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12021Wind Features Extracted from Weather Simulations for Wind-Wave Prediction Using High-Resolution Neural NetworksChih-Chiang Wei Artificial Intelligence in Marine Science and Engineering0
22021Forecasting of Typhoon-Induced Wind-Wave by Using Convolutional Deep Learning on Fused Data of Remote Sensing and Ground MeasurementsWei, Chih-Chiang ; Chang, Hao-ChunSENSORS-BASEL6
32021Modular Neural Networks with Fully Convolutional Networks for Typhoon-Induced Short-Term Rainfall PredictionsWei, Chih-Chiang ; Huang, Tzu-HengSENSORS6
42021Real-Time Rainfall Forecasts Based on Radar Reflectivity during Typhoons: Case Study in Southeastern TaiwanWei, Chih-Chiang ; Hsu, Chen-ChiaSENSORS3
52021Collapse Warning System Using LSTM Neural Networks For Construction Disaster Prevention In Extreme Wind WeatherWei, Chih-Chiang J CIV ENG MANAG0
62020Comparison of river basin water level forecasting methods: sequential neural networks and multiple-input functional neural networksChih-Chiang Wei Remote Sensing
72020Typhoon Quantitative Rainfall Prediction from Big Data Analytics by Using the Apache Hadoop Spark Parallel Computing FrameworkChih-Chiang Wei ; Tzu-Hao ChouAtmosphere
82020Development of Stacked Long Short-Term Memory Neural Networks with Numerical Solutions for Wind Velocity PredictionsChih-Chiang Wei Advances in Meteorology
92020Real-time Extreme Rainfall Evaluation System for the Construction Industry Using Deep Convolutional Neural NetworksChih-Chiang Wei Water Resources Management
102020Extreme Gradient Boosting Model for Rain Retrieval using Radar Reflectivity from Various Elevation AnglesWei, Chih-Chiang ; Hsu, Chen-ChiaREMOTE SENS-BASEL7
112020Estimation of Hourly Rainfall during Typhoons Using Radar Mosaic-Based Convolutional Neural NetworksWei, Chih-Chiang ; Hsieh, Po-YuREMOTE SENS-BASEL13
122020Nearshore two-step typhoon wind-wave prediction using deep recurrent neural networksWei, Chih-Chiang ; Cheng, Ju-YuehJ HYDROINFORM10
132019Study on Wind Simulations Using Deep Learning Techniques during Typhoons: A Case Study of Northern TaiwanChih-Chiang Wei Atmosphere
142019Evaluation of Photovoltaic Power Generation by Using Deep Learning in Solar Panels Installed in BuildingsWei, Chih-Chiang ENERGIES6
152019風力作用下船舶纜繩受力模式建置蔡立宏; 洪維屏; 吳南靖 ; 魏志強 ; 蔡加正; 吳冠德港灣季刊
162018Using Adjacent Buoy Information to Predict Wave Heights of Typhoons Offshore of Northeastern TaiwanChih-Chiang Wei ; Hsieh, C. J.Water
172018Regional forecasting of wind speeds during typhoon landfall in Taiwan: a case study of westward-moving typhoonsChih-Chiang Wei Atmosphere
182018Regional Forecasting of Wind Speeds during Typhoon Landfall in Taiwan: A Case Study of Westward-Moving TyphoonsWei, Chih-Chiang ; Peng, Po-Chun; Tsai, Cheng-Han ; Huang, Chien-LinATMOSPHERE-BASEL9
192018Artificial Neural Network for Forecasting Wave Heights along a Ship's Route during HurricanesChia-Cheng Tsai ; Chih-Chiang Wei ; Tien-Hung Hou; Tai-Wen Hsu Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Engineering16
202018Nearshore Wave Predictions Using Data Mining Techniques during Typhoons: A Case Study near Taiwan's Northeastern CoastWei, Chih-Chiang ENERGIES15
212017類神經網路預測近岸任意點颱風風浪之研究謝家榮; 魏志強 ; 張人懿
222017Trade-off analysis of discharge-desiltation-turbidity and ANN analysis on sedimentation of a combined reservoir-reach system under multi-phase and multi-layer conjunctive releasing operationHuang, Chien-Lin; Hsu, Nien-Sheng; Wei, Chih-Chiang ; Yao, Chun-HaoJ HYDROL1
232017Predictions of Surface Solar Radiation on Tilted Solar Panels using Machine Learning Models: A Case Study of Tainan City, TaiwanWei, Chih-Chiang ENERGIES23
242017Examining El Nino-Southern Oscillation Effects in the Subtropical Zone to Forecast Long-Distance Total Rainfall from Typhoons: A Case Study in TaiwanWei, Chih-Chiang J ATMOS OCEAN TECH10
252017Conceptual weather environmental forecasting system for identifying potential failure of under-construction structures during typhoonsWei, Chih-Chiang J WIND ENG IND AEROD15
262017Risk Analysis of Reservoir Operations Considering Short-Term Flood Control and Long-Term Water Supply: A Case Study for the Da-Han Creek Basin in TaiwanCheng, Wen-Ming; Huang, Chien-Lin; Hsu, Nien-Sheng; Wei, Chih-Chiang WATER-SUI16
272017結合數值統計模式預測近岸颱風風浪之研究魏志強 ; 張人懿; 謝家榮
282017應用機器學習法於颱風風浪分類之研究許振嘉; 魏志強 
292017Machine learning algorithms for predicting typhoon-induced wave heightsChih-Chiang Wei 
302017Typhoon long-distance total rainfall forecast considering El Niño–Southern Oscillation effects in the subtropical zoneChih-Chiang Wei 
312017Comparison of methods for non-stationary hydrologic frequency analysis: Case study using annual maximum daily precipitation in TaiwanChen, Po-Chun; Wang, Yuan-Heng; You, Gene Jiing-Yun; Wei, Chih-Chiang J HYDROL35
322016Comparing single- and two-segment statistical models with a conceptual rainfall-runoff model for river streamflow prediction during typhoonsWei, Chih-Chiang ENVIRON MODELL SOFTW9
332016颱風期間臺灣東北部近岸波浪預測之研究謝家榮; 魏志強 
342016Prediction of Influential Operational Compost Parameters for Monitoring Composting ProcessLin, Chitsan; Wei, Chih-Chiang ; Tsai, Chia-Cheng ENVIRON ENG SCI11
352016Development of typhoon rainfall forecast model using satellite dataChih-Chiang Wei 
372016Rainfall-Runoff Prediction Using Dynamic Typhoon Information and Surface Weather Characteristic Considering Monsoon EffectsChih-Chiang Wei ; Nien-Sheng Hsu; Chien-Lin HuangWater Resources Management
382015Coupled Heuristic Prediction of Long Lead-Time Accumulated Total Inflow of a Reservoir during Typhoons Using Deterministic Recurrent and Fuzzy Inference-Based Neural NetworkChien-Lin Huang; Nien-Sheng Hsu; Chih-Chiang Wei Water
392015Diagnosing Rain Occurrences Using Passive Microwave Imagery: A Comparative Study on Probabilistic Graphical Models and "Black Box" ModelsChih-Chiang Wei ; Gene Jiing-Yun You; Li Chen; Chien-Chang Chou; Jinsheng RoanJournal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology
402015Real-Time Forecast of Reservoir Inflow Hydrographs Incorporating Terrain and Monsoon Effects during Typhoon Invasion by Novel Intelligent Numerical-Statistic Impulse TechniquesNien-Sheng Hsu; Chien-Lin Huang; Chih-Chiang Wei Journal of Hydrologic Engineering
412015Optimal Spatial Design of Capacity and Quantity of Rainwater Harvesting Systems for Urban Flood MitigationChien-Lin Huang; Nien-Sheng Hsu; Chih-Chiang Wei ; Wei-Jiun LuoWater
422015Parameter Automatic Calibration Approach for Neural-Network-Based Cyclonic Precipitation Forecast ModelsDer-Chang Lo; Chih-Chiang Wei ; En-Ping TsaiWater
432015Typhoon rainfall forecast model development using SSMIS satellite passive microwave radiometers and verification in various casesChih-Chiang Wei 
442015Multi-phase intelligent decision model for reservoir real-time flood control during typhoonsNien-Sheng Hsu; Chien-Lin Huang; Chih-Chiang Wei Journal of Hydrology
452015Forecasting surface wind speeds over offshore islands near Taiwan during tropical cyclones: Comparisons of data-driven algorithms and parametric wind representationsChih-Chiang Wei Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres
462015Military logistics and transport model design based on maritime engineeringTzeu Chen Han; Arthur Sung; Chung Yuan Dye; Chien Chang Chou; Chih-Chiang Wei Applied Mechanics and Materials
472015Study on integrated typhoon long-distance and short-distance rainfall forecast model based on ENSO scenarios魏志強 
482015Comparing lazy and eager learning models for water level forecasting in river-reservoir basins of inundation regionsChih-Chiang Wei Environmental Modelling & Software
492015Using Artificial Intelligence to Retrieve the Optimal Parameters and Structures of Adaptive Network-Based Fuzzy Inference System for Typhoon Precipitation Forecast ModelingChien-Lin Huang; Nien-Sheng Hsu; Chih-Chiang Wei ; Chun-Wen LoAdvances in Meteorology
502014Surface Wind Nowcasting in the Penghu Islands Based on Classified Typhoon Tracks and the Effects of the Central Mountain Range of TaiwanChih-Chiang Wei Weather and Forecasting
512014Wave height predictions for ship navigation during tropical cyclonesChih-Chiang Wei ; Tsai, C.C.; Tsai, C.C.
522014Wind velocity predictions over the Penghu Islands of Taiwan during tropical cyclonesChih-Chiang Wei 
532014Surface wind prediction in Penghu Islands based on typhoon tracks魏志強 
542014Application of Neural Networks and Optimization Model in Conjunctive Use of Surface Water and GroundwaterChing-Wen Chen; Chih-Chiang Wei ; Liu Hung-Jen; Nien-Sheng HsuWater Resources Management
552014Meta-heuristic Bayesian networks retrieval combined polarization corrected temperature and scattering index for precipitationsChih-Chiang Wei Neurocomputing
562014Simulation of operational typhoon rainfall nowcasting using radar reflectivity combined with meteorological dataChih-Chiang Wei Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres
572014Two-Stage Pumping Control Model for Flood Mitigation in Inundated Urban Drainage BasinsChih-Chiang Wei ; Nien-Sheng Hsu; Chien-Lin HuangWater Resources Management
582013結合遺傳演算法與運算樹模式改進雷達推估降雨量:以石門測站颱風事件為例陳莉; 葉惠中; 魏志強 ; 黃誌川; 傅囿蓉農業工程學報
592013Improvement of Typhoon Precipitation Forecast Efficiency by Coupling SSM/I Microwave Data with Climatologic Characteristics and PrecipitationChih-Chiang Wei Weather and Forecasting
602013Intelligent real-time operation of a pumping station for an urban drainage systemNien-ShengHsu; Chien-Lin Huang; Chih-Chiang Wei Journal of Hydrology
612013Soft computing techniques in ensemble precipitation nowcastChih-Chiang Wei Applied Soft Computing
622013Genetic-evolved Bayesian networks in a biomedical applicationChih-Chiang Wei Advances in Intelligent Systems and Applications
632013Data mining for industrial engineering and management (Editorial)Chih-Chiang Wei Industrial Engineering and Management
642013網路醫療資訊與人口特質對民眾就醫行為之影響-以嘉義縣某區域教學醫院為例魏志強 ; 林秋湧
652013Probabilistic graphical models for the medical industry developed using enhanced learning algorithmsChih-Chiang Wei Industrial Engineering and Management
662013Scattering index combined with support vector regression for the rainfall retrievals over landChih-Chiang Wei 
682012Application of pumping operation models for a drainage systemChih-Chiang Wei Applied Mechanics and Materials
692012Receiver operating characteristic for diagnosis of wine quality by Bayesian network classifiersChih-Chiang Wei Advanced Materials Research0
702012Nearest neighbor search for diagnosing rain/non-rain discriminationChih-Chiang Wei ; Yu Hui LuAdvanced Materials Research0
712012Retrievals for the Rainfall Rate over Land Using Special Sensor Microwave Imager Data during Tropical Cyclones: Comparisons of Scattering Index, Regression, and Support Vector RegressionChih-Chiang Wei ; Roan, J.Journal of Hydrometeorology
722012FIDs classifier for artificial intelligence and its applicationChih-Chiang Wei Lecture Notes in Computer Science0
732012智慧型都市排水抽水站即時操作系統之研發黃建霖; 徐年盛; 魏志強 農業工程學報0
742012Study on the Trade-Off between Ecological Base Flow and Optimized Water SupplyHsu, N. S.; Chiang, C. H.; Cheng, W. M.; Chih-Chiang Wei Water Resources Management
752012Discretized and Continuous Target Fields for the Reservoir Release Rules During FloodsChih-Chiang Wei Water Resources Management
762012埤塘灌溉系統中擴充埤塘關鍵位置之辨識鄭文明; 魏志強 ; 徐年盛農業工程學報
772012Wavelet kernel support vector machines forecasting techniques: Case study on water-level predictions during typhoonsChih-Chiang Wei Expert Systems with Applications
782012RBF Neural Networks Combined with Principal Component Analysis Applied to Quantitative Precipitation Forecast for a Reservoir Watershed during Typhoon PeriodsChih-Chiang Wei Journal of Hydrometeorology
792012Wavelet Support Vector Machines for Forecasting Precipitation in Tropical Cyclones: Comparisons with GSVM, Regression, and MM5Chih-Chiang Wei Weather and Forecasting
802012類神經網路結合優選模式於地面水與地下水聯合運用之研究陳敬文; 魏志強 ; 陳俊廷; 徐年盛臺灣水利
812012Decision tree-based classifier combined with neural-based predictor for water-stage forecasts in a river basin during typhoons: a case study in TaiwanChia-Cheng Tsai ; Mi-Cheng Lu; Chih-Chiang Wei Environmental Engineering Science21
822012以數位技術進行地方產業文化典藏與電子商務導入--以嘉義縣梅山鄉觀光果園為例魏志強 ; 余婕安; 賴秋瑋
842012Neural-based decision trees classification techniques: a case study in water resources managementChih-Chiang Wei ; Li Chen; Hsun-Hsin HsuLecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
852012水資源最佳運用下生態基流量之決定徐年盛; 江仲翔; 鄭文明; 魏志強 臺灣水利
862011Reservoir turbidity forecasting coupled adaptive network-based fuzzy inference systemNien-Sheng Hsu; Chih-Chiang Wei ; Chien-Lin Huang; C.-H. YaoJournal of the Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering
872011Using Mobile Phones to Monitor Shopping Time at Physical StoresYou, C. W.; Chih-Chiang Wei ; Chen, Y. L.; Chu, H. H.; Chen, M. S.Ieee Pervasive Computing
882011支援向量機模式結合SSM/I 微波頻道反演陸上颱風降水之研究魏志強 
892011Prediction of reservoir water quality by using artificial neural network: a case study of Chlorophyll-a in Shihmen ReservoirLi Chen; Chih-Chiang Wei ; Chinming Kao; KeYing HouScientific Journal of Mathematics Research
902011C4.5 classifier for solving the problem of water resources engineeringChih-Chiang Wei ; Jiing-Yun YouInternational Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology0
912011Grammatical evolution for total phosphorus in reservoir predictionKao, CM; Chen, Li; Chih-Chiang Wei ; Fu, YouRAdvanced Materials Research0
922010The risk analysis of shortage in drought period and over-levee in typhoon period for different upper limit sets of reservoirCheng, W.M.; Nien-Sheng Hsu; Chih-Chiang Wei ; Cheng, W.C.
932010Modeling slump flow of high-performance concrete using a back-propagation networkWen Huan Chien; Li Chen; Chih-Chiang Wei ; Hsun Hsin Hsu; Tai Sheng WangApplied Mechanics and Materials0
942010Data mining classification techniques in the development of the quantitative precipitation forecasting model during typhoon periodsChih-Chiang Wei ; Hsu, H.H.; Chen, L.; You, J.Y.; Chiu, C.H.International Congress on Computer Applications and Computational Science
952009地下水系統抽水操作規則最佳化之研究徐年盛; 魏志強 ; 陳敬文; 蔡旻璋臺灣水利
962009Optimal tree-based release rules for real-time flood control operations on a multipurpose multireservoir systemChih-Chiang Wei ; Hsu, N. S.Journal of Hydrology
972009資料庫能力線上測驗系統之開發魏志強 ; 董建亨
982008Multireservoir flood-control optimization with neural-based linear channel level routing under tidal effectsChih-Chiang Wei ; Nien-Sheng HsuWater Resources Management25
992008Multireservoir real-time operations for flood control using balanced water level index methodChih-Chiang Wei ; Nien-Sheng HsuJournal of Environmental Management50
1002008Optimization and capacity expansion of a water distribution systemNien-Sheng Hsu; Wei-Chen Cheng; Wen-Ming Cheng; Chih-Chiang Wei ; Yeh, W. W. G.Advances in Water Resources35
1012008Derived operating rules for a reservoir operation system: Comparison of decision trees, neural decision trees and fuzzy decision treesChih-Chiang Wei ; Nien-Sheng HsuWater Resources Research
1022008Decision-tree analysis on optimal release of reservoir storage under typhoon warningsChang-Chi Cheng; Nien-Sheng Hsu; Chih-Chiang Wei Natural Hazards
1032008Deriving flood-control release rules on a reservoir operation systemChih-Chiang Wei 
1042007Development of a real-time optimization model for flood control of a multipurpose reservoirChih-Chiang Wei ; Nien-Sheng HsuJournal of the Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering
1052007多水庫系統最佳防洪放水規則之建立與應用—以淡水河流域為例徐年盛; 魏志強 國立臺灣大學工程學刊
1062007A multipurpose reservoir real-time operation model for flood control during typhoon invasionHsu, Nien-Sheng; Chih-Chiang Wei Journal of Hydrology96
1072007以決策樹分析法決定颱風預報下水庫最佳預洩水量魏志強 ; 鄭昌奇; 徐年盛臺灣水利
1082007Estimation of water resources availability in TaiwanNien-Sheng Hsu; Chih-Chiang Wei Proceedings of the World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2006
1092007Model development for estimating groundwater recharge from inundated paddy rice fieldHsu, Nien-Sheng; Huang, H.L.; Lin, W.T.; Chih-Chiang Wei 
1102006Estimation of water resources availability in TaiwanNien-Sheng Hsu; Chih-Chiang Wei 0
1112006Development and utilization of water resources in TaiwanNien-Sheng Hsu; Chih-Chiang Wei 
1122005A real-time optimization model for flood controlChih-Chiang Wei ; Hsu, N.S.