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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourceWOSFulltext/Archive link
12021Planning and Management of Coastal Buffer Zones in TaiwanYuan-Jyh Lan ; Hsu, Tai-Wen WATER-SUI0
22020Mathematical Study on Wave Propagation through Emergent VegetationYuan-Jyh Lan WATER0
42018Extended wind wave model (WWM) incorporating the effect of submerged porous media with high permeabilityTai-Wen Hsu ; Yuan-Jyh Lan ; Lin, Yi-ShiangCoastal Engineering2
52017A Study on Coastal Flooding and Risk Assessment under Climate Change in the Mid-Western Coast of TaiwanHsu, Tai-Wen ; Dong-Sin Shih; Chi-Yu Li ; Yuan-Jyh Lan ; Yu-Chen LinWATER-SUI25
62016Mathematical study of wave interaction with a mound type of composite poroelastic submerged breakwaterYuan-Jyh Lan ; Tai-Wen Hsu ; Fang-Xuan Gan; Chi-Yu Li Ocean Engineering6
72016Wave Transformation in a Multi-Bar Surf Zone: Case Study of Lubiatowo (Poland)Yuan-Jyh Lan ; Tai-Wen Hsu ; Yuan-Jyh Lan; Yuan-Jyh Lan0
82016波浪與上下相連複合式透水彈性潛堤互制分析Yuan-Jyh Lan Journal of Coastal and Ocean Engineering 海洋工程學刊0
92015Analysis of Wave Interaction with a Mound-Type of Composite Poro-Elastic Submerged BreakwaterYuan-Jyh Lan ; Tai-Wen Hsu ; F.-X. Gan
102014Mathematical study on wave interaction with a composite poroelastic submerged breakwaterLan, Y. J ; Hsu, T. W. ; Liu, Y. R.Wave Motion2
112014Analytical solution for wave interaction with a stack-type double-layer composite poroelastic submerged structureYuan-Jyh Lan ; Tai-Wen Hsu 0
122013On waves propagating over two submerged closely spaced poroelastic breakwatersYuan-Jyh Lan ; Yu-Shu Kuo; Tai-Wen Hsu ; Ching-Yu ChenProceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part M-Journal of Engineering for the Maritime Environment5
132013波浪與複合式透水彈性潛堤互制分析藍元志 ; 劉燕蓉(Yan-Rong Liu); 許泰文 Journal of Coastal and Ocean Engineering0
142013Analysis of wave interaction with a composite poro-elastic submerged breakwaterYuan-Jyh Lan ; Yan-Rong Liu; Tai-Wen Hsu Journal of Coastal and Ocean Engineering0
152012Numerical simulation of wave transformation across the surf zone over a steep bottomYuan-Jyh Lan ; Yu-Shu Kuo; Tai-Wen Hsu ; Ta-Yuan LinOcean Engineering2
162008A parabolic equation for wave propagation over porous structuresTai-Wen Hsu ; Jen-Yi Chang; Yuan-Jyh Lan ; Jian-Wu Lai; Shan-Hwei OuCoastal Engineering14
172005Using finite-element method to simulate wave transformations in surf zoneTai-Wen Hsu ; Yuan-Jyh Lan ; Yung-Her Wang; Chin-Yen TsaiJournal of Engineering Mechanics-Asce4
182004改良型輻射邊界條件於近岸波場模式之應用藍元志 ; 許泰文 ; 蔡金晏中國土木水利工程學刊
192003Second-order radiation boundary condition for water wave simulation with large angle incidenceTai-Wen Hsu ; Yuan-Jyh Lan ; Ting-Kuei Tsay; Kuei-Pin LinJournal of Engineering Mechanics2
202002On waves propagating over poro-elastic seabedJaw-Fang Lee; Yuan-Jyh Lan Ocean Engineering
212000以有限元素法預測颱風斷面變化許泰文 ; 藍元志 ; 李兆芳中國土木水利工程學刊
222000Analysis of Waves Interaction with Poro-elastic StructuresYuan-Jyh Lan National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
232000Wave-seabed interaction in a poro-elastic bed of finite thicknessJaw-Fang Lee; Yuan-Jyh Lan Journal of the Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering
241996A second-order solution of waves passing porous structuresJaw-Fang Lee; Yuan-Jyh Lan Ocean Engineering
251995On waves propagating through a porous structureJaw-Fang Lee; Yuan-Jyh Lan Journal of Harbour Technology
261992Nonlinear analysis of wave interaction with permeable structuresYuan-Jyh Lan National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan