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12023Digital Twin Architecture Evaluation for Intelligent Fish Farm Management Using Modified Analytic Hierarchy ProcessLan, Hsun-Yu; Ubina, Naomi A.; Cheng, Shyi-Chyi ; Lin, Shih-Syun ; Huang, Cheng-Ting APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL1
22023Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Network for Inverse Kinematics of Self-Assembly Robotic Arm based on the Depth SensorYi-Zeng Hsieh ; Fu-Xiong Xu; Shih-Syun Lin 
32022模型表面分群、修復與簡化張宇帆; 李政其; 林尚箴; 蔡中旗; 游俊弘; 周羿均; 賴祐吉; Shih-Syun Lin 
42021The Wearable Physical Fitness Training Device Based on Fuzzy TheoryZhao, Yu-Xiang; Lu, Zheng-Xian; Hsieh, Yi-Zeng ; Lin, Shih-Syun ; Chiang, Pei-YingAPPL SCI-BASEL1
52021Aerial face recognition and absolute distance estimation using drone and deep learningPu, Ying-Hung; Chiu, Po-Sheng; Tsai, Yu-Shiuan ; Liu, Meng-Tsung; Hsieh, Yi-Zeng ; Lin, Shih-Syun JOURNAL OF SUPERCOMPUTING2
62021The Development of Long-Distance Viewing Direction Analysis and Recognition of Observed Objects Using Head Image and Deep LearningTsai, Yu-Shiuan ; Chen, Nai-Chi; Hsieh, Yi-Zeng ; Lin, Shih-Syun MATHEMATICS0
72021The Estimation Life Cycle of Lithium-Ion Battery Based on Deep Learning Network and Genetic AlgorithmTan, Shih-Wei ; Huang, Sheng-Wei; Hsieh, Yi-Zeng ; Lin, Shih-Syun ENERGIES4
82021旅遊導覽地圖之生成技術黃羿軒; 張宇帆; 邱繼祥; 蘇栢誼; 游俊弘; 林士勛 2021年第廿九屆計算機圖學研討會(Computer Graphics Workshop)
92021Wind Technologies for Wake Effect Performance in Windfarm Layout Based on Population-Based Optimization AlgorithmHsieh, Yi-Zeng ; Lin, Shih-Syun ; Chang, En-Yu; Tiong, Kwong-Kau ; Tan, Shih-Wei ; Hor, Chiou-Yi; Cheng, Shyi-Chy ; Tsai, Yu-Shiuan ; Chen, Chao-RongENERGIES2
102021Passive Haptic Learning of Taiwanese Braille Writing for Visually Impaired IndividualsChou, Chien-Hsing; Hsieh, Yi-Zeng ; Lin, Shih-Syun ; Yang, Tao-Jen; Chen, Wei-An; Chu, Yung-Long; Chang, Hong-LinJOURNAL OF IMAGING SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY0
112021The Development of an Identification Photo Booth System based on a Deep Learning Automatic Image Capturing MethodZhao, Yu-Xiang; Hsieh, Yi-Zeng; Lin, Shih-Syun Journal of Imaging Science and Technology
122020Development of a wearable guide device based on convolutional neural network for blind or visually impaired personsYi-Zeng Hsieh ; Shih-Syun Lin ; Fu-Xiong Xu Multimedia Tools and Applications14
132020Robotic Arm Assistance System Based on Simple Stereo Matching and Q-Learning OptimizationYi-Zeng Hsieh ; Shih-Syun Lin Ieee Sensors Journal12
142020Disparity-preserving image rectangularization for stereoscopic panoramaI-Cheng Yeh; Shih-Syun Lin ; Shuo-Tse Hung; Tong-Yee LeeMultimedia Tools and Applications1
152020Content-and-disparity-aware stereoscopic video stabilizationShih-Syun Lin ; Thi Ngoc Hanh Le; Pang-Yu Wu; Tong-Yee LeeMultimedia Tools and Applications0
162020The Real-Time Depth Estimation for an Occluded Person Based on a Single Image and OpenPose MethodYu-Shiuan Tsai ; Li-Heng Hsu ; Yi-Zeng Hsieh ; Shih-Syun Lin Mathematics12
172020ARCS-Assisted Teaching Robots Based on Anticipatory Computing and Emotional Big Data for Improving Sustainable Learning Efficiency and MotivationHsieh, Yi-Zeng ; Lin, Shih-Syun ; Luo, Yu-Cin; Jeng, Yu-Lin; Tan, Shih-Wei ; Chen, Chao-Rong; Chiang, Pei-YingSUSTAINABILITY-BASEL9
182020Design of an IoT-Based Mountaineering Team Management Device Using Kalman Filter AlgorithmZhao, Yu-Xiang; Hsieh, Yi-Zeng ; Lin, Shih-Syun ; Pan, Chin-Ju; Nan, Chi-WenJ INTERNET TECHNOL1
192020An Eye-Tracking System based on Inner Corner-Pupil Center Vector and Deep Neural NetworkSu, Mu-Chun; U, Tat-meng; Hsieh, Yi-Zeng ; Yeh, Zhe-Fu; Lee, Shu-Fang; Lin, Shih-Syun SENSORS-BASEL6
202019Animation Video Resequencing with a Convolutional AutoEncoderShang-Wei Zhang; Charles C. Morace; Thi Ngoc Hanh Le; Chih-Kuo Yeh; Sheng-Yi Yao; Shih-Syun Lin 0
212019Generation of Photorealistic QR CodesShih-Syun Lin ; Yu-Fan Chang; Thi Ngoc Hanh Le; Sheng-Yi Yao; Tong-Yee Lee
222019Automatic generation of puzzle tile maps for spatial-temporal data visualizationLin, Shih-Syun ; Yang, Juo-Yu; Syu, Huang-Sin; Lin, Chao-Hung; Pai, Tun-WenCOMPUT GRAPH-UK2
232019Robust Method for Generating Aesthetic QR CodesYu-Fan Chang; Shih-Syun Lin ; Chia-Wei Tang; Yi-Xuan Huang
242018Alphabet collage art generationMing-Te Chi; Hao-Hsuan Tang; Chih-Kuo Yeh; Charles Morace; Hui-Nieg Chou; Shih-Syun Lin ; Tong-Yee Lee0
252018艾雪漸變式藝術圖像之生成技術Shih-Syun Lin ; Charles Morace; Chao-Hung Lin; Li-Fong Hsu; Tong-Yee Lee2018年第廿六屆計算機圖學研討會(Computer Graphics Workshop)
262018擬真成像與QR碼合成技術林士勛 ; 胡敏君; 李建翰; 張宇帆; 李同益2018年第廿六屆計算機圖學研討會(Computer Graphics Workshop)
272018Generation of Escher Arts with Dual PerceptionShih-Syun Lin ; Charles C. Morace; Chao-Hung Lin; Li-Fong Hsu; Tong-Yee LeeIeee Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics9
282017Autonomous Exercise Rehabilitation for Heart Failure Patients based on Six-Minute Walk Test through Internet-of-Thing DevicesShao-Jie Hsu; Shih-Syun Lin ; Tun-Wen Pai; Chao-Hung Wang; Min-Hui Liu; Chi-Hsin Lee0
292017Clinical Feature Classification for Chronic Heart Failure and Construction of a Safe Mechanism for Rehabilitation using Internet-of-Medical-Thing DevicesHsu, Shao-Jie; Lin, Shih-Syun ; Pai, Tun-Wen; Wang, Chao-Hung; Liu, Min-Hui; Cheng, Chi-Wen; Chen, Dong-Yi; Pan, Kuo-Li; Chen, Shyh-MingACTA POLYTECH HUNG0
302017An Improved License Plate Recognition System Based On Deep LearningHua-Chih Tseng; Chih-Sheng Huang; Juo-Yu Yang; Shih-Syun Lin 
312017基於內容感知與靈活邊界的立體影片縮放林士勛 ; 林昭宏; 郭宇軒; 楊若榆; 葉智國; 李同益017年第廿五屆計算機圖學研討會(Computer Graphics Workshop)
322017Construction of a Metadata Schema for Medical Data in Networking ApplicationsChi-Jane Chen; Tun-Wen Pai; Jhen-Li Huang; Ying-Tsang Lo; Shih-Syun Lin ; Chun-Chao Yeh 0
332016Application of PrefixSpan Algorithms for Disease Pattern AnalysisChi-Jane Chen; Tun-Wen Pai; Shih-Syun Lin ; Chun-Chao Yeh ; Min-Hui Liu; Chao-Hung Wang0
342016Content Enhanced Word Art with Depth PerceptionShao-Wei Yen; Chih-Kuo Yeh; Charles C. Morace; Sheng-Yuan Chen; Shih-Syun Lin ; Chia-Hsiang Chen; Tong-Yee Lee0
352016Proactive Healthcare and an Early Warning Mechanism for Coronary Artery Disease Patients using Internet-of-Thing DevicesShao-Jie Hsu; Shih-Syun Lin ; Tun-Wen Pai; Hamido Fujita0
362016以物理碰撞為基礎的動態文字雲視覺化技術Ming-Te Chi; Shih-Syun Lin ; Shiang-Yi Chen; Chao-Hung Lin; Charles Morace; Tong-Yee Lee2016年第廿四屆計算機圖學研討會(Computer Graphics Workshop)
372016Consistent Volumetric Warping Using Floating Boundaries for Stereoscopic Video RetargetingShih-Syun Lin ; Chao-Hung Lin; Yu-Hsuan Kuo; Tong-Yee LeeIeee Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology14
382015Morphable Word Clouds for Time-Varying Text Data VisualizationMing-Te Chi; Shih-Syun Lin ; Shiang-Yi Chen; Chao-Hung Lin; Tong-Yee LeeIeee Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics28
392015Efficient QR Code Beautification With High Quality Visual ContentShih-Syun Lin ; Min-Chun Hu; Chien-Han Lee; Tong-Yee LeeIeee Transactions on Multimedia65
402015維持物體一致性之立體影像縮放林士勛 ; 林昭宏; 張述淮; 李彥廷; 李同益015年第廿三屆計算機圖學研討會(Computer Graphics Workshop)
412015主題式地圖之生成研究林士勛 ; 林昭宏; 胡晏彰; Charles Christopher Morace; 李同益2015年第廿三屆計算機圖學研討會(Computer Graphics Workshop)
422014Drawing Road Networks with Mental MapsShih-Syun Lin ; Chao-Hung Lin; Yan-Jhang Hu; Tong-Yee LeeIeee Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics10
432014以內容為主之影片縮放技術林士勛 ; 林昭宏; 葉奕成; 張述淮; 葉智國; 李同益2014年第廿二屆計算機圖學研討會(Computer Graphics Workshop)
442014Object-Coherence Warping for Stereoscopic Image RetargetingShih-Syun Lin ; Chao-Hung Lin; Shu-Huai Chang; Tong-Yee LeeIeee Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology31
452013Content-Aware Video Retargeting Using Object-Preserving WarpingShih-Syun Lin ; Chao-Hung Lin; I-Cheng Yeh; Shu-Huai Chang; Chih-Kuo Yeh; Tong-Yee LeeIeee Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics26
462013基於分割資訊之圖像縮放技術林士勛 ; 葉奕成; 林昭宏; 趙敏妏; 李同益2013年第廿一屆計算機圖學研討會(Computer Graphics Workshop)
472013Patch-Based Image Warping for Content-Aware RetargetingShih-Syun Lin ; I-Cheng Yeh; Chao-Hung Lin; Tong-Yee LeeIeee Transactions on Multimedia80
482010A Novel Semi-supervised Classification Procedure Based on Kernel Method and Spatial Information for Hyperspectral Image Classification (in Chinese)Bor-Chen Kuo; Cheng-Hsuan Li; Chih-Sheng Huang; Shih-Syun Lin ; I-Ling Chen; Hui-Shan Chu
492010A Novel Classification Processing Based on The Spatial Information and The Concept of Adaboost for Hyperspectral Image ClassificationBor-Chen Kuo; Shih-Syun Lin ; Huey-Min Wu; Chun-Hsiang Chuang0
502010Applying Reject Region to Adaptive Feature Extraction for Hyperspectral Image ClassificationShih-Syun Lin ; Hui-Shan Chu; Chih-Sheng Huang; Bor-Chen Kuo0
512010Applying composite kernel to kernel-based nonparametric weighted feature extractionChih-Sheng Huang; Cheng-Hsuan Li; Shih-Syun Lin ; Bor-chen Kuo0
522009融入空間資訊之核化高斯分類器應用在遙測影像辨識黃志勝; 林士勛 ; 吳德虎; 郭伯臣2009年台灣地理資訊學會年會暨學術研討會(Taiwan Geographic Information Society)
532009最適主成分分析在高光譜遙測影像資料上之應用林士勛 ; 黃志勝; 陳怡伶; 郭伯臣2009年台灣地理資訊學會年會暨學術研討會(Taiwan Geographic Information Society)
542009Adaptive Nonparametric Weighed Feature Extraction for Hyperspectral Image ClassificationBor-Chen Kuo; Shih-Syun Lin ; Jinn-Min Yang; Hsin-Hua Ho0
552009以貝氐網路為基礎進行資訊科技融入國中數學課程與評量之實施研究---以一元一次多項式單元為例陳威聖; 林士勛 ; 施淑娟; 劉育隆2009年第十三屆全球華人計算機教育應用大會(Global Chinese Conference on Computers in Education)
562008融入叢集分析之特徵萃取法在高維度影像辨識的應用詹正維; 林士勛 ; 黃志勝; 郭伯臣2008年中華民國航太學會學術研討會(Aeronautical and Astronautical Society of the Republic of China Conference)