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22021應用交互教學法增進大學生英語聽力理解之實踐研究林綠芳 教學實踐研究(人文社會相關領域優良期刊)0
42018Designing an Innovative PBL Pedagogy to Empower Language LearnersChen, Ching-Huei; Lu-Fang Lin ; Wong, Lung-Hsiang; Wu, Wen-Chi Vivian
52017Integrating the Problem-Based Learning Approach Into a Web-Based English Reading CourseLu-Fang Lin Journal of Educational Computing Research
62017Title: English Grammar Instruction and the Problem-based Learning Approach: A Multiliteracies PerspectiveLu-Fang Lin 
72017The Application of the Problem-Based Learning Approach to English Class: Chinese-speaking Learners’ Willingness to CommunicateLu-Fang Lin Willingness to Communicate
82016The Effects of the Task-Based Language Teaching and the Presentation-Practice-Production Models on Grammar InstructionLu-Fang Lin Journal of English Education,
92015The impact of problem-based learning on Chinese-speaking elementary school students' English vocabulary learning and useLu-Fang Lin 
102014Chinese-Speaking Learners' Cognitive Comprehension Problems with English Video-Based MaterialsLu-Fang Lin Research Article
112013Proficient and Less-proficient Students’ Perceptions of the Problem-based Learning Approach Used in a Second Language Learning ContextLu-Fang Lin Proceedings of EdMedia: World Conference on Educational Media and Technology
122012The Video Comprehension Strategies of Chinese-Speaking University StudentsLu-Fang Lin 
132010A video‐based CALL program for proficient and less‐proficient L2 learners’ comprehension ability, incidental vocabulary acquisitionLu-Fang Lin Educational Media International
142008A Case Study of a Remedial Extensive Reading Program in Inspiring English Learners' Motivation to Read English林綠芳