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12022Additional description on morphology of the Misol snake eel from Taiwan, with four verified barcodes of life sequencesChiu, Yung-chieh; Chen, Hong-ming ; Shao, Kwang-tsao ZOOTAXA0
22022A new species of the congrid eel genus Bathycongrus (Order Anguilliformes) from eastern TaiwanHuang, Jian-fu; Ho, Hsuan-ching; Chen, Hong-ming ; Chan, Tin -yam ZOOTAXA0
32022Gymnothorax poikilospilus, a new moray eel (Teleostei: Anguilliformes: Muraenidae) from Penghu Islands, western TaiwanHuang, Wen-Chien; Loh, Kar-Hoe; Chen, Hong-Ming ZOOTAXA0
42022Assessing phenovariant species pairs of moray eels: Hybridization, introgression, and morphologyHuang, Wen-Chien; Chen, Hong-Ming ; Tseng, Yung-Che; Liao, Te-YuZOOL SCR1
52022First Skeletal Fossil Record of the Red Seabream Pagrus major (Sparidae, Perciformes) from the Late Pleistocene of Subtropical West Pacific, Southern TaiwanLin, Chien-Hsiang; Ou, Hsin-Yueh; Lin, Chia-Yen; Chen, Hong-Ming ZOOL STUD1
62022First record of butterflyfish, Roa haraguchiae (Actinopterygii: Perciformes: Chaetodontidae), from northeast TaiwanLee, Shu-Ling; Chiu, Yung-Chieh; Chen, Hong -Ming ACTA ICHTHYOLOGICA ET PISCATORIA0
72021A descriptive and comparative neurocranium morphology of Anguilliformes fishes in Taiwan watersRamos-Castro, Marites; Loh, Kar-Hoe; Chen, Hong-Ming ZOOTAXA2
82021A new record of a rare labrid, Suezichthys notatus (Actinopterygii: Labridae), from Taiwan, with comparison to related species from TaiwanTang, Chi-Ngai; Chen, Hong-Ming ; Ho, Husan-ChingACTA ICHTHYOL PISCAT0
92020A systematic benchmarking of(31)P and(19)FNMRchemical shift predictions using differentDFT/GIAOmethods and applying linear regression to improve the prediction accuracyGao, P.; Zhang, J.; Hong-Ming Chen International Journal of Quantum Chemistry
102020Subjective and objective cognitive functioning among patients with breast cancer: effects of chemotherapy and mood symptomsHsu, Y. H.; Chen, V. C. H.; Hsieh, C. C.; Weng, Y. P.; Hsu, Y. T.; Hsiao, H. P.; Wang, W. K.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Weng, J. C.; Wu, S. I.; Gossop, M.Breast Cancer
112020A review of the genusStrophidon(Anguilliformes: Muraenidae), with description of a new speciesHuang, W. C.; Mohapatra, A.; Thu, P. T.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Liao, T. Y.Journal of Fish Biology
122020Cardiovascular Performance Measurement in Water Fleas by Utilizing High-Speed Videography and ImageJ Software and Its Application for Pesticide Toxicity AssessmentSantoso, F.; Krylov, V. V.; Castillo, A. L.; Saputra, F.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Lai, H. T.; Hsiao, C. D.Animals
132020Host-Free Deep-Blue Organic Light-Emitting Transistors Based on a Novel Fluorescent EmitterHong-Ming Chen ; Shi, M.; Liu, M.; Xing, X.; Zhao, C. B.; Miao, J. S.; Ali, M. U.; Facchetti, A.; Meng, H.Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces
142020Fragment-based Differential Targeting of PPI Stabilizer InterfacesGuillory, X.; Wolter, M.; Leysen, S.; Neves, J. F.; Kuusk, A.; Genet, S.; Somsen, B.; Morrow, J. K.; Rivers, E.; van Beek, L.; Patel, J.; Goodnow, R.; Schoenherr, H.; Fuller, N.; Cao, Q.; Doveston, R. G.; Brunsveld, L.; Arkin, M. R.; Castaldi, P.; Boyd, H.; Landrieu, I.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Ottmann, C.Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
152020Small-molecule modulation of p53 protein-protein interactionsKuusk, A.; Boyd, H.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Ottmann, C.Biological Chemistry
162020Descriptions of neurocranium morphology in 34 species of moray eels (Muraenidae) found in TaiwanRamos-Castro, M.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Mao, B. S.Zootaxa
172020Facile Formation of beta-thioGlcNAc Linkages to Thiol-Containing Sugars, Peptides, and Proteins using a Mutant GH20 Hexosaminidase (vol 58, pg 1652, 2019)Tegl, G.; Hanson, J.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Kwan, D. H.; Santana, A. G.; Withers, S. G.Angewandte Chemie-International Edition
182020A Ca2+-Responsive H-1/F-19 MRI Molecular Probe Based on Competitive CoordinationHong-Ming Chen ; Tang, X. X.; Lin, Y. Y.; Gong, X. Q.; Lin, H. Y.; Gao, J. H.Chinese Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
192020SMILES-based deep generative scaffold decorator for de-novo drug designArus-Pous, J.; Patronov, A.; Bjerrum, E. J.; Tyrchan, C.; Reymond, J. L.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Engkvist, O.Journal of Cheminformatics
202020Reversible redox-responsive H-1/F-19 MRI molecular probesHong-Ming Chen ; Tang, X. X.; Gong, X. Q.; Chen, D. X.; Li, A.; Sun, C. J.; Lin, H. Y.; Gao, J. H.Chemical Communications
212020Industry-scale application and evaluation of deep learning for drug target predictionSturm, N.; Mayr, A.; Van, T. L.; Chupakhin, V.; Ceulemans, H.; Wegner, J.; Golib-Dzib, J. F.; Jeliazkova, N.; Vandriessche, Y.; Bohm, S.; Cima, V.; Martinovic, J.; Greene, N.; Vander Aa, T.; Ashby, T. J.; Hochreiter, S.; Engkvist, O.; Klambauer, G.; Hong-Ming Chen Journal of Cheminformatics
222020Highly Efficient Flexible Organic Light Emitting Transistor Based on High-k Polymer Gate DielectricHong-Ming Chen ; Xing, X.; Miao, J. S.; Zhao, C. B.; Zhu, M.; Bai, J. W.; He, Y. W.; Meng, H.Advanced Optical Materials
232020Cell quality measurement using cloud computing in case of NiCd/NiMH battery studyLin, H. C.; Wei, C. W.; Hong-Ming Chen Advanced Composites Letters
242020Adoption of a Turn Conformation Drives the Binding Affinity of p53 C-Terminal Domain Peptides to 14-3-3 sigmaKuusk, A.; Neves, J. F.; Bravo-Rodriguez, K.; Gunnarsson, A.; Ruiz-Blanco, Y. B.; Ehrmann, M.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Landrieu, I.; Sanchez-Garcia, E.; Boyd, H.; Ottmann, C.; Doveston, R. G.Acs Chemical Biology
252019Two new species of the genus Ophichthus from the western central Pacific Ocean, with a redescription of Ophichthus megalops Asano, 1987 (Anguilliformes: Ophichthidae)Hibino, Y.; Chiu, Y. C.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Shao, K. T.Zootaxa
262019A de novo molecular generation method using latent vector based generative adversarial networkPrykhodko, O.; Johansson, S. V.; Kotsias, P. C.; Arus-Pous, J.; Bjerrum, E. J.; Engkvist, O.; Hong-Ming Chen Journal of Cheminformatics
272019Applications of Deep-Learning in Exploiting Large-Scale and Heterogeneous Compound Data in Industrial Pharmaceutical ResearchDavid, L.; Arus-Pous, J.; Karlsson, J.; Engkvist, O.; Bjerrum, E. J.; Kogej, T.; Kriegl, J. M.; Beck, B.; Hong-Ming Chen Frontiers in Pharmacology
282019Prospecting for microbial ?-N-acetylgalactosaminidases yields a new class of GH31 O-glycanaseRahfeld, P.; Wardman, J. F.; Mehr, K.; Huff, D.; Morgan-Lang, C.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Hallam, S. J.; Withers, S. G.Journal of Biological Chemistry
292019Randomized SMILES strings improve the quality of molecular generative modelsArus-Pous, J.; Johansson, S. V.; Prykhodko, O.; Bjerrum, E. J.; Tyrchan, C.; Reymond, J. L.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Engkvist, O.Journal of Cheminformatics
302019Has Drug Design Augmented by Artificial Intelligence Become a Reality?Hong-Ming Chen ; Engkvist, O.Trends in Pharmacological Sciences
312019Using irradiation effect to study the disparate anchoring stabilities of polar-organic molecules adsorbed on bulk and thin-film metal surfacesArumugam, K.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Dai, J. H.; Gao, M. F.; Goyal, A.; Lin, M. K.; Nakayama, Y.; Pi, T. W.; Metz, S.; Papadopoulos, T. A.; Jeng, H. T.; Tang, S. J.Applied Surface Science
322019Depression increases the risk of rotator cuff tear and rotator cuff repair surgery: A nationwide population-based studyKuo, L. T.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Yu, P. A.; Chen, C. L.; Hsu, W. H.; Tsai, Y. H.; Chen, K. J.; Chen, V. C. H.Plos One
332019One-Pot Synthesis of Highly Efficient Carbon-Supported Polyhedral Pt3Ni Alloy Nanoparticles for Oxygen Reduction ReactionLiu, Y. Q.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Tian, C. C.; Geng, D. S.; Wang, D. W.; Bai, SrglElectrocatalysis
342019Antidepressants Reduced Risk of Mortality in Patients With Diabetes Mellitus: A Population-Based Cohort Study in TaiwanHong-Ming Chen ; Yang, Y. H.; Chen, K. J.; Lee, Y.; McIntyre, R. S.; Lu, M. L.; Lee, Y. C.; Hsieh, M. C.; Chen, V. C. H.Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism
352019Identification of Compounds That Interfere with High-Throughput Screening Assay TechnologiesDavid, L.; Walsh, J.; Sturm, N.; Feierberg, I.; Nissink, J. W. M.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Bajorath, J.; Engkvist, O.Chemmedchem
362019A fluorinated bihydrazide conjugate for activatable sensing and imaging of hypochlorous acid by F-19 NMR/MRILi, A.; Tang, X. X.; Gong, X. Q.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Lin, H. Y.; Gao, J. H.Chemical Communications
372019Low-Voltage, High-Performance Flexible Organic Field-Effect Transistors Based on Ultrathin Single-Crystal MicroribbonsHong-Ming Chen ; Xing, X.; Zhu, M. A.; Cao, J. P.; Ali, M. U.; Li, A. Y.; He, Y. W.; Meng, H.Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces
382019Combining structural and bioactivity-based fingerprints improves prediction performance and scaffold hopping capabilityLaufkotter, O.; Sturm, N.; Bajorath, J.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Engkvist, O.Journal of Cheminformatics
392019High-Throughput Recovery and Characterization of Metagenome-Derived Glycoside Hydrolase-Containing Clones as a Resource for Biocatalyst DevelopmentArmstrong, Z.; Liu, F.; Kheirandish, S.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Mewis, K.; Duo, T. M.; Morgan-Lang, C.; Hallam, S. J.; Withers, S. G.Msystems
402019Systematic Screening of Synthetic Gene-Encoded Enzymes for Synthesis of Modified GlycosidesArmstrong, Z.; Liu, F.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Hallam, S. J.; Withers, S. G.Acs Catalysis
412019Application of Bioactivity Profile-Based Fingerprints for Building Machine Learning ModelsSturm, N.; Sun, J. M.; Vandriessche, Y.; Mayr, A.; Klambauer, G.; Carlsson, L.; Engkvist, O.; Hong-Ming Chen Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling
422019Exploring the GDB-13 chemical space using deep generative modelsArus-Pous, J.; Blaschke, T.; Ulander, S.; Reymond, J. L.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Engkvist, O.Journal of Cheminformatics
432019Revalidation of a moray eel, Gymnothorax mucifer Snyder, 1904 (Teleostei: Anguilliformes: Muraenidae), with a revised distributionHuang, W. C.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Liao, T. Y.Zootaxa
442019Correlations And Correlates Of Post-Traumatic Growth And Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms In Patients With Breast CancerHong-Ming Chen ; Chen, V. C. H.; Hsiao, H. P.; Weng, Y. P.; Hsu, Y. T.; Weng, J. C.; Su, J. A.; Chen, Y. L.Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment
452019Real-Time Tunnel Crack Analysis System via Deep LearningSong, Q.; Wu, Y. Q.; Xin, X. S.; Yang, L.; Yang, M.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Liu, C.; Hu, M. J.; Chai, X. S.; Li, J. C.Ieee Access
462018Identification of Nilaparvata lugens and Its Two Sibling Species (N. bakeri and N. muiri) by Direct Multiplex PCRLiu, S. H.; Luo, J.; Liu, R.; Zhang, C. G.; Duan, D. K.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Bei, W. Y.; Tang, J.Journal of Economic Entomology
472018Gold nanoparticles impair autophagy flux through shape-dependent endocytosis and lysosomal dysfunctionZhou, H. L.; Gong, X. Q.; Lin, H. Y.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Huang, D. T.; Li, D.; Shan, H.; Gao, J. H.Journal of Materials Chemistry B
482018Metagenomics reveals functional synergy and novel polysaccharide utilization loci in the Castor canadensis fecal microbiomeArmstrong, Z.; Mewis, K.; Liu, F.; Morgan-Lang, C.; Scofield, M.; Durno, E.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Mehr, K.; Withers, S. G.; Hallam, S. J.Isme Journal
492018Novel inhibitors of As(III) S-adenosylmethionine methyltransferase (AS3MT) identified by virtual screeningBurli, R. W.; Wei, H. J.; Ernst, G.; Mariga, A.; Hardern, I. M.; Herlihy, K.; Cross, A. J.; Wesolowski, S. S.; Hong-Ming Chen ; McKay, R. D. G.; Weinberger, D. R.; Brandon, N. J.; Barrow, J. C.Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters
502018Kyphotic Angle of the Motion Segment Most Accurately Predicts Injury to the Ligamentous Complex on Computed Tomography Scan of Thoracolumbar FracturesJiang, L. F.; Zhang, H.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Wu, Q. H.World Neurosurgery
512018The freshwater snake eel genus Lamnostoma (Anguilliformes: Ophichthidae) in Taiwan, with description of a new species (vol 4454, pg 018, 2018)Chiu, Y. C.; Shao, K. T.; Huang, S. P.; Hong-Ming Chen Zootaxa
522018Synthesis of azido-deoxy and amino-deoxy glycosides and glycosyl fluorides for screening of glycosidase libraries and assembly of substituted glycosidesHong-Ming Chen ; Withers, S. G.Carbohydrate Research
532018Cheminformatics in Drug Discovery, an Industrial PerspectiveHong-Ming Chen ; Kogej, T.; Engkvist, O.Molecular Informatics
542018De novo molecular design using deep reinforcement learning methodsHong-Ming Chen ; Olivercrona, M.; Blaschke, T.; Engkvist, O.; Kogej, T.; Tyrchan, C.Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society
552018Two new species of the conger eel genus Bathycongrus (Anguilliformes: Congridae) from TaiwanHuang, J. F.; Ho, H. C.; Chang, Y. H.; Smith, D. G.; Hong-Ming Chen Zootaxa
562018Modulating the Nucleophile of a Glycoside Hydrolase through Site-Specific Incorporation of Fluoroglutamic AcidsKotzler, M. P.; Robinson, K.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Okon, M.; McIntosh, L. P.; Withers, S. G.Journal of the American Chemical Society
572018The freshwater snake eel genus Lamnostoma (Anguilliformes: Ophichthidae) in Taiwan, with description of a new speciesChiu, Y. C.; Shao, K. T.; Huang, S. P.; Hong-Ming Chen Zootaxa
582018A new cutthroat eel of the genus Synaphobranchus (Anguilliformes: Synaphobranchidae) from TaiwanHo, H. C.; Hong, W. C.; Hong-Ming Chen Zootaxa
592018The rise of deep learning in drug discoveryHong-Ming Chen ; Engkvist, O.; Wang, Y. H.; Olivecrona, M.; Blaschke, T.Drug Discovery Today
602018Oversized galactosides as a probe for conformational dynamics in LacYSmirnova, I.; Kasho, V.; Jiang, X. X.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Withers, S. G.; Kaback, H. R.Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
612018Pre-spawning Snout-gripping Behaviors Of Gymnothorax Pictus And Gymnothorax Thyrsoideus (Muraenidae) In CaptivityLoh, Kar-Hoe; Chen, Hong-Ming J MAR SCI TECH-TAIW2
622018Diseases of the pancreas and suicide mortality: A nationwide nested case-control study among patients with mental health disorders in TaiwanHong-Ming Chen ; Chen, V. C. H.; Wang, T. N.; Lu, M. L.; Huang, Y. C.; Dewey, M. E.; Lee, J. K. W.; Tsai, C. P.General Hospital Psychiatry
632018Delayed suprachoroidal hemorrhage after cataract surgery A case report and brief review of literatureSong, W.; Zhang, Y. J.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Du, C.Medicine
642018Application of Generative Autoencoder in De Novo Molecular DesignBlaschke, T.; Olivecrona, M.; Engkvist, O.; Bajorath, J.; Hong-Ming Chen Molecular Informatics
652017Predicting the Risk of Phospholipidosis with in Silico Models and an Image-Based in Vitro ScreenFusani, L.; Brown, M.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Ahlberg, E.; Noeske, T.Molecular Pharmaceutics
662017Remarkable Reactivity Differences between Glucosides with Identical Leaving GroupsDuo, T. M.; Robinson, K.; Greig, I. R.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Patrick, B. O.; Withers, S. G.Journal of the American Chemical Society
672017Mast cell chymase promotes hypertrophic scar fibroblast proliferation and collagen synthesis by activating TGF-beta 1/Smads signaling pathwayHong-Ming Chen ; Xu, Y. W.; Yang, G. B.; Zhang, Q. Q.; Huang, X.; Yu, L. M.; Dong, X. L.Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine
682017Molecular de-novo design through deep reinforcement learningOlivecrona, M.; Blaschke, T.; Engkvist, O.; Hong-Ming Chen Journal of Cheminformatics
692017Discovery of small molecule protease-activated receptor 2 (PAR2) antagonists and agonists using DNA-encoded library (DEL) screening technologiesBrown, D.; Ferguson, A.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Sundstrom, L.; Geschwinder, S.; Snijder, A.; Saxin, M.; Zhang, J.; Wu, Y.; Souter, H.; Troast, D.; Dumelin, C.; Brown, G.; Cheng, R.; Fiez-Vandal, C.; Cooke, R.; Prihandoko, R.; Tehan, B.; Wiggin, G.; Zhukov, A.; Congreves, M.; Teobald, B.; Schlenker, O.; Liu, Q. Q.; Yang, W. Z.; Chen, R. F.; Johnstone, S.; Burli, R.; Dekker, N.Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society
702017Small-molecule stabilization of the p53-14-3-3 protein-protein interactionDoveston, R. G.; Kuusk, A.; Andrei, S. A.; Leysen, S.; Cao, Q.; Castaldi, M. P.; Hendricks, A.; Brunsveld, L.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Boyd, H.; Ottmann, C.Febs Letters
712017Applying Mondrian Cross-Conformal Prediction To Estimate Prediction Confidence on Large Imbalanced Bioactivity Data SetsSun, J. M.; Carlsson, L.; Ahlberg, E.; Norinder, U.; Engkvist, O.; Hong-Ming Chen Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling
722017Erratum to: ExCAPE-DB: an integrated large scale dataset facilitating Big Data analysis in chemogenomics (vol 9, pg 1, 2017)Sun, J. M.; Jeliazkova, N.; Chupakhin, V.; Golib-Dzib, J. F.; Engkvist, O.; Carlsson, L.; Wegner, J.; Ceulemans, H.; Georgiev, I.; Jeliazkov, V.; Kochev, N.; Ashby, T. J.; Hong-Ming Chen Journal of Cheminformatics
732017Distribution and molecular characterization of citrus chlorotic dwarf-associated virus in ChinaZhou, Y.; Zhang, Y. H.; Liu, Y. J.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Li, T. S.; Zhou, C. Y.Australasian Plant Pathology
742017On the Integration of In Silico Drug Design Methods for Drug RepurposingMarch-Vila, E.; Pinzi, L.; Sturm, N.; Tinivella, A.; Engkvist, O.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Rastelli, G.Frontiers in Pharmacology
752017Characterization of an extradiol dioxygenase involved in the catabolism of lignin-derived biphenylKuatsjah, E.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Withers, S. G.; Eltis, L. D.Febs Letters
762017ExCAPE-DB: an integrated large scale dataset facilitating Big Data analysis in chemogenomicsSun, J. M.; Jeliazkova, N.; Chupakin, V.; Golib-Dzib, J. F.; Engkvist, O.; Carlsson, L.; Wegner, J.; Ceulemans, H.; Georgiev, I.; Jeliazkov, V.; Kochev, N.; Ashby, T. J.; Hong-Ming Chen Journal of Cheminformatics
772017MraY-antibiotic complex reveals details of tunicamycin mode of actionHakulinen, J. K.; Hering, J.; Branden, G.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Snijder, A.; Ek, M.; Johansson, P.Nature Chemical Biology
782017Structure-Activity Relationships of the Sustained Effects of Adenosine A2A Receptor Agonists Driven by Slow Dissociation KineticsHothersall, J. D.; Guo, D.; Sarda, S.; Sheppard, R. J.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Keur, W.; Waring, M. J.; Ijzerman, A. P.; Hill, S. J.; Dale, I. L.; Rawlins, P. B.Molecular Pharmacology
792016Mucus-penetrating nanoparticles made with "mucoadhesive" poly(vinyl alcohol)Popov, A.; Enlow, E.; Bourassa, J.; Hong-Ming Chen Nanomedicine-Nanotechnology Biology and Medicine
802016A 1.1V 12 mu W 86 dB DR Sigma-Delta Modulator for Health Monitoring SystemZhao, L.; Deng, C. X.; Wang, G.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Cheng, Y. H.Journal of Circuits Systems and Computers
812016Discovery of a novel allosteric inhibitor-binding site in ERK5: comparison with the canonical kinase hinge ATP-binding siteHong-Ming Chen ; Tucker, J.; Wang, X. T.; Gavine, P. R.; Phillips, C.; Augustin, M. A.; Schreiner, P.; Steinbacher, S.; Preston, M.; Ogg, D.Acta Crystallographica Section D-Structural Biology
822016Glucosyl epi-cyclophellitol allows mechanism-based inactivation and structural analysis of human pancreatic alpha-amylaseCaner, S.; Zhang, X. H.; Jiang, J. B.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Nguyen, N. T.; Overkleeft, H.; Brayer, G. D.; Withers, S. G.Febs Letters
832016Enhanced pulmonary delivery of fluticasone propionate in rodents by mucus-penetrating nanoparticlesPopov, A.; Schopf, L.; Bourassa, J.; Hong-Ming Chen International Journal of Pharmaceutics
842016ADDITIONS TO THE TAIWAN EEL FAUNA WITH FIVE NEWLY RECORDED SPECIES OF MORAY EELS (ANGUILLIFORMES: MURAENIDAE), AND REDESCRIPTION OF A RARE SPECIES Gymnothorax sagmacephalusLoh, K. H.; Kwang-Tsao Shao ; Chong, V. C.; Hong-Ming Chen Journal of Marine Science and Technology-Taiwan
852016Sustained Pulmonary Delivery of a Water-Soluble Antibiotic Without Encapsulating CarriersOng, W.; Nowak, P.; Cu, Y.; Schopf, L.; Bourassa, J.; Enlow, E.; Moskowitz, S. M.; Hong-Ming Chen Pharmaceutical Research
862016Observing cellulose biosynthesis and membrane translocation in crystalloMorgan, J. L. W.; McNamara, J. T.; Fischer, M.; Rich, J.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Withers, S. G.; Zimmer, J.Nature
872016The complete mitochondrial genome of Temminck's minnow Nipponocypris temminckii (Cypriniformes, Cyprinidae)I-Shiung Chen ; Tsai, W. L.; Huang, S. P.; Hong-Ming Chen Mitochondrial DNA Part A 1
882016Chemoenzymatic synthesis of 6-phospho-cyclophellitol as a novel probe of 6-phospho-beta-glucosidasesKwan, D. H.; Jin, Y.; Jiang, J. B.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Kotzler, M. P.; Overkleeft, H. S.; Davies, G. J.; Withers, S. G.Febs Letters
892016Synthesis and evaluation of a series of 6-chloro-4-methylumbelliferyl glycosides as fluorogenic reagents for screening metagenomic libraries for glycosidase activityHong-Ming Chen ; Armstrong, Z.; Hallam, S. J.; Withers, S. G.Carbohydrate Research
902016Complete mitogenome of two moray eels of Gymnothorax formosus and Scuticaria tigrina (Anguilliformes: Muraenidae)Loh, K. H.; Shao, K. T.; Chen, C. H.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Then, A. Y. H.; Loo, P. L.; Lim, P. E.; Chong, V. C.; Shen, K. N.; Hsiao, C. D.Mitochondrial DNA Part A
912016Next generation sequencing yields the complete mitochondrial genome of the Zebra moray, Gymnomuraena zebra (Anguilliformes: Muraenidae)Loh, K. H.; Shao, K. T.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Chen, C. H.; Chong, V. C.; Loo, P. L.; Shen, K. N.; Hsiao, C. D.Mitochondrial DNA Part A
922016Three-year mortality rate of suicide attempters in consultation-liaison serviceHong-Ming Chen ; Hung, T. H.; Chou, S. Y.; Tsai, C. S.; Su, J. A.International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice
932016Effect of temperature on the development of sclerotia in Villosiclava virensFan, L. L.; Yong, M. L.; Li, D. Y.; Liu, Y. J.; Lai, C. H.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Cheng, F. M.; Hu, D. W.Journal of Integrative Agriculture
942016Next-generation sequencing yields the complete mitochondrial genome of the longfang moray, Enchelynassa canina (Anguilliformes: Muraenidae)Kar-Hoe Loh; Kwang-Tsao Shao ; Hong-Ming Chen ; Ching-Hung Chen; Poh-Leong Loo; Amy Then Yee Hui; Phaik-Eem Lim; Ving-Ching Chong; Kang-Ning Shen; Chung-Der HsiaoMITOCHONDRIAL DNA PART A3
952015A new species of moray eel (Anguilliformes: Muraenidae) from Taiwan, with comments on related elongate unpatterned speciesLoh, K. H.; Shao, K. T.; Ho, H. C.; Lim, P. E.; Hong-Ming Chen Zootaxa
962015Saurenchelys gigas sp nov., a new nettastomatid eel (Teleostei, Anguilliformes, Nettastomatidae) from the western central PacificLin, J.; Smith, D. G.; Shao, K. T.; Hong-Ming Chen Zootaxa
972015The eels of the genus Nettenchelys, with description of a new species from Taiwan (Teleostei: Anguilliformes: Nettastomatidae)Smith, D. G.; Lin, J.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Pogonoski, J. J.Zootaxa
982015Stabilization of gold nanoparticles on glass surface with polydopamine thin film for reliable LSPR sensingHong-Ming Chen ; Zhao, L.; Chen, D. Q.; Hu, W. H.Journal of Colloid and Interface Science
992015Colorimetric detection of mercury(II) based on 2,2'-bipyridyl induced quasi-linear aggregation of gold nanoparticlesHong-Ming Chen ; Hu, W. H.; Li, C. M.Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical
1002015KAL-821, a novel and potent inhibitor of VEGFR2Ong, W.; Nowak, P.; Enlow, E.; Schopf, L.; Bourassa, J.; Hong-Ming Chen Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society
1012015Topical Delivery of a Novel Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor (RTKi) via Mucus-Penetrating ParticlesSchopf, L.; Enlow, E.; Nowak, P.; Ong, W.; Bourassa, J.; Brazzell, K.; Hong-Ming Chen Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science
1022015Influence of oxygen partial pressure on the microstructural and magnetic properties of Er-doped ZnO thin filmsChen, W. B.; Liu, X. C.; Li, F.; Hong-Ming Chen ; Zhou, R. W.; Shi, E. W.Aip Advances
1032015Topical Ocular Drug Delivery to the Back of the Eye by Mucus-Penetrating ParticlesSchopf, L. R.; Popov, A. M.; Enlow, E. M.; Bourassa, J. L.; Ong, W. Z.; Nowak, P.; Hong-Ming Chen Translational Vision Science & Technology
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