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12024Application of nZnO supported with nanoclay for improving shrimp immunityLiao, Zhen-Hao; Chuang, Chieh-Yuan; Chen, Yin-Yu; Chu, Yu-Ting; Hu, Yeh-Fang; Lee, Po-Tsang; Lin, Jiang-Jen; Nan, Fan-Hua Fish & shellfish immunology
22024Transcriptome analysis reveal the effect of freshwater sediments containing 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin on the Macrobrachium rosenbergii hepatopancreas, intestine, and muscleYin-Yu, Chen; Po-Kai, Pan; Yu-Sheng, Wu; Fan-Hua Nan Fish & shellfish immunology
32024Deciphering the influence of dietary synbiotics in white shrimp gut and its effects in regulating immune signaling pathwaysDas, Sofia Priyadarsani; Abidin, Zaenal; Huang, Huai-Ting; Lin, Yu-Ru; Huang, Chih-Yang; Wu, Yu-Sheng; Hu, Yeh-Fang; Nan, Fan-Hua Frontiers in Marine Science
42024Lactic Acid Bacteria-Fermented Diet Containing Bacterial Extracellular Vesicles Inhibited Pathogenic Bacteria in Striped Beakfish (Oplegnathus fasciatus)Lee, Bao-Hong; Hu, Yeh-Fang; Chu, Yu-Ting; Wu, Yu-Sheng; Hsu, Wei-Hsuan; Nan, Fan-Hua Fermentation
52024The economic feasibility of aquavoltaics in Taiwan - A case study of whiteleg shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) cultureChen, Bo-Ying; Huang, Po-Lin; Hou, Yen-Lung; Lan, Hsun-Yu; Huang, Cheng-Ting; Nan, Fan-Hua Aquaculture
62023The Effect of Dietary Supplementation with Haematococcus pluvialis for Enhanced Pigmentation in Amphiprion ocellarisLee, Meng-Chou; Huang, Chih-Yang; Huang, Jing; Chang, Chia-Yu; Lee, Po-Tsang; Nan, Fan-Hua Aquaculture Research
72023Anti-discoloration effect of phytochemicals mixture extracted from mango leaf (Mangifera indica), guava leaf (Psidium guajava), and green tea residue (Camellia sinensis var. sinensis cv. Chin-shin Dah-pang) on stored Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) filletsKuo, I-Pei; Liu, Ching-Shuo; Yang, Shuenn-Der; Hu, Yeh-Fang; Chu, Yu-Ting; Nan, Fan-Hua Aquaculture Reports
82023Utilizing ISSRseq genotyping to assist growth selection in tomato grouper (Cephalopholis sonnerati) without broodstock informationHsu, Te‐Hua; Chu, Pei‐Yun; Gong, Hong‐Yi; Nan, Fan‐Hua ; Huang, Chang‐WenJournal of the World Aquaculture Society
92023Assessment of Bacillus subtilis fermented Caulerpa microphysa byproduct as feed additive on the growth performance, immune regulation and disease resistance of white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei)Lee, Meng-Chou; Lo, Ching-Tien; Ho, Thi Hang; Chen, Li-Li; Nan, Fan-Hua ; Lai, Hung-Chih; Wangkahart, Eakapol; Lee, Po-TsangFish & shellfish immunology
102023Optimizing inorganic carbon and salinity for enhanced biomass and pigment production in Colaconema formosanum: Implications for sustainable carbon sequestration and stress responsesYeh, Han-Yang; Wang, Wei-Lung; Lin, Yung-Kai; Nan, Fan-Hua ; Lee, Meng-ChouBIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY
112023Replacement of dietary fish meal by fermented soybean meal improves growth, energy metabolism, and innate immune response in Penaeus vannamei Boone, 1931 (Decapoda: Dendrobranchiata: Penaeidae)Y. R. Lin; Y. F. Hu; Y. T. Chu; Y. Y. Chen; J. J. Chang; S. W. Chen; F. H. Nan Journal of Crustacean Biology
122023Tracking and Utilizing Sargassum, an Abundant Resource from the Caribbean SeaM. C. Lee; H. Y. Yeh; C. M. Chang; Y. F. Liou; F. H. Nan ; J. Wungen-SaniWater
132023Modulation of immune genes in the mucosal-associated lymphoid tissues of cobia by Sarcodia suae extractVakaloloma, Ulamila; Ho, Thi Hang; Loh, Jiun-Yan; Chong, Chou Min; Wangkahart, Eakapol; Lee, Meng-Chou ; Fan-Hua Nan ; Lai, Hung-ChihVeterinary Research Communications
142023Identification of Rhodosorus marinus isolated in Taiwan and study on its optimum culture conditionsWei Qing Chloe Lung; Jane Wungen-Sani; Chi-Cheng Huang; Chien-Li Chen,; Hung-Chih Lai; Yeh-Fang Hu ; Po-Tsang Lee ; Fan-Hua Nan ; Han-Yang Yeh; Meng-Chou Lee Journal of Applied Phycology
152023Heat inactive Bacillus subtilis var. natto regulate Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) intestine microbiota and metabolites involved in the intestine phagosome responsePo-Kai Pan; Kuang-Teng Wang; Tsung-Meng Wu; Yin-Yu Chen; Fan-Hua Nan ; Yu-Sheng WuFish & Shellfish Immunology
162023Lactobacillus plantarum isolated from kefir enhances immune responses and survival of white shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) challenged with Vibrio alginolyticusKuo-Chun Tseng; Huai-Ting Huang; Shu-Ning Huang; Fang-Yi Yang; Wen-Hsiung Li; Fan-Hua Nan ; Yu-Ju LinFish & Shellfish Immunology
172023Phosphate affects susceptivity of Sarcodia suae to arsenateHalog Libatique, Mary Joy; Yeh, Han-Yang; Nan, Fan-Hua ; Lee, Meng-Chou EUR J PHYCOL0
182023Effect of nanoclay supported nanosilver on the growth inhibition of aquatic pathogens and immunomodulatory effect in Penaeus vannameiZ. H. Liao; H. T. Huang; Y. R. Lin; C. Y. Hu; Y. H. Kai; J. J. Lin; F. H. Nan Fish & Shellfish Immunology
192023Improving red-color performance, immune response and resistance to Vibrio parahaemolyticus on white shrimp Penaeus vannamei by an engineered astaxanthin yeastLin, Yu-Ju; Chang, Jui-Jen; Huang, Huai-Ting; Lee, Chih-Ping; Hu, Yeh-Fang ; Wu, Mao-Lun; Huang, Chih-Yang; Nan, Fan-Hua Scientific reports
202023Tilapia processing byproduct treated with enzymatic hydrolysis and Rhodopseudomonas palustris is feasible for live feed culturing: Pathogen inhibition in vitro, live feeds microbiota, and Bidyanus bidyanus larvicultureKuo, I. -Pei; Liu, Ching-Shuo; Yang, Shuenn-De ; Liao, Zhen-Hao; Hu, Yeh-Fang ; Nan, Fan-Hua Aquaculture Reports0
212023Evaluation of Immune Modulation by beta-1,3; 1,6 D-Glucan Derived from Ganoderma lucidum in Healthy Adult Volunteers, A Randomized Controlled TrialS. N. Chen; F. H. Nan ; M. W. Liu; M. F. Yang; Y. C. Chang; S. ChenFoods
222023Effect of Aqueous Moringa (Moringa Oleifera) Leaf Extract as a Prebiotic on Growth of the Whiteleg Shrimp, Penaeus Vannamei Boone, 1931 (Decapoda, Penaeidae)Z. Abidin,; Y. F. Hu; H. T. Huang; C. Y. Huang; Y. S. Wu; F. H. Nan Crustaceana
232023Effects of Different Intensities and Wavelengths of Light on the Growth of Juvenile Tridacna noaeLee, Rod Ping-Tsan; Lin, Yu-Ru; Huang, Chih-Yang; Nan, Fan-Hua Molluscan Research
242022Effects of Replacing Fishmeal with Defatted Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens Linnaeus) Larvae Meal in Japanese Eel (Anguilla japonica) Diet on Growth Performance, Fillet Texture, Serum Biochemical Parameters, and Intestinal HistomorphologyKuo, I-Pei; Liu, Ching-Shuo; Yang, Shuenn-Der; Liang, Shih-Hsiang; Hu, Yeh-Fang ; Nan, Fan-Hua Aquaculture nutrition
252022Discrimination of Atlantic salmon origins using untargeted chemical fingerprintingChang, Wen-Hsin; Ling, Yee Soon; Wang, Ko-Chih; Nan, Fan-Hua ; Chen, Wen-LingFOOD CHEM2
262022Red Algae Sarcodia suieae Acetyl-Xylogalactan Downregulate Heat-Induced Macrophage Stress Factors Ddit3 and Hyou1 Compared to the Aquatic Animal Model of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) Brain Arachidonic Acid ExpressionPo-Kai Pan; Kuang-Teng Wang; Fan-Hua Nan ; Tsung-Meng Wu; Yu-Sheng WuInternational Journal of Marine Science0
272022Acid external and internal environment exchange the Oreochromis niloticus tissue immune gene expression compared to the mouse macrophage polarization modelPan, Po-Kai; Wu, Tsung-Meng; Tsai, Hsin-Yuan; Cho, I-Cheng; Tseng, Hsin-Wei; Lin, Tai-Du; Nan, Fan-Hua ; Wu, Yu-ShengFRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY0
282022Dietary of Lactobacillus paracasei and Bifidobacterium longum improve nonspecific immune responses, growth performance, and resistance against Vibrio parahaemolyticus in Penaeus vannameiHuang, Huai-Ting; Hu, Yeh-Fang ; Lee, Bao-Hong; Huang, Chih-Yang ; Lin, Yu-Ru; Huang, Shu-Ning; Chen, Yin-Yu; Chang, Jui-Jen; Nan, Fan-Hua FISH & SHELLFISH IMMUNOLOGY3
292022Dietary of Lactobacillus paracasei and Bifidobacterium longum improve nonspecific immune responses, growth performance, and resistance against Vibrio parahaemolyticus in Penaeus vannameiHuai-Ting Huang; Yeh-Fang Hu; Bao-Hong Lee; Chih-Yang Huang ; Yu-Ru Lin; Shu-Ning Huang; Yin-Yu Chen; Jui-Jen Chang; Fan-Hua Nan Fish & Shellfish Immunology
302022Engineering Feasibility Assessment of Cage Aquaculture in Offshore Wind Power Generation Areas in TaiwanTang, Hung-Jie; Chiang, Wen-Son; Nan, Fan-Hua SUSTAINABILITY-BASEL1
312022Engineering Feasibility Assessment of Cage Aquaculture in Offshore Wind Power Generation Areas in TaiwanTang, Hung-Jie ; Chiang, Wen-Son; Nan, Fan-Hua SUSTAINABILITY-BASEL1
322022Synergistic effects of dietary oxolinic acid combined with oxytetracycline on nonspecific immune responses and resistance against Vibrio parahaemolyticus infection of white shrimp (Penaeus vannamei)Huang, Huai-Ting; Chang, Jui-Jen; Lin, Yu-Ru; Chen, Yin -Yu; Chang, Yung -Han Wu; Chen, Bo-Ying; Nan, Fan-Hua FISH SHELLFISH IMMUN1
332022Effect of dietary supplementation with Moringa oleifera leaf extract and Lactobacillus acidophilus on growth performance, intestinal microbiota, immune response, and disease resistance in whiteleg shrimp (Penaeus vannamei)Abidin, Zaenal; Huang, Huai -Ting; Hu, Yeh-Fang ; Chang, Jui-Jen; Huang, Chih-Yang ; Wu, Yu-Sheng; Nan, Fan-Hua FISH SHELLFISH IMMUN7
342022Effects of dietary Lactobacillus reuteri and Pediococcus acidilactici on the cultured water qualities, the growth and non-specific immune responses of Penaeus vannameiWu, Yu-Sheng; Chu, Yu-Ting ; Chen, Yin-Yu; Chang, Chao-Sheng; Lee, Bao-Hong; Nan, Fan-Hua FISH SHELLFISH IMMUN3
352022TLR23, a fish-specific TLR, recruits MyD88 and TRIF to activate expression of a range of effectors in melanomacrophages in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)Nguyen, Tan Phat; Nguyen, Bao Trung; Nan, Fan-Hua ; Lee, Meng-Chou ; Lee, Po-Tsang FISH SHELLFISH IMMUN1
362022Colaconema formosanum, Sarcodia suae, and Nostoc commune as Fermentation Substrates for Bioactive Substance ProductionLee, Meng-Chou ; Huang, Chin-Yi; Lai, Chin-Ling; Yeh, Han-Yang; Huang, Jing; Lung, Wei Qing Chloe; Lee, Po-Tsang ; Nan, Fan-Hua FERMENTATION-BASEL0
372022Removing Malachite Green and Leucomalachite Green From Freshwater and Seawater With Four Water Treatment AgentsLin, Yu-Ru; Hu, Yeh-Fang ; Huang, Chih-Yang ; Huang, Huai-Ting; Liao, Zhen-Hao; Lee, An-Ting; Wu, Yu-Sheng; Nan, Fan-Hua FRONT ENV SCI-SWITZ1
382022A Low-Cost AI Buoy System for Monitoring Water Quality at Offshore Aquaculture CagesLu, Hoang-Yang ; Cheng, Chih-Yung ; Cheng, Shyi-Chyi ; Cheng, Yu-Hao; Lo, Wen-Chen; Jiang, Wei-Lin; Nan, Fan-Hua ; Chang, Shun-Hsyung; Ubina, Naomi A.SENSORS-BASEL7
392022Numerical study of an alternative way of evaluating the remaining volume of a fish cageHung-Jie Tang ; Po-Hung Yeh; Ray-Yeng Yang; Fan-Hua Nan 
402022Inactivated Whole Vaccine Inhibits Lethal Vibrio harveyi Infection in Oplegnathus punctatusLee, Po-Tsang ; Huang, Jing; Nan, Fan-Hua J MAR SCI ENG0
412022Natural Feed Supplements Improve Growth, Non-Specific Immune Responses and Resistance against Vibrio alginolyticus in Lates calcariferLiao, Zhen-Hao; Huang, Huai-Ting; Lin, Yu-Ru; Chen, Bo-Ying; Lee, Yi-Fan; Lin, Yuan-Heng; Chuang, Chieh-Yuan; Nan, Fan-Hua J MAR SCI ENG0
422022Delayed Signs of UV-C Damage to Chlorella sp. Observed through Fluorescent StainingLung, Wei Qing Chloe; Yeh, Han-Yang; Yang, Sheng-Jie; Huang, Chin-Yi; Nan, Fan-Hua ; Lee, Meng-Chou DIVERSITY-BASEL0
432022Bioaccumulation of arsenic and immunotoxic effect in white shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) exposed to trivalent arsenicLiao, Zhen-Hao; Chuang, Hsiang-Chieh; Huang, Huai-Ting; Wang, Pei-Hsuan; Chen, Bo-Ying; Lee, Po-Tsang ; Wu, Yu-Sheng; Nan, Fan-Hua FISH SHELLFISH IMMUN0
442022Effects of indoor culture conditions on growth and phycoerythrin content of Proteomonas sulcata (Cryptophyta) assessed by flow cytometryChen, Boryuan; Yeh, Han-Yang; Huang, Chih-Hsien; Lung, Wei Qing Chloe; Chen, Yi-Jung; Lee, Po-Tsang ; Nan, Fan-Hua ; Lee, Meng-Chou JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYCOLOGY0
452022Economic feasibility assessment of cage aquaculture in offshore wind power generation areas in Changhua County, TaiwanHuang, Cheng-Ting ; Afero, Farok; Hung, Chun-Wei; Chen, Bo-Ying; Nan, Fan-Hua ; Chiang, Wen-Son; Tang, Hung-Jie ; Kang, Chao-KaiAQUACULTURE6
462022Sarcodia suiae Water Extract Promotes the Expression of Proinflammatory and Th1-Type Cytokines and Delay the Onset of Mortality in Cobia (Rachycentron canadum) During Photobacterium damselae subsp. damselae InfectionLee, Po-Tsang ; Nan, Fan-Hua ; Chiu, Po-Yu; Tseng, Chung-Chih; Lee, Meng-Chou FRONT IMMUNOL1
472022Effects of Bidens alba and Plectranthus amboinicus dietary supplements on nonspecific immune responses, growth, and resistance to Vibrio alginolyticus in white leg shrimp (Penaeus vannamei)Huang, Huai-Ting; Liao, Zhen-Hao; Wu, Yu-Sheng; Lin, Yu-Ju; Kang, Yi-Shiun; Nan, Fan-Hua AQUACULTURE9
482022Effect of Methylmercury Exposure on Bioaccumulation and Nonspecific Immune Respsonses in Hybrid Grouper Epinephelus fuscoguttatus × Epinephelus lanceolatusHsiang-Chieh Chuang; Huai-Ting Huang; Novi-Rosmala Dewi; Hsi-Hua Hsiao; Bo-Ying Chen; Zhen-Hao Liao; Meng-Chou Lee ; Po-Tsang Lee ; Yu-Sheng Wu; Yu-Ju Lin; Fan-Hua Nan Aquatic Animals0
492022Moringa oleifera Leaves' Extract Enhances Nonspecific Immune Responses, Resistance against Vibrio alginolyticus, and Growth in Whiteleg Shrimp (Penaeus vannamei)Abidin, Zaenal; Huang, Huai-Ting; Liao, Zhen-Hao; Chen, Bo-Ying; Wu, Yu-Sheng; Lin, Yu-Ju; Nan, Fan-Hua ANIMALS-BASEL9
502022Effect of Methylmercury Exposure on Bioaccumulation and Nonspecific Immune Respsonses in Hybrid Grouper Epinephelus fuscoguttatus x Epinephelus lanceolatusChuang, Hsiang-Chieh; Huang, Huai-Ting; Dewi, Novi-Rosmala; Hsiao, Hsi-Hua; Chen, Bo-Ying; Liao, Zhen-Hao; Lee, Meng-Chou ; Lee, Po-Tsang ; Wu, Yu-Sheng; Lin, Yu-Ju; Nan, Fan-Hua ANIMALS-BASEL2
512022Enhanced Colaconema formosanum biomass and phycoerythrin yield after manipulating inorganic carbon, irradiance, and photoperiodHan-Yang Yeh; Wei-Lung Wang; Fan-Hua Nan ; Meng-Chou Lee Bioresource Technology0
522021An in vitro study shows the potential of Nostoc commune (Cyanobacteria) polysaccharides extract for wound-healing and anti-allergic use in the cosmetics industryTseng, Chung-Chih; Yeh, Han-Yang; Liao, Zhen-Hao; Hung, Sheng-Wen; Chen, Boryuan; Lee, Po-Tsang ; Nan, Fan-Hua ; Shih, Wen-Ling; Chang, Chia-Ching; Lee, Meng-Chou J FUNCT FOODS8
532021Fish-specific TLR18 in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) recruits MyD88 and TRIF to induce expression of effectors in NF-kappa B and IFN pathways in melanomacrophagesNguyen Bao Trung; Nan, Fan-Hua ; Lee, Meng-Chou ; Loh, Jiun-Yan; Gong, Hong-Yi ; Lu, Ming-Wei ; Ho Thi Hang; Lin, Yu-Lin; Lee, Po-Tsang FISH SHELLFISH IMMUN7
542021Guava (Psidium guajava) leaf extract enhances immunity, growth, and resistance against Vibrio parahaemolyticus in white shrimp Penaeus vannameiDewi, Novi Rosmala; Huang, Huai-Ting; Wu, Yu-Sheng; Liao, Zhen-Hao; Lin, Yu-Ju; Lee, Po-Tsang ; Nan, Fan-Hua FISH & SHELLFISH IMMUNOLOGY11
552021Dietary Exposure of the Taiwan Population to Mercury Content in Various Seafood Assessed by a Total Diet StudyLin, Pinpin; Nan, Fan-Hua ; Ling, Min-Pei INT J ENV RES PUB HE2
562021R-Phycoerythrin from Colaconema formosanum (Rhodophyta), an Anti-Allergic and Collagen Promoting Material for CosmeceuticalsLee, Po-Tsang ; Yeh, Han-Yang; Lung, Wei-Qing-Chloe; Huang, Jing; Chen, Yi-Jung; Chen, Boryuan; Nan, Fan-Hua ; Lee, Meng-Chou APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL0
572021The effects of dietary supplement of Ulva fasciata, fermented soybean and probiotics on the growth of Apostichopus japonicusLiao, Zhen-Hao; Ibarra-Arana, Maria Joaquina; Chen, Jian-Cheng; Huang, Huai-Ting; Lin, Yu-Ju; Nan, Fan-Hua AQUACULT NUTR3
582021Enhancing growth, phycoerythrin production, and pigment composition in the red alga Colaconema sp. Through optimal environmental conditions in an indoor systemMeng-Chou Lee ; Han-Yang Yeh; Fu-Jie Jhang; Po-Tsang Lee ; Yung-Kai Lin ; Fan-Hua Nan BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY12
592021Phycoerythrin from Colaconema sp. Has Immunostimulatory Effects on the Whiteleg Shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei and Increases Resistance to Vibrio parahaemolyticus and White Spot Syndrome VirusLee, Po-Tsang ; Huang, Jing; Huang, Chin-Yi; Liu, Zi-Xuan; Yeh, Han-Yang; Huang, Huai-Ting; Chen, Li-Li ; Nan, Fan-Hua ; Lee, Meng-Chou ANIMALS-BASEL6
602021Environmental factors impact the early life stages of Sargassum ilicifolium in laboratoryYeh, Han-Yang; Libatique, Mary Joy; Liao, Zhen-Hao; Nan, Fan-Hua ; Lee, Meng-Chou ALGAL RES3
612021Expression, signal transduction, and function analysis of TIRAP and TRIF in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)Nguyen Bao Trung; Nan, Fan-Hua ; Wang, I-Jong; Wu, Yu-Ching; Wen, Chiu-Ming; Lee, Meng-Chou ; Hang, Ho Thi; Lee, Po-Tsang DEV COMP IMMUNOL7
622021Dioxins Contamination in Sediment and their Effect on Accumulation in the Portuguese Oyster (Crassostrea angulata) and White Shrimp (Litopenaeus Vannamei)Chen, Yin-Yu; Wu, Yu-Sheng; Chen, Hsiang-Yin; Liao, Zhen-Hao; Nan, Fan-Hua JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-TAIWAN0
632021Effect of Chlorine Dioxide on the Removal of Sulfadimethoxine and Sulfamethoxazole in Freshwater and SeawaterLiao, Zhen-Hao; Ng, Dai-Chee; Wu, Yu-Sheng; Nan, Fan-Hua JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-TAIWAN0
642021Raw Garlic (Allium sativum) Improves Nonspecific Immune Responses and Resistance Against Vibrio Alginolyticus Infection in Grouper (Epinephelus coioides)Huang, Huai-Ting; Lee, Po-Tsang ; Liao, Zhen-Hao; Huang, Cheng-Ting ; Chen, Hsiang-Yin; Huang, Zhi-Gu; Wu, Yu-Sheng; Nan, Fan-Hua JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-TAIWAN4
652020Effects of Phyllanthus amarus extract on nonspecific immune responses, growth, and resistance to Vibrio alginolyticus in white shrimp Litopenaeus vannameiNgo, Hoang-Viet-Trinh; Huang, Huai-Ting; Lee, Po-Tsang ; Liao, Zhen-Hao; Chen, Hsiang-Yin; Nan, Fan-Hua FISH SHELLFISH IMMUN23
662020Effects of three medicinal herbs Bidens pilosa, Lonicera japonica, and Cyathula officinalis on growth and non-specific immune responses of cobia (Rachycentron canadum)Lee, Po-Tsang ; Chen, Hsiang-Yin; Liao, Zhen-Hao; Huang, Huai-Ting; Chang, Ting-Chieh; Huang, Cheng-Ting ; Lee, Meng-Chou ; Nan, Fan-Hua FISH SHELLFISH IMMUN7
672020Immunostimulatory effects of Sarcodia suiae water extracts on Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus and its resistance against Streptococcus agalactiaePo-Tsang Lee ; Chiu-Ming Wen; Fan-Hua Nan ; Han-Yang Yeh; Meng-Chou Lee Fish & Shellfish Immunology5
682020Positive and synergistic effects of oxytetracycline and β-glucan on non-specific immune responses in the white shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei (Boone, 1931) (Dendrobranchiata, Penaeidae)Po-Tsang Lee ; Yu-Sheng Wu; Hsiang-Yin Chen; Zhen-Hao Liao; Huai-Ting Huang; Yu-Chun Chen; Fan-Hua Nan Crustaceana
692020Polysaccharides from the green alga Caulerpa racemosa (Agardh, 1873) improve the immune response and antioxidant status in the white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei (Boone, 1931) (Dendrobranchiata, Penaeidae)Po-Tsang Lee ; Meng-Chou Lee ; Yi-Tien Ho; Zhen-Hao Liao; Huai-Ting Huang; Yuan-Shing Ho; Fan-Hua Nan Crustaceana2
702020Rheum officinale extract promotes the innate immunity of orange-spotted grouper (Epinephelus coioides) and exerts strong bactericidal activity against six aquatic pathogensI-Pei Kuo; Po-Tsang Lee ; Fan-Hua Nan Fish & Shellfish Immunology12
712020Sargassum horneri extracts stimulate innate immunity, enhance growth performance, and upregulate immune genes in the white shrimp Litopenaeus vannameiPo-Tsang Lee ; Hoang Trieu Quan Tran; Huai-Ting Huang; Fan-Hua Nan ; Meng-Chou Lee Fish & Shellfish Immunology22
722020The Potential Of Nanosilver As An Antibacterial Agent For Grouper AquacultureLiao, Zhen-Hao; Wu, Chie-Fan; Nan, Fan-Hua J MAR SCI TECH-TAIW0
732020β-glucan alleviates the immunosuppressive effects of oxytetracycline on the non-specific immune responses and resistance against Vibrio alginolyticus infection in Epinephelus fuscoguttatus × Epinephelus lanceolatus hybridsPo-Tsang Lee ; Zhen-Hao Liao; Huai-Ting Huang; Chao-Yuan Chuang; Fan-Hua Nan Fish & Shellfish Immunology18
742019Sarcodia suieae acetyl-xylogalactan regulate RAW 264.7 macrophage NF-kappa B activation and IL-1 beta cytokine production in macrophage polarizationTsung-Meng Wu; Fan-Hua Nan ; Kuan-Chu Chen; Yu-Sheng WuScientific Reports18
752019Functional Biomaterials Modulate Macrophage in the Tumour Micro-environmentTsung-Meng Wu; Kuang-Teng Wang; Hisang-Lin Tsai; Fan-Hua Nan ; Yu-Sheng Wu0
762019Improving productivity productivity management of commercial abalone Haliotis diversicolor supertexta and Haliotis discus hannai aquaculture in Taiwan: A bioeconomic analysisHuang, Cheng-Ting ; Nguyen Phuoc Vinh; Chen, Yi-Ting; Liang, Tung-Ta; Nan, Fan-Hua ; Liu, Ping-Chung AQUACULTURE3
772018The effects of dietary supplmented Ulva lactuca on the feeding preference and growth of sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus (Selenka, 1867)Maria Joaquina Ibarra Arana; Zhen-Hao Liao; Hsiang-Yin Chen; Fan-Hua Nan 臺灣水產學會刊0
792017The antibacterial effects of silver nanoparticles against three aquatic pathogens廖振皓; 陳香吟; 吳之凡; 冉繁華 臺灣水產學會刊0
802017Effects of traditional medical herbs "minor bupleurum decoction" on the non-specific immune responses of white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei)Yu-Sheng Wu; Meng-Chou Lee ; Cheng-Ting Huang ; Chih-Yang Huang ; Fan-Hua Nan ; Tzu-Chi KungFish & Shellfish Immunology32
812017Effects of dietary protein level on growth performance and body composition of rock porgyChih Hao Lee; Fan-Hua Nan ; Gwo Liang Chang; Chen Chin Ku; Chih Hui Lu臺灣水產學會刊0
822017Bioaccumulation of lead and non-specific immune responses in white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) to Pb exposureWu, Yu-Sheng; Huang, Shih-Ling; Chung, Hsin-Chieh; Nan, Fan-Hua FISH SHELLFISH IMMUN23
832017Complete Genome Sequence of Herpesvirus anguillae Strain HVA980811 Isolated in Chiayi, TaiwanChiu-Ming Wen; Ping-Chung Liu; Fan-Hua Nan Genome Announc0
842017Genome Sequence of a Marbled Eel Polyoma-Like Virus in TaiwanChiu-Ming Wen; Ping-Chung Liu,; Fan-Hua Nan 0
852017Immunocytochemical characterisation of neural stem-progenitor cells from green terror cichlid Aequidens rivulatusChiu-Ming Wen; Fan-Hua Nan ; Chun Shun Wang; M M ChenJournal of Fish Biology2
862016Ganoderma lucidum beta 1,3/1,6 glucan as an immunomodulator in inflammation induced by a high-cholesterol dietWu, Yu-Sheng; Ho, Shu-Ying; Nan, Fan-Hua ; Chen, Shiu-NanBMC COMPLEM ALTERN M25
872016Immunomodulator mushroom beta glucan' induces Wnt/ catenin signalling and improves wound recovery in tilapia and rat skin: a histopathological studyChien-Mei Hsiao; Yu-Sheng Wu; Fan-Hua Nan ; Shih-Ling Huang; Lynette Chen; Shiu-Nan ChenInternational Wound Journal I5
882016Effects of medicinal herbs Plantago asiatica, Houttuynia cordata and Mentha haplocalyx on non-specific immune responses of cobia (Rachycentron canadum)Wu, Yu-Sheng; Chen, Yin-Yu; Ueng, Pien-Sheng; Nan, Fan-Hua FISH SHELLFISH IMMUN10
892016Polarisation of Macrophage and Immunotherapy in the Wound HealingYu-Sheng Wu; Fan-Hua Nan ; Sherwin Chen; Shiu-Nan ChenWound Healing - New insights into Ancient Challenges0
902016Beta 1,3/1,6-glucan and vitamin C immunostimulate the non-specific immune response of white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei)Yu-Sheng Wu; Shu-Yu Liau; Cheng-Ting Huang ; Fan-Hua Nan Fish & Shellfish Immunology35
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