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12023/12/7Thermal histories reveal spatiotemporal distribution and population overlapping of Sepioteuthis lessonianaChiang, Chun-, I; Chung, Ming-Tsung; Shiao, Jen-Chieh; Wang, Pei-Ling; Wang, Chia-Hui ICES JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE
22023A Novel Spacetime Boundary-Type Meshless Method for Estimating Aquifer Hydraulic Properties Using Pumping TestsKu, Cheng-Yu ; Liu, Chih-YuMATHEMATICS
32023Glacial expansion of carbon-rich deep waters into the Southwestern Indian Ocean over the last 630 kyrPerez-Asensio, Jose N.; Tachikawa, Kazuyo; Vidal, Laurence; de Garidel-Thoron, Thibault; Sonzogni, Corinne; Guihou, Abel; Deschamps, Pierre; Jorry, Stephan J.; Chen, Min-Te GLOBAL AND PLANETARY CHANGE
42023Stable isotopes in scales of mangrove snapper Lutjanus argentimaculatus as an indicator for origin discriminationChiang, Chun-, I; Lu, Chian-Yu; Wang, Chia-Hui AQUACULTURE INTERNATIONAL
52023Reconstructing missing time-varying land subsidence data using back propagation neural network with principal component analysisLiu, Chih-Yu; Ku, Cheng-Yu ; Hsu, Jia-FuSCIENTIFIC REPORTS
62023Temporal Variation and Spatial Distribution of Groundwater Level Changes Induced by Large EarthquakesChing-Yi Liu; Yeeping Chia; Po-Yu Chung; Tsai-Ping Lee; Yung-Chia Chiu Water
72022Radiated seismic energy from the 2021 M-L 5.8 and M-L 6.2 Shoufeng (Hualien), Taiwan, earthquakes and their aftershocksHwang, Ruey-Der; Huang, Yi-Ling ; Chang, Wen-Yen; Lin, Cai-Yi; Lin, Chiung-Yao; Wang, Sheng-Tung; Chan, Jing-Bei; Chang, Jo-Pan; Lin, Tzu-WeiTERRESTRIAL ATMOSPHERIC AND OCEANIC SCIENCES1
82022A Novel Space-Time Marching Method for Solving Linear and Nonlinear Transient ProblemsHong, Li-Dan; Ku, Cheng-Yu ; Liu, Chih-YuMATHEMATICS0
92022Spatial Variability in Land Subsidence and Its Relation to Groundwater Withdrawals in the Choshui DeltaKu, Cheng-Yu ; Liu, Chih-Yu; Lu, Hsueh-ChuanAPPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL0
102022An Integrated View of Organic Biomarker-Based Sea Surface Temperature Changes in the Subarctic Pacific Since the Last Ice AgeLi, Qian; Chen, Min-Te ; Li, Guangxue; Yu, Jimin; Zou, Jianjun; Shi, Xuefa; Liu, Shidong; Yu, Pai-SenPALEOCEANOGRAPHY AND PALEOCLIMATOLOGY0
112022Systematic evaluation of oxygen isotopes in cephalopod statoliths as thermal proxiesMartino, Jasmin C.; Chung, Ming-Tsung; Chiang, Chun-, I; Wang, Chia-Hui ; Shirai, Kotaro; Doubleday, Zoe A.ICES J MAR SCI1
122022Understanding the Late Quaternary Paleomonsoon and Paleoenvironmental Shifts of AsiaAchyuthan, Hema; Chen, Min-Te ; Liu, ShengfaQUATERNARY INTERNATIONAL0
142022Rise time of the 2018 M-W 6.4 Hualien earthquake revealed by source time functions: A restrictive estimation of static stress dropHwang, Ruey-Der; Huang, Yi-Ling ; Chang, Wen-Yen; Lin, Chiung-Yao; Lin, Cai-Yi; Chang, Jo-PanPHYSICS OF THE EARTH AND PLANETARY INTERIORS0
152022Field and Synthetic Waveform Tests on Using Large-Offset Seismic Streamer Data to Derive Shallow Seabed Shear-Wave Velocity and Geotechnical PropertiesWege, Sebastian; Legendre, Cedric P.; Chi, Wu-Cheng; Wang, Tan Kin ; Kunath, Pascal; Liu, Char-ShineEARTH SPACE SCI0
162022Synchronous millennial surface-stratified events with AMOC and tropical dynamic changes in the northeastern Indian Ocean over the past 42 kaLiu, Shengfa; Shi, Xuefa; Wong, Kuo-Tsan; Chen, Min-Te ; Ye, Wenxing; Zhang, Hui; Cao, Peng; Li, Jingrui; Li, Xiaoyan; Khokiattiwong, Somkiat; Kornkanitnan, NarumolQUATERNARY SCI REV3
172022A Simplified Radial Basis Function Method with Exterior Fictitious Sources for Elliptic Boundary Value ProblemsLiu, Chih-Yu; Ku, Cheng-Yu MATHEMATICS3
182022Solving Inverse Problems of Stationary Convection-Diffusion Equation Using the Radial Basis Function Method with Polyharmonic PolynomialsXiao, Jing-En; Ku, Cheng-Yu ; Liu, Chih-YuAPPL SCI-BASEL0
192022Geographical variations in genetic group composition, life-history traits, and statolith shape for Sepioteuthis spp. in the Northwest PacificChing, Tzu-Yun; Yagishita, Naoki; Yamaguchi, Atsuko; Wang, Chia-Hui ; Chen, Chih-Shin MAR FRESHWATER RES0
202022Combined Numerical Simulation and Groundwater Depletion Sensitivity Analysis for Dynamic Pumping ManagementShih, Dong-Sin; Chiu, Yung-Chia ; Wang, KaiJ WATER RES PLAN MAN1
212022A Millennial-Scale Tephra Event-Stratigraphic Record of the South China Sea since the Penultimate InterglacialFeng, Weijia; Yang, Jiawen; Bao, Chuang; Kong, Deming; Chen, Min-Te LITHOSPHERE
222022Barite-calcite composite as imitation "Wulanhua" turquoise from Hubei Province, ChinaLin, Shu-Hong; Li, Yu-Ho; Chen, Huei-Fen GEMS & GEMOLOGY0
232022New REE-Constrained Terrigenous Depositional Changes in the Central Okinawa Trough and their Responses to Climate since 92 MillenniaZou, Jianjun; Shi, Xuefa; Zhu, Aimei; Chang, Yuan-Pin; Chen, Min-Te ; Dou, RuxiLITHOSPHERE-US0
242022Analysis of Meteorological Conditions on Riverbed Dust Aerosol in TaiwanTsai, Fujung ; Yao, Wan-Chi; Lin, Ming-LungATMOSPHERE-BASEL1
252021Petrogenesis of Cenozoic Basaltic Rocks from the Leiqiong Area, South China: Evidence from Geochemical ConstraintsLee, Yung-Tan; Chou, Pin-Chang; Ho, Kung-Suan; Tsai, Yu-Wei; Chang, Ying-Ju GEOCHEMISTRY INTERNATIONAL1
262021Using Freshwater Heads to Analyze Flow Directions in Saline Aquifers of the Pingtung Plain, TaiwanChiu, Yung-Chia ; Chen, Chun-Hung; Cheng, Yun-Ta; Chen, WenfuWATER-SUI0
272021Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) Monitoring for Landslides: Case Study in the Lantai Area, Yilan Taiping Mountain, Northeast TaiwanTsai, Wu-Nan; Chen, Chien-Chih; Chiang, Chih-Wen ; Chen, Pei-Yuan; Kuo, Chih-Yu; Wang, Kuo-Lung; Lin, Meei-Ling; Chen, Rou-FeiFRONT EARTH SC-SWITZ6
282021Space-time polyharmonic radial polynomial basis functions for modeling saturated and unsaturated flowsKu, Cheng-Yu ; Hong, Li-Dan; Liu, Chih-Yu; Xiao, Jing-EnENGINEERING WITH COMPUTERS4
292021Heavy mineral record from the east China sea inner shelf: Implications for provenance and climate changes over the past 1500 yearsZhang, Kaidi; Li, Anchun; Liu, Xiting; Chen, Min-Te ; Lu, Jian; Zhang, Jin; Wang, HongliCONT SHELF RES4
302021Crustal underplating and overriding across the collision-subduction transition in the northern Manila subduction zone offshore southwestern TaiwanChiu, Hsin; Wang, Tan K. ; Cho, Yu HsiangMARINE GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH1
312021Paleoproductivity evolution in the northeastern Indian Ocean since the last glacial maximum: Evidence from biogenic silica variationsLiu, Shengfa; Zhang, Hui; Cao, Peng; Liu, Ming; Ye, Wenxing; Chen, Min-Te ; Li, Jingrui; Pan, Hui-Juan; Khokiattiwong, Somkiat; Kornkanitnan, Narumol; Shi, XuefaDEEP-SEA RES PT I0
322021Metabolic proxy for cephalopods: Stable carbon isotope values recorded in different biogenic carbonatesChung, Ming-Tsung; Chen, Ching-Yi; Shiao, Jen-Chieh; Shirai, Kotaro; Wang, Chia-Hui METHODS ECOL EVOL5
332021Pink aventurine quartz with alurgite inclusionsShu-Hong Lin; Yu-Ho Li; Huei-Fen Chen GEMS & GEMOLOGY0
342021Sedimentary mercury and antimony revealed orbital-scale dynamics of the Kuroshio CurrentZou, Jianjun; Chang, Yuan-Pin; Zhu, Aimei; Chen, Min-Te ; Kandasamy, Selvaraj; Yang, Hu; Cui, Jinjin; Yu, Pai-Sen; Shi, XuefaQUATERNARY SCI REV7
352021Paleoclimatic responses in the tropical Indian Ocean to regional monsoon and global climate change over the last 42 kyrLiu, Shengfa; Ye, Wenxing; Cao, Peng; Zhang, Hui; Chen, Min-Te ; Li, Xiaoyan; Li, Jingrui; Pan, Hui-Juan; Khokiattiwong, Somkiat; Kornkanitnan, Narumol; Shi, XuefaMAR GEOL9
372021Potential geothermal structure inferred from the electrical resistivity and seismic reflection models in the western Ilan Plain, NE TaiwanChiang, Chih-Wen ; Yang, Zhi-Xian; Chen, Chien-Chih; Yeh, En-Chao; Chen, Chow-Son; Wang, Chien-YingGEOTHERMICS1
382021On solving elliptic boundary value problems using a meshless method with radial polynomialsKu, Cheng-Yu ; Xiao, Jing-En; Liu, Chih-Yu; Lin, Der-GueyMATHEMATICS AND COMPUTERS IN SIMULATION0
392021Infinitely Smooth Polyharmonic RBF Collocation Method for Numerical Solution of Elliptic PDEsLiu, Chih-Yu; Ku, Cheng-Yu ; Hong, Li-Dan; Hsu, Shih-Meng MATHEMATICS3
402021Natal origin and migration pathways of Mekong catfish (Pangasius krempfi) using strontium isotopes and trace element concentrations in environmental water and otolithsNgan Trong Tran; Labonne, Maylis; Chung, Ming-Tsung; Wang, Chia-Hui ; Huang, Kuo-Fang; Durand, Jean-Dominique; Grudpan, Chaiwut; Chan, Bunyeth; Huy Duc Hoang; Panfili, JacquesPLOS ONE8
412021High-resolution records of anthropogenic activity and geohazards from the reservoir of Sun Moon Lake, Central TaiwanChen, Huei-Fen ; Wei, Kuo-Yen; Huang, Jyh-Jaan Steven; Lin, Chi-Cheng; Su, Chih-Chieh; Song, Gwo-Shyh; Li, Hong-Chun; Lee, Teh-Quei; Song, Shen-Rong; Pan, Hui-JuanELEMENTA-SCI ANTHROP2
422021A potential suite of climate markers of long-chain n-alkanes and alkenones preserved in the top sediments from the Pacific sector of the Southern OceanChen, Xin; Liu, Xiaodong; Lin, Da-Cheng; Wang, Jianjun; Chen, Liqi; Yu, Pai-Sen; Wang, Linmiao; Xiong, Zhifang; Chen, Min-Te PROG EARTH PLANET SC3
432021Numerical solutions of two-dimensional Laplace and biharmonic equations by the localized Trefftz methodLiu, Yan-Cheng; Fan, Chia-Ming ; Yeih, Weichung ; Ku, Cheng-Yu ; Chu, Chiung-LinCOMPUTERS & MATHEMATICS WITH APPLICATIONS16
442021Modeling Transient Flows in Heterogeneous Layered Porous Media Using the Space-Time Trefftz MethodKu, Cheng-Yu ; Hong, Li-Dan; Liu, Chih-Yu; Xiao, Jing-En; Huang, Wei-Po APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL5
452021Collocation Trefftz method applied to groundwater tidal effect analysisSu, Yan; Yang, Luxi; Huang, Lanqing; Ku, Chengyu DESALIN WATER TREAT0
462021Simplified power law relationship in the estimation of hydraulic conductivity of unsaturated sands using electrical conductivityLiu, Ching-Yi; Hsieh, Yun-Da; Chiu, Yung-Chia SOIL RES0
472021Use of Hydraulic Test Data to Recognize Fracture Network Pattern of Rock Mass in Taiwan Mountainous AreasHsu, Shih-Meng ; Chiu, Chien-Ming; Ke, Chien-Chung; Ku, Cheng-Yu ; Lin, Hao-LunAPPL SCI-BASEL1
482021Variations in life-history traits and statolith shape for Sepioteuthis spp. in the waters off southwestern JapanChing, Tzu-Yun; Chen, Chih-Shin ; Yagishita, Naoki; Yamaguchi, Atsuko; Wang, Chia-Hui ; Shen, Kang-NingFISHERIES SCI3
492021Raman Spectroscopic Characteristics of Zeolite Group MineralsTsai, Ying-Lai; Huang, Eugene; Li, Yu-Ho; Hung, Hsiao-Tien; Jiang, Jhih-Hao; Liu, Teh-Ching; Fang, Jianng-Neng; Chen, Huei-Fen MINERALS15
5020212020-Gems- rutiled quartzSam Lin; Yu-Ho Li; Huei-Fen Chen Gems and Gemology
512021A GIS-Based Artificial Neural Network Model for Flood Susceptibility AssessmentKhoirunisa, Nanda; Ku, Cheng-Yu ; Liu, Chih-YuINT J ENV RES PUB HE21
522021Millennial-scale variability of Indian summer monsoon during the last 42 kyr: Evidence based on foraminiferal Mg/Ca and oxygen isotope records from the central Bay of BengalLiu, Shengfa; Ye, Wenxing; Chen, Min-Te ; Pan, Hui-Juan; Cao, Peng; Zhang, Hui; Khokiattiwong, Somkiat; Kornkanitnan, Narumol; Shi, XuefaPALAEOGEOGR PALAEOCL14
532021A Meshless Method with Radial Basis Function for Solving Unsaturated Flow in Heterogeneous Porous MediaKu, Cheng-Yu ; Liu, Chih-Yu; Huang, Wei-Po ; Xiao, Jing-EnJOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY-TAIWAN0
542021Bacterial Dynamics in the Accessory Nidamental Gland of Sepioteuthis lessoniana throughout MaturationYang, Shan-Hua; Chen, Chi; Hsieh, Yunli Eric; Yang, Sung-Yin; Li, Hau-Wen; Ching, Tzu-Yun; Wang, Chia-Hui ; Chang, Ching-Fong ; Tang, Sen-Lin; Wu, Guan-Chung MICROBES AND ENVIRONMENTS4
552021Paleolimnological evidence for lacustrine environmental evolution and paleo-typhoon records during the late Holocene in eastern TaiwanWang, Liang-Chi; Chou, Yu-Min; Chen, Huei-Fen ; Chang, Yuan-Pin; Chiang, Hong-Wei; Yang, Tien-Nan; Shiau, Liang-Jian; Chen, Yue-GauJ PALEOLIMNOL22
562021A collocation method with space-time radial polynomials for inverse heat conduction problemsKu, Cheng-Yu ; Liu, Chih-Yu; Xiao, Jing-En; Hsu, Shih-Meng ; Yeih, Weichung ENGINEERING ANALYSIS WITH BOUNDARY ELEMENTS8
572020Numerical Analyses Of Pile Foundation For Support Structure Of Offshore Wind Turbine At Changhua Coast In TaiwanLin, Der-Guey; Wang, Sheng-Hsien; Chou, Jui-Ching; Ku, Cheng-Yu ; Chien, Lien-Kwei J MAR SCI TECH-TAIW0
582020Solving Transient Groundwater Inverse Problems Using Space-Time Collocation Trefftz MethodKu, Cheng-Yu ; Hong, Li-Dan; Liu, Chih-YuWATER5
592020New Insights Into Kuroshio Current Evolution Since the Last Deglaciation Based on Paired Organic Paleothermometers From the Middle Okinawa TroughLi, Qian; Li, Guangxue; Chen, Min-Te ; Xu, Jishang; Liu, Shidong; Chen, MengnaPALEOCEANOGR PALEOCL11
602020Multiquadrics without the Shape Parameter for Solving Partial Differential EquationsKu, Cheng-Yu ; Liu, Chih-Yu; Xiao, Jing-En; Hsu, Shih-Meng SYMMETRY-BASEL4
612020Space-Time Radial Basis Function-Based Meshless Approach for Solving Convection-Diffusion EquationsKu, Cheng-Yu ; Xiao, Jing-En; Liu, Chih-YuMATHEMATICS2
622020A new deposit of pink natrolite from IndonesiaSam Lin; Yu-Ho Li; Huei-Fen Chen Gems and Gemology
632020Coupling high-resolutionmonitoring and modelling to verify restoration-based temperature improvementsHall, Austin; Chiu, Yung-Chia ; Selker, John S.RIVER RES APPL2
642020A Collocation Method Using Radial Polynomials for Solving Partial Differential EquationsKu, Cheng-Yu ; Xiao, Jing-EnSYMMETRY-BASEL1
652020A new type of rutilated quartz composite productLin, Shu-Hong; Li, Yu-Ho; Chen, Huei-Fen GEMS & GEMOLOGY
662020前世今生臺灣玉Sheng-Rong Song; Li-Wei Kuo; Jiann‐Neng Fang; Bing Sheng Yu; Huei-Fen Chen 
672020Temperature-dependent fractionation of stable oxygen isotopes differs between cuttlefish statoliths and cuttlebonesChung, M. T.; Chen, C. Y.; Shiao, J. C.; Lin, S.; Chia-Hui Wang Ecological Indicators
682020The hydrothermal mineralization sequences during the faulting of serpentinite and crustal collision in Fengtien area, eastern TaiwanHuei-Fen Chen ; Kuan-Ho Wu; Agustinus Kabelen; Yu-Ho Li; En-Chao Yeh; Yoshiyuki Iizuka; Pei-Lin Wang
692020Dyed chalcedony imitation of chrysocolla-in-chalcedonyHuei-Fen Chen ; Sam Lin; Yu-Ho Li; Jiann-Neng FangGems and Gemology
702020Reconstruction of monsoon evolution in southernmost Sumatra over the past 35 kyr and its response to northern hemisphere climate changesLiu, Shengfa; Zhang, Hui; Shi, Xuefa; Chen, Min-Te ; Cao, Peng; Li, Ziye; Troa, Rainer Arief; Zuraida, Rina; Triarso, Eko; Marfasran, HendrizanPROG EARTH PLANET SC3
712020Relationship Between Seismic Moment and Source Duration for Seismogenic Earthquakes in Taiwan: Implications for the Product of Static Stress Drop and the Cube of Rupture VelocityHwang, R. D.; Ho, C. Y.; Lin, T. W.; Chang, W. Y.; Yi-Ling Huang ; Lin, C. Y.Pure and Applied Geophysics1
722020Age determination for juvenile fourfinger threadfin (Eleutheronema rhadinum) by using otolith microstructure and length data obtained from commercial fisheries off northwestern TaiwanSu, Nan-Jay ; Lu, Yi-Sin; Wang, Chia-Hui ; Liao, Cheng-Hsin ; Chiang, Wei-Chuang; Tseng, Chen-TeFISH RES6
732020Alkenone surface hydrographic changes of the subarctic Northwestern Pacific since the last glacial: proxy limitations and implications of non-thermal environmental influencesYu, Pai-Sen; Liao, Chia-Ju; Chen, Min-Te ; Zou, Jian-Jun; Shi, Xuefa; Bosin, A. A.; Gorbarenko, Sergey A.; Yokoyama, YusukePROG EARTH PLANET SC1
742020Surface Ocean Hydrographic Changes in the Western Pacific Marginal Seas Since the Early HolocenePan, Hui-Juan; Chen, Min-Te ; Kong, Deming; Lin, Xiaopei; Wong, Kuo-Tsan; Tsai, Hung-Ling; Liu, Shengfa; Shi, Xuefa; Yokoyama, YosukeFRONT EARTH SC-SWITZ3
752020世界各產地藍玉髓的地球化學與礦物學研究林書弘; Sam Lin; Yu-Ho Li; Huei-Fen Chen ; Hao-Yang Lee國立臺灣博物館學刊0
762020A new deposit of pink natrolite from IndonesiaLi, Yu-Ho; Chen, Huei-Fen ; Lin, Shu-HongGEMS & GEMOLOGY
772020臺灣東部東河地區臺灣藍寶礦床產狀特徵及地球化學特性Yu-Ho Li; Huei-Fen Chen 國立臺灣博物館學刊0
782020Provenance of terrigenous sediments in the central Bay of Bengal and its relationship to climate changes since 25 kaLi, Jingrui; Liu, Shengfa; Shi, Xuefa; Chen, Min-Te ; Zhang, Hui; Zhu, Aimei; Cui, Jingjing; Khokiattiwong, Somkiat; Kornkanitnan, NarumolPROG EARTH PLANET SC10
792020Solving Backward Heat Conduction Problems Using a Novel Space-Time Radial Polynomial Basis Function Collocation MethodCheng-Yu Ku ; Liu, C. Y.; Xiao, J. E.; Chen, M. R.Applied Sciences-Basel
802020Three-Dimensional Numerical Investigation on the Efficiency of Subsurface Drainage for Large-Scale LandslidesLin, D. G.; Chang, K. C.; Cheng-Yu Ku ; Chou, J. C.Applied Sciences-Basel
812020The effect of hydrological conditions and bioactivities on the spatial and temporal variations of streambed hydraulic characteristics at the subtropical alpine catchmentYung-Chia Chiu ; Lee, T. Y.; Hsu, S. Y.; Liao, L. Y.Journal of Hydrology1
822020P-wave velocity structures of the crust across the Southern Taiwan Strait imaged by using air-gun data recorded from ocean-bottom seismometersWang, Tan K. ; Deng, Jia Ming; Wang, Jing; Cheng, Yu Hsuan; Xie, Zhi Zhao; Zhang, Yi FengMAR GEOPHYS RES0
832020Seasonal Movement Patterns of the Bigfin Reef Squid Sepioteuthis lessoniana Predicted Using Statolith delta O-18 ValuesChiang, Chun-, I; Chung, Ming-Tsung; Shiao, Jen-Chieh; Wang, Pei-Ling; Chan, Tin-Yam ; Yamaguchi, Atsuko; Wang, Chia-Hui FRONT MAR SCI7
842020Dyed chalcedony imitation of chrysocolla-in-chalcedonyLin, Shu-Hong; Li, Yu-Ho; Chen, Huei-Fen ; Fang, Jiann-NengGEMS & GEMOLOGY
852020Millennial-scale variations in sedimentary oxygenation in the western subtropical North Pacific and its links to North Atlantic climateZou, Jianjun; Shi, Xuefa; Zhu, Aimei; Kandasamy, Selvaraj; Gong, Xun; Lembke-Jene, Lester; Chen, Min-Te ; Wu, Yonghua; Ge, Shulan; Liu, Yanguang; Xue, Xinru; Lohmann, Gerrit; Tiedemann, RalfCLIM PAST13
862020海洋科學概論暨其時代議題陳明德 ; 陳宏瑜 ; 周文臣 ; 陳惠芬 ; 廖正信 ; 王佳惠 ; 黃向文 
872020A Novel Meshfree Approach with a Radial Polynomial for Solving Nonhomogeneous Partial Differential EquationsCheng-Yu Ku ; Xiao, J. E.; Liu, C. Y.Mathematics
882020Elemental Ratios in Cuttlebone Indicate Growth Rates in the Cuttlefish Sepia pharaonisChung, Ming-Tsung; Huang, Kuo-Fang; You, Chen-Feng; Chiao, Chuan-Chin; Wang, Chia-Hui FRONT MAR SCI5
892020A new phantom quartz imitation: Laser-engraved rock crystalLin, Shu-Hong; Li, Yu-Ho; Chen, Huei-Fen GEMS & GEMOLOGY
902020Multiproxies applied on sediment core for revealing the environmental changes and natural disaster events in Lake Kitaura, central JapanHuei-Fen Chen ; Jun-You Wu; Liang-Chi Wang; Hao-Yang Lee; Jyh-Jaan Steven Huang; Nobuyoshi Yamashita; Tomonori Naya
912020Modeling Tide-Induced Groundwater Response in a Coastal Confined Aquifer Using the Spacetime Collocation ApproachKu, Cheng-Yu ; Liu, Chih-Yu; Su, Yan; Yang, Luxi; Huang, Wei-Po APPL SCI-BASEL3
922019A new perspective for the sediment provenance evolution of the middle Okinawa Trough since the last deglaciation based on integrated methodsLi, Qian; Zhang, Qiang; Li, Guangxue; Liu, Qingsong; Chen, Min-Te ; Xu, Jishang; Li, JinhuaEARTH PLANET SC LETT21
932019A Spacetime Meshless Method for Modeling Subsurface Flow with a Transient Moving BoundaryCheng-Yu Ku ; Chih-Yu Liu; Jing-En Xiao ; Wei-Chung Yeih ; Chia-Ming Fan Water4
942019Investigation of long-range transported PM2.5 events over Northern Taiwan during 2005-2015 winter seasonsWei-Ting Hung; Cheng-Hsuan (Sarah) Lu; Sheng-Hsiang Wang; Sheng-Po Chen; Fu-Jung Tsai ; Charles C.-K. ChouAtmospheric Environment12
952019On Solving Modified Helmholtz Equation in Layered Materials Using the Multiple Source Meshfree ApproachXiao, J. E.; Wei-Chung Yeih ; Liu, C. Y.; Cheng-Yu Ku Mathematics
962019Major and trace element compositions of surface sediments from the lower Bengal Fan: Implications for provenance discrimination and sedimentary environmentSun, Xingquan; Liu, Shengfa; Li, Jingrui; Zhang, Hui; Zhu, Aimei; Cao, Peng; Chen, Min-Te ; Zhao, Guangtao; Khokiattiwong, Somkiat; Kornkanitnan, Narumol; Shi, XuefaJ ASIAN EARTH SCI15
972019Evaluations of an ocean bottom electro-magnetometer and preliminary results offshore NE TaiwanLin, Ching-Ren; Chiang, Chih-Wen ; Huang, Kuei-Yi; Hsiao, Yu-Hung; Chen, Po-Chi; Chang, Hsu-Kuang; Jang, Jia-Pu; Chang, Kun-Hui; Lin, Feng-Sheng; Lin, Saulwood; Kuo, Ban-YuanGEOSCI INSTRUM METH2
982019Late Holocene vegetation, climate, and natural disturbance records from an alpine pond in central TaiwanWang, Liang-Chi; Tang, Zih-Wei; Chen, Huei-Fen ; Li, Hong-Chun; Shiau, Liang-Jian; Huang, Jyh-Jaan Steven; Wei, Kuo-Yen; Chuang, Chih-Kai; Chou, Yu-MinQUATERN INT9
992019The method of two-point angular basis function for solving Laplace equationChung-Lun Kuo ; Wei-Chung Yeih ; Cheng-Yu Ku ; Chia-Ming Fan Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements3
1002019Distribution of rare earth elements in surface sediments of the western Gulf of Thailand: Constraints from sedimentology and mineralogyLiu, Shengfa; Zhang, Hui; Zhu, Aimei; Wang, Kunshan; Chen, Min-Te ; Khokiattiwong, Somkiat; Kornkanitnan, Narumol; Shi, XuefaQUATERN INT17
1012019On Solving Two-Dimensional Inverse Heat Conduction Problems Using the Multiple Source Meshless MethodXiao, J. E.; Wei-Po Huang ; Liu, C. Y.; Wei-Chung Yeih ; Cheng-Yu Ku Applied Sciences-Basel
1022019A spacetime collocation Trefftz method for solving the inverse heat conduction problemLiu, C. Y.; Xiao, J. E.; Wei-Po Huang ; Su, Y.; Cheng-Yu Ku Advances in Mechanical Engineering
1032019A review of microplastics in sediments: Spatial and temporal occurrences, biological effects, and analytic methodsPiao Yao; Bin Zhou; YueHan Lu; Yong Yin; YongQiang Zong; Min-Te Chen ; Zachary O'DonnellQUATERN INT33
1042019Multiple-event analysis of the 2018 M-L 6.2 Hualien earthquake using source time functionsHwang, Ruey-Der; Lin, Chiung-Yao; Lin, Cai-Yi; Chang, Wen-Yen; Lin, Tzu-Wei; Huang, Yi-Ling ; Chang, Jo-PanTERRESTRIAL ATMOSPHERIC AND OCEANIC SCIENCES8
1052019The Method of Fundamental Solutions for Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Free Surface Flows Using the Iterative SchemeCheng-Yu Ku ; Xiao, J. E.; Liu, C. Y.Applied Sciences-Basel
1062019On Solving Nonlinear Moving Boundary Problems with Heterogeneity Using the Collocation Meshless MethodCheng-Yu Ku ; Xiao, J. E.; Liu, C. Y.Water
1072019A novel space-time meshless method for solving the backward heat conduction problemCheng-Yu Ku ; Chih-Yu Liu; Wei-Chung Yeih ; Chein-Shan Liu ; Chia-Ming Fan International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer18
1082019On modeling subsurface flow using a novel hybrid Trefftz-MFS methodCheng-Yu Ku ; Jing-En Xiao; Chih-Yu Liu ; Chia-Ming Fan Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements3
1092019Tracks of tropical cyclones in Northwestern Pacific Ocean correspond to the ITCZ shifts and NAO phase over the past 2ka.Huei-Fen Chen ; Yen-Chu Liu; Chih-Wen Chiang ; Xingqi Liu; Yu-Min Chou; Hui-Juan2019 Conference on Pan-Pacific Anthropocene.
1102019Evaluation of the Ba-137 mass-marking technique and potential effects in the early life history stages of Sepioteuthis lessonianaChiang, Chun-, I; Chung, Ming-Tsung; Shih, Tung-Wei; Chan, Tin-Yam ; Yamaguchi, Atsuko; Wang, Chia-Hui MAR FRESHWATER RES3
1112019China's historical record when searching for tropical cyclones corresponding to Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) shifts over the past 2 kyrChen, Huei-Fen ; Liu, Yen-Chu; Chiang, Chih-Wen ; Liu, Xingqi; Chou, Yu-Min; Pan, Hui-JuanCLIM PAST22
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