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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourceWOSFulltext/Archive link
12023/12/23Smart city branding vision: multiple stakeholder perspectivesWang, Hui-Ju INNOVATION-THE EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCE RESEARCH
22022Understanding reviewer characteristics in online reviews via network structural positionsWang, Hui-Ju ELECTRONIC MARKETS1
32022Market Segmentation of Online Reviews: A Network Analysis ApproachWang, Hui-Ju INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MARKET RESEARCH2
42021Antecedents of behavioral intentions for green city touristsWang, Hui-Ju ENVIRONMENT DEVELOPMENT AND SUSTAINABILITY5
52020Factors Influencing the Adoption of Open Government Data at the Firm LevelHui-Ju Wang ; Jin LoIEEE Transactions on Engineering Management12
62020Adoption of open government data: perspectives of user innovatorsWang, Hui-Ju INFORMATION RESEARCH-AN INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONIC JOURNAL5
72019Green city branding: perceptions of multiple stakeholdersHui-Ju Wang Journal of Product & Brand Management0
82017Determinants of consumers' purchase behaviour towards green brandsHui-Ju Wang The Service Industries Journal33
92017A brand-based perspective on differentiation of green brand positioning: A network analysis approachHui-Ju Wang Management Decision0
102016Adoption of open government data among government agenciesHui-Ju Wang ; Jin LoGovernment Information Quarterly0
112016Exploring Green Brand Associations through a Network Analysis ApproachHui-Ju Wang ; Shun‐Ching HorngPsychology & Marketing0
122016Green Brand Positioning in the Online EnvironmentHui-Ju Wang International Journal of Communication
132015A New Approach to Network Analysis for Brand PositioningHui-Ju Wang International Journal of Market Research0
142014政府開放資料的策略與挑戰:使用者觀點的分析Jin Lo; Tung-Mou Yang; Hui-Ju Wang ; Jing Shiang電子商務研究0
152013政府開放數據與信息增值:臺灣的經驗與啟示楊東謀; 羅晉; 王慧茹 ; 項靖圖書情報工作
162013Determinants of citizens' intent to use government websites in TaiwanHui-Ju Wang ; Jin LoInformation Development0
172013國際政府數據開放實施現況初探楊東; 羅晉; 王慧茹 ; 項靖電子政務