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12022Residency and swimming behavior of Acanthopagrus schlegelii, Trachinotus blochii, and Acanthopagrus latus in relation to artificial reef models in a captivity experimentLee, Wei-Yu; Lan, Kuo-Wei ; Chang, Hsiang-Hao; Naimullah, MuhamadAPPLIED ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR SCIENCE1
22022Effects of decadal climate variability on spatiotemporal distribution of Indo-Pacific yellowfin tuna populationWu, Yan-Lun; Lan, Kuo-Wei ; Evans, Karen; Chang, Yi-Jay; Chan, Jui-WenSCI REP-UK0
32022Effect of soaking time on targets and bycatch species catch rates in fish and crab trap fishery in the southern East China SeaNaimullah, Muhamad; Lee, Wei-Yu; Wu, Yan-Lun; Chen, Yi-Kai; Huang, Yu-Cih; Liao, Cheng-Hsin ; Lan, Kuo-Wei FISH RES1
42022Variability in the Spatiotemporal Distribution Patterns of Greater Amberjack in Response to Environmental Factors in the Taiwan Strait Using Remote Sensing DataMammel, Mubarak; Naimullah, Muhamad; Vayghan, Ali Haghi; Hsu, Jhen; Lee, Ming-An ; Wu, Jun-Hong; Wang, Yi-Chen ; Lan, Kuo-Wei REMOTE SENS-BASEL3
52022Unbaited Light-Emitting Diode Traps Performance for Catching Orange Mud CrabsNaimullah, Muhamad; Lan, Kuo-Wei ; Ikhwanuddin, Mhd; Amin-Safwan, Adnan; Lee, Wei-YuJ MAR SCI TECH-JAPAN1
62021Distribution and Catch Rate Characteristics of Narrow-Barred Spanish Mackerel (Scomberomorus commerson) in Relation to Oceanographic Factors in the Waters Around TaiwanChen, Lu-Chi; Weng, Jinn-Shing; Naimullah, Muhamad; Hsiao, Po-Yuan; Tseng, Chen-Te; Lan, Kuo-Wei ; Chuang, Che-ChenFRONT MAR SCI2
72021Modeling the Habitat Distribution of Acanthopagrus schlegelii in the Coastal Waters of the Eastern Taiwan Strait Using MAXENT with Fishery and Remote Sensing DataTeng, Sheng-Yuan; Su, Nan-Jay ; Lee, Ming-An ; Lan, Kuo-Wei ; Chang, Yi; Weng, Jinn-Shing; Yi-Chen Wang ; Sihombing, Riah Irawati; Vayghan, Ali HaghiJ MAR SCI ENG3
82021Effect of the El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) Cycle on the Catches and Habitat Patterns of Three Swimming Crabs in the Taiwan StraitNaimullah, Muhamad; Wu, Yan-Lun; Lee, Ming-An ; Lan, Kuo-Wei FRONT MAR SCI4
92021Evaluation of the Impacts of Climate Change on Albacore Distribution in the South Pacific Ocean by Using Ensemble ForecastChang, Yi-Jay; Hsu, Jhen; Lai, Po-Kai; Lan, Kuo-Wei ; Tsai, Wen-PeiFRONT MAR SCI3
102021Long-Term Variability of Piscivorous Fish in China Seas Under Climate Change With Implication for Fisheries ManagementLiu, Dan; Tian, Yongjun; Ma, Shuyang; Li, Jianchao; Sun, Peng; Ye, Zhenjiang; Fu, Caihong; Lan, Kuowei ; Zhou, ShijieFRONT MAR SCI2
112021Effects of Climate Change in Marine Ecosystems Based on the Spatiotemporal Age Structure of Top Predators: A Case Study of Bigeye Tuna in the Pacific OceanLan, Kuo-Wei ; Wu, Yan-Lun; Chen, Lu-Chi; Naimullah, Muhamad; Lin, Tzu-HsiangFRONT MAR SCI2
122021Assessing Summertime Primary Production Required in Changed Marine Environments in Upwelling Ecosystems Around the Taiwan BankHsiao, Po-Yuan; Shimada, Teruhisa; Lan, Kuo-Wei ; Lee, Ming-An ; Liao, Cheng-Hsin REMOTE SENS-BASEL4
132020Evaluating a Suitable Aquaculture Site Selection Model for Cobia (Rachycentron canadum) during Extreme Events in the Inner Bay of the Penghu Islands, TaiwanWu, Yan-Lun; Lee, Ming-An ; Chen, Lu-Chi; Chan, Jui-Wen; Lan, Kuo-Wei REMOTE SENS-BASEL10
142020Empirical habitat suitability model for immature albacore tuna in the North Pacific Ocean obtained using multisatellite remote sensing dataLee, Ming-An ; Weng, Jinn-Shing; Lan, Kuo-Wei ; Vayghan, Ali Haghi; Yi-Chen Wang ; Chan, Jui-WenINT J REMOTE SENS10
152020Association of Environmental Factors in the Taiwan Strait with Distributions and Habitat Characteristics of Three Swimming CrabsNaimullah, Muhamad; Lan, Kuo-Wei ; Liao, Cheng-Hsin ; Hsiao, Po-Yuan; Liang, Yen-Rong; Chiu, Ting-ChenREMOTE SENS-BASEL11
162020Influence of oceanographic and climatic variability on the catch rate of yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) cohorts in the Indian OceanLan, Kuo-Wei ; Chang, Yi-Jay; Wu, Yan-LunDEEP-SEA RES PT II11
172020Validation of a Primary Production Algorithm of Vertically Generalized Production Model Derived from Multi-Satellite Data around the Waters of TaiwanLan, Kuo-Wei ; Lian, Li-Jhih; Li, Chun-Huei; Hsiao, Po-Yuan; Cheng, Sha-YanREMOTE SENS-BASEL8
182020Determining the effect of multiscale climate indices on the global yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) population using a time series analysisWu, Yan-Lun; Lan, Kuo-Wei ; Tian, YongJunDEEP-SEA RES PT II7
192020Distribution and habitat characteristics of three important commercial swimming crab (Crustacea: Decapoda: Portunidae) related with the environmental factors in Taiwan StraitMuhamad Naimullah; Kuo-Wei Lan ; Yen-Rong Liang; Po-Yuan Hsiao; Ting-Chen Chiu; Cheng-Hsin Liao 
202020利用不同漁業資料來源分析臺灣東北部海域生態位階結構變動林佳蕙; 藍國瑋 ; 廖正信 
212020Seasonal Variations of Marine Environment and Primary Production in the Taiwan StraitTseng, Hsiao-Chun ; You, Wan-Lynn; Huang, Wei; Chung, Chih-Ching ; Tsai, An-Yi ; Chen, Tzong-Yueh ; Lan, Kuo-Wei ; Gong, Gwo-Ching FRONT MAR SCI16
222019Modelling the impacts of environmental variation on habitat suitability for Pacific saury in the Northwestern Pacific OceanChang, Yi-Jay; Lan, Kuo-Wei ; Walsh, William A.; Hsu, Jhen; Hsieh, Chih-haoFISH OCEANOGR13
232018Summer Assemblages and Biodiversity of Larval Fish Associated with Hydrography in the Northern South China SeaChen, Lu-Chi; Lan, Kuo-Wei ; Chang, Yi; Chen, Wen-YuMAR COAST FISH7
242018Association between the interannual variation in the oceanic environment and catch rates of bigeye tuna (Thunnus obesus) in the Atlantic OceanLan, Kuo-Wei ; Lee, Ming-An ; Chou, Chin-Pei; Vayghan, Ali HaghiFISH OCEANOGR18
252018Variation in the Catch Rate and Distribution of Swordtip Squid Uroteuthis edulis Associated with Factors of the Oceanic Environment n the Southern East China SeaLiao, Cheng-Hsin ; Lan, Kuo-Wei ; Ho, Hsin-Ying; Wang, Kae-Yih; Wu, Yan-LunMAR COAST FISH15
262018Assessment of the fecundity, population growth and fatty acid composition of Apocyclops royi (Cyclopoida, Copepoda) fed on different microalgal dietsKuo-Wei Lan ; Ming-An Lee ; Chin-Pei Chou; Ali Haghi VayghanAQUACULT NUTR20
272017Impact of Fishing Exploitation and Climate Change on the Grey Mullet Mugil cephalus Stock in the Taiwan StraitLan, Kuo-Wei ; Zhang, Chang Ik; Kang, Hee Joong; Wu, Long-Jing; Lian, Li-JhihMAR COAST FISH5
282017Estimated net primary productivity using high resolution multi-satellite data and related to primary production required in the water around TaiwanK.W. Lan ; L.L. Lian; S.Y. Cheng ; C.H. Liao 
292017Using Remote-Sensing Environmental and Fishery Data to Map Potential Yellowfin Tuna Habitats in the Tropical Pacific OceanLan, Kuo-Wei ; Shimada, Teruhisa; Lee, Ming-An ; Su, Nan-Jay ; Chang, YiREMOTE SENS-BASEL32
302016Climatological features of surface winds blowing through the Taiwan StraitShimada, T.; Chang, Y.; Kuo-Wei Lan International Journal of Climatology
312016Ocean variations in relate to catch rates and distributions of Swordtip squid (Uroteuthis edulis) of Stick-Helddip Net fishery in the northeastern waters of TaiwanK.W. Lan ; H.Y. Ho; C.H. Liao 
322016海洋環境變動對臺灣東北部海域棒受網漁業劍尖槍鎖管捕獲率與分布關係之研究何欣穎; 廖正信 ; 藍國瑋 
332016Changes in Patterns of Seasonality Shown by Migratory Fish under Global Warming: Evidence from Catch Data of Taiwan's Coastal FisheriesHo, Ching-Hsien; Lu, Hsueh-Jung ; He, Jia-Sin; Lan, Kuo-Wei ; Chen, Jyun-LongSUSTAINABILITY-BASEL9
342016海洋環境變動對臺灣東北部海域棒受網漁業劍尖槍鎖管捕獲率與分布關係之研究何欣穎; 藍國瑋 ; 廖正信 
352015Environmental variations on swordfish (Xiphias gladius) catch rates in the Indian OceanMing-An Lee ; Wang, S. P.; Chen, Z. Y.; Kuo-Wei Lan Fisheries Research
362015Ocean variations in relate to catch rates and distributions of Swordtip squid (Uroteuthis edulis) of Stick-Helddip Net fishery in the northeastern waters of TaiwanHo, H.Y.; Lan, K.W. ; Liao, C.H. 
372014Erratum to: Effects of climate variability and climate change on the fishing conditions for grey mullet (Mugil cephalus L.) in the Taiwan StraitMing-An Lee ; Zhang, C. I.; Wang, P. Y.; Wu, L. J.; Lee, K. T.; Kuo-Wei Lan Climatic Change3
382014Effects of climate variability and climate change on the fishing conditions for grey mullet (Mugil cephalus L.) in the Taiwan StraitMing-An Lee ; Zhang, C. I.; Wang, P. Y.; Wu, L. J.; Lee, K. T.; Kuo-Wei Lan Climatic Change
392014Effects of an Unusual Cold-Water Intrusion in 2008 on the Catch of Coastal Fishing Methods around Penghu Islands, TaiwanMing-An Lee ; Yang, Y. C.; Shen, Y. L.; Chang, Y.; Tsai, W. S.; Kuo, Y. C.; Kuo-Wei Lan Terrestrial Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
402014Distributions and assemblages of larval fish in the East China Sea during the northeasterly and southwesterly monsoon seasons of 2008Chen, W. Y.; Ming-An Lee ; Kuo-Wei Lan ; Gwo-Ching Gong Biogeosciences
412013Effects of climate variability on the distribution and fishing conditions of yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) in the western Indian OceanEvans, K.; Ming-An Lee ; Kuo-Wei Lan Climatic Change
442012Oceanic thermal fronts and net primary production related to the longline catches of albacore tuna (Thunnus alalunga) in the southern Indian Ocean.Kuo-Wei Lan ; Yi Chang; Ming-An Lee ; Igor Belkin; Tom Nishida
452012Relationship between albacore (Thunnus alalunga) fishing grounds in the Indian Ocean and the thermal environment revealed by cloud-free microwave sea surface temperatureKawamura, H.; Hsueh-Jung Lu ; Shimada, T.; Hosoda, K.; Sakaida, F.; Ming-An Lee ; Kuo-Wei Lan Fisheries Research
462012Temporal Scale of Sea Surface Temperature Fronts Revealed by Microwave ObservationsHosoda, K.; Kawamura, H.; Kuo-Wei Lan ; Shimada, T.; Sakaida, F.Ieee Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters
472012Environmental effects on yellowfin tuna catch by the Taiwan longline fishery in the Arabian SeaNishida, T.; Hsueh-Jung Lu ; Weng, J. S.; Chang, Y.; Ming-An Lee ; Kuo-Wei Lan International Journal of Remote Sensing
482011Oceanic thermal fronts and net primary production associated with longline catches of albacore (Thunnus alalunga) in the southern Indian Ocean.Ming-An Lee ; Kuo-Wei Lan ; Yi Chang; Igor Belkin; Tom Nishida
492011Relationship between albacore (Thunnus alalunga) fishing grounds and the thermal environment revealed by AMSR-E sea surface temperature in the Indian Ocean.Chia-Wei Hu; Kuo-Wei Lan ; Hiroshi Kawamura; Ming-An Lee ; Hsueh-Jung Lu ; Teruhisa Shimada; Kohtaro Hosoda; Futoki Sakaida
502011Ocean variations associated with fishing conditions for yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) in the equatorial Atlantic OceanKuo-Wei Lan ; Ming-An Lee ; Hsueh-Jung Lu ; Wei-Juan Shieh; Wei-Kuan Lin; Szu-Chia KaoIces Journal of Marine Science20
512010Fine-scale sea surface temperature fronts in wintertime in the northern South China SeaChang, Y.; Shieh, W. J.; Ming-An Lee ; Chan, J. W.; Weng, J. S.; Kuo-Wei Lan International Journal of Remote Sensing
522009Satellite Observation on the Exceptional Intrusion of Cold Water in the Taiwan StraitChang, Y.; Lee, K. T.; Ming-An Lee ; Kuo-Wei Lan Terrestrial Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
532009Summertime sea surface temperature fronts associated with upwelling around the Taiwan BankKuo-Wei Lan ; Hiroshi Kawamura; Ming-An Lee ; Yi Chang; Jui-Wen Chan; Cheng-Hsin Liao Continental Shelf Research28
542008Summertime sea surface temperature fronts ssociated with upwelling around the Taiwan Bank.Kuo-Wei Lan ; H. Kawamura; Ming-An Lee ; Y. Chang; J.-W. Chan; C.H. Liao
552007Winter distribution and composition of ichthyoplankton associated with thermal front on the continental shelf of the southern East China Sea.Feng-Jen Hsieh; Ming-An Lee ; Jia-Yi Oan; Wang Tzu Yu; Kuo-Wei Lan ; Yang-Chi LanJ. Fish. Soc. Taiwan