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12022Opening Ceremony & Opening Keynote AddressI Chiu Liao 
22022Advanced Development of Grey Mullet Fishery in TaiwanC.C. Tseng; I Chiu Liao 
32022Cryopreservation of Grey Mullet SpermNai-Hsien Chao; Young-Mao Chen; Cham-En Kuo; I Chiu Liao 
42022Review on Induced Breeding Research of Grey Mullet (Mugil cephalus) in TaiwanI Chiu Liao ; Eduardo M. Leaño
52022Taiwan Consumers’ Cognition and Purchasing Behavior for Mullet (Mugil cephalus) RoeYu-Hui Chen; Ya-Hui Chen; Shih-Chun Hsu; I Chiu Liao 
62022Leisure mullet (Mugil cephalus) aquaculture business in Taiwan – Additional avenue towards sustainability.Chien, Y. H.; Yu, W.-H; Chengm S. C.; Lin, H. C.; Liao, I C. 
72021台灣首次完成裙帶菜人工繁、養殖成功記實及其展望柯志鴻; 江姿吟; 小河久朗; 鄭靜怡; 藍亞文; 廖一久 養魚世界
82020感染十足目虹彩病毒的蝦病Shrimp Plague by DIV1 (Decapod Iridescent virus 1)陳瑤湖; 廖一久 水產種苗(FBA)
92019Zygote culture and zoospore release experiment of a green seaweed Monostroma nitidum Wittrock (Chlorophyta) for possible mass cultivation in Taiwan.Hsih-Hsin Chen; Ai-Meng Cheng; Chuan-Wen Chen; Ching-Yi Cheng; Masayoshi Matsuoka; Li-Chin Chou; Hisao Ogawa; I Chiu Liao. Phil. J. of Nat. Sci.
102017Introduction and guided reading of “Progress of Shrimp and Prawn Aquaculture 编辑“世界虾类养殖之动态”(Progress of shrimp and prawn aquaculture in the world) 之內容及其心得之側寫及導讀。廖一久 ; 趙乃賢
112017觀光客帶給澎湖海域海洋環境之影響及其対策小河久朗; 廖一久 台灣應用日語研究
122016Five Decades in Witness of and Participation in Scientific Research and Industrial Development of Shrimp/Prawn Aquaculture in TaiwanI-Chiu Liao ; N. H. Chao; Leaño, E.M.
132016Biologics that Inhibiting White Spot Syndrome Virus and Their Application in Shrimp FarmingI-Chiu Liao ; Peng, C.
142016Development of Shrimp Culture Techniques and Facilities in TaiwanShyu, C.-Z.; I-Chiu Liao ; Tseng, K.-F.; Chen, S.; Chu, Y.-N.
152016Development of Regional Freshwater Prawn Culture and Culture Potential of Native Macrobrachium Shrimps in TaiwanI-Chiu Liao ; Shy, J.-Y.; Chao, N.-H.
162016Case study: Capture and culture of Mugilidae in Taiwan. In: Crosetti, D. and S.J.M. Blaber (eds)I-Chiu Liao ; N. H. Chao; C. C. Tseng
172016Factors Influencing Taiwan’s Shrimp Production Revenue. In: Liao, I C., N. H. Chao and Leaño, E.M., (Editors)Chen, Y.-H.; Chen, Y.-H.; Wang, T.-T.; I-Chiu Liao 
182013Briefing of the Asian Fisheries Society and Anticipation of its future developmentI-Chiu Liao ; N.H. Chao
192012第3章水產增養殖 3.4.6エビ類. 最新水產水產ハンドブック廖一久 
202012Taiwanese Aquaculture:Facing Choices at the CrossroadsI-Chiu Liao ; N.H. Chao
212012Brief-history, Problems, and Prospects of Aquaculture on the Both-sides of the Taiwan StraitI-Chiu Liao ; N.H. Chao
222011The Pacific White Shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei, in Asia: The World's Most Widely Cultured Alien CrustaceanI-Chiu Liao ; Yew-Hu Chien
232011台灣的有機水產養殖陳永松; 廖一久 
242010Grow-out Culture of Milkfish in Taiwan. In: Liao, I C. and Leaño, E.M. (eds.)I-Chiu Liao ; Leaño, E.M.
252010Mass Propagation and Fry Production of Milkfish in TaiwanI-Chiu Liao ; Leaño, E.M.; Lin. L.T.
262010Milkfish CuisinesLeaño, E.M.; Chao, N.H.; I-Chiu Liao 
272010Overview of Milkfish Aquaculture in Taiwan. In: Liao, I C. and Leaño, E.M. (eds.)I-Chiu Liao ; Leaño, E.M.
282010Cobia Aquaculture: Rising Star of Farming IndustryI-Chiu Liao ; Chao, N.H.
292010The Effective Way to Ease Price Fluctuation: A Case Study on Taiwan’s Milkfish Industry. In: Liao, I C. and Leaño, E.M. (eds.)Y.H. Chen; C.Y. Cheng; C.C. Chen; W.C. Lee; I-Chiu Liao 
302010Contribution to Food Supply from Livestock and AquacultureI-Chiu Liao 
312009Time Series Analysis of Taiwanese Catch Data of Japanese Glass Eels Anguilla japonica: Possible Effects of the Reproductive Cycle and El Niño EventsYu-San Han; Wann-Nian . Tzeng; I-Chiu Liao 
322009Aquaculture and food crisis: opportunities and constraintsI-Chiu Liao ; Chao, Nai-Hsien
332009The role of Aquaculture in upcoming food crisisI-Chiu Liao 
342008日台養殖交流史─その2:台湾アユの復活と日本との関係鈴木 敬二; 廖一久 
352008日台養殖交流史─その4:海産魚の種苗生産技術における日台のつながり ~「台湾方式」の起源と優位性を考える~鈴木 敬二; 廖一久 
362008日台養殖交流史─その5:ウナギ養殖にみる日台の競合と補完鈴木 敬二; 廖一久 
372008日台養殖交流史─その3:日台ティラピア養殖の明暗廖一久 ; 鈴木 敬二
382008日台養殖交流史─その6:エビ養殖の世界的発展に果たした日台の役割鈴木 敬二; 廖一久 
392008Technical efficiency of the Grouper industry in Taiwan. In: Liao, I C. and Leaño, E.M. (eds.)Chen, Y.H.; Chen, C.C.; Lee, W.C.; Chen, Y.H.; I-Chiu Liao 
402008Highlights of aquaculture practices in TaiwanI-Chiu Liao ; Leaño, E.M.
412008Development of techniques for enhancing seed production of Epinephelus coioides in TaiwanSu, H.M.; Su, M.S.; Tseng K.F.; I-Chiu Liao 
422007Occurrence of tetrodotoxin and paralytic shellfish poisons in a gastropod implicated in food poisoning in southern TaiwanLin S.-J.; Jen H.-C.; Lin S.-Y.; Huang Y.-W; Arakawa O.; Deng-Fwu Hwang ; I-Chiu Liao Food Additives and Contaminants Part a-Chemistry Analysis Control Exposure & Risk Assessment38
432007Study on sperm cryopreservation for paternal germplasm repository of selected indigenous fishes in TaiwanChao, N.H.; Tsai, F.N.; Wang, S.Y.; Tzeng, C.S.; I-Chiu Liao 
442007Marine cage culture of cobia in TaiwanI-Chiu Liao ; Leaño, E.M.; Hsu C.Y.; Ku C.C.
452007Let’s cook cobia. In: I C. Liao and E.M. Leaño (eds.)Yu, C.C.; I-Chiu Liao 
462007The impact of yield insurance on Taiwan’s cobia off-shore cage cultureChen, Y.H.; Chen, Y.H.; Lee, W.C.; Chen, C.C.; I-Chiu Liao 
472007Nursery rearing of cobia in Taiwan: problem, recent developments and strategiesChang, S.L.; I-Chiu Liao ; Leaño, E.M.
482007Nutritional research and feed development in cobia: status and prospectsI-Chiu Liao ; Chen, H.Y.
492007Sustainable approaches for aquaculture development: Looking ahead through lessons in the pastChao, N.H.; I-Chiu Liao 
502007Sustainable development of eel aquaculture industries in Taiwan and Mainland China. In: Leung, P.S., Lee, C.S. and O’Bryen. P.J. (eds.)Chen, Y.H.; Lee, W.C.; I-Chiu Liao 
512007Taiwanese aquaculture at the crossroads.I-Chiu Liao ; Chao, N.H.
522007對蝦養殖發展在科學與藝術方面的表現─東西方世界之異同廖一久 ; 陳瑤湖; 趙乃賢
532007工場化養蝦系統設計與養殖技術研究陳獻; 梁榮元; 賴國興; 陳瑤湖; 廖一久 ; 蘇炳順
542007Thraustochytrids: ecological role and potential commercial use. In: W. Reichardt. (ed.)Leaño, E.M.; I-Chiu Liao 
552007Effects of stevia extract on growth, non-specific immune response and disease resistance of grass prawn, Penaeus monodon (Fabricius), juvenilesLeaño, E.M.; Xi, Y.C.; I-Chiu Liao 
562007Pharmacokinetics of furazolidone in orange-spotted grouper, Epinephelus coioidesGuo, J.J.; Chou, H.N.; I-Chiu Liao 
572007Reform of Taiwan’s fisheries subsidies: Technical rate of substitution and its implicationChen, Y.H.; Chen, Y.H.; Lee, W.C.; Ko, L.W.; I-Chiu Liao 
582007The impediments on the recovery of grass prawn aquaculture industry in TaiwanLee, W.C.; Chen, Y.H.; Chen Y.H.; I-Chiu Liao 
592006Tagging of Litopenaeus vannamei(Boone) by uropod cutting: a comparison of two methodsEduardo M Leaño; I-Chiu Liao 
602006Aquaculture in Taiwan-with particular reference to feed developmentShiau, S.Y.; I-Chiu Liao 
612006Comparison of two uropod-cutting methods for tagging of juvenile grass prawn Penaeus monodonLeaño, E.M.; I-Chiu Liao 
622006An immunological study of the red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus, Linnaeus)-specific 80 kDa protein in Taiwan fishesChang, E.Y.; I-Chiu Liao 
632006Impact of externality on the optimal production of eel (Anguilla japonica) aquaculture in TaiwanChen, Y.H.; Lee, W.C.; Chen, Y.H.; I-Chiu Liao 
642006Gonadotropin induced synchronous changes of morphology and gonadol development in the Japanese eel Anguilla japonicaHan, Y.S.; Tzeng, W.N.; I-Chiu Liao 
652006An economic evaluation of shrimp farming industry in Taiwan. In : P.S. Leung, and C. Engle (eds.)Liao, D.S.; I-Chiu Liao 
662005Technical efficiency of black tiger prawn industry in Taiwan:panel data analysisLee, W.C.; Jan, M.S.; Chen, Y.H.; Chen, Y.H.; I-Chiu Liao 
672005A pilot study of producing organic shrimp in subtropical regions:A case study in TaiwanChen, Y.S.; I-Chiu Liao 
682005Cobia aquaculture in TaiwanI-Chiu Liao ; Leaño, E.M.
692005Aquaculture practices in Taiwan and its visions廖一久 
702005Concerns, recommendations for regulation of aquatic GMOsChao, N.H.; Cheng, T.C.; I-Chiu Liao 
712005Development of an intelligent feeding controller for indoor intensive culturing of eelChang, C.M.; Fang, W.; Jao, R.C.; Shyu, C.Z.; I-Chiu Liao 
722005Developing organic aquaculture in tropical regions: constraints and potentialI-Chiu Liao ; Chen, Y.S.
732004Temperature Adaptation of the Japanese Eel (Anguilla japonica) in its Early StagesSu-lean Chang; Guang-hsiung Kou; I-Chiu Liao 
742004Thraustochytrids: Potential DHA source for marine fish nutritionLeaño, E.M.; I-Chiu Liao 
752004台灣水產養殖管理與發展策略之探討李武忠; 陳郁蕙; 廖一久 
772004Cloning of cDNA for thyroid stimulating hormone β sub-unit and changes in activity of the pituitary-thyroid axis during silvering of the Japanese eel, Anguilla japonicaHan, Y.S.; I-Chiu Liao ; Tzeng, W.N.; Yu, Y.L.
782004Cloning and molecular characterization of heat shock cognate 70 from tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon)Lo, W.Y.; Liu, K.F.; I-Chiu Liao ; Song Y.L.
792004Cobia culture in Taiwan: current status and problemsI-Chiu Liao ; Ting-Shih Huang; Wann-Sheng Tsai; Cheng-Ming Hsueh; Su-Lean Chang; Eduardo MLeaño
802004Development of sustainable aquaculture in Asia:Challenges and strategiesShyu, C.Z.; I-Chiu Liao 
812004Averting food crisis in the 21st century:the role of stock enhancement and sea ranching. In:K.M. Leber, S. Kitada, H.L. Blakenship and T. Svasand (eds.)I-Chiu Liao 
822003Sibling Cannibalism of Young Red Drum, Sciaenops ocellatus, in Relation to Size Disparity and Metabolic RatesEmily Yi-Ying Chang; I-Chiu Liao 0
832003Salinity preference of silvering Japanese eel Anguilla japonica:evidence from pituitary prolactin mRNA levels and otolith Sr:Ca ratiosHan, Y.S.; Yu, Y.L.; Tzeng, W.N.; I-Chiu Liao 
842003Profiles of PGH-α, GTH I-β, and GTH II-β mRNA transcript levels at different ovarian stages in the wild female Japanese eel Anguilla japonicaHan YS; I-Chiu Liao ; Huang YS; Tzeng WN; Yu JY.23
852003Impact of successful larval rearing on the competitiveness of the eel aquaculture in Taiwan, Japan and China李武忠(Wu-Chung Lee); 陳郁蕙(Yu-Hui Chen); 李英周(Ying-Chou Lee); 廖一久 
862003Salinity adaptation and subsidence attributes in the early stages of Japanese eel (Anguilla japonica)Su-Lean Chang; Guang-Hsiung Kou; I-Chiu Liao 
872003Synchronous changes of morphology and gonadal development of silvering Japanese eel Anguilla japonicaYu-San Han; I-Chiu Liao ; Yung-Sen Huang; Je-Tung He; Chih-Wei Chang; Wann-Nian Tzeng
882003Status of research in stock enhancement and sea ranchingI-Chiu Liao ; Su, M.S.; Leaño, E.M.
892003Disposition of 3-(4-cyano -2-oxobutylidene amino)-2-oxazolidone, a cyano-metabolite of furazolidone, in furazolidone-treated grouperGuo, J.J.; Chou, H.N.; I-Chiu Liao 
902003Recent biotechnology development and application on propagation and growth improvement of aquaculture species in TaiwanChao, N.H.; Hsu, H.W.; I-Chiu Liao 
912003Present status and prospects of conservation and utilization of aquatic genetic resources in TaiwanChen, T.I.; I-Chiu Liao 
922003Strategies for sustainable aquaculture development in Taiwan for the 21st centuryI-Chiu Liao 
932003Trends and perspectives in Asian aquacultureI-Chiu Liao 
942003The competitiveness of the eel aquaculture in Taiwan, Japan and ChinaWu-Chung Lee; Yu-Hui Chen; Ying-Chou Lee; I-Chiu Liao 
952003Dietary β-1,3-glucan effectively improves immunity and survival of Penaeus monodon challenged with white spot syndrome virus. Fish & Shellfish ImmunologyChang, C.F.; Su, M.S; Chen, H.Y.; I-Chiu Liao 
962003Development of aquaculture financial planning systemI-Chiu Liao ; Ya‐Ke Hsu
972003Levamisole Enhances Non-Specific Immune Response of Cobia, Rachycentron canadum, FingerlingsEduardo M. Leaño; ;張賜玲(Su-Lean Chang); 郭錦朱(Jiin-Ju Guo); 廖一久 
982003Role of sensory mechanisms in predatory feeding behavior of juvenile red drum Sciaenops ocellatusI-Chiu Liao ; Emilyy Chang
992003In vitro and in vivo antibacterial activities of furazolidoneGuo, J.J.; Tung, M.C.; Chou, H.N.; I-Chiu Liao 
1002003Sibling cannibalism of the red drum fryChang, E.Y.; I-Chiu Liao 
1012003Aquaculture: personal experiences and visions. In: C.S. Lee (ed.)廖一久 
1022003The epi- and mesopelagic shrimps of the genus Sergestes (Decapoda: Sergestidae) in the waters around TaiwanLee, D.A.; Wu, S.H.; Shih, C.T.; I-Chiu Liao 
1032003Candidate species for open ocean aquaculture: the successful case of cobia, Rachycentron canadum in TaiwanI-Chiu Liao 
1042003Competitive edges of tilapia and cobiaI-Chiu Liao ; Chiang, P.; Chiang, F.S.
1052003Country paper: Republic of China (2)I-Chiu Liao ; Chen, Y.H.; Lee, W.C.
1062003日本鰻人工繁殖的探討廖一久 ; 韓玉山; 張賜鈴; 曾萬年
1072002Selectivity and accessibility of prey in captive juvenile red drum, Sciaenops ocellatus Linnaeus廖一久 ; 張怡穎(Emily Y. Chang)0
1082002Technical Responses to Challenges in Milkfish AquacultureMao-Sen Su; Cheng-Sheng Lee; I-Chiu Liao 
1092002Technical innovation in eel culture systemsI-Chiu Liao ; Ya-Ke Hsu; Wu Chung Lee
1102002Timing and factors affecting cannibalism in red drum, Sciaenops ocellatus, larvae in captivityI-Chiu Liao ; Chang, E.Y
1112002東アジアの漁業資源共有の可能性I-Chiu Liao 
1122002The exotic American eel in Taiwan: ecological implicationsHan, Y.S.; Yu, C.H.; Yu, H.T.; Chang, C.W.; I-Chiu Liao ; Tzeng, W.N.
1132002Roles and contributions of fisheries science in Asia in the 21st centuryI-Chiu Liao 
1142002Aquaculture development strategies in Asia for the 21st centuryI-Chiu Liao 
1152001Optimization of essential factors for aquaculture development in Taiwan廖一久 ; 趙乃賢(Nai-Hsien Chao)
1162001Cryopreservation of finfish and shellfish gametes and embryosChao, N.H.; I-Chiu Liao 
1172001Silvering in the eel: Changes in morphology, body fat content and gonadal development.Yu-San Han; Wann-Nian . Tzeng; Yung-Sen Huang; I-Chiu Liao 
1182001Techniques in finfish larviculture in TaiwanI-Chiu Liao ; Huei Meei Su; Emily Y Chang
1192001Taxonomy and distribution of the Genus Hymenopenaeus Smith, 1882 (Decapoda:Solenoceridae) in the waters adjacent to Taiwan李定安(Ding-An Lee); 康偉福(Wei-Fu Kang); 石長泰(Chang-Tai Shih); 游祥平(Hsiang-Ping Yu); 廖一久 
1202001現階段台灣水產養殖漁業之問題與調適廖一久 ; 李武忠; 陳郁蕙
1212001A general review on aquaculture in Asia: a focus on Anguilla eel.I-Chiu Liao 
1222001The introduced fishes in Taiwan, with reference to red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus)Weng, H.T.; I-Chiu Liao 
1232001Present status and prospects of marine cage aquaculture in Taiwan. In:I C. Liao and J. Baker (eds.)Su, M.S.; I-Chiu Liao 
1242001Pond management research in Taiwan. In:I C. Liao and J. Baker (eds.)Chien, Y.H.; I-Chiu Liao 
1252001Sperm-egg interaction in penaeoidean shrimps. In:I C. Liao and J. Baker (eds.)Chen, T.I.; Cheng, J.H.; Clerk, W.H., Jr.; I-Chiu Liao 
1272001Analysis of the competitiveness of the eel aquaculture industries in Taiwan and ChinaLee, W.C.; Chen, Y.H.; Wang, C.H.; I-Chiu Liao 
1282001Examination of food preference and avoidance in captive juvenile red drum, Sciaenops ocellatus Linnaeus廖一久 ; 張怡穎(Emily Y. Chang)
1292001Assessment of the technical efficiency of the eel aquaculture industry in TaiwanChen, Y.H.; Lee, W.C.; I-Chiu Liao 
1302001Development of an outdoor super-intensive recirculation eel culture system.Shyu, C.Z.; I-Chiu Liao 
1312001Overview of the marine fish hatchery in TaiwanNocillado, J.N.; I-Chiu Liao 
1322001Partial substitution of white fish meal with soybean meal or lupin meal in diets for fingerling black carp (Mylopharyngodon piceus)Yang, S.D.; Lin, T.S.; Liou, C.H; Chien, Y.H.; Peng, H.K.; I-Chiu Liao 
1332001Induced spawning and larval rearing of Japanese eel Anguilla japonica in Taiwan.I-Chiu Liao ; Chang, S.L.
1342001Achievements and prospects of fisheries research in Taiwan. In:I C. Liao and J. Baker (eds.)I-Chiu Liao 
1352001Development of larviculture techniques for the enhanced production of grouper Epinephelus coioidesI-Chiu Liao ; Su, H.M.; Tseng, K.F.; Su, M.S.; Sorgeloos, P.
1362001The culture and use of microalgae for larval rearing in TaiwanI-Chiu Liao ; Su, H.M.; Su, M.S.
1372001Evolutional scenario of the genus Anguilla based on the analysis of multiple genesI-Chiu Liao ; Han, Y.S.; Tzeng, W.N.
1382000Introducing foreign DNA into tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) by electroporationTseng, F.S.; Tsai, H.J.; I-Chiu Liao ; Song, Y.L.19
1392000The occurrence of the mesopelagic shrimp, Funchalia taaningi Burkenroad, 1940 (Decapoda:Penaeidae) in the waters adjacent to Taiwan, with some comments on the taxonomic status of F. sagamiensis Fujino, 1975李定安(Ding-An Lee); Tin-Yam Chan ; 游祥平(Hsiang-Ping Yu); 廖一久 0
1402000Induction of apoptosis in tilapia, Oreochromis aureus Steindachner, and in TO-2 cells by Staphylococcus epidermidisHuang, S.L.; I-Chiu Liao ; Chen, S.N.
1412000The state of finfish diversification in Asian aquacultureI-Chiu Liao 
1422000Super intensive recirculating eel culture systems in TaiwanI-Chiu Liao 
1432000台灣虱目魚養殖生產經營分析郭仁杰; 劉富光; 廖一久 
1442000密點星斑魚享的生殖行為及其仔魚前期之發育張賜玲; 廖一久 
1452000日本鰻的銀化:季節、年齡、體型與脂肪韓玉山; 曾萬年; 黃永森; 廖一久 
1462000鰱魚種苗自動化生產模式之研發劉富光; 黃家富; 黃德威; 廖一久 
1472000種鰻人工催熟及標識放流廖一久 ; 廖學耕; 賴仲義; 吳全橙; 董聰彥
1492000F.J. Francis (ed.)I-Chiu Liao 
1502000The use of chemicals in aquaculture in Taiwan. In:C.R. Lavilla-Pitogo and R.P. Subasinghe (eds.)I-Chiu Liao ; Guo, J.J.; Su, M.S.
1512000篳路藍縷以啟山林-記一段台灣櫻花鉤吻鮭復育工作的歷史見證賴仲義; 廖一久 
1522000Potential of marine cage aquaculture in Taiwan: cobia culture. In:I C. Liao and C.K. Lin (eds.)I-Chiu Liao ; Su, M.S.; Chien, Y.H.
1532000Aquaculture development:challenges for the 21st centuryI-Chiu Liao 
1542000Immunomodulation by dietary β-1, 3 glucan in the brooders of the black tiger shrimp Penaeus monodonChang, C.F.;; Chen, H.Y.;; Su, M.S.; I-Chiu Liao 
1552000Methodological approach used for the domestication of potential candidates for aquacultureI-Chiu Liao ; Huang, Y.S.
1561999General Review on the Penaeus sensu lato (Decapoda: Penaeidae) of Taiwan, with Some Notes on the Geographical Distribution and the Changes of Scientific NamesDing-An Lee; Tin-Yam Chan ; Hsiang-Ping Yu; I-Chiu Liao Annual of the National Taiwan Museum 0
1571999台灣外海箱網養殖的現況與展望廖一久 ; 蘇茂森
1581999兩種外來淡水養殖品種-銀鱸、第一代雜交條紋鱸在台灣之種苗生產試驗劉富光; 廖一久 
1591999台湾の養殖業. 世界の漁業:第二編—地域レベルの漁業動向廖一久 
1601999Studies on epizootiology and pathogenicity of Staphylococcus epidermidis in tilapia (Oreochromis spp.) cultured in TaiwanShih-Ling Huang; Wei-Cheng Chen; M Shei; I-Chiu Liao ; Shiu-Nan Chen
1611999日本鰻的生活史及人工繁殖研究的近況曾萬年; 郭慶老; 廖一久 
1621999魚塭培育之日本鰻之人工催熟技術改進廖一久 ; 張賜玲
1631999澳洲產淡水螯蝦對生態環境適應力之研究林天生; 劉富光; 廖一久 
1641999綜述台灣的對蝦類:其地理分布及學名的更迭李定安; 陳天任; 游祥平; 廖一久 
1651999「水試一號」によるレプトケファルスの調查, ウナギのライフサイクル―モの解明と制御廖一久 ; 廖學耕; 曾萬年; 郭慶老
1661999How can stock enhancement and sea ranching help sustain and increase coastal fisheries? In:B.R. Howell, E. Moksness and T. Svasand (eds.)I-Chiu Liao 
1671999Research and development of prawn stock enhancement in Taiwan. In:B.R. Howell, E. Moksness and T. Svasand (eds.)Su, M.S.; I-Chiu Liao 
1681999Status of aquaculture in Asian with a focus on eel aquacultureI-Chiu Liao 
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