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12020Modeling Airline Crisis Management Capability: Brand attitude, brand credibility and intentionKao, Grace Hsiu-Ying; Wang, Stephen W. ; Farquhar, Jillian DawesJOURNAL OF AIR TRANSPORT MANAGEMENT10
22020Modeling Airline Crisis Management Capability: Brand attitude, brand credibility and intentionGraceHsiu-Ying Kao; Wen-Hung Wang ; Jillian DawesFarquharJournal of Air Transport Management0
32020Event and city image: the effect on revisit intentionHui Li; Che-Hui Lien; Wen-Hung Wang ; Tien Wang; Weiwei DongTourism Review8
42019Analysis of consumers' attitudinal and emotional factors on luxury apparel brand purchase intentionsWang, Stephen W. ; Pelton, Lou E.; Hsu, Maxwell K.SERVICE INDUSTRIES JOURNAL2
52019Self-service technology adoption by air passengers: a case study of fast air travel services in TaiwanChe-Hui Lien; Maxwell K. Hsu; Jing-Zhi Shang; Wen-Hung Wang The Service Industries Journal13
62018BRAND LOYALTY IN THE CRUISE SECTOR: AGE COHORTS, GENDER, AND TRAVEL ATTRIBUTES AS KEY MODERATORS FOR RELATIONSHIP MARKETING THEORYWen-Hung Wang ; Maxwell Kuo-Hsuan Hsu; Angeline Close Scheinbaum; Feng-Ming Tsai Journal of Marine Science and Technology0
72018Customer centricity and guanxi prevalence as social capital: a study of international business relationshipsAngeline Close Scheinbaum; Wen-Hung Wang Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing0
82018Air passenger's perception toward pre-flight safety briefing videos: Does it matter?Chia-ChenLee; Wen-Hung Wang ; Maxwell K.Hsu; Shih-MingJanJournal of Air Transport Management0
92018Analysis of consumers’ attitudinal and emotional factors on luxury apparel brand purchase intentionsWen-Hung Wang ; Lou E. Pelton; Maxwell K. HsuThe Service Industries Journal0
102018Positive moods and word-of-mouth in the banking industry: A moderated mediation model of perceived value and relational benefitsChe-Hui Lien; Jyh-Jeng Wu; Maxwell K. Hsu; Wen-Hung Wang International Journal of Bank Marketing0
112018Co-branded services: perceived benefits and involvement of co-branded credit cardsWen-Hung Wang ; Jillian FarquharInternational Journal of Bank Marketing0
122018Trustworthiness Trumps Attractiveness and Expertise: Enhancing Brand Credibility via Celebrity EndorsementWen-Hung Wang ; Angeline Close ScheinbaumJournal of Advertising Research (SSCI)
132018Air Passenger's Perception of Cabin Safety Knowledge: Exploratory Factor AnalysisWen-Hung Wang International Conference on“Business, Economics, Social Science & Humanities- BESSH-2018
142017Key account relationship management: the moderating effects of relationship duration and transaction volumeJian He Yeh; Wen-Hung Wang ; Maxwell K. Hsu; Scott SwansonThe Service Industries Journal0
152017Real-Cargo Information Tracking Technology (RCI), Perceived Value and Intention to UseAndrew Peng; Wen-Hung Wang The 2017 ICABMIT International Conference on Advances in Business Management and Information Technology
162017Consumers' attitude of endorser credibility, brand and intention with respect to celebrity endorsement of the airline sectorWang, Stephen W. ; Kao, Grace Hsiu-Ying; Ngamsiriudom, WarosJ AIR TRANSP MANAG45
172017Exploring the critical success factor to the ferry transport service in short sea shippingGuo-Ya Gan; Cheng-Chi Chung ; Hsuan-Shih Lee ; Wen-Hung Wang International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics (IJSTL)4
182016Airline co-branded credit cards—An application of the theory of planned behaviorWen-Hung Wang ; Maxwell K.HsuJournal of Air Transport Management0
192016Relational based customer relationship management in the cruise line vacations sectorWen-Hung Wang The 2016 ICBTS International Advance Innovation Business and Tourism Research Conference
202016Fast Travel and Technology Acceptance Model, Airport Self-Service Options for TravelWen-Hung Wang ; Freya H. HungBusiness, Economics, Social Science & Humanities- BESSH-2016
212015The Effects of Customer Orientation and Relationship Marketing on the Performance of Logistics Firms in TaiwanWen-Hung Wang ; Lou E. Pelton2015 Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference
222015Celebrity Endorsement in the Airline SectorWen-Hung Wang ; Angeline Close; Waros Ngamsiriudom2015 Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference
232015Hello Kitty livery is just a glimpse of Hello Kitty experiential package: The effects of celebrity-themed aircraft on purchase intentionWen-Hung Wang ; Waros Ngamsiriudom Journal of Service Theory and Practice0
242015Celebrity livery featured aircraft, the Moneki Neko (fortune cat) of airlinesWen-Hung Wang ; Waros NgamsiriudomJournal of Air Transport Management (SSCI)0
252015Trust disposition, trust antecedents, trust, and behavioral intentionWen-Hung Wang ; Waros Ngamsiriudom; Chia-Hung HsiehThe Service Industries Journal0
262014Examining U.S. Local Residents' Grocery Shopping BehaviorMaxwell K. Hsu; Eric Lien; Wen-Hung Wang The 10th Biennial Conference of ACFEA
272014Do global airline alliances influence the passenger's purchase decision?Wen-Hung Wang Journal of Air Transport Management0
282014Business Students Perception Of University Library Service Quality And SatisfactionMaxwell K. Hsu; Richard G. Cummings; Wen-Hung Wang The Contemporary Issues In Education Research0
292014The moderating effects of involvement with respect to customer relationship management of the airline sectorWen-Hung Wang Journal of Air Transport Management0
302014Virtually Compatible or Risky Business? Investigating Consumers’ Proclivity Toward Online Banking ServicesWen-Hung Wang ; Lou E. Pelton; Maxwell K. Hsu; Danqing XiJournal of Marketing Channels0
312014The experience of flying with Hello Kitty Livery Featured Theme Jet: moderating effects of destination imageWen-Hung Wang Current Issues in Tourism0
322013Risky Business? Consumers’ Propensity to Engage in Online Banking ServicesWen-Hung Wang ; Maxwell Hsu; Lou Pelton; Annie Liu2013 Academy of Marketing Science, 16th Biennial World Marketing Congress
332012A Descriptive Study of Taiwanese Women Entrepreneurs: Their Networks and ConcernsMaxwell K. Hsu; Choton Basu; Wen-Hung Wang SMA-2012 Special Session on Sustainable Supply Chains
342012Compatibility and Perceived Risk in the Adoption of Online Banking Services: The Taiwan ExperienceWen-Hung Wang ; Maxwell K. HsuInternational Conference on Business And Information (BAI 2012)
352012A Research of Service Outcomes in Taiwan: The Role of Patients’ Quality Perceptions and Wait TimeKishwar Joonas; Wen-Hung Wang Hospital Topics0
362011國際快遞業顧客中心、轉換成本與顧客忠誠度之研究王文弘 ; 高偲雅海運學報
372010Diffusions of Innovation, Perceived Security and Experience: The Case of Online Banking Service Adoption in TaiwanWen-Hung Wang Global Business and Finance Research Conference
382010Consumer behavior of the information services industry in Taiwan – conceptual framework and hypotheses developmentWen-Hung Wang ; Chiung‐Ju LiangMeasuring Business Excellence0
392009An Empirical Research of the Relationship Between Marketing Investments and Financial PerformanceWen-Hung Wang 2009 The 8th Biennial Conference of Asian Consumer and Economics Association
402009Computer attitude, statistics anxiety and self-efficacy on statistical software adoption behavior: An empirical study of online MBA learnersMaxwell K.Hsu; 1Kevin K.Chiu; Wen-Hung Wang Computers in Human Behavior0
412009The influence of customer perceptions on financial performance in financial servicesChiung‐Ju Liang; Wen-Hung Wang ; Jillian Dawes FarquharInternational Journal of Bank Marketing0
422009Attitude, Behavioral Intention and Usage: An Empirical Study of Taiwan Railway’s Internet Ticketing SystemWen-Hung Wang ; Yi-Jyun Liu2009 SWDSI/FBD Conference
432009Empirical Study of Brand Attributes Via Higher-Order Confirmatory Factor AnalysisWen-Hung Wang ; Shiu-Han Tang2009 ACME/FBD Conference
442009Customer Relationship Investments, Value to the Customer, and Value to the firm : integrating attributes and benefitsWen-Hung Wang ; Chiung-Ju Liang; Kishwar JoonasSouthwest Business and Economics Journal
452008網路銀行消費者行為之研究—創新擴散理論王文弘 ; 林獻堂2008年管理新思維研討會
462008網路銀行消費者行為之研究—科技接受模型王文弘 ; 林獻堂2008年服務創新與應用研討會
472008產品品牌屬性之研究--二階驗證性因素分析王文弘 ; 湯絮涵2008年管理新思維研討會
482008Does online relationship marketing enhance customer retention and cross-buying?Chiung-Ju Liang; Wen-Hung Wang ; Hui-Ju ChenThe Service Industries Journal0
502008The interrelationship of retailer's relationship efforts and consumers' attitude and behaviorWen-Hung Wang Measuring Business Excellence0
512008How Managers Assure Financial Performance from the View of Attributes and Benefits – An Application of BSCChiung-Ju Liang; Wen-Hung Wang 2008 ACME/FBD Conference
522008A Conceptual Framework of Patient Attitude and Behavior in Taiwan and the U.S.: The Role of Wait TimeKishwar Joonas; Wen-Hung Wang 2008 ACME/FBD Conference
532008Influence of Attitude, Anxiety and Self-Efficacy toward Statistics and Technology on Statistical Package Software Usage BehaviorMaxwell K. Hsu; Wen-Hung Wang ; Kevin Kuan-Shun Chiu2008 SWDSI/FBD Conference
542008How managers in the financial services industry ensure financial performanceChiung‐Ju Liang; Wen-Hung Wang The Service Industries Journal0
552008Does Loyal and More Involved Customer the Reciprocal One of Retailer’s Relationship Efforts?Chiung-Ju Liang; Wen-Hung Wang Journal of Services Research
572007An insight into the impact of a retailer's relationship efforts on customers' attitudes and behavioral intentionsChiung‐Ju Liang; Wen-Hung Wang International Journal of Bank Marketing0
582007A Research of the Behavioral Sequence of Information Education Services Industry in TaiwanChiung-Ju Liang; Wen-Hung Wang 2007 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference
592007The behavioral sequence of information education services industry in Taiwan: relationship bonding tactics, relationship quality and behavioral loyaltyChiung‐Ju Liang; Wen-Hung Wang Measuring Business Excellence0
602007An Insight into the Impact of Retailer’s Relationship Efforts on Consumer’s Attitude and Behavior--Financial Services Industry in TaiwanChiung-Ju Liang; Wen-Hung Wang 2007 Association of Collegiate Marketing Educators Conference
612007Customer Relationship Management of the Information Education Services Industry in Taiwan: Attributes, Benefits and RelationshipChiung‐Ju Liang; Wen-Hung Wang The Service Industries Journal0
622007The behavioural sequence of the financial services industry in Taiwan: Service quality, relationship quality and behavioural loyaltyLiang; Wen-Hung Wang ; Chiung-JuThe service industries journal0
652006Evaluating the interrelation of a retailer's relationship efforts and consumers' attitudes and behaviourChiung-Ju Liang; Wen-Hung Wang Journal of Targeting, Measurement and Analysis for Marketing0
662005Integrative research into the financial services industry in Taiwan: Relationship bonding tactics, relationship quality and behavioural loyaltyChiung-Ju Liang; Wen-Hung Wang Journal of Financial Services Marketing0
682004Attributes, Benefits, Customer Satisfaction and Behavioral Loyalty—An Integrative Research of Financial Services Industry in TaiwanChiung-Ju Liang; Wen-Hung Wang Journal of Services Research
7019992010年台灣生物技術產業發展趨勢預測研究張寶誠; 江晃榮; 王文弘 
721998我國大型製造業者國際化現狀研究潘俊明; 王文弘 東吳大學企業管理研討會