsenic phytoextraction by Pteris vittataYang, Chongyang; Han, Ning; Inoue, Chihiro; Yang, Yu-Liang; Nojiri, Hideaki; Ho, Ying-Ning ; Chien, Mei-FangJOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS7
42022Integrated omics approach to unveil antifungal bacterial polyynes as acetyl-CoA acetyltransferase inhibitorsLin, Ching-Chih; Hoo, Sin Yong; Ma, Li-Ting; Lin, Chih; Huang, Kai-Fa; Ho, Ying-Ning ; Sun, Chi-Hui; Lee, Han-Jung; Chen, Pi-Yu; Shu, Lin-Jie; Wang, Bo-Wei; Hsu, Wei-Chen; Ko, Tzu-Ping; Yang, Yu-LiangCOMMUNICATIONS BIOLOGY2
52021The brown root rot fungus Phellinus noxius affects microbial communities in different root-associated niches of Ficus treesLiu, Tse-Yen; Chen, Chao-Han; Yang, Yu-Liang; Tsai, Isheng J.; Ho, Ying-Ning ; Chung, Chia-LinENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY2
62021Insight into the root-associated microbiome related to brown root rot disease of Ficus treesLiu, T. Y.; Chen, C. H.; Yang, Y. L.; Ho, Y. N. ; Chung, C. L.PHYTOPATHOLOGY0
72021Portable and Rapid Sequencing Device with Microbial Community-Guided Culture Strategies for Precious Field and Environmental SamplesHo, Ying-Ning ; Chen, Yu-Ling; Liu, Ding-YangMSYSTEMS0
82021Integrated Omics Strategy Reveals Cyclic Lipopeptides Empedopeptins from Massilia sp. YMA4 and Their Biosynthetic PathwayHo, Shang-Tse; Ho, Ying-Ning ; Lin, Chih; Hsu, Wei-Chen; Lee, Han-Jung; Peng, Chia-Chi; Cheng, Han-Tan; Yang, Yu-LiangMAR DRUGS2
92021Specific inactivation of an antifungal bacterial siderophore by a fungal plant pathogenHo, Ying-Ning ; Hoo, Sin Yong; Wang, Bo-Wei; Hsieh, Chi-Ting; Lin, Ching-Chih; Sun, Chi-Hui; Peng, Chia-Chi; Lin, Chih; Yang, Yu-LiangISME JOURNAL10
102020Long-term effectiveness of microbe-assisted arsenic phytoremediation by Pteris vittata in field trialsChongyang Yang; Ying-Ning Ho ; Chihiro Inoue; Mei-Fang ChienScience of the Total Environment26
112020A multifunctional rhizobacterial strain with wide application in different ferns facilitates arsenic phytoremediationChongyang Yang; Ying-Ning Ho ; Ryota Makita; Chihiro Inoue; Mei-Fang ChienScience of the Total Environment13
122020Cupriavidus basilensis strain r507, a toxic arsenic phytoextraction facilitator, potentiates the arsenic accumulation by Pteris vittataYang, Chongyang; Ho, Ying-Ning ; Makita, Ryota; Inoue, Chihiro; Chien, Mei-FangECOTOX ENVIRON SAFE19
132019Phosphorus- and Iron-Deficiency Stresses Affect Arsenic Accumulation and Root Exudates in Pteris vittataChongyang Yang; Mei-Fang Chien; Ying-Ning Ho ; Chihiro InoueInternational Journal of Environmental Science and Development0
142019Identification of A Novel Arsenic Resistance Transposon Nested in A Mercury Resistance Transposon of Bacillus sp. MB24Mei-Fang Chien; Ying-Ning Ho ; Hui-Erh Yang; Masaru Narita; Keisuke Miyauchi; Ginro Endo; Chieh-Chen HuangMicroorganisms2
152018The association of Salmonella enterica from aquatic environmental and clinical samples in TaiwanYing-Ning Ho ; Hsin-Chi Tsai; Bing-Mu Hsu; Chien-Shun ChiouScience of the Total Environment9
162018Chapter 13 - Chemistry and Biology of Salicyl-Capped SiderophoresYing-Ning Ho ; Han-Jung Lee; Chi-Ting Hsieh; Chia-Chi Peng; Yu-Liang YangStudies in Natural Products Chemistry0
172017Imaging mass spectrometry for metabolites: technical progress, multimodal imaging, and biological interactionsYing-Ning Ho ; Lin‐Jie Shu; Yu‐Liang YangWiley Interdisciplinary Reviews-Systems Biology and Medicine28
182017Plant-Microbe Ecology: Interactions of Plants and Symbiotic Microbial CommunitiesYing-Ning Ho ; Dony Chacko Mathew; Chieh-Chen HuangPlant Ecology - Traditional Approaches to Recent Trends0
192017Empirical testing of modified Salmonella MLST in aquatic environmental samples by in silico analysisYing-Ning Ho ; Ming-Yuan Chou; Hsin-Chi Tsai; Tung-Yi Huang; Cheng-Wei Fan; Bing-Mu HsuScience of the Total Environment4
202016Nested-PCR and TaqMan real-time quantitative PCR assays for human adenoviruses in environmental watersWen-Chien Huang; Yi-Pen Chou; Po-Min Kao; Tsui-Kang Hsu; Hung-Chang Su; Ying-Ning Ho ; Yi-Chun Yang; Bing-Mu HsuWater Science and Technology5
212016Seasonal difference of human adenoviruses in a subtropical river basin based on 1-year monthly surveyChi-Wei Tao; Bing-Mu Hsu; Po-Min Kao; Wen-Chien Huang; Tsui-Kang Hsu; Ying-Ning Ho ; Yen-Ju Lu; Cheng-Wei FanEnvironmental Science and Pollution Research12
222016Seasonal distribution and prevalence of diarrheagenic Escherichia coli in different aquatic environments in TaiwanWen-Chien Huang; Bing-Mu Hsu; Po-Min Kao; Chi-Wei Tao; Ying-Ning Ho ; Chun-Wei Kuo; Yu-Li HuangEcotoxicology and Environmental Safety12
232015Prevalence, quantification, and typing of human adenoviruses detected in river water in TaiwanZhon-Min Huang; Bing-Mu Hsu; Po-Min Kao; Tien-Yu Chang; Tsui-Kang Hsu; Ying-Ning Ho ; Yi-Chun Yang; Yu-Li HuangEnvironmental Science and Pollution Research11
242015A Rhizosphere-Associated Symbiont, Photobacterium spp. Strain MELD1, and Its Targeted Synergistic Activity for Phytoprotection against MercuryDony Chacko Mathew; Ying-Ning Ho ; Ronnie Gicaraya Gicana; Gincy Marina Mathew; Mei-Chieh Chien; Chieh-Chen HuangPlos One23
252015In planta biocontrol of soilborne Fusarium wilt of banana through a plant endophytic bacterium, Burkholderia cenocepacia 869T2Ying-Ning Ho ; Hsing-Mei Chiang; Chih-Ping Chao; Ching-Chung Su; Hui-Fang Hsu; Chen-tong Guo; Ju-Liang Hsieh; Chieh-Chen HuangPlant and Soil38
262015Draft Genome Sequence of Burkholderia cenocepacia Strain 869T2, a Plant-Beneficial Endophytic BacteriumYing-Ning Ho ; Chieh-Chen HuangGenome Announcements0
272013Construction of a plant-microbe phytoremediation system: Combination of vetiver grass with a functional endophytic bacterium, Achromobacter xylosoxidans F3B, for aromatic pollutants removalYing-Ning Ho ; Ju-Liang Hsieh; Chieh-Chen HuangBioresource Technology47
282012Selection and application of endophytic bacterium Achromobacter xylosoxidans strain F3B for improving phytoremediation of phenolic pollutantsYing-Ning Ho ; Dony Chacko Mathew; Shu-Chuan Hsiao; Chun-Hao Shih; Mei-Fang Chien; Hsing-Mei Chiang; Chieh-Chen HuangJournal of Hazardous Materials60
292009A novel endophytic bacterium, Achromobacter xylosoxidans, helps plants against pollutant stress and improves phytoremediationYing-Ning Ho ; Chun-Hao Shih; Shu-Chuan Hsiao; Chieh-Chen HuangJournal of Bioscience and Bioengineering16
302009Molecular detection and phylogenetic analysis of the catechol 1,2-dioxygenase gene from Gordonia sppFo-Ting Shen; Jyun-Liang Lin; Chieh-Chen Huang; Ying-Ning Ho ; A.B. Arun; Li-Sen Young; Chiu-Chung YoungSystematic and Applied Microbiology28