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12024/5/1Quantitative microbial spoilage risk assessment of Aspergillus niger in white bread reveal that retail storage temperature and mold contamination during factory cooling are the main factors to influence spoilageChou, Kelvin; Liu, Jinxin; Lu, Xiaonan; Hsiao, Hsin-, I FOOD MICROBIOLOGY
22023Kinetic models applied to quality change and shelf-life prediction of fresh-cut pineapple in food cold chainLiao, Bo-Kai ; Goh, Ai Ping; Lio, Chong In; Hsiao, Hsin-, I FOOD CHEMISTRY
32023The Rapid Detection of Salmonella enterica, Listeria monocytogenes, and Staphylococcus aureus via Polymerase Chain Reaction Combined with Magnetic Beads and Capillary ElectrophoresisNdraha, Nodali; Lin, Hung-Yun ; Tsai, Shou-Kuan; Hsiao, Hsin-, I ; Lin, Han-Jia FOODS
42023Identification of postbaking mold contamination through onsite monitoring of baking factory environment: A case study of bakery company in TaiwanChou, Kelvin; Yan, Cheing-Tong; Hsiao, Hsin-, I FOOD CONTROL0
52022Vibrio parahaemolyticus in seafood: recent progress in understanding influential factors at harvest and food-safety intervention approachesNdraha, Nodali; Huang, Lihan; Wu, Vivian C. H.; Hsiao, Hsin-, I CURRENT OPINION IN FOOD SCIENCE3
62022Inhibition of individual and combination of cell free supernatants of phenyllactic acid, pediocin- and nisin-producing lactic acid bacteria against food pathogens and bread spoilage moldsSung, Wen-Chieh ; Lu, Szu-Hsaun; Chen, Yi-Chen; Pan, Chorng-Liang ; Hsiao, Hsin-, I JOURNAL OF FOOD SAFETY1
72022A climate-driven model for predicting the level of Vibrio parahaemolyticus in oysters harvested from Taiwanese farms using elastic net regularized regressionNdraha, Nodali; Hsiao, Hsin-, I MICROB RISK ANAL5
82022Dual bacterial strains TTI for monitoring fish quality in food cold chainLiu, Chia-Yu; Tsai, Guo-Jane ; Pan, Chorng-Liang ; Shang, Kuo-Chung ; Tseng, Hsiang-Jung; Chai, Huey-Jine; Hsiao, Hsin-, I JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE0
92022Predictive models for the growth of Salmonella spp., Listeria spp., and Escherichia coli in lettuce harvested on Taiwanese farmsNdraha, Nodali; Goh, Ai Ping; Gia Dieu Tran; Chen, Cheng-quan; Hsiao, Hsin-, I JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE1
102022Effect of Chitosan Incorporation on the Development of Acrylamide during Maillard Reaction in Fructose-Asparagine Model Solution and the Functional Characteristics of the ResultantsLin, Hong-Ting Victor ; Ting, Yen-Shu; Ndraha, Nodali; Hsiao, Hsin-, I ; Sung, Wen-Chieh POLYMERS1
112021Predictive models for the effect of environmental factors on the abundance of Vibrio parahaemolyticus in oyster farms in Taiwan using extreme gradient boostingNdraha, Nodali; Hsiao, Hsin-, I ; Hsieh, Yi-Zeng ; Pradhan, Abani K.FOOD CONTROL8
122021Applications of Nisin and EDTA in Food Packaging for Improving Fabricated Chitosan-Polylactate Plastic Film Performance and Fish Fillet PreservationChang, Shun-Hsien ; Chen, Ying-Ju; Tseng, Hsiang-Jung; Hsiao, Hsin-I ; Chai, Huey-Jine; Shang, Kuo-Chung ; Pan, Chorng-Liang ; Tsai, Guo-Jane MEMBRANES10
132021A pilot-scale evaluation of using gaseous chlorine dioxide for decontamination of foodborne pathogens on produce and low-moisture foodsTan, Jing Ni; Hwang, Cheng-An; Huang, Lihan; Wu, Vivian C. H.; Hsiao, Hsin-, I JOURNAL OF FOOD SAFETY3
142021Influence of climatic factors on the temporal occurrence and distribution of total and pathogenic Vibrio parahaemolyticus in oyster culture environments in TaiwanNdraha, Nodali; Hsiao, Hsin-, I FOOD MICROBIOL8
152021A traceability-support system to control safety and sustainability indicators in food distributionGallo, A.; Accorsi, R.; Goh, A.; Hsin-I Hsiao ; Manzini, R.FOOD CONTROL21
162021Production of Phenyllactic Acid from Porphyra Residues by Lactic Acid Bacterial FermentationHuang, Chung-Hsiung ; Chen, Wei-Chen; Gao, Yu-Huei; Hsiao, Hsin-, I ; Pan, Chorng-Liang PROCESSES5
172021Antibacterial Activity of Chitosan-Polylactate Fabricated Plastic Film and Its Application on the Preservation of Fish FilletChang, Shun-Hsien ; Chen, Ying-Ju; Tseng, Hsiang-Jung; Hsiao, Hsin-, I ; Chai, Huey-Jine; Shang, Kuo-Chung ; Pan, Chorng-Liang ; Tsai, Guo-Jane POLYMERS12
182021Food quality and safety risk diagnosis in the food cold chain through failure mode and effect analysisWu, Jhao-Yi; Hsiao, Hsin-, I FOOD CONTROL50
192020Synergistic antibacterial effect of nisin, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, and sulfite on native microflora of fresh white shrimp during ice storageLiang, Z. R.; Hsin-I Hsiao ; Jhang, D. J.Journal of Food Safety5
202020Managing the risk of Vibrio parahaemolyticus infections associated with oyster consumption: A reviewNdraha, Nodali; Wong, Hin-chung; Hsiao, Hsin-, I COMPR REV FOOD SCI F18
212020Incorporation of chia seed flour into gluten-free rice layer cake: Effects on nutritional quality and physicochemical propertiesWen-Chieh Sung ; Chiu, E. T.; Sun, A.; Hsin-I Hsiao Journal of Food Science8
222020In Situ Generation of Chlorine Dioxide for Decontamination of Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes, and Pathogenic Escherichia coli on Cantaloupes, Mung Beans, and Alfalfa SeedsTan, Jing Ni; Hwang, Cheng-An; Huang, Lihan; Wu, Vivian C. H.; Hsiao, Hsin-, I JOURNAL OF FOOD PROTECTION2
232020In Situ Generation of Chlorine Dioxide for Decontamination of Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes, and Pathogenic Escherichia coli on Cantaloupes, Mung Beans, and Alfalfa SeedsTan, J. N.; Hwang, C. A.; Huang, L. H.; Wu, V. C. H.; Hsin-I Hsiao Journal of Food Protection1
242019乳酸菌於攪拌培養與通氣攪拌培養中生產苯乳酸與細菌素之探討王庭玫; 鍾諭; 蔡國珍 ; 蔡慧君; 蕭心怡 ; 潘崇良 
252019熱處理之乳酸菌細菌素與苯乳酸對水產病原菌抗菌活性之探討王庭玫; 高宇慧; 蔡國珍 ; 蔡慧君; 蕭心怡 ; 潘崇良 
262019The risk assessment of Vibrio parahaemolyticus in raw oysters in Taiwan under the seasonal variations, time horizons, and climate scenariosNdraha, Nodali; Hsiao, Hsin-I FOOD CONTROL5
272019Effects of Dark Brown Sugar Replacing Sucrose and Calcium Carbonate, Chitosan, and Chitooligosaccharide Addition on Acrylamide and 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural Mitigation in Brown Sugar CookiesShyu, Y. S.; Fang, J. Y.; Wen-Chieh Sung ; Hsin-I Hsiao Processes1
282019Kinetic analysis and dynamic prediction of growth of vibrio parahaemolyticus in raw white shrimp at refrigerated and abuse temperaturesChen, Y. R.; Hwang, C. A.; Huang, L. H.; Wu, V. C. H.; Hsin-I Hsiao Food Control7
292019幾丁聚醣之抗菌活性及聚乳酸-幾丁聚醣薄膜之製備陳映如; 黃筱涵; 曾向榮; 潘崇良 ; 蔡慧君; 蕭心怡 ; 蔡國珍 
302019Quality function deployment modified for the food industry: An example of a granola barWang, T. Y.; Wen-Chieh Sung ; Hsin-I Hsiao Food Science & Nutrition0
312019Use of Predictive Modelling for Fish Quality Evaluation Under Temperature FluctuationsGia-Dieu Tran; Nodali Ndraha; Hsin-I Hsiao ; Guo-Jane Tsai ; Hsiang-Jung Tseng
322019Exposure Assessment and Sensitivity Analysis for Chilled Shrimp During Distribution: A Case Study of Home Delivery Services in TaiwanNdraha, N.; Hsin-I Hsiao Journal of Food Science0
332019Enhanced Device Performances of Blue-Emitting PLEDs Coupled with Silver-NanoicosahedronsChen, S. H.; Huang, C. L.; Cheng, B. H.; Ku, H. J.; Hsin-I Hsiao ; Kao, P. C.Particle & Particle Systems Characterization4
342019Evaluation of the cold chain management options to preserve the shelf life of frozen shrimps: A case study in the home delivery services in TaiwanNdraha, Nodali; Sung, Wen-Chieh ; Hsiao, Hsin-, I Journal of Food Engineering20
352018Time-temperature abuse in the food cold chain: Review of issues, challenges, and recommendationsNdraha, Nodali; Hsiao, Hsin-, I ; Vlajic, Jelena; Yang, Ming-Feng ; Lin, Hong-Ting Victor FOOD CONTROL147
362018The risk of Vibrio parahaemolyticus infections associated with consumption of raw oysters as affected by processing and distribution conditions in TaiwanHuang, Yen-Shan; Hwang, Cheng-An; Huang, Lihan; Wu, Vivian Chi-Hua; Hsiao, Hsin-I FOOD CONTROL18
372018The functional properties of chitosan-glucose-asparagine Maillard reaction products and mitigation of acrylamide formation by chitosansYu-Wei Chang ; Chou, Y. H.; Wen-Chieh Sung ; Hsin-I Hsiao Food Chemistry18
392017Developing a microbial time-temperature indicator to monitor total volatile basic nitrogen change in chilled vacuum-packed grouper filletsHsin-I Hsiao ; Chang, J. N.Journal of Food Processing and Preservation17
402017Comparative study of imported food control systems of Taiwan, Japan, the United States, and the European UnionNdraha, Nodali; Hsiao, Hsin-I ; Wang, Wayne Chung ChihFOOD CONTROL7
412017Deteriorating inventory model for ready-to-eat food under fuzzy environmentMeng-Ru Tu ; Tseng, W. C.; Ming-Feng Yang ; Hsin-I Hsiao International Journal of Logistics-Research and Applications4
422016Enhanced anti-inflammatory activity of brown seaweed Laminaria japonica by fermentation using Bacillus subtilisLin, Hong-Ting Victor ; Lu, Wen Jung; Tsai, Guo-Jane ; Chou, Chien-Te; Hsiao, Hsin-I ; Hwang, Pai-An PROCESS BIOCHEM29
432016Time-temperature transparency in the cold chainHsiao, Hsin-I ; Huang, Kuan-LinFOOD CONTROL28
442016Impacts of Climatic Variability on Vibrio parahaemolyticus Outbreaks in TaiwanHsin-I Hsiao ; Chi, H. J.; Man-ser Jan International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
452011Logistics outsourcing by Taiwanese and Dutch food processing industriesHsin-I Hsiao ; Kemp, R. G. M.; van der Vorst, Jgaj; Omta, S. W. F.British Food Journal10
462010A classification of logistic outsourcing levels and their impact on service performance: Evidence from the food processing industryHsin-I Hsiao ; Kemp, R. G. M.; van der Vorst, Jgaj; Omta, S. W. F.International Journal of Production Economics101