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12023/12/1Research on the Collision Risk of Ships off Keelung Based on AIS DataChen, Shih-Tzung ; Yang, Ming-Feng ; Kao, Sheng-Long ; Tu, Mengru; Kuo, Jun -Yuan; Chao, Yen-Ting; Hsu, Huang-KaiJOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
32020An approach of identifying the common human and organisational factors (HOFs) among a group of marine accidents using GRA and HFACS-MAChen, Shih-Tzung J TRANSP SAF SECUR6
42019An Approach of Identifying the Common Human Factors Between Marine Casualties Using HFACS-MAShih-Tzung Chen ; 王授彥運輸學刊
52017海難事故肇因關鍵性分析技術之研究陳世宗 ; 周毓欣
62013A Human and Organisational Factors (HOFs) analysis method for marine casualties using HFACS-Maritime Accidents (HFACS-MA)Shih-Tzung Chen ; Wall, A.; Davies, P.; Yang, Z. L.; Wang, J.; Chou, Y. H.Safety Science