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12022Effects of Fermented Citrus Peel on Ameliorating Obesity in Rats Fed with High-Fat DietHuang, Chung-Hsiung ; Hsiao, Shun-Yuan; Lin, Yung-Hsiang; Tsai, Guo-Jane MOLECULES1
22022Development of Fermented Shrimp Shell Product with Hypoglycemic and Hypolipidemic Effects on Diabetic RatsHuang, Chung-Hsiung ; Lin, Chih-Heng; Huang, Hsiao-Han; Tsai, Guo-Jane METABOLITES0
32022Dual bacterial strains TTI for monitoring fish quality in food cold chainLiu, Chia-Yu; Tsai, Guo-Jane ; Pan, Chorng-Liang ; Shang, Kuo-Chung ; Tseng, Hsiang-Jung; Chai, Huey-Jine; Hsiao, Hsin-, I JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE0
42022Hypouricemic Effect of Submerged Culture of Ganoderma lucidum in Potassium Oxonate-Induced Hyperuricemic RatsHuang, Chung-Hsiung ; Chen, Tzu-Yu; Tsai, Guo-Jane METABOLITES1
52022Evaluation of Hypoglycemic and Antioxidant Activities of Soybean Meal Products Fermented by Lactobacillus plantarum FPS 2520 and Bacillus subtilis N1 in Rats Fed with High-Fat DietHuang, Chung-Hsiung ; Chen, Chun-Lung ; Shieh, Chen-Che; Chang, Shun-Hsien ; Tsai, Guo-Jane METABOLITES0
62021Applications of Nisin and EDTA in Food Packaging for Improving Fabricated Chitosan-Polylactate Plastic Film Performance and Fish Fillet PreservationChang, Shun-Hsien ; Chen, Ying-Ju; Tseng, Hsiang-Jung; Hsiao, Hsin-I ; Chai, Huey-Jine; Shang, Kuo-Chung ; Pan, Chorng-Liang ; Tsai, Guo-Jane MEMBRANES10
72021Exploration of Hypoglycemic Activity of Saccharomyces pastorianus Extract and Evaluation of the Molecular MechanismsWu, Chien-Hui; Huang, Chung-Hsiung ; Chung, Ming-Chuan; Chang, Shun-Hsien ; Tsai, Guo-Jane MOLECULES1
82021Anti-Allergic Diarrhea Effect of Diosgenin Occurs via Improving Gut Dysbiosis in a Murine Model of Food AllergyHuang, Chung-Hsiung ; Pan, Chorng-Liang ; Tsai, Guo-Jane ; Chang, Chun-Ju ; Tsai, Wei-Chung; Lu, Shueh-YuMOLECULES4
92021Antibacterial Activity of Chitosan-Polylactate Fabricated Plastic Film and Its Application on the Preservation of Fish FilletChang, Shun-Hsien ; Chen, Ying-Ju; Tseng, Hsiang-Jung; Hsiao, Hsin-, I ; Chai, Huey-Jine; Shang, Kuo-Chung ; Pan, Chorng-Liang ; Tsai, Guo-Jane POLYMERS12
102020Chitosan Inhibits Helicobacter pylori Growth and Urease Production and Prevents Its Infection of Human Gastric Carcinoma CellsShun-Hsien Chang ; Pei-Ling Hsieh; Guo-Jane Tsai Marine Drugs 3
112020Evaluation of Antiobesity Activity of Soybean Meal Products Fermented by Lactobacillus plantarum FPS 2520 and Bacillus subtilis N1 in Rats Fed with High-Fat DietHuang, Chung-Hsiung ; Chen, Chun-Lung ; Chang, Shun-Hsien ; Tsai, Guo-Jane J MED FOOD12
122020Ganoderma lucidum culture supplement ameliorates dyslipidemia and reduces visceral fat accumulation in type 2 diabetic ratsChung-Hsiung Huang ; Wei-Kang Lin; Shun-Hsien Chang ; Guo-Jane Tsai Mycology 0
132020Evaluation of the hypoglycaemic and antioxidant effects of submerged Ganoderma lucidum cultures in type 2 diabetic ratsChung-Hsiung Huang ; Wei-Kang Lin; Shun-Hsien Chang ; Guo-Jane Tsai Mycology 0
142020Effects of Chitosan on Clostridium perfringens and Application in the Preservation of Pork SausageShun-Hsien Chang ; Chen, C. H.; Guo-Jane Tsai Marine Drugs 15
152019乳酸菌於攪拌培養與通氣攪拌培養中生產苯乳酸與細菌素之探討王庭玫; 鍾諭; 蔡國珍 ; 蔡慧君; 蕭心怡 ; 潘崇良 
162019熱處理之乳酸菌細菌素與苯乳酸對水產病原菌抗菌活性之探討王庭玫; 高宇慧; 蔡國珍 ; 蔡慧君; 蕭心怡 ; 潘崇良 
172019乳酸菌發酵豆粕之抗肥胖活性評估黃筱涵; 陳俊龍; 謝承哲; Virza Ratika Inneke Putri; 蔡國珍 
182019Degradation of shrimp shell waste and detection of bioactive substances in the product by mixed strains isolated from Litopenaeus vannameiH. H. Huang; Y. C. Chen; H. Y. Ho; Guo-Jane Tsai 
192019Antibacterial activity of chitosan and chitosan-polylactate fabricated plastic filmY. J. Chen; H. J. Tseng; C. L. Pan; H. I. Hsiao; Guo-Jane Tsai 
212019Antibacterial activity of chitosan and polylactate-chitosan fabricated plastic filmGuo-Jane Tsai ; Ying-Ru Chen; Hsiang Jung Tseng
222019Oral administration with chitosan hydrolytic products modulates mitogen-induced and antigen-specific immune responses in BALB/c miceShun-Hsien Chang ; Guan-James Wu; Chien-Hui Wu; Chung-Hsiung Huang ; Guo-Jane Tsai International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 8
232019Effect of chitosan molecular weight on anti-inflammatory activity in the RAW 264.7 macrophage modelShun-Hsien Chang ; Yi-Yung Lin; Guan-James Wu; Chung-Hsiung Huang ; Guo-Jane Tsai International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 62
242019幾丁聚醣之抗菌活性及聚乳酸-幾丁聚醣薄膜之製備陳映如; 黃筱涵; 曾向榮; 潘崇良 ; 蔡慧君; 蕭心怡 ; 蔡國珍 
252019Use of Predictive Modelling for Fish Quality Evaluation Under Temperature FluctuationsGia-Dieu Tran; Nodali Ndraha; Hsin-I Hsiao ; Guo-Jane Tsai ; Hsiang-Jung Tseng
262019Evaluation of anti-obesity activity of mixed culture fermented soybean meal product using differentiated 3T3-L1 cell model and high fat induced rat modelJun-Long Chen; Chen-Che Hsieh; Guo-Jane Tsai 
272019Fermentation of soybean meal using Lactobacillus sp. and Bacillus sp. for the product with anti-obesity potentialYi-Chi Chen; Chen-Che Hsieh; Guo-Jane Tsai 
282019Shrimp shell waste fermentation by bacterial strains isolated from Litopenaeus vannameiHsiu-Ping Huang; Yi-Ching Chen; Guo-Jane Tsai 
292019Degrading anti-nutrient factors and increasing bioactive components in soybean meal using lactic acid bacteria isolated from fish intestinePei-Zhen Yang; Mu-yi Yang; Chen-Che Hsieh; Guo-Jane Tsai 
302019利用動物模式探討複合菌株發酵豆粕產品之抗肥胖活性評估陳俊龍; 蔡國珍 
312018利用細胞及動物模式探討複合菌株發酵豆粕產品之抗肥胖活性評估謝承哲; 陳俊龍; 蔡國珍 
322018加熱濃縮處理對液態靈芝菌絲體液品質及抗氧化活性的影響林春甫; 謝翔宇; 蔡國珍 
332018利用複合菌株發酵豆粕以提升異黃酮及胜肽含量並改善風味陳俊龍; 謝承哲; 蔡國珍 
342018白蝦篩選菌株降解蝦殼廢棄物能力之探討楊珮臻; 陳怡靜; 蔡國珍 
352018Protective effect of solid-state fermented Ganoderma lucidum extract against oxidation stress and β-amyloid peptide-induced damage in human neuron cellsY.-T. Liao; Guo-Jane Tsai 
362018Effects of chitosan molecular weights on bioactivityGuo-Jane Tsai ; S. H. Chang
372018Perparation of high isoflavone aglycoside - and soy peptide - containing feed additive with anti - obesity potential using Lactobacillus sp. and Bacillus sp.C. C. Hsieh; Guo-Jane Tsai 
382018Recovery of components of shrimp shell waste fermentation by chitinolytic, proteolytic and lactic acid bacteria isolated from Litopenaeus vannameiY. C. Chen; Guo-Jane Tsai 
392018Degrading anti-nutrient factors and increasing bioactive components in soybean meal using lactic acid bacteria isolated from fish intestineGuo-Jane Tsai ; M. Y. Yang; C. C. Hsieh
402018Effects of chitosan molecular weight on its antioxidant and antimutagenic propertiesShun-Hsien Chang ; Chien-Hui Wu; Guo-Jane Tsai Carbohydrate Polymers 61
412017Using co-culture technique to prepare the fermented soy product with low phytate and high amino acid contents for aquafeed nutrient additiveY. Chen; Guo-Jane Tsai 
422017Purification and characterization of keratinase from Bacillus sp. HS1 isolated from hot springJ. S. Li; Y. C. Chen; Guo-Jane Tsai 
432017Screening and producing bacterial keratinaseY. M. Chen; J. S. Li; Y. Y. Lai; Guo-Jane Tsai 
442017Fermentation of soybean meal for preparation of feed nutrient additive with anti-obesity potentialC. C. Hsieh; H. H. Huang; Guo-Jane Tsai 
452017Solid-state degradation of phytate in soybean and soybean meal by Lactobacillus FPS 2520 isolated from fish intestineM. Y. Yang; Y. T. Liao; Guo-Jane Tsai 
462017Purification and functional mechanism of hypoglycemic substance from Saccharomyces pastorianus no.54C. H. Wu; Guo-Jane Tsai 
472017接種不同均質程度之靈芝菌絲體對其固態發酵穀物酵素活性之影響賴鏡元; 蔡國珍 
482017穀類固態發酵靈芝菌絲體產物之抗氧化活性李林潔; 蔡國珍 
492016Establishment the optimal conditions for thedegradation of phytate in soybean meal by lactic acid bacteria FPS 25820 in solid-stated fermentor楊慕義; 賴鏡元; 陳懿; 蔡國珍 
502016靈芝穀類固態發酵靈芝菌絲體產物之抗氧化活性與神經保護作用李林潔; 鄭文怡; 蔡國珍 
512016複合靈芝液態發酵液胞外多醣之分離純化及其抗發炎活性評估陳昱昇; 陳姿妤; 蔡國珍 
522016Enhanced anti-inflammatory activity of brown seaweed Laminaria japonica by fermentation using Bacillus subtilisLin, Hong-Ting Victor ; Lu, Wen Jung; Tsai, Guo-Jane ; Chou, Chien-Te; Hsiao, Hsin-I ; Hwang, Pai-An PROCESS BIOCHEM29
532016Fermentation techniques to decrease the anti-nutritional factors in soybean meal for the sustainable protein supply in aquacultureM. Y. Yang; Guo-Jane Tsai 
542016Antioxidant and neuron protecting effects of Ganoderma lucidum mycelia fermented product by solid-state cultivation on cerealsL. J. Lee; W. Y. Cheng; C. J. Chang; Guo-Jane Tsai 
552016Effect of chitosan molecular weight on anti-inflammatory activities using macrophage RAW264.7 modelT. Y. Chen; Y. Y. Lin; S. H. Chang; G. J. Wu; Guo-Jane Tsai 
562016Optimal conditions for the phytate degradation in soybean meal by Lactobacillus plantarium FPS 2520 using a novel solid-state fermenterC. Y. Lai; M. Y. Yang; Guo-Jane Tsai 
572016Solid-state degradation of phytate in soybean and soybean meal by Lactobacillus plantarum FPS 2520 isolated from fish intestineGuo-Jane Tsai 
582016Fermentation of soybean slurry by lactic acid bacterium with Bacillus subtilis natto for the preparation of functional fish feed additiveL. J. Lee; Y. F. Chung; Guo-Jane Tsai 
602016pH值對幾丁聚醣分子量及其抗菌活性之影響蔡國珍 ; 張順憲 
612016以小鼠巨噬細胞RAW264.7細胞模式探討分子量對幾丁聚醣抗發炎活性之影響林亦雍; 張順憲 ; 吳冠政; 蔡國珍 
622016Anti-inflammatory activity of a sulfated polysaccharide from the brown alga Sargassum cristaefoliumWu, G. J.; Shiu, S. M.; Hsieh, M. C.; Guo-Jane Tsai Food Hydrocolloids82
632015pH Effects on solubility, zeta potential, and correlation between antibacterial activity and molecular weight of chitosanShun-Hsien Chang ; Hong-Ting Lin ; Guan-James Wu; Guo-Jane Tsai Carbohydrate Polymers 204
652015Effects of molecular weight, pH and temperature on the antibacterial activity of chitosanS. H. Chang; H. T. V. Lin; G. J. Wu; Guo-Jane Tsai 
662015幾丁寡醣混合物對RAW264.7小鼠巨噬細胞表現抗原呈現分子的影響吳冠政; 林曉涵; 蔡國珍 
672015Screening of lactic acid bacteria with phytase activity from fish intestine for application in soybean or soymeal phytic acid degradationS. H. Yang; C. K. Leong; Guo-Jane Tsai 
682015Production of fermented milk with -aminobutyric acid by lactic acid bacteriaGuo-Jane Tsai ; S. H. Chang; C. W. Tang
692015Evaluation of hypoglycemic activity of Yam and Yam drink Fermented by the lactic acid bacteriaW. K. Lin; Guo-Jane Tsai 
702015Purification and characterization of nattokinase from a Bacillus- fermented Porphyra dentata cultureH. T. V. Lin; G. J. Wu; M. C. Hsieh; S. H. Chang; Guo-Jane Tsai 
712015新穎之酵母菌及其應用蔡國珍 ; 吳建輝
722015Purification and Characterization of Nattokinase from Cultural Filtrate of Red Alga Porphyra Dentata Fermented by Bacillus Subtilis N1Hong-Ting Lin ; Guan-James Wu; Meng-Chien Hsieh; Shun-Hsien Chang ; Guo-Jane Tsai Journal of Marine Science and Technology-Taiwan 12
732015Chitooligosaccharides from the shrimp chitosan hydrolysate induces differentiation of murine RAW264.7 macrophages into dendritic-like cellsWu, G. J.; Wu, C. H.; Guo-Jane Tsai Journal of Functional Foods13
742015新穎之酵母菌及其應用蔡國珍 ; 吳建輝
752014魚腸道具植酸酶活性之乳酸菌株篩選及其降解豆粕植酸能力探討楊舒卉; 梁展覺; 蔡國珍 
762014靈芝菌絲體液態培養液對原發性高血壓大鼠血壓調節之影響陳彥泓; 林維剛; 蔡國珍 
772014使用二階段發酵技術開發富含gama-胺基丁酸之北蟲草與乳酸菌共發酵飲品葉雅惠; 林維剛; 蔡國珍 
782014以天然穀物固態培養靈芝菌絲體生產gama-胺基丁酸洪唯真; 楊榮韶; 蔡國珍 
792014發酵蟲草屬真菌米基而製備γ-胺基丁酸的方法及其應用蔡國珍 ; 洪依勤
802014Production of Bacillus subtilis-fermented red alga Porphyra dentata suspension with fibrinolytic and immune-enhancing activitiesPai-An Hwang ; Lin, T. C.; Hong-Ting Lin ; Guo-Jane Tsai Bioscience Biotechnology and Biochemistry5
812014複合靈芝菌株共培養方法及其應用蔡國珍 ; 黃智傳; 林怡秀
832013靈芝複合菌株組合 ACD 及ABDH胞外多醣之免疫調節活性張勛銘; 張順憲 ; 許智豪; 鍾昀峰; 蔡國珍 
842013靈芝複合菌株液態培養所得菌絲體與胞外多醣產量及SOD活性變化張勛銘; 洪唯真; 陳榆敏; 李欣穎; 蔡國珍 
852013魚腸道乳酸菌對吳郭魚病原菌抗菌活性探討鍾昀峰; 許智豪; 蔡國珍 
862013活性胜肽之靈芝菌絲體發酵飲品李欣穎; 洪唯真; 蔡國珍 
872013Screening lactic acid bacteria with antibacterial activity from tilapia intestines and evaluating their susceptibility to gastrointestine environmentT. H. Derrick Khor; Y. F. Chung; Guo-Jane Tsai 
882013Effects of sulfate content and molecular sizes of the polysaccharide of Sargassum cristaefolium on the anti-inflammatory activityW. J. Hong; S. M. Shiu; Guo-Jane Tsai 
892013Anticancer effects of sterol fraction from red algae Porphyra dentateK. KazBowska; H. T. V. Lin; S. H. Chang; Guo-Jane Tsai 
902013Anti-prostate cancer effects of Sargassum crispifolium using cell culture modelY. H. Ye; M. C. Xie; Guo-Jane Tsai 
912013In Vitro and In Vivo Anticancer Effects of Sterol Fraction from Red Algae Porphyra dentataKatarzyna Kazłowska; Hong-Ting Lin ; Shun-Hsien Chang ; Guo-Jane Tsai Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine 35
932013Gamma-aminobutyric acid production in black soybean milk by Lactobacillus brevis FPA 3709 and the antidepressant effect of the fermented product on a forced swimming rat modelKo, C. Y.; Hong-Ting Lin ; Guo-Jane Tsai Process Biochemistry78
942013Characterization of tea catechins-loaded nanoparticles prepared from chitosan and an edible polypeptideTang, D. W.; Yu, S. H.; Ho, Y. C.; Huang, B. Q.; Guo-Jane Tsai ; Hsieh, H. Y.; Sung, H. W.; Mi, F. L.Food Hydrocolloids154
962012自魚腸道篩選耐腸胃液及膽鹽之乳酸菌陳敏榆; 張銘勛; 蔡國珍 
972012不同分子量幾丁聚醣抗致突變能力探討張順憲 ; 蔡國珍 
982012幾丁聚醣分子量對其抗菌活性之影響張順憲 ; 蔡國珍 
992012幾丁聚醣水解產物對小鼠Th1/Th2免疫平衡之影響徐筱玫; 蔡國珍 ; 吳冠政
1002011四種不同品系山藥抗氧化活性及其成份探討李琪安; 余艾凌; 張勛銘; 謝孟宸; 蔡國珍 
1012011山藥乳酸發酵產物抗氧化活性及其成份探討洪唯真; 邱婉婷; 蔡念勳; 蔡國珍 
1022011紫菜納豆菌發酵液抗氧化活性探討羅可軒; 鍾明娟; 謝孟潔; 徐筱玫; 蔡國珍 
1042011The Dendritic cell differentiated characteristic of chitooligosaccharides in RAW264.7 macrophagesS. M. Shiu; Guo-Jane Tsai ; G. J. Wu
1052011Purification and characterization of nattokinase in fermented Porphyra dentata by Bacillus subtilis nattoGuo-Jane Tsai ; M.C. Hsieh
1062011Screening, bioactivity and mechanism for a novel yeast with hypoglycemic activityGuo-Jane Tsai ; C. H. Wu; H. T. V. Lin
1072011Proximate Composition, Total Phenolic Content, and Antioxidant Activity of Seagrape (Caulerpa lentillifera)Nguyen, V. T.; Ueng, J. P.; Guo-Jane Tsai Journal of Food Science67
1082011Effects of cultural medium and conditions on the proliferation and hypoglycemic activity of Saccharomyces pastorianus no. 54Wu, C. H.; Hong-Ting Lin ; Wu, G. J.; Wang, S. H.; Guo-Jane Tsai Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering5
1092011In vitro investigation of the hypoglycemic activity of yeasts using models of rat epididymal adipocyte and differentiated mouse 3T3-L1 adipocyteWu, C. H.; Hong-Ting Lin ; Wu, G. J.; Wang, S. H.; Guo-Jane Tsai African Journal of Biotechnology
1102011A novel yeast with hypoglycemic activity: screening, bioactivity and mechanismGuo-Jane Tsai ; C. H. Wu; H. T. Lin
1112011Production of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in soybean milk, black bean milk and red bean milk by lactic acid bacteria isolated from fish intestinesC. Y. Ko; Guo-Jane Tsai 
1122011Effects of hypoglycemic activity from extraction substance of yeast in type 2 diabetic ratsK. S. Luo; M. C. Chung; H. T. V. Lin; Guo-Jane Tsai 
1132011Purification and Characterization of Nattokinase in Fermented Porphyra Dentate by Bacillus Subtilis NattoI. C. Hong; M. C. Hsieh; Guo-Jane Tsai 
1142011Investigating cultural conditions for the degradation of polylatic acid by a marine isolate Marinobacter PM25-6H. Y. Chan; Guo-Jane Tsai 
1152011Optimization of PLA-degrading enzyme production by a marine isolate Marinobacter PM25-6 with response surface methodologyW. T. Chiu; H. Y. Chan; H. T. V. Lin; Guo-Jane Tsai 
1162011Investigation of anti-inflammation activity of lactic acid bacteria isolated from intestines of marine fishK.C. Oo; Guo-Jane Tsai 
1172011乳酸菌發酵黑豆奶最適產-胺基丁酸條件及以強迫游泳試驗探討其抗憂鬱效果柯智元; 蔡國珍 
1182010Novel Technology for the Preparation of Self-Assembled Catechin/Gelatin Nanoparticles and Their CharacterizationChen, Y. C.; Yu, S. H.; Guo-Jane Tsai ; Tang, D. W.; Mi, F. L.; Peng, Y. P.Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry90
1192010不同分子量幾丁聚醣之抗菌活性及其於甘蔗汁保存上之應用張順憲 ; 蔡國珍 
1202010作用溫度與pH值對不同分子量幾丁聚醣抗菌活性之影響蘇亞玫; 蔡國珍 
1212010鹽度與菌齡對不同分子量幾丁聚醣抗菌活性之影響蘇亞玫; 蔡國珍 
1222010以紫菜發酵液生產納豆激酶及酵素安定性探討謝孟潔; 劉政言; 蔡國珍 
1232010Anti-inflammatory properties of phenolic compounds and crude extract from Porphyra dentataKazlowska, K.; Todd Hsu ; Hou, C. C.; Yang, W. C.; Guo-Jane Tsai Journal of Ethnopharmacology123
1242009以紫菜發酵液生產納豆激酶之發酵槽操作條件及酵素安定性探討謝孟潔; 徐筱玫; 蔡國珍 
1252009以掃瞄式電子顯微鏡觀察幾丁聚醣對細菌作用之影響蘇亞玫; 羅可軒; 蔡國珍 
1272009Preparation of lactic-fermented Porphyra drink and evaluation of the anti-oxidative activity of the fermented productM. C. Chung; Y. M. Su; S. H. Cheng; Guo-Jane Tsai 
1282009Effects of chitosan on the growth of Clostridium perfringens and applicability of chitosan on the processing of pork sausageS. H. Chang; C. H. Chen; Guo-Jane Tsai 
1292009Anti-aging and whitening activities of various extracts of Porphyra dentate wine spentC. H. Chen; S. H. Chang; Guo-Jane Tsai 
1302009Anti-aging and whitening activities of various extracts of Ulva lactuca wine spentM. T. Chen; S. H. Chang; Guo-Jane Tsai 
1312009Conditions for enzymatic hydrolysis of Porphyra polysaccharidesK. S. Luo; S. M. Shiu; Guo-Jane Tsai 
1322009Antibacterial activities of chitosan with various molecular weightsS. H. Chang; Guo-Jane Tsai 
1332009Antioxidative activities of chitosan with various molecular weightsS. H. Chang; Guo-Jane Tsai 
1342009Affecting factors on the antibacterial activity of chitosanGuo-Jane Tsai 
1352009Preparation of lactic-fermented Fu-Lin drink and evaluation of the immunomodulatory activity of the fermented productY. M. Su; L. L. Hsia; Guo-Jane Tsai ; C. H. Wu
1362009Preparation of Tremella fuciformis yoghurt drink and evaluation of its physiological activityM. C. Hsieh; M. J. Chung; Guo-Jane Tsai 
1372009Immune modulatory activity of the water-soluble hydrolytic products of chitosanGuo-Jane Tsai ; G. J. Wu
1382008不同分子量幾丁聚醣之抗菌活性侯雅雯; 陳曉瑩; 洪依勤; 張順憲 ; 蔡國珍 
1392008分解聚乳酸能力細菌之篩選及培養陳曉瑩; 洪依勤; 張順憲 ; 蔡國珍 
1402008Anti-oxidative activity of Ulva wineG. W. Liau; C. M. Chen; M. T. Chen; Guo-Jane Tsai 
1412008低分子量幾丁聚醣抗氧化活性張順憲 ; 蔡國珍 
1422008Antioxidative activity of seaweed wineGuo-Jane Tsai 
1432008石蓴酒粕抗氧化活性陳旻佐; 蔡國珍 
1442008紫菜酒粕抗氧化活性陳家明; 蔡國珍 
1452008Antibiotic susceptibility and genotype classification of Acinetobacter calcoaceticus-Acinetobacter baumanni (Acb) complex strains isolated from tilapiaC. H. Wu; H. Y. Yeh; J. J. Lu; Guo-Jane Tsai 
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