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12023Differences in Bacterial Growth and Mortality between Seagrass Meadows and Adjacent Unvegetated AreasChen, Patrichka Wei-Yi; Olivia, Madeline; Chou, Wen-Chen ; Shiu, Ruei-Feng ; Mukhanov, Vladimir; Tsai, An-Yi JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING
22023Dynamics of O-2 and pCO(2) in a Southeast Asia seagrass meadow: Metabolic rates and carbon sink capacityChou, Wen-Chen ; Fan, Lan-Feng ; Hung, Chin-Chang; Shih, Yung-Yen; Huang, Wei-Jen; Lui, Hon-Kit; Chen, Tzong-Yueh FRONTIERS IN MARINE SCIENCE0
32022Editorial: Biogeochemical and ecological responses to wind- or tide-induced disturbances over marginal seasHung, Chin-Chang; Huang, Bangqin; Chou, Wen-Chen ; Soong, Keryea; Muller, Francois L. L.FRONTIERS IN MARINE SCIENCE0
42022Surface Seawater pCO(2) Variation after a Typhoon Passage in the Kuroshio off Eastern TaiwanFan, Lan-Feng; Chow, Chun Hoe ; Gong, Gwo-Ching ; Chou, Wen-Chen WATER-SUI2
52022Reoxygenation of the Hypoxia in the East China Sea: A Ventilation Opening for Marine LifeChen, Chung-Chi; Ko, Dong S.; Gong, Gwo-Ching ; Lien, Chun-Chi; Chou, Wen-Chen ; Lee, Hung-Jen ; Shiah, Fuh-Kwo; Huang, Yu-Sin WitaFRONT MAR SCI0
62021A study of the nitrogen and phosphorus imbalance in East Asia based on the distribution patterns of and stoichiometric variation in global atmospheric nitrogen and phosphorusChen, Hung-Yu ; Huang, Li-Min; Ho, Tung-Yuan; Chiang, Kuo-Ping ; Chou, Wen-Chen ATMOS ENVIRON2
72021A Unique Diel Pattern in Carbonate Chemistry in the Seagrass Meadows of Dongsha Island: The Enhancement of Metabolic Carbonate Dissolution in a Semienclosed LagoonChou, Wen-Chen ; Fan, Lan-Feng; Yang, Chang-Chang; Chen, Ying-Hsuan; Hung, Chin-Chang; Huang, Wei-Jen; Shih, Yung-Yen; Soong, Keryea; Tseng, Hsiao-Chun ; Gong, Gwo-Ching ; Chen, Hung-Yu ; Su, Cheng-KuanFRONT MAR SCI2
82021Comparison of Primary Production Using in situ and Satellite-Derived Values at the SEATS Station in the South China SeaShih, Yung-Yen; Shiah, Fuh-Kwo; Lai, Chao-Chen; Chou, Wen-Chen ; Tai, Jen-Hua; Wu, Yu-Shun; Lai, Cheng-Yang; Ko, Chia-Ying; Hung, Chin-ChangFRONT MAR SCI5
92021Carbonate chemistry of the Dongsha Atoll Lagoon in the northern SouthFan, Lan-Feng; Qiu, Song-Quan; Chou, Wen-Chen TERR ATMOS OCEAN SCI2
102020Intrusion of Kuroshio Helps to Diminish Coastal Hypoxia in the Coast of Northern South China SeaLui, Hon-Kit; Chen, Chen-Tung Arthur; Hou, Wei-Ping; Liau, Jian-Ming; Chou, Wen-Chen ; Wang, You-Lin; Wu, Chau-Ron; Lee, Jay; Hsin, Yi-Chia; Choi, Yan-YuFRONT MAR SCI9
112020Short-Term Variability of Biological Production and CO2 System Around Dongsha Atoll of the Northern South China Sea: Impact of Topography-Flow InteractionTai, Jen-Hua; Chou, Wen-Chen ; Hung, Chin-Chang; Wu, Kuan-Chieh; Chen, Ying-Hsuan; Chen, Tzong-Yueh ; Gong, Gwo-Ching ; Shiah, Fuh-Kwo; Chow, Chun Hoe FRONT MAR SCI3
122020Hypoxia in autumn of the East China SeaChen, Chung-Chi; Gong, Gwo-Ching ; Chou, Wen-Chen ; Shiah, Fuh-KwoMAR POLLUT BULL13
132020海洋科學概論暨其時代議題陳明德 ; 陳宏瑜 ; 周文臣 ; 陳惠芬 ; 廖正信 ; 王佳惠 ; 黃向文 
142020Contrasting Changes in Diel Variations of Net Community Calcification Support That Carbonate Dissolution Can Be More Sensitive to Ocean Acidification Than Coral CalcificationChou, Wen-Chen ; Liu, Pi-Jen; Chen, Ying-Hsuan; Huang, Wei-JenFRONT MAR SCI8
152019Fates of vent CO2 and its impact on carbonate chemistry in the shallow-water hydrothermal field offshore Kueishantao Islet, NE TaiwanLin, Yu-Shih; Lui, Hon-Kit; Lee, Jay; Chen, Chen-Tung Arthur; Burr, George S.; Chou, Wen-Chen ; Kuo, Fu-WenMAR CHEM13
162018Short-term variability of carbon chemistry in two contrasting seagrass meadows at Dongsha Island: Implications for pH buffering and CO2 sequestrationChou, Wen-Chen ; Chu, Hui-Chuan; Chen, Ying-Hsuan; Syu, Rong-Wei; Hung, Chin-Chang; Soong, KeryeaESTUAR COAST SHELF S16
172018Elevated particulate organic carbon export flux induced by internal waves in the oligotrophic northern South China SeaDewang Li; Wen-Chen Chou ; Yung-Yen Shih; Guan-Yu Chen; Yi Chang; Chun-Hoe Chow ; Tsang-Yuh Lin; Chin-Chang HungScientific Reports
182018The dynamics of a dominant dinoflagellate, Noctiluca scintillans, in the subtropical coastal waters of the Matsu archipelagoTsai, Sheng-Fang ; Wu, Lu-Ying; Chou, Wen-Chen ; Chiang, Kuo-Ping MAR POLLUT BULL18
192018Contrasting the relative importance of species sorting and dispersal limitation in shaping marine bacterial versus protist communitiesWu, Wenxue; Lu, Hsiao-Pei; Sastri, Akash; Yeh, Yi-Chun; Gong, Gwo-Ching ; Chou, Wen-Chen ; Hsieh, Chih-HaoISME J228
202017The contrasting behaviors of CO2 systems in river-dominated and ocean dominated continental shelves: A case study in the East China Sea and the Peter the Great Bay of the Japan/East Sea in summer 2014Chou, Wen-Chen ; Tishchenko, Pavel Y.; Chuang, Kai-Yung; Gong, Gwo-Ching ; Shkirnikova, Elena M.; Tishchenko, Petr P.MAR CHEM9
212017Sinking fluxes of 210Pb and 210Po in the deep basin of the northern South China SeaChing-LingWei; Chao-Yuan Chia; Wen-Chen Chou ; Wen-Huei LeeJournal of Environmental Radioactivity
222017The influence of episodic flooding on a pelagic ecosystem in the East China SeaChen, Chung-Chi; Gong, Gwo-Ching ; Chou, Wen-Chen ; Chung, Chih-Ching ; Hsieh, Chih-Hao; Shiah, Fuh-Kwo; Chiang, Kuo-Ping BIOGEOSCIENCES5
232016A comparison between field and laboratory pH measurements for seawater on the East China Sea shelfChou, Wen-Chen ; Gong, Gwo-Ching ; Yang, Chin-Yo; Chuang, Kai-YuanLIMNOL OCEANOGR-METH12
242015Distributions of 210Pb and 210Po in surface water surrounding Taiwan: A synoptic observationChing-Ling Wei; Pin-Ruei Chen; Shiao-Yu Lin; David D. Sheu; Liang-Saw Wen; Wen-Chen Chou Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography
252015Dissolved organic nitrogen in wet deposition in a coastal city (Keelung) of the southern East China Sea: Origin, molecular composition and fluxYou-Xin Chen; Hung-Yu Chen ; Wei Wang; Jun- Jun Yeh; Wen-Chen Chou ; Gwo-Ching Gong ; Fu-Jung Tsai ; Shih-Jen Huang ; Cheng-Ting LinAtmospheric Environment13
262015Potential impacts of effluent from accelerated weathering of limestone on seawater carbon chemistry: A case study for the Hoping power plant in northeastern TaiwanWen-Chen Chou ; Gwo-Ching Gong ; Pei-shan Hsieh; Ming-Hui Chang; Hung-Yu Chen ; Chin-Yo Yang; Rong-Wei SyuMarine Chemistry4
272013Nutrient supply in the Southern East China Sea after Typhoon Morakot (vol 71, pg 133, 2013)Chin-Chang Hung; Chih-Ching Chung ; Gwo-Ching Gong ; Sen Jan; Yaling Tsai; Kuo-Shu Chen; Wen-Chen Chou ; Ming-An Lee ; Yi Chang; Meng-Hsien Chen; Wen-Rong Yang; Chiung-Jung Tseng; Glen GawarkiewiczJournal of Marine Research
282013Enhanced POC export in the oligotrophic northwest Pacific Ocean after extreme weather eventsKuo-Shu Chen; Chin-Chang Hung; Gwo-Ching Gong ; Wen-Chen Chou ; Chih-Ching Chung ; Yung-Yen Shih; Chau-Chang WangGeophysical Research Letters16
292013Carbonate mineral saturation states in the East China Sea: present conditions and future scenariosW.-C. Chou ; G.-C. Gong ; C.-C. Hung; Y.-H. WuBiogeosciences
302013Field Observations of Changes in SST, Chlorophyll and POC Flux in the Southern East China Sea Before and After the Passage of Typhoon JangmiYung-Yen Shih; Jin-Sheng Hsieh; Gwo-Ching Gong ; Chin-Chang Hung; Wen-Chen Chou ; Ming-An Lee ; Kuo-Shu Chen; Meng-Hsien Chen; Chau-Ron WuTerrestrial Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
312013Seasonality of CO2 in coastal oceans altered by increasing anthropogenic nutrient delivery from large rivers: evidence from the Changjiang-East China Sea systemW.-C. Chou ; G.-C. Gong ; W.-J. Cai; C.-M. TsengBiogeosciences
322013The large variation in organic carbon consumption in spring in the East China SeaC.-C. Chen; G.-C. Gong ; F.-K. Shiah; Wen-Chen Chou ; C.-C. HungBiogeosciences
332013Nutrient supply in the Southern East China Sea after Typhoon MorakotChin-Chang Hung; Chih-Ching Chung ; Gwo-Ching Gong ; Sen Jan; Yaling Tsai; Kuo-Shu Chen; Wen-Chen Chou ; Ming-An Lee ; Yi Chang; Meng-Hsien Chen; Wen-Rong Yang; Chiung-Jung Tseng; Glen GawarkiewiczJournal of Marine Research
342012Isotope constraints on particulate nitrogen source and dynamics in the upper water column of the oligotrophic South China SeaShuh-Ji Kao; Jin-Yu Terence Yang; Kon-Kee Liu; Minhan Dai; Wen-Chen Chou ; Hui-Ling Lin; Haojia RenGlobal Biogeochemical Cycles
352011Particle-reactive radionuclides (234Th, 210Pb, 210Po) as tracers for the estimation of export production in the South China SeaC.-L. Wei; S.-Y. Lin; D. D.-D. Sheu; W.-C. Chou ; M.-C. Yi; P. H. Santschi; L.-S. WenBiogeosciences
362011CO2 system in the oligotrophic northwest Pacific Ocean during the Asian dust storm seasonWen-Chen Chou ; Gwo-Ching Gong ; Wei-Jun Cai; Dd Sheu; Chin-Chang Hung; Hung-Yu Chen ; Chih-Ching Chung Marine Chemistry4
372011Acidification of subsurface coastal waters enhanced by eutrophicationWei-Jun Cai; Xinping Hu; Wei-Jen Huang; Michael C. Murrell; John C. Lehrter; Steven E. Lohrenz; Wen-Chen Chou ; Weidong Zhai; James T. Hollibaugh; Yongchen Wang; Pingsan Zhao; Xianghui Guo; Kjell Gundersen; Minhan Dai; Gwo-Ching Gong Nature Geoscience533
382011Short-term dynamics of oxygen and carbon in productive nearshore shallow seawater systems off Taiwan: Observations and modelingZong-Pei Jiang; Jr-Chuan Huang; Minhan Dai; Shuh Ji Kao; David J. Hydes; Wen-Chen Chou ; Sen JanLimnology Oceanography
392011Yangtze River floods enhance coastal ocean phytoplankton biomass and potential fish productionGwo-Ching Gong ; Kon-Kee Liu; Kuo-Ping Chiang ; Tung-Ming Hsiung; Jeng Chang ; Chung-Chi Chen; Chin-Chang Hung; Wen-Chen Chou ; Chih-Ching Chung ; Hung-Yu Chen ; Fuh-Kwo Shiah; An-Yi Tsai ; Hung-Jen Lee ; Hung-Yu Chen ; An-Yi Tsai ; Chih-hao Hsieh; Jen-Chieh Shiao; Chun Mao Tseng; Shih-Chieh Hsu; Hung-Jen Lee ; Ming-An Lee ; I-I Lin; Fu-Jung Tsai Geophysical Research Letters65
402011Stable isotopes in modern planktonic foraminifera: Sediment trap and plankton tow results from the South China SeaHui-Ling Lin; David Der-Duen Sheu; Yih Yang; Wen-Chen Chou ; Guo-Wei HungMarine Micropaleontology
412011The carbonate system in the East China Sea in winterWen-Chen Chou ; Gwo-Ching Gong ; Chun-Mao Tseng; David D. Sheu; Chin-Chang Hung; Lo-Ping Chang; Li-Wen WangMarine Chemistry42
422011Trace metal cycling in the deep water of the South China Sea: The composition, sources, and fluxes of sinking particlesTung-Yuan Ho; Wen-Chen Chou ; Hui-Ling Lin; David D. SheuLimnology and Oceanography
432010Size fractionation and molecular composition of water-soluble inorganic and organic nitrogen in aerosols of a coastal environmentHung-Yu Chen ; Liang-De Chen; Zhong-Ying Chiang; Chin-Chang Hung; Fei-Jan Lin; Wen-Chen Chou ; Gwo-Ching Gong ; Liang-Saw WenJournal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres33
442010Influence of El Nino on the sea-to-air CO2 flux at the SEATS time-series site, northern South China SeaDavid D. Sheu; Wen-Chen Chou ; Ching-Ling Wei; Wei-Ping Hou; G. T. F. Wong; Chia-Wei HsuJournal of Geophysical Research: Oceans
452010The effect of typhoon on particulate organic carbon flux in the southern East China SeaChin-Chang Hung; Gwo-Ching Gong ; Wen-Chen Chou ; Chih-Ching Chung ; Ming-An Lee ; Yi Chang; H.-Y. Chen; S.-J. Huang; Y. Yang; W.-R. Yang; W.-C. Chung; S.-L. Li; Edward LawsBiogeosciences
462010Scavenging phenomenon elucidated by 234Th/238U disequilibrium in the surface water of the Taiwan StraitChing-Ling Wei; Jing-Ru Tsai; Yen-Ruei Hou; Liang-Saw Wen; David D. Sheu; Wen-Chen Chou Terrestrial Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
472009Seasonal and Interannual Variability of Carbon Cycle in South China Sea: A Three-Dimensional Physical-Biogeochemical Modeling StudyFei Chai; Guimei Liu; Huijie Xue; Lei Shi; Hsiu-Yi Chao ; Chun Mao Tseng; Wen-Chen Chou ; Kon-Kee LiuOriginal Articles57
482009Reconciling the paradox that the heterotrophic waters of the East China Sea shelf act as a significant CO2 sink during the summertime: Evidence and implicationsWen-Chen Chou ; Gwo-Ching Gong ; David D. Sheu; Sen Jan; Chin-Chang Hung; Chung-Chi ChenGeophysical Research Letters
492009Surface distributions of carbon chemistry parameters in the East China Sea in summer 2007Wen-Chen Chou ; Gwo-Ching Gong ; David D. Sheu; Chin-Chang Hung; Tsung-Fan TsengJournal of Geophysical Research-Oceans42
502009Cadmium and phosphorus cycling in the water column of the South China Sea: The roles of biotic and abiotic particlesTung-Yuan Ho; Chen-Feng You; Wen-Chen Chou ; Su-Cheng Pai; Liang-Saw Wen; David D. SheuMarine Chemistry
512009Riding over the Kuroshio from the South to the East China Sea: Mixing and transport of DICDavid D. Sheu; Wen-Chen Chou ; C. T. Arthur Chen; Ching-Ling Wei; Hsiu-Ling Hsieh; Wei-Ping Hou; Minhan DaiGeophysical Research Letters
522007Transport of the South China Sea subsurface water outflow and its influence on the carbon chemistry of Kuroshio waters off southeastern TaiwanWen-Chen Chou ; David D. Sheu; C. T. Arthur Chen; Liang-Saw Wen; Yih Yang; Ching-Ling WeiJournal of Geophysical Research: Oceans
532007Carbon isotopic composition of suspended and sinking particulate organic matter in the northern South China Sea- from production to depositionKon-Kee Liu; Shuh-Ji Kao; Han-Chieh Hu; Wen-Chen Chou ; Gwo-Wei Hung; Chun-Mao TsengDeep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography
542007Depth distributions of alkalinity, TCO2 and d13CTCO2 at SEATS time-series site in the northern South China SeaW.C. Chou ; D.D. Sheu; B.S. Lee; C.M. Tseng; C.T.A. Chen; S.L. Wang; G.T.F. WongDeep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography
552006Estimated net community production during the summertime at the SEATS time-series study site, northern South China Sea: Implications for nitrogen fixationWen-Chen Chou ; Yuh-Ling Lee Chen; David D. Sheu; Yung-Yen Shih; Chia-An Han; Chung Lung Cho; Chun-Mao Tseng; Yiing-Jang YangGeophysical Research Letters
562006Carbonate chemistry and projected future changes in pH and CaCO3 saturation state of the South China SeaChen-Tung Arthur Chen; Shu-Lun Wang; Wen-Chen Chou ; David D. SheuMarine Chemistry
572005Seasonal variability of carbon chemistry at the SEATS time-series site, northern South China Sea between 2002 and 2003Wen-Chen Chou ; David Der-Duen Sheu; Chen-Tung Arthur Chen; Shu-Lun Wang; Chun-Mao TsengTerrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences