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12023The Concept of Ocean Sustainability in High School: Measuring the Ocean Literacy of Vocational High School Students in IndonesiaChang, Cheng-Chieh ; Tsai, Liang-Ting ; Meliana, DwiSUSTAINABILITY0
22023Student Placement Probabilistic Assessment Using Emotional Quotient With Machine Learning: A Conceptual Case StudyKathirisetty, Nikhila; Jadeja, Rajendrasinh; Thakkar, Hiren Kumar; Garg, Deepak; Chang, Cheng-Chieh ; Mahadeva, Rajesh; Patole, Shahikant P.IEEE ACCESS
32022An Overview of the Promotion and Development of Marine General Education in TaiwanWu, C. K.; Liang-Ting Tsai 
42022我國海洋教育人才庫之推動與發展張正杰 ; 趙秀怡 ; 蔡良庭 ; 鄭心惠
52022探討國中九年學生電學概念改變關係以花蓮某國中為例黃薏菁; 陳霈語; 蔡良庭 
62021Factors influencing regular exercise habits of women in TaiwanChia-Che Liu; Liang-Ting Tsai INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH2
72021Developing and Validating a Computerized Adaptive Testing System for Measuring the English Proficiency of Taiwanese EFL University StudentsHuang, Heng-Tsung Danny; Hung, Shao-Ting Alan; Hsiu-Yi Chao ; Chen, Jyun-Hong; Lin, Tsui-Peng; Shih, Ching-LinLANGUAGE ASSESSMENT QUARTERLY0
92021A scale for assessing student understandings of marine resource conservation and sustainability: psychometric verification and the latent mean difference between gendersLiang-Ting Tsai ; Chang, Cheng-Chieh ; Hu, Pei-HsiENVIRON EDUC RES1
102021The Concept of Ocean Sustainability in Formal Education-Comparative Ocean Literacy Coverage Analysis of the Educational Standards of India and the USAChang, Cheng-Chieh ; Hirenkumar, Thakkar Chandni; Wu, Chin-Kuo SUSTAINABILITY-BASEL1
112021Effects of Science Reader Belief and Reading Comprehension on High School Students' Science Learning via Mobile DevicesChang, Cheng-Chieh ; Liang-Ting Tsai ; Chang, Chih-Hsuan ; Chang, Kuo-Chen; Su, Cheng-FangSUSTAINABILITY-BASEL1
122021基於學生決策結果之校系競爭力分析:以個人申請為例Jyun-Hong Chen; Man-Ying Wang; Ching-Lin Shih; Hsiu-Yi Chao 測驗學刊0
132021Impact of the Slow Fish Movement Curriculum on Students' Awareness of Marine Environment Conservation and Marine Resource SustainabilityLiao, Ya-Yin; Chang, Cheng-Chieh SUSTAINABILITY-BASEL1
142021Development of mathematics reading assessment: Psychometric evaluation based on SEM and IRT.Yuan-Horng Lin; Liang-Ting Tsai International Journal of Education, Psychology and Counseling0
152021網路測驗可以取代紙筆測驗嗎?中文版海洋素養量表的驗證蔡良庭 ; 張正杰 ; 張國珍
162021以108課綱為架構之高中生海洋素養測驗研發蔡良庭 ; 張正杰 ; 張國珍
172021臺灣大學生海洋資源保護與永續概念探討蔡良庭 ; 張正杰 ; 張國珍
182021臺灣海洋教育博碩士論文內容分析、比較與發展趨勢之研究Cheng-Chieh Chang ; 彭思瑜; Liang-Ting Tsai ; 張國珍
192020臺灣衝浪研究回顧與評析許振明 ; 陳建文 
202020The Beginning of Marine Sustainability: Preliminary Results of Measuring Students' Marine Knowledge and Ocean LiteracyLin, Yen-Ling; Wu, Liang-Yu; Liang-Ting Tsai ; Cheng-Chieh Chang SUSTAINABILITY-BASEL8
212020Depressogenic traits and depression: Are humor styles mediators?Shayne S.-H. Lin; Chai-Chi Hong; Liang-Ting Tsai ; Emily T. LiuHUMOR-INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMOR RESEARCH2
232020Psychometric properties of mathematics reading assessment based on SEM and IRTLin, Y. H.; Liang-Ting Tsai 
242020海洋資源保護與永續概念量表之心理計量評估與跨性別潛在平均數差異比較蔡良庭 ; 張正杰 
252019海洋教育關鍵DNA:K-12海洋素養範圍與程序指引手冊張正杰 ; 蔡良庭 ; 吳靖國 ; 林彥伶 
262019推動海洋素養面臨的困境及其解決途徑吳靖國 ; 張正杰 ; 蔡良庭 十二年國教108課綱實施與問題因應
272019Multilevel Effects of Student and School Factors on Senior High School Students' Ocean LiteracyLiang-Ting Tsai SUSTAINABILITY-BASEL4
282019An Assessment of Factors Related to Ocean Literacy Based on Gender-Invariance MeasurementLiang-Ting Tsai ; Lin, Yen-Ling; Chang, Cheng-Chieh INT J ENV RES PUB HE5
312019Development of Ocean Literacy Inventory for 16- to 18-Year-Old StudentsChang, Cheng-Chieh SAGE OPEN7
322019Measuring ocean literacy of high school students: psychometric properties of a Chinese version of the ocean literacy scaleLiang-Ting Tsai ; Chang, Cheng-Chieh ENVIRON EDUC RES9
332019比較不同國家菁英室外拔河選手身體組成之差異林泉寶; 李婷婷; 汪在莒; 陳建文 ; 洪偉欽; 李再立
342019Improving Awareness of Marine Conservation and Sustainability among Taiwanese Middle School Students by Teaching Slow Fish MovementYa-Yin LIAO; Liang-Ting Tsai ; Ting-Kuang YEH; Cheng-Chieh Chang 日本地球惑星科学連合大会予稿集
352019Study on the ocean literacy of Taiwan high school students based on the principle of NMEA ocean literacyLiang-Ting Tsai ; Cheng-Chieh Chang 
362019臺灣學生海洋素養現況調查蔡良庭 ; 張正杰 ; 林彥伶 ; 宋侑軒
372018海洋休閒觀光共通職能課程之建構嚴佳代 ; 張正杰 ; 張曉楨休閒事業研究
382018Content Analysis of Statistics for Mathematics Textbooks: A Comparative Study in Taiwan, China, Singapore, and USACheng-Chieh Chang ; Liang-Ting Tsai ; Ken-Chih WuInternational Journal of Social Sciences
392018Instructional Suggestions Supporting Science Learning in Digital Environments Based on a Review of Eye Tracking StudiesYang, Fang-Ying; Tsai, Meng-Jung; Chiou, Guo-Li; Lee, Silvia Wen-Yu; Chang, Cheng-Chieh ; Chen, Li-LingEDUC TECHNOL SOC17
402018Development of Marine Science Affect Scale for Junior High School Students in Taiwan: Testing for Measurement InvarianceLiang-Ting Tsai ; Chang, Cheng-Chieh ; Wu, Chin-Kuo EURASIA J MATH SCI T2
412018海洋教育融入師資培育課程的檢討與建議吳靖國 ; 王嘉陵 ; 張正杰 ; 蔡良庭 臺灣教育評論月刊
422018A Comparative Analysis of Ocean Literacy Coverage in the Educational Standards of Taiwan and the USAChing-jan TSAO; Cheng-Chieh Chang ; Liang-Ting Tsai 日本地球惑星科学連合大会予稿集
432018Development of ocean literacy scale for high school studentsLiang-Ting Tsai ; Cheng-Chieh Chang 
442018海洋教育融入十二年國教從師資培育著手吳靖國 ; 張正杰 ; 蔡良庭 
462017The Effects of a Collaborative Computer-based Concept Mapping Strategy on Geographic Science Performance in Junior High School StudentsChang, Cheng-Chieh ; Liu, Guan-Ying; Chen, Kuang-Jung; Huang, Cheng-Hao; Lai, Yu-Ming; Yeh, Ting-KuangEURASIA J MATH SCI T7
472017Factors influencing interest in recreational sports participation and its rural-urban disparityChen, Chiehfeng; Liang-Ting Tsai ; Lin, Ching-Feng; Huang, Chun-Ching; Chang, Yao-Tsung; Chen, Ruey-Yu; Lyu, Shu-YuPLOS ONE13
482017臺灣海事教育博碩士論文現況與發展趨勢研究張正杰 ; 嚴佳代 ; 呂佳築中等教育
492017大學校院體育發展策略之評估--模糊德爾慧法之應用許振明 ; 陳建文 ; 廖尹華
502017海洋運動負責任環境行為與策略探討許振明 ; 陳建文 ; 廖尹華
512017國小學童收視海洋卡通對海洋興趣與海洋素養之影響張正杰 ; 楊慧琳
522017Development and validation of the ocean literacy scale for senior high school studentsLiang-Ting Tsai ; Chang, C. C.; Wu, C. K.
532017DLVQ method for assessing missing weights in CFA modelLiang-Ting Tsai ; Chang, C. C.
542017Marine education system in TaiwanWu, C. K.; Liang-Ting Tsai 
552017海洋素養知識量表編製之研究蔡良庭 ; 張正杰 ; 吳靖國 
562017臺灣推動學生海洋素養調查的實施情形與檢討蔡良庭 ; 張正杰 
572017臺灣、大陸兩岸海洋教育推動與實踐之比較研究張正杰 ; 蔡良庭 
582016Influence of Socioeconomic Factors, Gender and Indigenous Status on Smoking in TaiwanLiang-Ting Tsai ; Lo, Feng-En; Yang, Chih-Chien; Lo, Wen-Min; Keller, Joseph Jordan; Hwang, Chiou-Wei; Lin, Ching-Feng; Lyu, Shu-Yu; Morisky, Donald E.INT J ENV RES PUB HE10
592016The Effects of Integrating Computer-based Concept Mapping for Physics Learning in Junior High SchoolChang, Cheng-Chieh ; Yeh, Ting-Kuang; Shih, Chang-MingEURASIA J MATH SCI T4
602016臺灣海洋休閒觀光人才供需現況與未來發展嚴佳代 ; 張正杰 ; 張曉楨; 張國珍海洋休閒管理學刊0
612016Exploring learners' beliefs about science reading and scientific epistemic beliefs, and their relations with science text understandingYang, Fang-Ying; Chang, Cheng-Chieh ; Chen, Li-Ling; Chen, Yi-ChunINT J SCI EDUC14
622016Digital dynamometer and goniometer in analyzing isometric capacities and tennis servingChia-Che Liu; Chih-Chien Yang; Liang-Ting Tsai ; Bi-Fon Chang; Hsiao-Yun Chang; Chi-Fan LiuThe International Conference on Computing and Precision Engineering0
632016海洋運動觀光與休閒活動涉入量表之發展曹校章 ; 陳建文 ; 黃智能 
642016分析海洋教育議題學習內涵之重要性張正杰 ; 羅綸新 
652016Development of Chinese version of marine affective scale for junior high school studentsLiang-Ting Tsai ; Wu, C. K.; Lin, J. S.
662016Using the dynamic method to adjust sampling weights in an educational survey researchLiang-Ting Tsai 
672016臺灣中學生海洋情意量表之編製蔡良庭 ; 吳靖國 
682015Psychological distress in an incarcerated juvenile populationShu-Yu Lyu; Ying-Chen Chi; David Farabee; Liang-Ting Tsai ; Ming-Been Lee; Feng-En Lo; Donald E.MoriskyJOURNAL OF THE FORMOSAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION7
692015Contextual factors influencing leisure physical activity of urbanized indigenous adolescentsFeng-En Lo; Feng-Chou Tsai; Ming-Been Lee; Liang-Ting Tsai ; Shu-Yu Lyu; Chih-Chien YangJOURNAL OF THE FORMOSAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION1
702015Gender differences in factors affecting science achievement of eighth grade Taiwan studentsLiang-Ting Tsai ; Yang, Chih-Chien; Chang, Yu-JenAsia-Pacific Education Researcher0
712015Hierarchical effects of school, classroom, and student level factors on the science performance of eighth-grade Taiwanese studentsLiang-Ting Tsai ; Chih-Chien YangInternational Journal of Science Education0
722015Gender differences in recreational sports participation among Taiwanese adultsLiang-Ting Tsai ; Feng-En Lo; Chih-Chien Yang; Joseph Jordan Keller; Shu-Yu LyuINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH15
742015拔河鞋使用行為與產品屬性之研究--以教育部各級學校室內拔河賽甲組選手為例陳建文 ; 曹校章 
752015臺灣1992~2014年男子室內拔河技術之歷史流變陳建文 ; 許振明 
762015多媒體教材組合模式對唐詩學習成效之影響張正杰 ; 蔡玉茹; 羅綸新 
772015高中職學生手機使用行為與手機成癮傾向之研究張正杰 ; 施美雲
782015數位筆記本融入高級中學數學補救課程之研究張正杰 ; 蘇承芳
802015Investigating big-fish-little-pond effect on students’ self-concept of learning mathematics of eighth-grade Taiwanese studentsLiang-Ting Tsai ; Yang, C. C.
812015Hierarchical Weighting Effects of Taiwan Social Change Surveys: Simulations Studies & Empirical Illustrations by the Leisure Exercises Survey蔡良庭 ; 楊志堅; 吳靖國 
822015Longitudinal Latent Semantic Trends of Taiwan Social Change Surveys (1985-2013): Clustering WordNets楊志堅; 倪偉倫; 蔡良庭 
832014Female media use behavior and agreement with publicly promoted agenda-specific health messagesShu-Yu Lyu; Ruey-Yu Chen; Liang-Ting Tsai ; Shih-Fan Steve Wang; Feng-En Lo; Ying-Chen Chi; Donald E MoriskyINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH1
842014LVQ與多變數反覆加權法於測驗效度檢驗影響蔡良庭 ; 楊志堅測驗學刊
852014Weighting Imputation for Categorical DataLiang-Ting Tsai ; Chih-Chien Yang; Timothy TeoEncyclopedia of Business Analytics and Optimization
862014十二年國教海洋能源模組化特色課程研發之啟示吳靖國 ; 許育彰; 張正杰 教育資料與研究
872014多媒體呈現模式與認知風格對國小自然科學學習成效之影響張正杰 ; 莊秀卿; 羅綸新 
882014Correction for unit nonresponse in latent variable modeling with big dataLiang-Ting Tsai ; Yang, C. C.
892014學校、教師及學生個體因素對於科學成就之跨層次影響研究蔡良庭 ; 楊志堅 
902013以勝負網絡分析重新評估女子網球選手之歷史地位楊志堅(Chih-Chien Yang); 蔡良庭(Liang-Ting Tsai) ; 張碧峰(Bi-Fon Chang)大專體育學報0
912013運用S-B量尺卡方差異檢定於潛在變項交互作用檢定之研究蔡良庭 ; 楊志堅中華心理學刊0
922013多階層取樣單位異質性對科學調查之母體推論研究蔡良庭(Liang-Ting Tsai) ; 楊志堅(Chih-Chien Yang)調查研究-方法與應用
932013Exploring the factor effect of learning vector quantization in artificial neural networksYih Shan Shih; Liang-Ting Tsai ; Chih Chien YangApplied Mechanics and Materials0
942013Applying Structural Education Modeling in Educational Research: An Introduction. In Khine, M. S. (Eds.), Applications of Structural equation modeling in Educational Research and Practice.Timothy Teo; Liang-Ting Tsai ; Chih-Chien YangSense Publishers0
952013高中生海洋科學素養及迷思概念評量分析羅綸新 ; 張正杰 ; 童元品; 楊文正
962013Survey nonresponse adjustments for estimates of CFA parameterLiang-Ting Tsai ; Yang, C. C.
972013具性別不變性基礎探討家長教育程度、科學正向態度及價值觀於學生科學成就影響蔡良庭 ; 楊志堅; 張毓仁
982012Trends in adult smoking behavior from 2004 to 2007Shu-Yu Lyu; Liang-Ting Tsai ; Eugene Peng
992012Interpersonal mechanisms in the relationships between dependency/self-criticism and depressive symptoms in Taiwanese undergraduates: A prospective studyEmily Tung-Hsueh Liu; Wan-Lan Chen; Liang-Ting Tsai ; Meng-Shan Wu; Chia-Ling HongJournal of Social and Clinical Psychology0
1002012Improving measurement invariance assessments in survey research with missing data by novel artificial neural networksLiang-Ting Tsai ; Chih-Chien YangEXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS4
1012012LVQ與傳統加權法於驗證性因素分析影響研究蔡良庭 ; 楊志堅
1022012評估地理位置與教育分層取樣對臺灣民眾休閒社會決定因素推論影響楊志堅; 蔡良庭 
1032012Exploring the factor effect of learning vector quantization in artificial neural networksYih Shan Shih; Liang-Ting Tsai ; Chih Chien Yang
1042011Development of a scale to assess physical inactivity among housewivesLiang-Ting Tsai ; Yang, C. C.; Lyu, S. Y.; Peng, E. Y.
1052011An assessment of missing data of confirmatory factor analysis with categorical questionnaires.Liang-Ting Tsai ; Yang, C. C.
1062011以事件誘發腦波電位探索圖像與符號之認知歷程關係黃佩慈; 楊志堅; 蔡良庭 
1072011檢驗樣本數對「先天或教育」模型估算法之精準度影響徐逸豪; 楊志堅; 蔡良庭 
1082011程序性知識與概念性知識在空間能力之應用廖亭堯; 楊志堅; 蔡良庭 
1092011大腦認知模型在對稱性圖像概念之應用吳南逸; 楊志堅; 蔡良庭 
1102010Exploring the cognitive loads of high-school students as they learn concepts in web-based environmentsChen-Chieh Chang ; Yang, F. Y.Computers & Education
1112010Population-based post-crisis psychological distress: An example from the SARS outbreak in TaiwanYu-Chang Peng; Ming-Been Lee; Shang-Ta Tsai; Chih-Chien Yang; Donald Edward Morisky; Liang-Ting Tsai ; Ya-Ling Weng; Shu-Yu LyuJournal of the Formosan Medical Association131
1122010Supervised learning vector quantization for projecting missing weights of hierarchical neural networksCin-Ru Chen; Liang-Ting Tsai ; Chih-Chien YangWSEAS Transactions on Information Science and Applications
1132010Using LVQ-ESW method to interpolate missing stratum weights in assess of measurement invarianceLiang-Ting Tsai ; Yang, C. C.
1142010Earthquake emergency preparedness and gender issues: Perceptions of minority indigenous peoples versus non-indigenousLyu, S. Y.; Shih, F. Y.; Peng, E. Y.; Lo, W. M.; Morisky, D. E.; Liang-Ting Tsai ; Yang, Y. C.
1152010Media behavior and correlates of perception of health information among female Taiwan residentsPeng, E. Y.; Yang, C. C.; Liang-Ting Tsai ; Morisky, D. E.; Weng, Y. L.; Lyu, S. Y.
1162010Gender differences in substance abuse among juvenile inmates in TaiwanPeng, E. Y.; Lyu, S. Y.; Morisky, D. E.; Liang-Ting Tsai ; Yu, P. T.
1172010Psychiatric morbidity in juvenile incarcerated populationPeng, E. Y.; Liang-Ting Tsai ; Lyu, S. Y.; Morisky, D. E.
1182010Nonparametric rediscovers of missing sampling weights in estimating latent Variables of stratified surveysYang, C. C.; Liang-Ting Tsai 
1192010An assessment of missing data for confirmatory factor analysis with binary questionnairesLiang-Ting Tsai ; Yang, C. C.
1202010注音符號辨認、聲韻調覺識能力與識字能力之認知歷程研究葉俊傑; 楊志堅; 蔡良庭 
1212010提高採樣率對大腦皮質層交互作用檢測之影響研究吳南逸; 楊志堅; 蔡良庭 
1222010檢驗「先天或教育」模型之估算法精準度研究徐逸豪; 楊志堅; 蔡良庭 
1232010程序性知識與概念性知識在評量空間能力之應用廖亭堯; 楊志堅; 蔡良庭 
1242010分層權重遺失之插補於CFA參數估計影響蔡良庭 ; 楊志堅
1252010A neural network approach for amplifying random samples to stratified psychometrical populationChen, C. U. C.; Liang-Ting Tsai ; Yang, C. C.
1262010Latent variable models for assessing interaction effects in cognitive neuroscienceCin-Ru Chen; Liang-Ting Tsai ; Chih-Chien Yang0
1272010Latent variable models for assessing interaction effects in cognitive neuroscienceCin-Ru Chen; Liang-Ting Tsai ; Chih-Chien Yang; Chih-Chiang YangThe Proceedings of BioMedical Engineering and Informatics
1282009RMSEA與卡方差異法於檢定模式差異之正確性:測量不變性之檢定楊志堅; 楊志強; 蔡良庭 ; 呂淑妤教育與心理研究
1292009Seasonal and Interannual Variability of Carbon Cycle in South China Sea: A Three-Dimensional Physical-Biogeochemical Modeling StudyFei Chai; Guimei Liu; Huijie Xue; Lei Shi; Hsiu-Yi Chao ; Chun Mao Tseng; Wen-Chen Chou ; Kon-Kee LiuOriginal Articles57
1302009Examining high-school students' preferences toward learning environments, personal beliefs and concept learning in web-based contextsYang, F. Y.; Chen-Chieh Chang Computers & Education
1312009Satisfaction of the crisis management regarding Sanlu melamine milk powder incident among internet usersChang, T. P.; Liu, H. M.; Lyu, S. Y.; Peng, E. Y.; Liang-Ting Tsai 
1322009Special health care needs among school-age children with rare diseasesPeng, E. Y.; Lyu, S. Y.; Lee, W. Y.; Yang, C. C.; Lo, L.Y.; Liang-Ting Tsai 
1332009Correlates and accuracy of osteoporosis screening among female community residentsPeng, E. Y.; Lyu, S. Y.; Yu, P. T.; Liang-Ting Tsai 
1342009Prevalence and correlates of physical inactivity among housewivesPeng, E. Y.; Lyu, S. Y.; Yang, C.C.; Chen, S. F.; Liang-Ting Tsai 
1352009不同權重計算的取樣設計於因素分析之參數估算正確性研究蔡良庭 ; 楊志堅
1362009Caregiver burden among caregivers for children with rare diseases.Peng, E. Y.; Lyu, S. Y.; Yang, C.C.; Chen, S. F.; Liang-Ting Tsai 
1372009以LVQ-ESW推估受訪者未知抽樣權重之研究楊志堅; 蔡良庭 ; 楊志強中華心理學刊0
1382008評估取樣權重於檢定Likert問卷之測量恆等性研究楊志堅; 蔡良庭 中華心理學刊
1392008應用MIMIC模式評估方法以檢定試題差異性之研究蔡良庭 ; 楊志堅; 王文中; 施慶麟測驗學刊0
1402008取樣權重值於應用SEM模式分析之參數估算正確性研究蔡良庭 ; 楊志堅Journal of Education & Psychology
1412008電腦化網球發球認知反應測驗工具之發展張碧峰; 許太彥; 林順安; 蔡良庭 ; 楊志堅
1422008大學醫學系學生體適能之常模建立研究張碧峰; 蔡良庭 ; 楊志堅
1432008Estimated missing stratum weights on inferring population-wise CFA parameters.Yang, C. C.; Liang-Ting Tsai 
1442008Evaluating latent functional cortical regions interactions with structural equation modelingYang, C. C.; Tsai, L. T. NeuroImage
1452008Evaluating latent functional cortical regions interactions with structural equation modelingYang, C. C.; Tsai, L. T. 
1462007評估取樣權重於檢定等級反應問卷之測量恆等性研究楊志堅; 蔡良庭 
1472007卡方差異檢定及RMSEA檢定法之探討楊志堅; 蔡良庭 
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