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12022Surface Seawater pCO(2) Variation after a Typhoon Passage in the Kuroshio off Eastern TaiwanFan, Lan-Feng; Chow, Chun Hoe ; Gong, Gwo-Ching ; Chou, Wen-Chen WATER-SUI2
22022Injection of High Chlorophyll-a Waters by a Branch of Kuroshio Current into the Nutrient-Poor North Pacific Subtropical GyreChow, Chun-Hoe ; Lin, Yi-Chen; Cheah, Wee; Tai, Jen-HuaREMOTE SENSING2
32021Marine microplastics in the surface waters of pristine KuroshioShiu, Ruei-Feng ; Gong, Gwo-Ching ; Fang, Meng-Der; Chow, Chun-Hoe ; Chin, Wei-ChunMAR POLLUT BULL7
42021The Wind Effect on Biogeochemistry in Eddy Cores in the Northern South China SeaChow, Chun Hoe ; Shih, Yung-Yen; Chien, Ya-Tang; Chen, Jing Yi; Fan, Ning; Wu, Wei-Chang; Hung, Chin-ChangFRONT MAR SCI6
52020The Impact of Eddies on Nutrient Supply, Diatom Biomass and Carbon Export in the Northern South China SeaShih, Yung-Yen; Hung, Chin-Chang; Tuo, Sing-how; Shao, Huan-Jie; Chow, Chun Hoe ; Muller, Francois L. L.; Cai, Yuan-HongFRONTIERS IN EARTH SCIENCE13
62020Short-Term Variability of Biological Production and CO2 System Around Dongsha Atoll of the Northern South China Sea: Impact of Topography-Flow InteractionTai, Jen-Hua; Chou, Wen-Chen ; Hung, Chin-Chang; Wu, Kuan-Chieh; Chen, Ying-Hsuan; Chen, Tzong-Yueh ; Gong, Gwo-Ching ; Shiah, Fuh-Kwo; Chow, Chun Hoe FRONT MAR SCI3
72019Anomalous wind triggered the largest phytoplankton bloom in the oligotrophic North Pacific Subtropical GyreChow, Chun Hoe ; Cheah, Wee; Tai, Jen-Hua; Liu, Sin-FuSCI REP-UK7
82018Elevated particulate organic carbon export flux induced by internal waves in the oligotrophic northern South China SeaDewang Li; Wen-Chen Chou ; Yung-Yen Shih; Guan-Yu Chen; Yi Chang; Chun-Hoe Chow ; Tsang-Yuh Lin; Chin-Chang HungScientific Reports
92017A rare and extensive summer bloom enhanced by ocean eddies in the oligotrophic western North Pacific Subtropical GyreChun-Hoe Chow ; Cheah, W.; Tai, J. H.Scientific Reports
102017Interannual variability of the subtropical countercurrent eddies in the North Pacific associated with the Western-Pacific teleconnection patternChun-Hoe Chow ; Tseng, Y. H.; Hsu, H. H.; Chih-Chieh Young Continental Shelf Research
112017Extratropical Forcing Triggered the 2015 Madden-Julian Oscillation-El Nino EventHong, C. C.; Hsu, H. H.; Tseng, W. L.; Lee, M. Y.; Chun-Hoe Chow ; Jiang, L. C.Scientific Reports
122016North and equatorial Pacific Ocean circulation in the CORE-II hindcast simulationsTseng, Y. H.; Lin, H. Y.; Chen, H. C.; Thompson, K.; Bentsen, M.; Boning, C. W.; Bozec, A.; Cassou, C.; Chassignet, E.; Chun-Hoe Chow ; Danabasoglu, G.; Danilov, S.; Farneti, R.; Fogli, P. G.; Fujii, Y.; Griffies, S. M.; Ilicak, M.; Jung, T.; Masina, S.; Navarra, A.; Patara, L.; Samuels, B. L.; Scheinert, M.; Sidorenko, D.; Sui, C. H.; Tsujino, H.; Valcke, S.; Voldoire, A.; Wang, Q.; Yeager, S. G.Ocean Modelling
132015Effects of Kuroshio Intrusions on the atmosphere northeast of Taiwan IslandChun-Hoe Chow ; Liu, Q. Y.; Xie, S. P.Geophysical Research Letters
142014Variation in the Kuroshio intrusion: Modeling and interpretation of observations collected around the Luzon Strait from July 2009 to March 2011Yuan, Y. C.; Tseng, Y. H.; Yang, C. H.; Liao, G. H.; Chun-Hoe Chow ; Liu, Z. H.; Zhu, X. H.; Chen, H.Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans
152014Characteristics of the RAW-Filtered Leapfrog Time-Stepping Scheme in the Ocean General Circulation ModelLiang, Y. C.; Tseng, Y. H.; Chun-Hoe Chow ; Chih-Chieh Young Monthly Weather Review
162013Eddy-advective effects on the temperature and wind speed of the sea surface in the Northwest Pacific Subtropical Countercurrent area from satellite observationsChun-Hoe Chow ; Liu, Q. Y.International Journal of Remote Sensing
172012Sea surface height oscillation with quasi-four-month period along the continental slope in the northern South China SeaChun-Hoe Chow ; Liu, Q. Y.Chinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology
182012Eddy effects on sea surface temperature and sea surface wind in the continental slope region of the northern South China SeaChun-Hoe Chow ; Liu, Q. Y.Geophysical Research Letters
192008Mesoscale Dongsha Cyclonic Eddy in the northern Asouth China Sea by drifter and satellite observationsChun-Hoe Chow ; Hu, J. H.; Centurioni, L. R.; Niiler, P. P.Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans