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12023Structural Variants and Ultralow Detection Ability for Tryptamine in Two Polymorphs of a Zincophosphite FrameworkYin, Mu-Chien; Wei, Pi-Chen; Li, Ying; Hsu, Todd ; Jian, Jia-Yi; Chang, Kai-Chi ; Lu, Ching-Ping ; Tu, Hsiung-Lin; Wang, Chih-Min INORGANIC CHEMISTRY
22022Genuine Pores in a Stable Zinc Phosphite for High H-2 Adsorption and CO2 CaptureChen, Ju-Ying; Chen, Sheng-Yu; Chen, Wei-Ting; Yin, Mu-Chien; Wang, Chih-Min CHEM-EUR J5
32022Uncommon 3D Twofold Interpenetrated Zinc Phosphate Consisting of Inorganic Chains and Mixed Ligands for Highly Efficient Dye Removal Ability Using Its Nanosized Particles brLi, Jia-Rong; Yin, Mu-Chien; Li, Ying; Wang, Chih-Min INORGANIC CHEMISTRY1
42022Hetero-interpenetrating porous coordination polymersChang, Kai-Chi ; Lee, Li-Wei; Lin, Hsiu-Mei ; Yen, Chih-Feng; Wang, Chih-Min ; Wu, Jing-YunDALTON TRANSACTIONS1
52021A Cd(II) Luminescent Coordination Grid as a Multiresponsive Fluorescence Sensor for Cr(VI) Oxyanions and Cr(III), Fe(III), and Al(III) in Aqueous MediumLiao, Kuo-Shun; Tsai, Meng-Jung; Hsu, Li-Jen; Wang, Chih-Min ; Wu, Jing-YunMOLECULES1
62021Stable Crystalline Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Indium Phosphate with Dye Removal and Ractopamine Detection ApplicationsWang, Chu; Li, Jia-Rong; Li, Ying; Tu, Hsiung-Lin; Tzou, Der-Lii M.; Wang, Chih-Min INORGANIC CHEMISTRY8
72021Curcumin-loaded mesoporous silica nanoparticles with dual-imaging and temperature control inhibits the infection of Zika virusLo, Tzu-Hsuan; Wu, Zhi-Yuan; Chen, Shiow-Yi ; Meng, Fan-Yi; Chou, Pi-Tai; Wang, Chih-Min ; Lin, Hsiu-Mei MICROPOR MESOPOR MAT7
82020Highly Sensitive Detection of Mercury Ions Using Zincophosphite Framework Nanoparticle-Polyaniline CompositesLi, Ying; Xie, Ji-Fang; Chang, Chiao-Chun; Wang, Chih-Min ; Tu, Hsiung-LinACS APPLIED NANO MATERIALS21
92020A thio-functionalized zinc phosphite with a large-channel framework and enhanced removal ability of mercury ion from aqueous solutionsHsieh, Jui; Chen, Ju-Ying; Li, Han-Ying; Liu, Hsin-Kuan; Tu, Hsiung-Lin; Wang, Chih-Min DALTON TRANSACTIONS5
102020Angular-insensitive optical filtering based on meta-GMRChih-Ming Wang ; Yu, C. Y.; Lin, S. F.; Hsu, C. L.Optics Express2
112020Zinc(II)-Organic Framework Films with Thermochromic and Solvatochromic ApplicationsLee, Li-Wei; Chi, Heng-Yu; Kao, Ya-Chuan; Hung, Ting-Hsiang; Chiou, Da-Shivan; Lee, Gene-Hsiang; Peng, Shie-Ming; Kang, Dun-Yen; Wang, Chih-Min ; Lu, Kuang-LiehCHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL11
122020Influence of electrode materials on molybdenum oxide/n-Si photodetectorsLin, Y. J.; Chen, Y. C.; Liu, T. H.; Lin, C. C.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Hsu, Y. K.; Chen, M. H.; Lin, C. H.Journal of Physics D-Applied Physics0
132020Electrochromic Properties of Li- Doped NiO Films Prepared by RF Magnetron SputteringChang, J. Y.; Chen, Y. C.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Chen, Y. W.Coatings10
142019Aging-induced Akt activation involves in aging-related pathologies and A beta-induced toxicityChen, Y. R.; Li, Y. H.; Hsieh, T. C.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Cheng, K. C.; Wang, L.; Lin, T. Y.; Cheung, C. H. A.; Wu, C. L.; Chiang, H. C.Aging Cell14
152019An Unprecedented Interpenetrating Structure Built from Two Differently Bonded Frameworks: Synthesis, Characteristics, and Efficient Removal of Anionic Dyes from Aqueous SolutionsWang, Chih-Ling; Hsieh, Jui; Lee, Li-Wei; Wu, Jing-Yun; Hsiao, Pu-Yen; Chu, Jean-Ho; Wang, Chih-Min CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL8
162019Efficiency evaluation of a hybrid miniaturized concentrated photovoltaic for harvesting direct/diffused solar lightTsao, W. C.; Zeng, Q. C.; Yeh, Y. H.; Tsai, C. H.; Hong, H. F.; Chen, C. Y.; Lin, T. Y.; Huang, Y. Y.; Tsao, C. W.; Pan, J. W.; Chih-Ming Wang Journal of Optics2
172019Electrochromic Properties of Lithium-Doped Tungsten Oxide Prepared by Electron Beam EvaporationChang, J. Y.; Chen, Y. C.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Wang, W. N.; Wen, C. Y.; Lin, J. M.Coatings5
182019Rare metal-ion metathesis of a tetrahedral Zn(ii) core of a noncentrosymmetric (3,4)-connected 3D MOFLee, Li-Wei; Kao, Ya-Chuan; Chung, Mei-Ying; Chang, Bor-Chen; Lee, Gene-Hsiang; Peng, Shie-Ming; Wang, Chih-Min ; Liu, Yen-Hsiang; Lee, Sheng-Long; Lu, Kuang-LiehDALTON TRANSACTIONS5
192019Exceptional Low Dielectric Behavior of Chemically Robust, Guest-Free Co- and Mn-Based Coordination PolymersKao, Y. C.; Mendiratta, S.; Usman, M.; Wen, Y. S.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Zhao, L.; Wu, M. K.; Lu, K. L.Chemelectrochem4
202019Second Harmonic Light Manipulation with Vertical Split Ring ResonatorsTsai, W. Y.; Chung, T. L.; Hsiao, H. H.; Chen, J. W.; Lin, R. J.; Wu, P. C.; Sun, G.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Misawa, H.; Tsai, D. P.Advanced Materials61
212018Global solution of achromatic Total Internal Reflection prism in projection systemPan, J. W.; Li, J. S.; Chih-Ming Wang Optics Communications4
222018Composite electrodes of WO3 coating on mesocarbon microbeads of a supercapacitorWen, C. Y.; Chen, Y. C.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Chen, C. H.; Lin, S. Y.Microsystem Technologies-Micro-and Nanosystems-Information Storage and Processing Systems4
232018A Highly Stable Framework of Crystalline Zinc Phosphite with Selective Removal, Recovery, and Turn-On Sensing Abilities for Mercury Cations in Aqueous SolutionsWang, Chih-Min ; Lin, Yong-Jie; Pan, Ming-Feng; Su, Cheng-Kuan; Lin, Tai-Yuan CHEM-EUR J22
242018Visible Metasurfaces for On-Chip PolarimetryWu, P. C.; Chen, J. W.; Yin, C. W.; Lai, Y. C.; Chung, T. L.; Liao, C. Y.; Chen, B. H.; Lee, K. W.; Chuang, C. J.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Tsai, D. P.Acs Photonics97
252018Passive temperature control based on a phase change metasurfaceWu, S. R.; Lai, K. L.; Chih-Ming Wang Scientific Reports62
262018Properties of a gel polymer electrolyte based on lithium salt with poly(vinyl butyral)Wen, C. Y.; Chen, Y. C.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Peng, C. H.; Lin, S. Y.; Huang, K. Y.Ionics3
272018Visual detection of cyanide ions by membrane-based nanozyme assayLien, Chia-Wen; Unnikrishnan, Binesh; Harroun, Scott G.; Wang, Chih-Min ; Chang, Jia-Yaw; Chang, Huan-Tsung; Huang, Chih-Ching BIOSENS BIOELECTRON44
282018Platinum(II)-directed Self-assembly Loop Complexes for Anion Recognition and SensingKai-Chi Chang ; Chen, C. Y.; Lin, T. P.; Ku, P. J.; Chen, C. L.; Tseng, M. C.; Singh, A. S.; Sun, S. S.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Hsiu-Mei Lin Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society2
292017Estimating and Correcting the Device-Under-Test Transfer Function in Loaded Reverberation Chambers for Over-the-Air TestsRemley, K. A.; Pirkl, R. J.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Senic, D.; Homer, A. C.; North, M. V.; Becker, M. G.; Horansky, R. D.; Holloway, C. L.Ieee Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility19
302017Gate-opening upon CO2 adsorption on a metal-organic framework that mimics a natural stimuli-response systemTseng, T. W.; Lee, L. W.; Luo, T. T.; Chien, P. H.; Liu, Y. H.; Lee, S. L.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Lu, K. L.DALTON T14
312017Improved Antenna Efficiency Measurement Uncertainty in a Reverberation Chamber at Millimeter-Wave FrequenciesSenic, D.; Williams, D. F.; Remley, K. A.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Holloway, C. L.; Yang, Z. C.; Warnick, K. F.Ieee Transactions on Antennas and Propagation16
322017Material-assisted metamaterial: a new dimension to create functional metamaterialTsai, W. Y.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Chen, C. F.; Wu, P. C.; Chen, Y. H.; Chen, T. Y.; Wu, P. R.; Chen, J. W.; Tsai, D. P.Scientific Reports8
332016Quasi-coherent thermal radiation with multiple resonant plasmonic cavitiesLiao, C. Y.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Cheng, B. H.; Chen, Y. H.; Tsai, W. Y.; Feng, D. Y.; Yeh, T. T.; Yen, T. J.; Tsai, D. P.Applied Physics Letters8
342016Characterization of Transition-Metal Oxide Deposition on Carbon Electrodes of a SupercapacitorChen, Y. C.; Wen, C. Y.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Ho, C. W.; Lin, S. Y.; Chen, Y. L.Applied Sciences-Basel10
352016Conversion of Biowaste Asian Hard Clam (Meretrix lusoria) Shells into White-Emitting Phosphors for Use in Neutral White LEDsChang, Tsung-Yuan; Wang, Chih-Min ; Lin, Tai-Yuan ; Lin, Hsiu-Mei MATERIALS3
362016Use of Absorption Cross Section to Predict Coherence Bandwidth and Other Characteristics of a Reverberation Chamber Setup for Wireless-System TestsDortmans, J. N. H.; Remley, K. A.; Senic, D.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Holloway, C. L.Ieee Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility8
372016Lambertian thermal emitter based on plasmonic enhanced absorptionChih-Ming Wang ; Tsai, D. P.Optics Express7
382016Estimating and Reducing Uncertainty in Reverberation-Chamber Characterization at Millimeter-Wave FrequenciesSenic, D.; Remley, K. A.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Williams, D. F.; Holloway, C. L.; Ribeiro, D. C.; Kirk, A. T.Ieee Transactions on Antennas and Propagation17
392016Anomalous reflection from metasurfaces with gradient phase distribution below 2 piHo, Y. Z.; Cheng, B. H.; Hsu, W. L.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Tsai, D. P.Applied Physics Express14
402016A Significance Test for Reverberation-Chamber Measurement Uncertainty in Total Radiated Power of Wireless DevicesRemley, K. A.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Williams, D. F.; aan den Toorn, J. J.; Holloway, C. L.Ieee Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility45
412016Cash flow at risk and risk management in bulk shipping company: Case of capesize bulk carrierHan, T. C.; Chou, C. C.; Chih-Ming Wang Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part M-Journal of Engineering for the Maritime Environment3
422016A 0.5 nJ/Pixel 4 K H.265/HEVC Codec LSI for Multi-Format Smartphone ApplicationsJu, C. C.; Liu, T. M.; Lee, K. B.; Chang, Y. C.; Chou, H. L.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Wu, T. H.; Lin, H. M.; Huang, Y. H.; Cheng, C. Y.; Lin, T. A.; Chen, C. C.; Lin, Y. K.; Chiu, M. H.; Li, W. C.; Wang, S. J.; Lai, Y. C.; Chao, P.; Chien, C. D.; Hu, M. J.; Wang, P. H.; Huang, Y. C.; Chuang, S. H.; Chen, L. F.; Lin, H. Y.; Wu, M. L.; Chen, C. H.Ieee Journal of Solid-State Circuits21
432016Optically reconfigurable metasurfaces and photonic devices based on phase change materialsWang, Q.; Rogers, E. T. F.; Gholipour, B.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Yuan, G. H.; Teng, J. H.; Zheludev, N. I.Nature Photonics800
442016Visible light active photocatalyst from recycled disposable heating padsLee, M. C.; Wang, C. Y.; Chen, C. C.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Hsiao, T. C.; Tsai, D. P.Journal of Nanophotonics1
452016Antireflection with graphene oxideChen, L. C.; Yu, C. T.; Peng, Y. C.; Hung, J. J.; Chang, H. M.; Tzeng, S. D.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Lin, C. C.; Lin, C. H.Optical Materials Express7
462015Graphene oxide as the passivation layer for CuxO photocatalyst on a plasmonic Au film and the corresponding photoluminescence studyChang, Y. H.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Hsu, Y. K.; Pai, Y. H.; Lin, J. Y.; Lin, C. H.Optics Express5
472015Proximity-effect test for lossy wireless-device measurements in reverberation chambersAan Den Toorn, J.; Remley, K. A.; Holloway, C. L.; Ladbury, J. M.; Chih-Ming Wang Iet Science Measurement & Technology14
482015Millimeter-Wave Modulated-Signal and Error-Vector-Magnitude Measurement With UncertaintyRemley, K. A.; Williams, D. F.; Hale, P. D.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Jargon, J.; Park, Y.Ieee Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques53
492015Aluminum Plasmonic Multicolor Meta-HologramHuang, Y. W.; Chen, W. T.; Tsai, W. Y.; Wu, P. C.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Sun, G.; Tsai, D. P.Nano Letters433
512014Effect of Deposition Temperature on the Electrochromic Properties of Electron Beam-Evaporated WO3 Thin FilmsChih-Ming Wang ; Wen, C. Y.; Chen, Y. C.; Kao, K. S.; Cheng, D. L.; Peng, C. H.Integrated Ferroelectrics6
522014Dielectric function dependence on temperature for Au and AgChen, Y. J.; Lee, M. C.; Chih-Ming Wang Japanese Journal of Applied Physics16
532014Photocorrosion of plasmonic enhanced CuxO photocatalystChih-Ming Wang ; Wang, C. Y.Journal of Nanophotonics14
542014Optical properties of InGaN/GaN multiquantum wells light-emitting diode with one-dimensional Au nanoparticle gratingTu, S. H.; Ruan, D. G.; Tzeng, S. D.; Ni, I. C.; Chih-Ming Wang Journal of Nanophotonics0
552014A Polarization Control System for Intensity-Resolved Guided Mode Resonance SensorsLin, S. F.; Chang, F. C.; Chen, Z. H.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Yang, T. H.; Chen, W. Y.; Chang, J. Y.Sensors11
562014High-Efficiency Broadband Meta-Hologram with Polarization-Controlled Dual ImagesChen, W. T.; Yang, K. Y.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Huang, Y. W.; Sun, G.; Chiang, I. D.; Liao, C. Y.; Hsu, W. L.; Lin, H. T.; Sun, S.; Zhou, L.; Liu, A. Q.; Tsai, D. P.Nano Letters592
572014Omnidirectional thermal emitter based on plasmonic nanoantenna arraysChih-Ming Wang ; Feng, D. Y.Optics Express11
582013Uncertainty From Choice of Mode-Stirring Technique in Reverberation-Chamber MeasurementsRemley, K. A.; Pirkl, R. J.; Shah, H. A.; Chih-Ming Wang Ieee Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility26
592013Efficiency Improvement of HIT Solar Cells on p-Type Si WafersWei, C. Y.; Lin, C. H.; Hsiao, H. T.; Yang, P. C.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Pan, Y. C.Materials13
60201312.5-Gb/s HIGHLY FLEXIBLE 180 degrees POLYMER WAVEGUIDE ON OPTICAL AND ELECTRONIC PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDTsou, C. Y.; Hsu, S. H.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Tseng, S. C.Microwave and Optical Technology Letters0
612013Free-Space Plasmonic Filter with Dual-Resonance Wavelength Using Asymmetric T-Shaped Metallic ArrayChih-Ming Wang ; Yu, C. J.Plasmonics9
622013Plasmonic Infrared Bandstop Reflective FilterChih-Ming Wang ; Tsai, D. P.Ieee Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics8
632013Surface Plasmon assisted CuxO photocatalyst for pure water splittingKung, W. T.; Pai, Y. H.; Hsu, Y. K.; Lin, C. H.; Chih-Ming Wang Optics Express14
642013A model for fast predicting and optimizing the sensitivity of surface-relief guided mode resonance sensorsLin, S. F.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Tsai, Y. L.; Ding, T. J.; Yang, T. H.; Chen, W. Y.; Yeh, S. F.; Chang, J. Y.Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical27
652012High-Efficiency Broadband Anomalous Reflection by Gradient Meta-SurfacesSun, S. L.; Yang, K. Y.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Juan, T. K.; Chen, W. T.; Liao, C. Y.; He, Q.; Xiao, S. Y.; Kung, W. T.; Guo, G. Y.; Zhou, L.; Tsai, D. P.Nano Letters954
662012AN EFFICIENT DATA REPLICATION METHOD FOR PARALLEL DOWNLOADChih-Ming Wang ; Chiang, M. C.; Yang, C. S.; Tsai, C. W.International Journal of Innovative Computing Information and Control
672012Polarization dependent light extraction of a GaN light emitting diode using dark field angle-resolved photoluminescence spectrometryChih-Ming Wang ; Tu, S. H.; Juan, T. K.; Lin, S. F.; Chang, J. Y.Optics Express5
682012A Study of Hydrophobic Electrospun Membrane Applied in Seawater Desalination by Membrane DistillationSu, C. I.; Shih, J. H.; Huang, M. S.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Shih, W. C.; Liu, Y. S.Fibers and Polymers48
692012Sensitive metal layer assisted guided mode resonance biosensor with a spectrum inversed response and strong asymmetric resonance field distributionLin, S. F.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Ding, T. J.; Tsai, Y. L.; Yang, T. H.; Chen, W. Y.; Chang, J. Y.Optics Express36
702012PAN-based Carbon Nanofiber Absorbents Prepared Using ElectrospinningSu, C. I.; Huang, Y. X.; Wong, J. W.; Lu, C. H.; Chih-Ming Wang Fibers and Polymers23
712012Transmissive color filtering using plasmonic multilayer structureYu, C. J.; Liang, Y. P.; Hong, H. F.; Chih-Ming Wang Optical Engineering
722012Study of MoO3-NiO complementary electrochromic devices using a gel polymer electrolyteLin, S. Y.; Chen, Y. C.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Wen, C. Y.; Shih, T. Y.Solid State Ionics25
732012Effect of Activator on Characteristics of Carbon Fiber AbsorbentsSu, C. I.; Peng, C. C.; Lu, C. H.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Shih, W. C.Polymer-Plastics Technology and Engineering3
742011High concentration and homogenized Fresnel lens without secondary optics elementPan, J. W.; Huang, J. Y.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Hong, H. F.; Liang, Y. P.Optics Communications
752011AIDED CONTENTS SUPPORTING SERVICE FOR E-LEARNING SYSTEMSChih-Ming Wang ; Chiang, M. C.; Yang, C. S.; Tsai, C. W.International Journal of Innovative Computing Information and Control
762011Angle-independent plasmonic infrared band-stop reflective filter based on the Ag/SiO2/Ag T-shaped arrayCheng, C. W.; Abbas, M. N.; Chang, Z. C.; Shih, M. H.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Wu, M. C.; Chang, Y. C.Optics Letters
772011Optical and structural characteristics of yttrium doped ZnO films using sol-gel technologyHsieh, P. T.; Chuang, R. W. K.; Chang, C. Q.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Chang, S. J.Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology
782011Synthesis and Characterization of Highly Soluble Two-Photon-Absorbing Chromophores with Multi-Branched and Dendritic ArchitecturesLin, T. C.; Lin, W. L.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Fu, C. W.European Journal of Organic Chemistry
792011Esterification of lactic acid over TiO2-ZrO2 catalystsLi, K. T.; Wang, C. K.; Wang, I.; Chih-Ming Wang Applied Catalysis a-General
802011Three-Terminal Amorphous Silicon Solar CellsTai, C. H.; Lin, C. H.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Lin, C. C.International Journal of Photoenergy3
812010Optical properties of light emitting diodes with a cascading plasmonic gratingChih-Ming Wang ; Tsai, Y. L.; Tu, S. H.; Lee, C. C.; Kuo, C. H.; Chang, J. Y.Optics Express2
822010Enhancing the resonance quality factor in membrane-type resonant grating waveguidesTsai, Y. L.; Chang, J. Y.; Wu, M. L.; Tu, Z. R.; Lee, C. C.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Hsu, C. L.Optics Letters
832010Identifying RF Identification Cards From Measurements of Resonance and Carrier HarmonicsRomero, H. P.; Remley, K. A.; Williams, D. F.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Brown, T. X.Ieee Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques
842010Functional imprinting structures on GaN-based light-emitting diodes for light pattern modulation and light extraction efficiency enhancementTu, S. H.; Wu, S. Y.; Lee, Y. C.; Pan, J. W.; Kuo, C. H.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Chang, J. Y.Optical Review5
852010Effects of the annealing environment on green luminescence of ZnO thin filmsHsieh, P. T.; Chin, H. S.; Chang, P. K.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Chen, Y. C.; Houng, M. P.Physica B-Condensed Matter18
862010Integration of Non-Lambertian LED and Reflective Optical Element as Efficient Street LampPan, J. W.; Tu, S. H.; Sun, W. S.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Chang, J. Y.Optics Express15
872010Single stage transmission type broadband solar concentratorChih-Ming Wang ; Huang, H. I.; Pan, J. W.; Kuo, H. Z.; Hong, H. F.; Shin, H. Y.; Chang, J. Y.Optics Express12
882010Promoter effect of vanadia on Co/Mo/Al2O3 catalyst for deep hydrodesulfurization via the hydrogenation reaction pathwayChen, T. M.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Wang, I.; Tsai, T. C.Journal of Catalysis31
892010Spatial distribution of absorption in plasmonic thin film solar cellsChao, C. C.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Chang, J. Y.Optics Express18
902010Impedance-Matching Surface Plasmon Absorber for FDTD SimulationsChao, C. C.; Tu, S. H.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Huang, H. I.; Chen, C. C.; Chang, J. Y.Plasmonics7
912010Microstructural and electrical properties of CaTiO3-CaCu3Ti4O12 ceramicsChih-Ming Wang ; Lin, S. Y.; Kao, K. S.; Chen, Y. C.; Weng, S. C.Journal of Alloys and Compounds38
922010Electrochromic properties of MoO3 thin films derived by a sol-gel processLin, S. Y.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Kao, K. S.; Chen, Y. C.; Liu, C. C.Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology77
932009Monolithic integration of elliptic-symmetry diffractive optical element on silicon-based 45 degrees micro-reflectorLan, H. C.; Hsiao, H. L.; Chang, C. C.; Hsu, C. H.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Wu, M. L.Optics Express20
942009A novel gel polymer electrolyte based on lithium salt with an ethyl celluloseLin, S. Y.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Hsieh, P. T.; Chen, Y. C.; Liu, C. C.; Shih, S. C.Colloid and Polymer Science10
952009Transparence and electrical properties of ZnO-based multilayer electrodeKao, K. S.; Chang, S. H.; Hsieh, P. T.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Cheng, D. L.Applied Physics a-Materials Science & Processing5
962009T-shaped plasmonic array as a narrow-band thermal emitter or biosensorChih-Ming Wang ; Chang, Y. C.; Abbas, M. N.; Shih, M. H.; Tsai, D. P.Optics Express45
972009Electromagnetic Measurements for Counterfeit Detection of Radio Frequency Identification CardsRomero, H. P.; Remley, K. A.; Williams, D. F.; Chih-Ming Wang Ieee Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques24
982009Plasmonic multilayer structure for ultrathin amorphous silicon film photovoltaic cellChao, C. C.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Chang, Y. C.; Chang, J. Y.Optical Review9
992009New collection systems for multi LED light enginesTu, S. H.; Pan, J. W.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Lee, Y. C.; Chang, J. Y.Optical Review5
1002009Spatial filtering by using cascading plasmonic gratingsChih-Ming Wang ; Chang, Y. C.; Tsai, D. P.Optics Express5
1012009Deep hydrodesulfurization over Co/Mo catalysts supported on oxides containing vanadiumChih-Ming Wang ; Tsai, T. C.; Wang, I.Journal of Catalysis34
1022009Effect of Rapid Thermal Annealing on Sputtered CaCu3Ti4O12 Thin FilmsLin, S. Y.; Chen, Y. C.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Kao, K. S.; Chan, C. Y.Journal of Electronic Materials11
1032009Post-annealing effect upon optical properties of electron beam evaporated molybdenum oxide thin filmsLin, S. Y.; Chen, Y. C.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Hsieh, P. T.; Shih, S. C.Applied Surface Science66
1042008Effect of heat treatment on electrochromic properties of TiO2 thin filmsLin, S. Y.; Chen, Y. C.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Liu, C. C.Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry20
1052008Transmission Enhancement through Single Slit Embedded in Plasmonic Multilayer StructureChih-Ming Wang ; Chao, C. C.; Huang, H. I.; Chang, Y. C.; Tsai, D. P.; Chang, J. Y.Japanese Journal of Applied Physics0
1062008High efficiency pocket-size projector with a compact projection lens and a light emitting diode-based light source systemPan, J. W.; Tu, S. H.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Chang, J. Y.Applied Optics48
1072008Electrochromic properties of TiO2 thin films prepared by chemical solution deposition methodChih-Ming Wang ; Lin, S. Y.; Chen, Y. C.Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids25
1082008Structural and luminescent characteristics of non-stoichiometric ZnO films by various sputtering and annealing temperaturesHsieh, P. T.; Chen, Y. C.; Kao, K. S.; Chih-Ming Wang Physica B-Condensed Matter26
1092007Reflection and emission properties of an infrared emitterChih-Ming Wang ; Chang, Y. C.; Tsai, M. W.; Ye, Y. H.; Chen, C. Y.; Jiang, Y. W.; Chang, Y. T.; Lee, S. C.; Tsai, D. P.Optics Express51
1102007Homogenized LED-illumination using microlens arrays for a pocket-sized projectorPan, J. W.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Lan, H. C.; Sun, W. S.; Chang, J. Y.Optics Express88
1112007Design of wide-angle low-loss waveguide bends using phase-compensated effective microprismWu, M. L.; Lan, H. C.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Chang, J. Y.Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Part 1-Regular Papers Brief Communications & Review Papers2
1122007Portable digital micromirror device projector using a prismPan, J. W.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Sun, W. S.; Chang, J. Y.Applied Optics24
1132006Silicon-based and suspended-membrane-type guided-mode resonance filters with a spectrum-modifying layer designWu, M. L.; Hsu, C. L.; Liu, Y. C.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Chang, J. Y.Optics Letters15
1142006Hybrid grism-lens device for diffraction grating demultiplexersLan, H. C.; Cheng, C. C.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Wu, M. J.; Chang, J. Y.Optical Engineering1
1152006Fabrication and tolerance reduction of a Si-based pickup module for optical storageLee, C. C.; Chih-Ming Wang ; Huang, S. K.; Chang, J. Y.; Chi, G. C.; Hsu, S. C.; Liu, C. Y.Optical Engineering0