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12013Development of a novel bead-based 96-well filtration plate competitive immunoassay for the detection of GentamycinHo, T. Y. J.; Chan, C. C.; Chan, K.; Wang, Y. C.; Lin, J. T.; Cheng-Ming Chang ; Chen, C. S.Biosensors & Bioelectronics
22011Effect of Different Parts (Leaf, Stem and Stalk) and Seasons (Summer and Winter) on the Chemical Compositions and Antioxidant Activity of Moringa oleiferaMing-Chih Shih; Cheng-Ming Chang ; Sue-Ming Kang; Min-Lang Tsai International Journal of Molecular Sciences62
32007Antibacterial activity of propolis ethanol extract against Streptococcus mutans as influenced by concentration, temperature, pH and cell ageYang, H. Y.; Ho, W. L.; Cheng-Ming Chang ; Chou, C. C.Journal of Food and Drug Analysis
42006Willingness to Pay for Seafood Quality Improvement in the HACCP System: Evidence from Taiwan莊慶達; 張正明 ; 葉俐嫺
52005生魚片處理與販售場所衛生環境污染源之探討傅安弘; 張正明 
61997Isolation and Identification of Bdellovibrio from Coastal Areas of TaiwanChorng-Liang Pan ; Yue-Ling Hsu; Guo-Jane Tsai ; Hong-June Kuo; Cheng-Ming Chang ; Fu-Jin Wang; Ching-Shyong WuFisheries science 1
71992台灣海水水域寄生弧菌菌株之篩選與分離潘崇良 ; 許玉伶; 蔡國珍 ; 張正明