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12022In Situ Release of Ulvan from Crosslinked Ulvan/Chitosan Complex Films and Their Evaluation as Wound DressingsDon, Trong-Ming; Ma, Chen-Han; Huang, Yi-Cheng POLYMERS1
22022Preparation and characterization of fast dissolving ulvan microneedles for transdermal drug delivery systemDon, Trong-Ming; Chen, Michelle; Lee, I-Chi; Huang, Yi-Cheng INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL MACROMOLECULES12
32021Crosslinked complex films based on chitosan and ulvan with antioxidant and whitening activitiesDon, Trong-Ming; Liu, Li-Min; Chen, Michelle; Huang, Yi-Cheng ALGAL RES9
42021Curcumin-laden dual-targeting fucoidan/chitosan nanocarriers for inhibiting brain inflammation via intranasal deliveryDon, Trong-Ming; Chang, Wan-Ju; Jheng, Pei-Ru; Huang, Yi-Cheng ; Chuang, Er-YuanINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL MACROMOLECULES17
52021Physicochemical characteristics of thermo-responsive gelatin membranes containing carboxymethyl chitosan and poly(N-isopropylacrylamide-co-acrylic acid)Huang, Yi-Cheng ; Lee, Chia-Tien; Don, Trong-MingJOURNAL OF POLYMER RESEARCH3
62020Synthesis and Characterization of Melatonin-Loaded Chitosan Microparticles Promote Differentiation and Mineralization in Preosteoblastic CellsHuang, Ren-Yeong; Hsiao, Po-Yan; Mau, Lian-Ping; Tsai, Yi-Wen Cathy; Cochran, David L.; Weng, Pei-Wei; Cheng, Wan-Chien; Chung, Chi-Hsiang; Huang, Yi-Cheng JOURNAL OF ORAL IMPLANTOLOGY3
72020Therapeutic effects of antibiotics loaded cellulose nanofiber and kappa-carrageenan oligosaccharide composite hydrogels for periodontitis treatmentJohnson, Athira; Kong, Fanbin; Miao, Song; Lin, Hong-Ting Victor ; Thomas, Sabu; Huang, Yi-Cheng ; Kong, Zwe-Ling SCI REP-UK29
82020Surfactin-Loaded kappa-Carrageenan Oligosaccharides Entangled Cellulose Nanofibers as a Versatile Vehicle Against Periodontal PathogensJohnson, Athira; He, Jia-Ling; Kong, Fanbin; Huang, Yi-Cheng ; Thomas, Sabu; Lin, Hong-Ting Victor ; Kong, Zwe-Ling INT J NANOMED4
92019Soluble eggshell membrane protein-loaded chitosan/fucoidan nanoparticles for treatment of defective intestinal epithelial cellsLee, Meng-Chen; Huang, Yi-Cheng INT J BIOL MACROMOL48
102019Effects of amylose content on starch-chitosan composite film and its application as a wound dressingWu, Wen-Ching; Hsiao, Po-Yuan; Huang, Yi-Cheng JOURNAL OF POLYMER RESEARCH16
112018EGFR-targeted photodynamic therapy by curcumin-encapsulated chitosan/TPP nanoparticlesTsai, Wen-Hsuan; Yu, Kun-Hua; Huang, Yi-Cheng ; Lee, Cheng-IINT J NANOMED66
122016Biphasic release of gentamicin from chitosan/fucoidan nanoparticles for pulmonary deliveryHuang, Yi-Cheng ; Li, Rou-Ying; Chen, Jiun-Yu; Chen, Jen-KunCARBOHYD POLYM62
132016O-carboxymethyl chitosan/fucoidan nanoparticles increase cellular curcumin uptakeHuang, Yi-Cheng ; Kuo, Tzu-HungFOOD HYDROCOLLOID92